life is made up of small moments like these


» A Collection of Near-Death Experiences by somethingaboutamoose

Keith was twelve years old when he was involved in a car accident with his family. After the near-death experience, Keith has found out something about himself: He can’t die.

» all we have to do by aknightley

Keith gets hurt during a mission, and Lance is not sure how to handle that.

» between stars by NotRover

After years of fighting on opposite sides of the war, Lance and Keith meet once again on the battlefield.

» blue, blue eyes by albino_yeti

What would you do
if you ever knew
the man you desperately love
never thinks the same of you?

» Bottom Of The Ninth by xfulcrumx

Lance is the new pitcher for The Lions. Coran’s goal for the season is to make their rival team, The Galrans, beg for mercy. Somewhere along the way, Klance happens.

» Carpe Diems and Chrysanthemums by Gigapoodle

After years of rivalry, bitter acquaintanceship, and eventual friendship, the realization slaps Lance hard, hard enough to settle into his lungs and sap his life away. It’s when he coughs up a petal that Lance realizes just how far gone he is.

» close to you by solllys

they’re in love with each other; that’s how these things go

» Confinement Of Pain by NightcoreFairy

“During the day we were mere rivals.”

“And during the night?”

“During the night, he was the love of my life.”

» Control by ver_ironica

Keith is desperate to keep up appearances, but things are getting harder. He has to lead Voltron while keeping himself in check. His control is reaching the breaking point, and there may be no turning back.

» Crowd Pleaser by WhatTheBodyGraspsNot

It’s a male strip club, which means Keith’s never short of entertainment during working hours - especially when Blue Rider takes the stage. Because Blue’s hot - definitely talented - and definitely taking an interest in Keith.

» excelsior by warmth

“Onward and upward,” Lance says. “to greater glory.”

» Going Under by sun_stricken

Lance takes a dangerous spill in the ocean and is saved by none other than a mermaid with weird hair

» Hershey’s Kisses by EnglishCivilWar

In which Keith is sad, and Lance tries to cook.

» i think you’re fine you really blow my mind by keithxlance

Five times Lance uses pick-up lines and one time Keith decides to try it out as well.

» I Watched the Sky and the Stars Reminded Me of You by beckkai

“What’s up with you?”

“Nothing. I’m just.” He looked back at the rising moon and expanse of sky before setting Keith with a soft glare,”Nothing.”

» Like Fire by PastelClark

By circumstance and happenstance, Red finds herself in situations requiring she change paladins twice in her life

» Moonset Deep by MilkTeaMiku

All his life he’d been told to make sure he was never seen – it was what all the children were taught from the moment they were born. Never let a human see you, never fall in love with a human, and most importantly, never kiss one.

» Never Let Me Go by doodlenauts

When the music stops, he meets him halfway - even when they’re thousands of millions of miles apart.

» Nothing Like the Rain When You’re In Outer Space by Wayward_child

Lance misses the rain.

» oblivious to what made you so obvious by altruisticallura

He looked up suddenly, as if he could feel Lance’s eyes on him, and gave a small grin. Lance was a goner.

» Panacea (A Cure for Love) by RowenaMacLeod

Keith contracts an alien disease that wipes your mind of the one you love.

» Reach out for you (break these walls) by Utsukushin

Keith is trying to make himself smaller, to bury his head deeper in his knees, and Lance’s heart freezes in his chest. 

» solace in the thrum of your heart by laidellennt

Lance cannot find solace in the stars.

» Somebody Left The Gate Open by lordbatty

Lance always knew he would have to be the one to pick Keith back up. And he’d do it again in a heartbeat.

» suave and charming as heck by Lance_WhyUAlwaysLion

Lance is neither suave nor charming. Or, Lance thinks he’s a pro at flirting until suddenly, he’s the one getting flirted with.

» Sung Me Moonstruck by sciencefictioness

Something hungry within him that was only sated by the sound of Lance’s voice, or the sight of those too deep eyes cutting sideways to look at him. Something wild that only calmed when he was near.

Something broken in Keith that was held together with that crooked grin.

» symbolization by bolbessa

Keith didn’t really do flowers. He just couldn’t take care of them, and to be completely honest, he didn’t see the point.

» teeth and all by viscrael

“Do you want to kiss someone?”

Keith almost drops his Bayard.

» the sea pronounces something by legendarydesvender

AU where Keith is a sailor and Lance is the siren trying to drown him.

» The Whirling Ways Of Stars That Pass by mandaloore

“There,” he spoke in an almost-whisper, tracing the outline of the imaginary constellation like a child following a dot-to-dot illustration. Keith watched his movements from his peripheral vision, hoping that Lance was too preoccupied to notice the rapid beating of his heart. “Can you see it now?”

» Waves Amongst Stardust by Resamille

The flutter of Lance’s heart is almost lost to the homesickness pounding through his veins.

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Words: 3k

Request: Imagine Castiel walking in on you changing w/ fluff and smut. Requested by @castiel-savvy18

Warnings: Sticky sweet fluffy smut, self image and esteem issues, mutual pining, so much lovey-dovey fluff you might think it’s a hallmark movie

A/N: It was a simple request that I went and made complicated; I hope that’s ok. Constructive feedback is always welcome and send me an ask or DM if you’d like to be added to my tag list.


