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Women Who Kill
Suzane Von Richthofen

On the 31st of October 2002 in Brazil, Daniel Cravinhos and his brother Christian broke into the home of Manfred and Marisia Richthofen. Whilst sleeping, the parents were beaten with iron bars and strangled to death with towels. However, this wasn’t a standard home invasion….

The couples daughter, Suzane Von Richthofen, was waiting downstairs during the murder and was the girlfriend of Daniel. Shockingly enough, the trio went to a motel for the night and then picked up her little brother and took him home, to find the scene.

A few motives have been believable. The first is the parents disapproval of Daniel, the man was a weed smoker who came from a lower class background. The second being wealth, the Richthofen’s were worth $17 million and refused to give Suzane handouts.

In 2006, Suzane Von Richthofen and Daniel Cravinhos received 40 years whilst Christian got 38

anadiangelo  asked:

Maybe something with timetravel? Post-timeskip Garp traveling back in time to when Ace was just a baby and changing things because he wants his grandsons to live, and live happy fulfilling and long lives, not just survive, whether they're marines or pirates or whatever. This idea has been haunting me for almost two years but I can't write it no matter how much I love it.

Garp grins, holding Ace securely in his arms as he leaned back in his chair thoughtfully, ignore the quiet noises that he was making to entertain himself.

Dadan was still his first choice. The first person that he wanted to take Ace to and let them hide him away where no one would ever think that he was the Pirate King’s son. Except, he knew how that life ended for his grandson, murdered by Akainu saving his youngest grandson. He didn’t want that, not this time.

“What am I gonna do with you, brat,” Ace grabs the finger Garp used to tap his nose, burbling happily. “Yeah? I can’t do that either, what ever you just said. And I don’t steal peop-” Garp stops.

That grandson stealer had been one of Roger’s men and everyone and their mother knew that Rayleigh was Saboady with his wife, Garp pauses, was Rayleigh even married to Shakky at this point? He didn’t care. They were both talented fighters and good enough at haki that Garp was sure it could make a difference for his grandson in the future.

“What do you think, brat?” Garp asks. “Think it’s a good idea?”

Ace doesn’t answer, still distracted by Garp’s finger. Adorable, Garp had forgotten how cute his grandchildren were as babies. Well, at least Ace and Luffy, he hadn’t known anything about Sabo’s early years for the longest time. Actually.

“I have to steal your brother too, don’t I?” Garp sighs tiredly. “Or make sure you grow up on Dawn. Eh, we’ll figure out how to get your little brother later. I’m an old man who wants his grandchildren to grow up to be old men, I’m too old for all these little details.”

Ace giggles and Garp grins.

“Sir,” He glances up at his assistant. “We’re on approach for Saboady. Are, are you ever going to explain where you got the baby?”

“My grandson?”

“Dragon reproduced?”

“Hm,” He doesn’t answer. “I expect you can keep this quiet, can’t you? He’s just a child, a baby.”

“Of course sir.”

Garp is still proud of his second, the man had seen him take in Ace, bring Luffy to Dawn, and visit both of his pirate grandsons and said nothing to anyone about them.


Rayleigh is on his feet the moment that Garp steps into the room, his feet unsteady, but he’s upright and that’s what mattered.

“I didn’t expect you to be drinking yourself to death,” Garp frowns at him. “Don’t think I should let you two meet while you’re this drunk.”

“It’s only you,” Rayleigh says blinking until he’s only seeing one Garp. “Here to take me in?”

“No,” Garp answers. “Here to introduce you to someone. Come on, you’ve been making noises the whole time, why are you so quiet now?”

Rayleigh looks down from Garp’s face, blinking slowly at the bundle of blankets in his arms, two tiny fleshy things waving, “Is that a baby?”

Garp laughs, “That’s right. This is my grandson. Say hello.”

“How old is that kid? I don’t think it can talk.”

“You gonna come look at the kid? I’m not here to arrest you, I swear on,” He pauses. “I’ll swear on anything you think is appropriate.”

Rayleigh sighs, stumbling slightly as he moved to peer at the baby, “Hello?”

“Ace,” Garp answers the unasked question. “Portgas D Ace. Well his mom gave him his father’s last name, but Portgas is less likely to get him killed.”

“Monkey would get him killed?”

“No,” Garp snorts when Ace finally starts cooing and making tiny noises again. “Gol would.”

Rayleigh’s heart stops, “What?”

“You knew Rouge, I know you knew Rouge.”

“I knew Rouge, I didn’t know she and Roger were having a kid!” Rayleigh hisses staring at Ace with new eyes. “Why do you have him?”

