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rules: make a sim look good with ea’s classic cheese hair color!

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((I am ecstatic to present my first tattoo - a tribute to Rise of the Guardians! Each color represents each of the Guardians and the traits they protect and foster in believers: wonder, hope, dreams, memories and fun.

This movie has been so so important to me since it came out in 2012. The message of belief, both in others and in yourself, as well as the characters and their relationships have stuck with me, inspired me, and my life would not be the same without this film.

This movie brought me to the love of my life, as well as many good friends, and I am forever grateful to author and artist William Joyce for gracing me with his boundless imagination.

Rise of the Guardians will always be with me, and now I have art to commemorate what it means to me.

P.S.~ it started snowing while I got my tattoo. Thanks for the approval, Jack!))


So I’m waist deep in the Voltron series and I’m obsessed with the space babies😍…and SPACE DADDY Shiro 👀🙌🏻✨👏🏻 and I thank @edokinz for this…I have a new fandom, new feels and new bbys to root for….I finished season one is two days and I’m already three episodes in the second…I’m drowning in Sheith feels, it’s slaying me and giving me life all at the same time….space daddy with his sassy paladin YASSS

Affirming I love myself

Hesitated for years, had tears due to fears.
Replay, repeat, new face, same insane race.
My real life struggled while I improved my educational place.

I had two balls of yarn.
One unraveled, twisted, knotted, looked horrible.
The other was nicely placed on display
As I stood near it smiling, and I’d pray.

I realized the unraveled ball had to go.
Made that decision about a month ago.
Needed help, but I never like admitting it.
Maybe I’m too proud, or just disappointed…
In the fact I have to rely on others sometimes.
What makes me feel better? Soup, it’s my comfort food.

First, I asked for words to help me change, and to get me through a sad realization.
Used those words, thank you contributors, they helped in many ways.
I then started reading How To stuff
Internal change on your own is really tough
I needed support, but I didn’t want to ask.

So I sorta became my own stone soup.
I had a little of this and that still.
My stone soup had to begin with a frozen chicken. It needed to boil before adding the right ingredients to dress it up.

Some days spicy red chili powder spills everywhere around me.
This seasoning always flavors things the way I prefer, spicy.
I threw in my favorite simple starches, potatoes and rice
They need salt and crushed black pepper, so in they went
Green beans, hm, I have some, added them to make the soup colorful.

You can’t just stand around to watch it boil,
No, you get something to read while you wait
Or you do some toning exercises between adding ingredients.
My mind gets a work out, my body too.
Every part of me has to stay in shape.
Then comes the best part,
Enjoying the delicious stuff you’re creating.

What happened to the messy heap of yarn? I’m slowly taking out the knots.

bcnightsquad  asked:

Fate is a funny thing, Bellamy thinks idly one afternoon in the lab. He never would he have imagined that his life would have taken this course; the first generation to the ground, the same generation that might see the end of humanity. As he thinks that Clarke looks up from the charts she’s working on and searches the room for him. She finds his gaze and smiles. On the Ark, they might never have met. Here, they did. Whatever happens next, he can’t help but be grateful for that.

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