life is preachy

Bare in mind that if you live in an evacuation area this means that emergency personnel such EMT’s, Firefighters, Police, etc, will not come and get you if you call. You have been given ample warning and now you’re risking your life.

I’m not being preachy. I’m staying in an evac area myself to be with my cats and protect against looting. I’ve lived here my whole life. Through Floyd, Charlie, Francis, and a million other little nothing storms. I’m just prepared for it. I know that there is a possibility, because of my location near water and a gas station, because of the looters, and because of the house, I could die.

People not from here, or people who moved after ‘05 aren’t really grasping this because most of us natives are pretty blase about it. I’m serious, I’m just not panicking. This isn’t my first rodeo. So if you’ve doubted the severity, stop. If you’ve decided to stay knowing that you’re in an evac area know that you are most certainly facing a death scenario.

If you have family in the area you’re worried about and you live somewhere unaffected, reach out to them. There’s still time to leave if someone wants to leave.

I don’t know how to equate this to out of towners but, if you live in the Daytona Beach area the evac zone is from the actual coast all the way to I-95. Which is the road near the flea market. Like you’re heading up to international where the Chipotle is. So if you thought evac was only along the shore, it’s not. Technically the evac tapers down to only include mobile homes after a certain point but still. Who knows where the EMT’s will be able to go.