Being the only female living in the bunker, it wasn’t uncommon for you to disappear to your room for a few hours to be alone. Castiel and the Winchesters just assumed you needed some space and never questioned it.

That is, until today. Sam and Dean had been arguing about the best way to take out some mystery monster from a random horror movie on Netflix. Castiel would offer his opinion when asked, but his focus was set on wondering where you were.

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ten more minutes

 (a/n: this is for my gorgeous bby, admin l, as its her birthday and she deserves fluff abt her fave boy)

pairing: min yoongi x reader

genre: the softest fluff omg

author: admin m

Yoongi loved sleep, but he loved the way she looked sleeping more. Soft eyelashes bouncing against the puffy skin of her cheeks, lips open slightly, so relaxed and safe and calm and just, Y/N.

Yoongi’s hand grazed the junction between Y/N’s chest and the swell of her hip. Fluttery breaths escaped her mouth and he watched as her face scrunched in her sleep, making his heart beat faster. Even after dating for so long, small individualities like this still made him lovesick and dizzy with adoration. The bite of the cool air from the open window beckoned a shiver from her, and he acted immediately, gripping the soft fleece of their blanket, pulling it over his girlfriend’s shoulders. The quiet buzz of outside traffic made the whole scene so surreal, the surrender of stressful life for these simple moments few and far between, but so appreciated when the time came. Yoongi’s hands gripped Y/N tighter, pulling her against his chest. “Wake up, love,” he murmured, kissing her hair and letting himself grin as she groaned. “Yoongi, ten more minutes?” He nodded, fondly nuzzling into her neck, fluttering kisses against the smooth skin. “Of course, baby.” He replied, because god, he always had extra time for his Y/N.

Eyes closed, breathing steady, soft wind gusting through the curtains of their shared apartment. This was love. Min Yoongi had been searching for it his entire life, and he found it in someone whose existence reminded him of the most rejuvenating rest he had ever experienced. And he never wanted to wake up. He always wanted ten more minutes.



Usually you would send these in as asks, but I still haven’t fully figured out how Tumblr works myself and I’ve been chilling on this platform for years! I also take what I can get, cause someone was actually nice enough to give me a request and I’m happy to please! I also kinda hella loved the idea :D
so here you go, I hope you like it @animeawakens



♬ after you officially got together it took weeks until he let the two of you share a bed

♬ it’s not that he doesn’t trust you – although you do like to get hot and heavy – but that he mostly doesn’t trust himself

♬ sometimes he even went as far as to send you home in the middle of a make out session because it got too much for him to handle

♬ whenever you did sleep over – because he just couldn’t let you go – you slept in the bed and he slept on the couch

♬ meaning; you never got a good look at him sleeping

♬ after about two months he finally lets you stay over and you two share a bed

♬ sleeping with Zen is extremely comfortable

♬ he’s a great big spoon but doesn’t mind being the small one either

♬ his hair can get a little tricky when he opens it up, but if that means you get to cuddle him, you can endure a little hair tickling your nose

♬ what you can’t endure is Zen’s beauty

♬ one day you’re awake before him and you decide to actually get up instead of trying to sleep again

♬ you roll out of bed and turn around to get one last glance at sleeping Zen, since you’ve never really seen that

♬ it’s almost like a punch in the guts

♬ he is drop dead gorgeous!

♬ if you didn’t know better you’d think he was posing for some sort of photoshoot right then and there

♬ one of his arms is resting on his chest while the other is effortlessly resting above his head

♬ his white hair runs down his chest like silk as he lays on his back

♬ on top of that his face is relaxed, peaceful, untouched

♬ just watching him breathe in and out like this is mesmerizing

♬ one part of you is almost angry at how effortlessly beautiful he is

♬ the other appreciates it enough to get out your phone and snap a quick pick

♬ “Jaehee will so appreciate this…”


★ you and Yoosung moved in together much later than both of you would have liked to

★ he had to finish school and starting a vet clinic by yourself was near impossible at his age

★ after a while though, you couldn’t stand being apart and while money was short, you moved in together

★ luckily Jumin invested as a wedding gift and so the clinic came to be

★ money was no longer an issue and so you moved into a bigger, nice apartment together

★ at first everything was great, even sharing a bed, which neither of you had ever done before

★ looking back on it you realized it was due to stress that your sleeping arrangements worked out

★ the second his head hit the pillow Yoosung fell asleep like the dead

★ however, once he’d gotten used to being a vet and the stress reduced, his annoying sleeping habits kicked in

★ for one, he’s a horrible blanket hogger and you woke up more than once during the night because you were shivering without your blanket

★ at the same time you also found yourself waking up from being smothered and that was the biggest problem

★ it was easy to buy a separate blanket set, but getting rid of squid Yoosung was a near impossible feat

★ once he’d wrapped his arms, sometimes legs, around you, there was no getting rid of him

★ only only did you feel smothered, but you began growing hot rather soon as well

★ that boy felt like a hundred degrees wrapped around you

★ when you told him about it he felt extremely ashamed

★ you attempted to sleep in separate beds for a while, since you had work too and being completely drained of energy due to lack of sleep wasn’t an option

★ it didn’t work out

★ suddenly you felt cold and empty without your little octopus wrapped around you

★ after about a week you craved and climbed into back during night

★ about an hour later Yoosung had moved in his sleep and slung his first arm around you

