life is only as meaningful as you fool yourself inte think it is

The Empress of China starters

Feel free to change the pronouns as fit!

“Forgive my impertinence.”
“Your death will be meaningful.”
“It won’t do any good to scare them like this.”
“You came back a different person. It breaks my heart to see you like this.”
“I can forget a state matter, but what you wore that day, I could never forget.”
“You’re not too cowardly. You’re too devoted.”
“Are you here to gloat? To enjoy my desolation?”
“You became obsessed with harming me and my child.”
“Who could have guessed… she would rule far more cruelly than the last.”
“Haven’t you noticed this place is much more orderly than before? Everyone scurries around and nobody is slacking off. That’s because someone dozed off on duty and lost their lives over it.”
“There is someone else behind this.”
“No matter how you treat me, fate led me to you.”
“That vicious woman has no heart.”
“Words have magic powers. Ideas often linger in one’s mind, a seed that hasn’t been exposed to rain nor sunshine, and soon after they will wither. But if these idea were put into words…. they could keep one motivated. It could become reality.”
“Are you sure about this? If this does not work, our clan will be decimated.”
“What were you doing then? Were you perhaps… trying to curry favor with him?”
“This is your way of survival. I don’t care and there’s no need to explain.”
“I won’t give up until she’s met her downfall.”
“The more concerns you have, the less you speak to me.”
“You are condemning the wrong person.”
“You have a discerning eye. You’re careful. That is a good thing.”
“They were secretly meeting with someone in the woods.”
“The country’s affairs can hardly be compared to the fun of dressing up.”
“You’re kind, but not tough enough.”
“Look at you… you were once so quiet and composed. How could you become so poisonous and willing to take away such a fragile and innocent life?”
“It’s human nature to bully the good and fear the evil.”
“Sometimes you must be harsher to make things easier.”
“Look at you, you fool. Why the long face? I only see you with the blues and a knitted brow. You never smile.”
“One day, I will walk int your heart, and you will never get me out. I’ll have you choose me for the rest of your life.”
“She truly was gentle and kind, but now she is atrocious and harsh.”
“This place is full of bullies who would kick you while you’re down.”
“You know me, and I know you. We’re connected.”
“Who’d want this sort of ‘good fortune’?”
“If you can be so vicious, I won’t go easy on you. You will pay for this with your life. I will ruin everything you love.”
“When I come back, we’ll have years to ourselves.”
“I am not patient enough to persuade you, nor will I beg. This is an order.”
“Ah, I see! Did you fall in love with one of them?”
“I see… You’re going to abandon me, just like everyone else.”
“Should you fail to make the right decision, you can be assured you will be offered to the dead.”
“You are too naive in your thinking.”
“If you wanted me to, I’d turn against the whole world.”
“You’ve been my every since then. I can’t lose you!”
“I see. You’ve suspected me all along.”
“It’s a pity he couldn’t bear to kill you.”
“I was actually quite fond of her. But she gave me no choice.”
“I never treated her like a lower. ”
“How could I ever hate you? I’ve always treated you like my own sister and risked my life for you. But what have you done for me?”
“You’re nothing but a pitiful wretch forever living in someone else’s shadow! You’re only capable of being a replacement!”
“Look at yourself. LOOK AT YOURSELF! What’s become of you?”
“You’re no different from a beggar at the market.”
“If you hurt me, you’ll get a tenfold return.”
“The person I respected… who loved me dearly is long dead. The thing in front of me now is just a walking corpse wearing their skin.”
“You’ve followed me for all these years, yet you’ve betrayed me the same.”
“If you won’t say a thing, and I do the same, what’s wrong with keeping a secret?”
“You gave me hope so many, many times. Then you took that pathetic little bit of hope and crushed it to dust. Every. Single. Time.”
“I knew then that only when the world is rid of you I can finally be happy.”
“If I wanted to kill you, you think you’d still be alive right now?”
“You’ll live the rest of your life in my shadow. You’re destined to lose.”
“You let me down first. You betrayed me first.”
“There will be a day when this war ends.”
“It’s on this day that all my sufferings have come to an end.”
“I saw her and I saw you. All the pain and anguish you’ve brought me!”
“Your pain is just the beginning. I’ll watch you suffer in so much pain you wish you were dead.”
“Whoever killed her will answer to me I will make each and every one of you pay with your blood.”
“There’s no such thing as being too careful.”
“If I have to keep my distance around you then there’s no one I can trust anymore.”
“I’ll tell you something from the bottom of my heart.”
“He was so obsessed with the throne he’s lost his mind.”
“Without you I’d be long dead.”
“I don’t expect you to forgive me.”
“I hate you as much as I loved you.”
“I’ve nothing else to say. Whether you believe me or not, it’s your call.”
“I wanted to see you in pain.”
“The dress is nice, but that style is several years old.”