“Because Roger asked me to take care of him and Rouge died making sure he wasn’t born until last month,” Garp answers. “I want you to help me raise him. You and the kid.”

“You want me and Shanks to help you raise Ace? Is this a trap?”

Garp frowns, “It’s, it’s not a trap. I… Ace is going to be his parents’ son. He’s going to become a pirate one day, I’m sure of it. I want him to live, to grow up and to never worry that he won’t be able to care for himself.”

“You mean that.”

“He’s my grandson.”

Rayleigh laughs, “Alright, alright. I guess I’ll help raise the kid. If he’s anything like either of his parents he’s going to be a little monster.”


Shanks isn’t actually sure what he’s doing on this island. Rayleigh had asked him to stop by not too long after he had made a name for himself, one of the Yonko.

“Brat,” Garp states meeting them on the dock. “I see you made it.”


“Come on, Rayleigh is in the mountains, I’ll lead the way.”

Shanks glances at Benn, who shrugs, hand staying on his gun as they follow him. The path is far too long, but Garp doesn’t stop once, not until they reach the top and he falls to the side.

“Got ya, Gramps!” One of the tiny blurs that took him down laughs excitedly. “Got ya!”

“We did!” The other grins.

Garp laughs, “I see. Is this what you’re teachin’ my grandsons, Rayleigh? To attack their old grandfather?”

“Marines are to be surprised,” One boy says brightly. “Right Uncle Rayleigh?”

“That’s right, Ace.”

The Machete Murderer
Juan Corona

On the 19th of May 1971 in California, a migrant farmer noticed a freshly dug hole in between peach orchards of Juan Corona’s farm. Thinking nothing of it he continued work, until the next morning when he noticed it was filled he called the police. Authorities dug the hole and found the corpse of a man, he had been hacked to death and was laying with bank cheques.

By the end of June, a total of 25 bodies were found buried beneath fruit plants The men were all transients or migrants working for Juan at his farm. At the time, this case was considered the most notorious in U.S history.

In the late 50′s, Corona received 23 shock treatments. Doctors believed this cured him of paranoid schizophrenia. Corona suffered a breakdown after the Yuba flood, which left 38 dead. Juan believed everyone had died and he was living with a land of ghosts.

In 1973, Juan Corona was sentenced to life

However in 1978 Corona was granted a retrial, but in 1982 he was re sentenced to life

Anyway here is an itemised list of the reasons why I’m loving Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries so much:

  1. Miss Fisher is obviously a badass but also she’s not young! She’s Of A Certain Age and she still lands the absolute hottest dudes. The hottest dudes. The hottest dudes
  2. It’s the Carousing Good Guy trope but a lady!
  3. Her lady-loving doctor friend Mac wears the most wonderful suits and she is amazing and I want to kiss her
  4. What kind of a name is Phrynie. It’s absurd
  5. Super old-school anti-procedural. Like Jonathan Creek but without all the British cringiness. Like Star Trek but instead of space stuff it’s murders and instead of space it’s set in Australia.
  6. I didn’t even know Australia had a ‘20s until I watched this show. Upon closer study, it seems plausible
  7. Miss Fisher is absolutely ruthless, clever, dangerous, insightful, and willing to go to any length to solve her case - including playing any number of fanciful parts, scaling large buildings, getting herself nearly poisoned to death, and otherwise putting herself in physical and emotional danger - and she does all this without having to sacrifice her love of pretty things. She scales those buildings in beautiful hand-tooled Italian heels. She is always impeccably, gorgeously dressed, and doesn’t ever change that about herself, even when she starts being taken more seriously by the police force or when she is doing serious detective work like interviewing wicked murderers or hunting for the man who killed her sister. Miss Fisher is only ever entirely herself.
  8. She adopts strays like no one’s business.
  9. There’s something very appealing about the story of a woman who has seen terrible, gruesome things, decided afterwards to dedicate her life entirely to pleasure, and then (almost despite herself) ended up becoming a philanthropist and a den mother and a doer-of-good. I have seen this story many many many (many, many) times from a male perspective, but not so often from a female viewpoint, and Miss Fisher does it without ever begrudging what she’s become. She’s infinitely more graceful than every other good-guy-against-his-better-judgment story I’ve watched or read.
  10. THE END

You are not a bad person for having an abortion. You are not a “baby killer”, you are not going to Hell, you are not a monster.

You are also not a bad person if you don’t feel bad about your abortion. Be happy, be relieved! If that’s how you feel, that’s how you feel and there’s nothing wrong with that.

You made the choice that was best for you. You took care of yourself. Never let anyone give you shit for that.