★ half an hour later he was once more completely wrapped around you

★ you just sighed contently

★ “Much better…”


♨When you and Jaehee first moved in together it was as ‘best friends’

♨ you each had your room and did it for 'practical reasons’

♨ it was just 'easier to split the rent and chores’

♨ for anyone who didn’t notice, those were all keywords for you weren’t quite ready to admit to yourself and each other just how gay you were for one another

♨ eventually you got drunk and made out though and the cat was kind of out of the bag

♨ so you decided to confess and move into the same room

♨ the spare room remained a bedroom, but mostly for guests or just in case things got too much

♨ Jaehee is practical that way

♨ anyway, now that you were finally sleeping in the same room, arrangements had to be made

♨ the closet space had to be shared and a bigger bed had to be bought

♨ you went shopping together and Jaehee had so much fun you fell in love with her smile even more

♨ the first couple of nights you didn’t really focus on how Jaehee slept, to be honest

♨ most of it was either spent cuddling or making out or…well you know what new couples do

♨ a lot of exploration, to put it that way

♨ the fun kind

♨ after all the excitement of a new relationship died down you finally settled and calmed a little

♨ really, that is where your relationship began

♨ it was also then that you first stayed awake for a while to just look at her

♨ Jaehee was always trim and tight, even now that she wasn’t working for Jumin anymore

♨ she was organized and focus

♨ but when she slept, all of it went away and her face evened out, relaxing into something so pure

♨ she slept on her stomach, face buried into the pillow

♨ it looked utterly adorable

♨ she also drooled a little and you couldn’t help but chuckle at how cute and innocent it made her look

♨ almost childlike, really

♨ she was very embarrassed when you brought it up, but you assured her you didn’t mind

♨ after that night you put a box of tissues on her nightstand so she could wipe any remains off

♨ “You should always be as relaxed as when you sleep. I’ll make that happen one day.”


♛ while Jumin was allowed to watch you sleep early on in the relationship, the sentiment wasn’t returned

♛ you weren’t allowed to share a bed for the longest time until he finally craved

♛ morals were overrated anyway, right?

♛ when you first shared a bed you couldn’t really believe your eyes

♛ the second he laid down, it took him a maximum of five minutes to fall asleep

♛ frankly, you found that incredible

♛ sure, he worked until very late and was probably exhausted, but it wasn’t just the speed that surprised you, but also the position he slept in

♛ it was a picture book sleeping position

♛ he lay on his back, blanket pulled up high with both his hands clasped and resting right below his chest

♛ through the entire night, he didn’t move an inch

♛ Not. An. Inch

♛ you knew that some people called him heartless and cold, but you hadn’t expected him to actually sleep like a goddamn vampire!

♛ you actually had nightmares about this

♛ dreaming about him sleeping in a coffin, suddenly waking up with red eyes and fangs bared at you

♛ in his defense, the dream did turn out quite nice

♛ another positive aspect, you totally used his chest as your pillow, arm thrown over his middle

♛ “Hmm, better than any silk pillow ~ ”


☼ sharing a bed with him is a plain mess

☼ you love him still, of course, but you spend many nights waking up at least once

☼ at first everything is fine, when the two of you go to sleep

☼ you spoon or cuddle up face to face, the typical couple sleeping positions

☼ then you actually fall asleep and things start to get messy

☼ when it first happened you didn’t think much of it

☼ you woke up the next morning and Seven had spread out over the entire bed, leaving you with close to no space

☼ it was alright though, you understood

☼ he’d been a single person and you were guilty of starfishing at home yourself

☼ you figured he’d eventually get used to sharing his bed with another person and adapt

☼ you figured wrong

☼ in fact, things became even worse from there on

☼ not only did he basically corner you on your own half of the bed, eventually you found yourself waking up to your face kissing the floor

☼ you tested out different things, from sleeping on the different side of the bed to giving him sleeping pills to knock him out

☼ it didn’t work, you always ended up either corner or on the floor

☼ eventually you bought a pull-out bed so now when you fall, you fall onto another mattress

☼ on the plus side; you’ve learned to fall asleep really quick after

☼ you also learned to see positive things even in negative situations

☼ “Sometimes I don’t even wake up anymore! How cool is that?”


☀ Sharing a bed with Saeran took ages

☀ he probably wouldn’t have minded, but you did

☀ the therapist had said to give him some space, let him heal

☀ physical contact in general was a tender topic, let alone sharing a bed

☀ it was a rather intimate thing, even without having sex

☀ you really didn’t want him to push you away or feel caged

☀ it was about half a year into your relationship that he asked you to sleep with him

☀ even in bed, you stayed on your side, not touching him at first

☀ especially when you first turned over too look at him sleep

☀ really, it broke your heart

☀ he slept in a fetus position, making himself so small it must have been uncomfortable

☀ he also didn’t look relaxed or calm like you would expect a sleeping person to look like

☀ even in sleep, he looked troubled

☀ maybe even more so than in real life, where he constantly wore a mask, you realized

☀ you actually found yourself crying at his fate

☀ he woke up one night, hearing you sob

☀ for a moment he just stared at you in confusion, but apparently he understood

☀ without a word he scooted closer and cuddled up to you

☀ it almost made you cry even more, the way he tried to hide himself in your embrace

☀ from then on you held him every night, his face buried in your chest and your fingers brushing through his hair

☀ you didn’t cry anymore, he didn’t look as pained

☀ “I like our new sleeping position much better, you know?”

