life is no more

This is a call-out post for Steve Allen,

the groundhog that lives under my shed.

You’ve got it good here, Steve Allen. When you started burrowing your way into my chicken coop every night I didn’t even disturb you, I just spent a day digging out all around the coop and burying cinder blocks so you couldn’t dig under the walls any more. You’ve got a compost pile full of food scraps—remember those apple peels the other day? Yeah, I saw you stuffing one long peel after another into your face like big pieces of spaghetti. You get to clean up the grain and oats the horses drop around their feed buckets. You even get water left out for you.

I’ve been nice to you, Steve Allen, and how do you repay me? Not only did you leave a giant pile of poop right by my car in the driveway the other day but then I discovered THIS!


This is the last straw, Steve Allen. You will no longer be known as Steve Allen the Groundhog. Forever more, you will be known as Steve Allen the Asshole.

Knowing what we do about Rachel now, from what BTS has given us (how she was exactly what Chloe needed at the time when they met,) it only makes the scene were she and max find her body a million times worse. because now we’ve met her, and come to love her as a character, and watch her and Chloe fall in love, but as lovely as these amberprice scenes are, once you stop and think for a moment about what life is str*nge has told us what is going to happen between these two, it’s just SO heartbreaking.


Inktober 2017 - 19 & 20 - Cloud & Deep

High above the clouds, deep beneath the dirt.

“There, there. Here we are.”

anyone have anime recs?

19th Century Nordic Queer Icons

HC Andersen: writing a novel about being alone while crying

Selma Lagerlöf: started to write a novel, but suddenly her two rivaling girlfriends Sofie Elkans and Valborg, show up and starts arguing about who of them both are the Best Girlfriend For Selma.

Getting bored of that they then start discoursing with Selma, who too enjoys some good writing discourse, about Selmas latest book. Is it well written etc? are the subjects respectful? Will they support the feminist cause etc? how is the intersectional application (but said in a 19th century way).

Then they all somehow ends up in bed togheter, were they enjoy some gay stuff, while at the same time keeping up the Discourse.

HC Andersen: Sending emotional “why did you reject me” letters to latest gay crush.


I accept as well. 

no wait I don’t you have degenerative nerve damage and how do you forget to say that? I know it’s a lengthy phrase but srs John

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i can’t even begin to describe how unreal and mind blowing and amazing it is to spend years stuck in an awful terrible life that felt like it had no end but desperately dreaming of moving up north, pursuing writing, having a supportive group of friends, and having an amazing girlfriend and then having every single one of those dreams and more come true…….like i can’t even begin to describe how badly i wanted all of this and how much i truly thought it would never happen, i think about it every single fucking day i am so grateful it’s been a year and i will never stop relishing in how lucky and truly blessed i am holy fuck