Jihyun Kim/ V

📷 moving in with V was equally easy as it was hard

📷 even with Rika out of the picture it still felt like she was present

📷 there was a side of the closet unused, a free shelf in the bathroom and decoration too feminine to have been chosen by V himself

📷 even when your things started to fill these spaces it didn’t feel quite right

📷 it just felt so much like she was still there

📷 you hated that feeling, and it made you feel insecure

📷 especially when you first came home late and V was already sleeping

📷 you stepped in and it was obvious that he’d shared a bed before

📷 painfully obvious

📷 he neatly slept on his side of the bed, but his arm was stretched out, reaching for something

📷 you figured it was Rika

📷 you slept on the couch that night

📷 he asked you about it the next morning, but you dodged the topic

📷 when the same thing repeated itself again about two weeks later, he didn’t let you off the hook

📷 so you explained

📷 he was shocked and embarrassed with himself

📷 there was a bit of truth to it, it had been the position he’s slept in with Rika

📷 but he’d gotten over her thanks to you, and hated having hurt you like that

📷 without you asking him, he gets rid of everything that once belonged to her

📷 from there on he pulls you to his chest, holding you close through the night

📷 both of you finally have what you always needed

📷 “Thank you so much, V.”


little side note, I’m sorry this took so long. I went to sleep shortly before I got your request and while the first couple of peeps were easy to write I constantly struggle with V so it took a while. I still hope you guys like it :3

for life // you, jisung

You yawned, slowly feeling your eyes start to droop. It was about 11:50 at night, and it was, indeed, one of those nights. One of those nights where Jisung had invited you (more like begged you) to come to the dance studio and spend some ‘quality couple time with him’. Seeing as he was usually busy, the only way you could spend time with him was during practice, which was what he pretty much had to do if ever he had free time.

The night started out pleasant, with a loving hug and a shy, quick kiss. You cheered him on, accurately replicating Chenle’s dolphin screaming as you watched him dance and do what he loved most, leaving the boy with a red face and a happy grin he just couldn’t hide. 

He was a bit shy at first doing that, dancing in front of you. In fact, Jisung was usually uncomfortable with doing things if alone was how he was meant to do it. After a bit of begging here, a bit of aegyo there, you had finally convinced him to let you come into practice. He’d start off shy at first, but he’d eventually relax, the music taking his body like no other as they melded together, as if one.

It was beautiful.

It really was.

The song ‘For Life’ was playing on his playlist when he looked to the side, an adorable sight meeting his gaze. Jisung felt like he wanted to combust. You had fallen asleep, and Jisung’s seen babies, he’s seen Chenle, but nothing would’ve prepared his heart for how cute you looked at that moment. He felt the ridiculous feeling of love swell in his heart and without thinking, he crouched down on the ground in front of you, where you sat sleeping soundly against the wall, and took your hand in his.

You let out the cutest hum ever when you were snapped awake but relaxed instantly when you saw it was just him. He had that effect on people, Jisung–he was really good at making people feel relaxed. You didn’t know whether it was his harmless baby-chick like face, or his soothing deep voice, or the general aura of calm he radiated–but you loved it. You loved it all.

You smiled sleepily, pumping your fist with a small, “Fighting…”

Jisung hadn’t grinned so hard in his life.

In your half-asleep state, he gently pulled you up, easing you into his chest. If someone asked him 3 months ago whether he’d have the balls to hug you, he’d answer with a definite no almost straight away. Although he was shy, he liked the feeling of you–it made him feel safe and warm, comforted, it relaxed him. You felt like home.

Like the sleepy koala you were, your arms eased around his waist as he hugged you close, swaying gently to the ballad playing softly in the background.

“Even though you’re sweaty and gross I still love you. I’m a great girlfriend,” you thoughtlessly mumbled into his chest, making him laugh.

It was a more beautiful sound than the song playing in the background.

You laid snugly against him, his arms providing warm salvation for you in the cold practice room. You heard the fast beating of his heart, listened to the loud ba-dump ba-dumps, realized that it had synchronized with the fast pumps of your own resounding loud and clear in your head, and you felt yourself smile.

If this wasn’t love, if this wasn’t home, then you didn’t know what was.

With a content sigh, he lay his head atop of your, his cheek squished against your hair.

“I love you…” he mumbled, tightening his hold on you.

“For life?”

If you weren’t sleepy, if the air wasn’t so delicate, if Jisung wasn’t so in love with you at that moment, if Jisung wasn’t in love period, he would’ve imitated vomiting into a bucket.

But he wasn’t any of those things.

Instead, he let out a small scoff, that was quickly made up for with a loving smile and a gentle kiss on the forehead.

“For life.”

~ ~ ~

yall i honestly don’t know what this huge piece of fluffy word vomit is okay like it’s 11pm and I’m sleepy and this is so short but then I was listening to Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You and suddenly inspiration™ struck?? I know idk how it relates at all to this scenario but nonetheless I hope you enjoyed <3 was this okay? I’m honestly tired rn and it’s not edited but I kind of feel good about this ig so feedback would be appreciated <3 Thank you for taking the Time out of Your Precious Day to read this because you’re honestly  so precious and so important to the world idk what such an important person is doing reading my works but <3 thank you, you’re a wonderful, loved person. Don’t ever forget that.

Light in the Family’s Darkness (Damian x Baby!Batsis)

CHARACTERS: Damian x Baby!Batsis
SUMMARY: Sometimes there’s a light in the life of the shadows. Sometimes that light leads to something beautiful. Sometimes that light is the best thing in your life.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I had a lot of muse for fics for Batmom or Batsis, so be expecting a lot of that alongside the other ideas I have. This is through Damian’s POV. Likes & reviews are appreciated! :)

The hospital room was crowded with the family. Father was sitting next to mom on the hospital bed with a huge smile on his face. I wondered back to when I was born. If my biological mother and father were actually in love and sitting together on a hospital bed like my parents in front of me, would I have had a regular childhood?

If mother wasn’t the daughter of grandfather or part of the League of Assassins, would my life had been like this?

I shook my head.


My life wouldn’t have been like this, because this is the life that father and mom have given us. My brothers, my sister, and I.

I watch as every one of the family greet the new bundle of joy. I see the permanent smile and tears on Dick’s face. I see the tears in Jason’s eyes. I see and hear the laughter in Drake. I see everything with my family at this moment.

The one thing that is as bright as anyone else around me is mom. Her smile and tears in her eyes were of love and happiness. That smile was reserved for our family.

Not for anyone else.

But for us.

Father shares that same smile and it feels like everything is okay. Like this is our normal forever. We may be superheroes, but mom is just as normal as any other person in this world. Normal but unique. That’s the best way to describe her.

“Come see your new baby sister, Damian,” mom calls out to me.

I’m hesitant at first. No not hesitant. I’m terrified.

A child isn’t like a puppy or a kitten. A child is more fragile.

My hands tremble as I turned them into fists.

Her smile is what makes me move. Mom’s smile and hand is what makes me move towards my family.

Towards the smiles and the tears.

I reach mom’s side of the hospital bed and there wrapped up in a pink blanket that was made by Cassie is the new addition to our family.

The moment I looked down at her, I knew. I knew that my whole life from this moment on will be to make sure that this tiny little being will be protected.

My eyes widen as mom lifts one of my trembling hands and puts it on my sister’s small body. The baby opened her eyes and the breath was kicked out of me.

She was like me. She had father’s and my eyes. Her nose was just like mine. She looked like me.

I hear mom laugh and I looked up at her. The tears in her eyes were freefalling now as she looked at him.

She put her hand on my cheek and I lean to it.

“I was hoping she’d look like you,” she whispered.

I hear father chuckle beside her before I looked back down at my baby sister. She looked up at me and smiled a toothless smile.

I laughed and wiped my face with my sleeve. I was crying. I never cry. Or at least I never cry around my family, but this little baby has made me cry.

These weren’t sad tears. No, these were tears of joy.

Years of me thinking that our family will always remain in the shadows have gone down the drain at this moment. Mom brought us to the light, but this little girl.

This little girl wrapped in a pink blanket was the light shining at the end of the hall of darkness.

She was the light in our family’s darkness.

And I am truly thankful for her.

love (hits hard)

anonymous asked:  Hi there~ Are scenario requests still open? If so, may I request a scenario about Jun from Svt? Let’s say one of his celebrity crushes has a very dark image and sings sad songs so he thinks she (reader) will be intimidating in real life, but once they meet at like an award show or something he realizes that she’s very down to earth and kind. And he asks her out in the end? Thank you in advance!!! <3

genre: pure fluff 

characters: wen junhui of seventeen 

notes: it’s been y e a r s since i’ve written anything OTL so please excuse my horrible attempt at filling this request. anyway, i hope you like this anon!! 

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Your enemy, is my enemy

Happy x Reader

Requested by: @homicidalteenagedream

Warning: Mentions of abuse

Took me forever to start this. Going to be a couple part series!

“For fuck sakes little girl! Your going to get killed!” Happy grabbed y/n by her small wrist pulling her out of the bar. She had started another bar fight because a guy wouldn’t leave her alone. “Happy, I was fine, I laid out three guys.” y/n smiled up at Happy. Happy felt his heart twitch at her smile. They had been friends forever. She followed him down from Tacoma. Leaving her life behind there since her life mostly consisted of Happy, fighting and motorcycles. She loved SAMCRO as well. All the guys taking a liking to her the moment a guy made a smart remark to Gemma, she knocked the guy out cold and proceeded to talk to Chibs like nothing happened. Gemma laughed so hard, Clay confused slightly. “Little girl..” “Call me by my name Happy!” “y/n, you make me think I need to have you glued to my hip!” y/n felt her phone go off, she seen his name and her face turn to a ghost white. Happys eyebrow twitched, confused on her reaction.

y/n got off her bike and followed Happy to his house. He walked to his bedroom, y/n opening his fridge grabbing a beer. She drank a few sips, throwing the top in the trash can. She sat on the couch seeing a thong. She frowned a bit seeing it. She knew Happy was a sex addicted, it did not surprise her too much. She used a napkin to hold it. “Your girlfriend left something here.” She said hearing Happys footsteps. Happy looked to see a pink thong from the other night. His stomach dropped, he cared for y/n, she probably hated him for it. “I know you’re a sex addict Happy, just clean it up.” y/n said standing up chugging the beer. She threw it away, looking back at Happy. “I gotta go.” “I thought we where going riding?” “Something came up.” y/n waved and walked out of the house. Happy punched a wall. He wanted to strangle the croweater that “forgot” that there.

y/n walked into the club to see her ex sitting at the bar. She sat down “What do you want Greg?” “Come back to Tacoma and we won’t have any issue.” “Quit threatening me.” y/n grumbled. “Or what? You going to send that big bad biker my way? What is it with him? Hmmm? Maybe I should pay him a visit. I don’t like people touching what is mine..” Greg whispered in y/ns ear, sliding a knife across her cheek. She winced at the pain. “Leave him alone, he did nothing to you. We are just friends. Lie detector me if you want.. fucking crooked ass cop..” Soon y/n felt a fist to her cheek, and another to her ribs. She coughed up some blood Greg smirking at this. “No one can have you… but me..” “Remember… I know your bloody secret..” Greg stood up. The bartender quickly came around, looping his arm around y/n. “Are you ok…?” Y/n nodded, the bartender carrying y/n to the back room. He grabbed a first aid kit, cleaning her cut. “Sorry for the ruckus..” “No man should ever hit a woman… My name is Leon.” “Y/n..” “Nice to meet you y/n” “Likewise.”

It had been a few days, you had not answered any of Happys calls. You had one cracked rib and one broken, moving was a bitch. You face still swollen from the cut. You hurd your front door open. “Baby?” You hurd Gemmas voice. She walked to your bedroom to see you asleep. She seen your face, also your ribs bruised since you only slept in panties and a bra. “y/n..” you woke up quickly pointing a gun at the blury figure. You closed and reopened your eyes to see Gemma. You put down your gun. “How did you…?” “Remember, you gave me a key..” you nodded to Gemma.  You gave her a key when you hid her from Clay after he beat her. “Happy is worried about you.. what happened?” “Gem.. don’t…” “No mother bear shit right now.. I got into a fight. I am fine.” “You need to tell Happy about your ex…” “How did you know?…” “Juice…” you sighed putting your head in your hands. “He is dangerous… very dangerous.. he is a cop… a dirty.. dirty cop..” Gemma nodded. “let me tell him Gem.” “Alright baby.. tell him soon. Party tonight. Show up. Need my girl there.” She walked over kissing y/n on the head.

y/n went to turn on the water, only droplets coming out. “fuck..” She sighed walking to see a paper slid under her door. City Ordinance. Water will be shut off for 48 hours. Should be back on by Thursday. Sorry for any inconvenience.  

Gemma made it back to TM, Happy waiting in the office. “I shut off the water. She should be calling you soon.” Gemma smirked. Happy chuckled a bit nodding. Gemma did not want to alarm him about her condidtion quite yet. Happy felt his phone buzz.

You: “Bitch ass city cut of my water… can I shower at your place..?”

Happy: “Sure little girl. Where have you been..?”

You: “Busy.. explain later.”

Happy: “Ok.”

You: “If I find another pink thong.. I am going to choke you with it.”

Happy: “Fuck.. let me go check.” ;)

You: “Sex addict.”

Happy: “Adrenaline Junkie”

You: “Trigger Happy bitch.”

Happy: “Tattoo covered slut.”

You: “Twice condom using cheap fuck.”

Happy: “Hey! I am mindfull of excessive spending..”

You: “No Happy… just No…”

y/n drove to Happys with a bag of clothes to change into. She opened the door to see Happy watching cartoons. “Thanks, for letting me shower.” “Happy stood up quickly.” “You forgot to lock the door.” Happy nodded walking over to her. He seen the scratch on her face and the bruise on her other cheek. “Y/N…. What is that from? Is this why you have been..” “Happy don’t.. let me shower first…” Happy growled and walked her to the bathroom grabbing her a towel.

She showered, relaxing in the hot water. Happy hurd her phone buzz. He seen a text message, opening it up. “You better be making arrangements to move back here. Remember you dumb bitch you are mine and no one elses. Do not make me bring that biker into this.. I can make the rest of your ribs match the others.” Happy was seething. He loved y/n. he loved her since the where kids. She said she had trouble with an ex… why had he not looked into it more.. He called Juice “Juice.. look up this phone number..” “Ok Man, sec.”


Jared Leto Daughter Imagine: Doctor's Visit

Synopsis: I’ve had a few asks about this and thought it was topical. This is what Jared and his daughter would be going through the day of his doctor’s visit earlier this week.

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only you

a/n: yay something for william too!! tell me what u think :-) request are open.

pairing: william x reader

word count: 600 or so

warnings: none idk how to write w/ william 


William was very proud of the fact that he could call you his girlfriend. After months of chasing after you, you had agreed to go out with him and it all started from there. You were the most precious thing to him, his weakness even. Everyone was able to see how hopelessly he was in love with you, he was always touching you in someway and in general treated you like a princess.

Truthfully said, you didn’t mind it at all most of the time. You loved him just as much as he loved you, which could be seen in your body language. You were always a blushing mess around him and he would never ever miss the chance to tease you about it.

Today was no different from the other days, you and William had chosen to get away from others and were hanging out in an empty classroom. It was a thing you two did even before dating, only now there were a lot more kisses involved.

You were sitting in William’s lap in the corner of the room, he was absentmindedly playing with your hair while you were scrolling through snapchat stories on your phone. He loved just being around with you, hence why he was perfectly fine just sitting with you without talking. You were wearing one of his hoodies, that you had stolen from him. The hoodie was more like a dress on you, but you didn’t mind it nor did he.

William was pulled out of his trance of admiration by the sound of your sighs. Your body was stiff which meant that you were turned on or getting annoyed, he was guessing it was the latter one. He was about to ask you what’s going on, when your voice cut the silence.

”You know what? I’m tired of seeing people say that Phoebe was the worst character in Friends. She had a backstory, she was a great friend and the fact that people find her selfish for wanting to keep one of the kids she gave birth to in the first place is ridiculous. In the end, she was the one who kept them in her damn body for 9 months-”

William’s laugh cut you off, making you turn around to look at your extremely handsome boyfriend. He was adoringly looking at you, making you pout. He found your attitude towards the matter adorable. You muttered out a small ’what’, his smile growing wider. You could feel your heart warm up at the sight of him smiling, it was one of the many qualities you loved about him.

”You’re adorable,” he told you before pressing a soft kiss on the tip of your nose. You rolled your eyes at him, turning your attention back onto your phone although you couldn’t help but blush a bit.

”You’re annoying.” you told him, pouting once again. He grinned at you before leaning in to capture your lips in a sweet kiss. You were a bit taken aback from the action, but quickly relaxed and brought up your hand to caress his cheek.

The once sweet kiss was getting desperate and needy, you both pulling away breathless. Your foreheads pressed together, as you were staring into each others eyes. You couldn’t help but wonder what would’ve happened if he hadn’t been so persistent on getting you out on a date. He was your constant source of happiness, and he made you feel loved. No matter what you did or where you were, he always made sure you knew how much you actually meant to him. You sighed happily, a smile slowly forming on your face.

”You know I really love you.” You whispered out, your eyes closed. William’s eyes lit up along with a small blush on his face. He wrapped his arms around your waist to hug you, his head going in the crook of your neck. 

At that very moment he knew there was no other person he’d rather spend the rest of his life with.

Cheater Part Seven

A/N: I didn’t realize it had been more than two months since I posted part six. This part is kind of a filler but it is important to the story line sorta. This is so unedited so if you see any mistakes, let me know. I hope you enjoy and that this was worth the wait

Word Count: 1093

Warnings: A few curse words but that’s it

Tags at the bottom

Cheater Masterlist

When you woke up, you felt a moment of confusion before everything came to you. It’s hard to believe that in just one day your whole life was turned upside down.

By your side was Tony, who was still asleep and it had looked like he had stayed asleep all night. Looking at the small clock next to him, you saw that it was a little after eight which meant that Y/D/N was most likely up and bugging whoever had watched her last night.

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The signs as my favorite All The Bright Places quotes

Aries: “The thing I realize is, it’s not what you take, it’s what you leave.”

Taurus: “The problem with people is that they forget that most of the time it’s the small things that count.”

Gemini: “We do not remember days, we remember moments.”

Leo: “Sorry wastes time.You have to live your life like you’ll never be sorry. It’s easier just to do the right thing from the start so there’s nothing to apologize for.”

Cancer: “You need shoving, not pushing. You need to jump back on that camel. Otherwise you’re going to stay up on the ledge you’ve made for yourself.”

Virgo: “Sometimes there’s beauty in tough words-it’s all in how you read them.”

Libra: “I do my best thinking at night when everyone else is sleeping. No interruptions. No noise. I like the feeling of being awake when no one else is.”

Scorpio: “The great thing about this life of ours is that you can be someone different to everybody.”

Sagittarius: “I learned that there is good in this world, if you look hard enough for it. I learned that not everyone is disappointing, including me, and that a 1,257 bump in the ground can feel higher than a bell tower if you’re standing next to the right person.”

Capricorn: “When you consider things like the stars, our affairs don’t seem to matter very much, do they?”

Aquarius: “You are all the colors in one, at full brightness.”

Pisces: “It’s my experience that people are a lot more sympathetic if they can see you hurting, and for the millionth time in my life i wish for measles or smallpox or some other easily understood disease just to make it easier on me and also them.”

How Deep Is The Ocean?

Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Reader, OC (Thomas)

Warnings: Nothin much, just fluff, bit of angst, reader’s water breaks idk hhahaha

Summary: Continuation of You’re My Strong Soldier

Word Count: 1010

A/N: My heart hurts… The song is How Deep Is The Ocean by Frank Sinatra :) I hope you liked this @buckyappreciationsociety

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cotton candy fingers

pairing : ron x pansy
word count : 2.1k
prompt : ferris wheel date moment
for : @hprarepairnet & @slytherdornet trope challenge

Pansy narrowed her eyes at her so-called best friend. “In what universe would I ever-”

Draco rolled his eyes and let out a noise of frustration. “Merlin, Pansy, for once can’t you just be a friend instead of a bitch?”

“Flattery will get you nowhere,” she said flatly, then took in how pitiful he looked and resigned with a sigh. “What do I get out of this?”

Draco knew that he’d won, but hid his smile just in case she changed her mind. “Satisfaction of helping a friend?” She just gave him a blank stare and blinked. “Alright, alright. I’ll let your shoppe style me for Mother’s next gala.”

She crossed her arms. “Next three, and you buy all the clothes.” Draco smiled his agreement, and she turned to scrutinize the curtains. “Why do you even need me there,” she scoffed.

“Hermione has it in her head that if our friends just spent some time together then you’d all… I don’t, get a long or something.”

Pansy laughed. “Oh, sure. Can’t you see the Weasley girl and I now, arm and arm in a secondhand shop?”

“Let’s clarify something right now. You have to actually try, you have to play nice; or else I’ll drape myself rags and rave about your ridiculously affordable prices.”

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Cinnamon Roll (Tim Drake x Reader)


PROMPT?:(..) where the reader is a really clumsy and hyperactive cinnamon roll, and once she bumps with Tim Drake, and he finds her gorgeous so he will disguise himself as Robin and will follow her around, saving her a couple of times, and they fall in love and fluff, and and and such? (..)

A/N: I love this so much. I took a little liberty but stayed close to the request :-) Also this would’ve been up a fuckin week ago but Tumblr is an asshole and hasn’t let me post it. 

WARNINGS: cursing (??), clumsiness, fem!reader, dark alleys

Tim Drake spent most of his free time frequenting the Starbucks near the school campus. He went day after day and soon enough, it became quite routine. Normal, even. It became life for Tim Drake to order his regular and step back out and walk the quiet ten minutes back to his next class. Really, the only excitement Tim ever got anymore was going on patrol, and even that got boring. Oh no, Mr. Freeze. Oh no, Riddler. It was all so monotonous. It seemed like his body just walked through each day and nothing ever changed. The apathy nagged at the back of his head. Tim shook his head and laughed at himself. He was usually the happy go lucky one, excited for life, but Jesus. His current life was so tiring. “My regular please.” Tim nodded and lifted his fingers as a signal and his normal barista smiled and nodded, giving him a discount he usually implored to take off. Except today, he didn’t. He simply gave her a small smile and for a moment, her eyes quirked but went back to making his drink. He grabbed the collar of his pea coat and flipped them up for surrounded warmth. The quickly oncoming winter got Tim good and he was not getting sick. Not when Christmas patrol was starting up in a month or two, Todd would never let him live it down. Christmas patrol was his favorite. He huffed and looked down at the table before hearing the doorbell ring and typical chatter between customer and barista employed.

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Essays in Existentialism: Stud III

Your fine stud Lexa gives me life. If you can a part three would be amazing.

Even from the window, the restaurant was a microcosm of busy, of the perfect July evening in the city. Small and quaint, it was a favourite, special. From outside, from the sidewalk, the few tables were nothing more than cozy universes, illuminated by dim lights and boisterous laughter. 

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amandasinedahl  asked:

Plsss write somthing jily where they just a few week until fall in love its on a break and lily its home and there is a family party but sudenly lillys mom call to lilly that a boy who has messy black hair ask for her. But its a fam. Party so youknow

Thanks for the prompt, hope this one shot is to your liking! ^_^

Just Smile and Mingle

Family parties were always an awkward ordeal – cosying and catching up with people you had little else in common besides blood.

But, Lily Evans thought wryly to herself, it certainly didn’t help being a witch and having to keep nearly everything about your life a secret from your Muggle relatives under the penalty of law.

It made her smile all the more fixed, her small talk all the more stilted, the lies covering up this whole other magical part of her life tasting foul on her tongue, necessary as they were.

At the moment, Lily was stuck answering her second cousin’s polite enquiries and hating every second.

Petunia, on the other hand, was positively glowing, pressed into her dear Vernon’s side, making rounds to introduce her boyfriend to everyone.

Lily escaped her second cousin’s clutches and rolled her eyes, but almost bumped right into her cousin’s wife – Violet? Vivian? Valerie? Something along those lines – and fixed an empty smile right back onto her face and said hi.

Their small back garden offered no hiding places, and Lily cast a longing look at the house. 

Where was her mother? She’d be out soon, Lily hoped. If she had to play hostess for much longer her head would explode. Petunia might’ve been right in her element but Lily so wasn’t.

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I will always be with you.

Characters: Dean, Reader, their daughter, Sam and mentions of Cas

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Its fluffy, with a smidgen of angst

Summary: Dean’s daughter is a little cutie pie who can’t fall back to sleep so she asks her Dad to tell her a story. And, it reveals so much more.

A/N: I don’t know everyone, I was having daddy!dean feels today and this is the result. Thank you for reading and I hope everyone enjoys. Feedback is highly appreciated. Have a super duper Tuesday!

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Hey, Piano Man - MissterMaia

Author: MissterMaia


Description: In which Yoongi, after having his evening completely ruined by a drunk asshole on his way home from a rough day at the studio, decides he himself needs to get drunk and wanders into an old-fashioned pub. He may or may not find his bad mood washed away by the cute bartender, and he may or may not end up completely and utterly smitten when said bartender gets on the small stage and starts singing in the most angelic, beautiful, seductive voice he’s ever heard in all his life.

“You play the piano?”

“I… yeah, I do, actually. How’d you know?”

The bartender’s smile is shy and confident all at once, and Yoongi’s heart lurches in confusion. “Just a feeling,” Jimin says softly, busying himself with drying a glass. “Your hands are beautiful. They look like they were made to play an instrument.”


Comments: A wonderful read, full of laughs, sweet moments, and a lot of steamy moments.