life is just so hard for romance

There is no day that I don’t wish that we are together, I just miss you so much.
Writing Romance

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There is the rather prevalent idea among writers that writing romance is hard. And for some people, maybe it is, but I would argue that it’s not difficult to write as much as it is easy to misinterpret.

In real life, relationships don’t have many straightforward rules besides a few obvious ones like “Trust is important” and “Don’t kill your spouse” and “99% of men are dense idiots who wouldn’t know how to read a signal if you tied them to a post and bashed them over the head with a rock, so just try asking him out on a date already”.

In the words of Tom Clancy, the difference between fiction and reality is that fiction has to make sense. What that essentially means is that writing fictional romance does have a few cut-and-dry rules, and that you can substitute “experience” with “logic” and get away with it, so you don’t need any prior relationship experience to understand how to write a decent romance. It can certainly help, but real life romance has a lot of factors that just wouldn’t fly in fiction.

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Bassian + romance

Listen, just, shit listen.  We’ve been wrong.  We’ve been so wrong.  It’s understandable, you take one look at Bodhi Rook and then you take another look at Bodhi Rook in a flower crown and you just want to see him romanced so hard and flustered and adorable but just fucking listen. You know who’s the one to actually get really flustered by romance?  Cassian. Fucking.  Andor.

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Hello~! Do you think I could request the rfa with a hopeless romantic MC. She constantly watches old romance movies like Dirty Dancing and The Princess Bride, reads romance novels and has a full bookshelf of them, has hours of cute love-y music on her ipod, that sort of thing? Love your writing by the way! I've been scrolling through your blog all day!! :)

A/N: This was so hard for me because I’m actually a REALLY big tsundere and i just yeah lmao im so sorry ^^;; ~Admin 404


           -He’s sensitive and all

           -And he’s so hung up on finding love!!! He wants to love and be loved!!! Only wants one person in his life!

           -And it’s you!

           -You have the same idea, so the two of you work very well together

           -So much love between the two of you oh my god


           -Seriously, there’s so many small, cute kisses between the two of you that even Zen pretended to barf

           -The two of you THRIVE off of romance movies!!! Those and Disney movies are about the only things you two watch

           -That being said, he’s a-okay with you being a hopeless romantic, he is too!!!

           -He just didn’t know it until you came along <3


           -He’s such a hopeless romantic omfg

           -He will burst into rooms with grand gestures

           -Constantly singing love songs to you

           -10/10 you always sing along

           -Always spins you around, pulling you into a dance

           -Completely ecstatic that you’re the same way!! Y e s MC, burst out into love songs from movies and plays, he’s gonna jump right on in

           -He always brings you flowers! And you just live for it you don’t even have to mention it to him hype hype hype

           -Both of you are so emotional during movies but there’s never any judgment

           -He’s even worse than you though??? Like, cliché kisses in the rain happen every time it rains

           -Since he’s 10x more hopelessly romantic than you, he’s completely okay with it, you do you MC


           -Secretly loves those old romantic movies

           -Lowkey judges you for crying at happy movies but you turn it right back around on her when she cries at beautiful love scenes played by Zen

           -The two of you listen to the music on your phone constantly

           -“MC, these are all love songs” “Yes, I’m aware”

           - secretly downloads them all onto her own phone later

           -You’re always dancing around the room with such grace, bringing her along

           -You somehow always seem to sweep her off her feet and she loVES IT

           -She gets so flustered!!!!!

           -Oh my goodness, she has no idea how to handle the flowers you shower her in??

           -MC our house is overrun with flowers where is the remote? The DVD’s? MC where is tHAT DOCUMENT IT’S HIDDEN UNDER FLOWERS I NEED THAT


           -He noticed fairly quickly what your taste in novels were

           -You had a shelf full of these romance novels, so he attempted to read one

           - is this truly what MC wants???

           -You come home to a whole floor-to-ceiling bookshelf full of romance novels for you to read

           -He started to come home with flowers every now and then, and you were so!!! Happy!!!

           -The smile on your face was to die for, so he vowed from then on to do whatever it takes to get that smile

           -You love to talk about the future with him, plan your ideal dates, things of that sort


           -Your ideal dates are now reality, he’ll make sure of it

           -Therefore, he absolutely loves that this is part of your personality, because you’re so cute! So innocent! And he is going to do everything he can to enhance it!!


           -Both of you cry to 10 Things I Hate About You

           -He put it on for the first time, hoping he could console you at the end

           -Both of you were complete sobbing messes

           -He doesn’t surprise you with actual flowers

           -Makes bouquets of HBC wrapper flowers thanks saeyoung

           -You tell him how much you love him multiple times a day and it gets to him every single time

           -Seriously, he cries sometimes because??? How did he ever get you??

           -The two of you like to talk and theorize about your OTP’s

           -That’s your dinner talk, not “how was your day” it’s usually “sO LISTEN, WHAT IF-”

           -Every now and then, the two of you dance around the house, blasting love songs he puts on a dress and heels and everything




           -Do I even need to talk about all the adorable candid pictures he takes of you? No? Too bad I just did

           -If you’re ever sad, he hangs up pictures of the two of you EVERYWHERE what a DORK NEED ME A FREAK LIKE THAT

           -You make him playlists full of love songs all the time

           -You even write down why you picked each song!!!

           -God damn he loves it??? He needs someone soft and loving like you


           -He feels so blessed?? Like, you want to act out your own personal love story with him???

           -Sign him right the fuck up,  he’s so happy and toTALLY DESERVES THIS


           -If he’s honest, it makes him uncomfortable sometimes

           -You watch all these romantic movies and cry and just

           -HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO????

           -He does like watching you dance around and sing to those sappy love songs of yours though

           -He doesn’t pay much attention to the lyrics, he just pays all his attention to you

           -When you aren’t paying attention, he reads a lot of your romance novels just to see what they’re about

           -He actually gets pretty insecure because?? He isn’t like the guys you read about, he isn’t smooth with his words and he doesn’t know how to be so…. spirited

           -So when you take the role of being the passionate one, he’s actually pretty relieved! Maybe he can learn from you before attempting it on his own

           - still refuses to dance with you though, it isn’t happening

           -He does surprise you with flowers every now and then though, sometimes he even plays a love song to describe the feelings he has for you

there r literally no books that have a lesbian main character???? or even mlm ones that aren’t like ‘oh gosh I’m so gay it makes life hard’ like ok great I just want normal queer romance??? where are my trans people?? bi ppl??? any rep for them??? normalize queer 2k17


The next time somebody decides to send me an asks saying how I am an “entitled SJW to expect pandering via gay characters”  and how “Korra was a politically correct propaganda and nobody cares about it” and how I am “just seeing things” just because I ship a pairing and entertain notion of a same sex pairing being ALLOWED to exist, needs to think hard and remember that:

  • We live in an era that got us Ellie from Last of Us who will be the lead protagonist in Last of Us 2.
  • There’s a thing called Life is Strange.
  • Legend of Korra exists.
  • Netflix exists.
  • We live in the age when we are less and less limited by conservative and hetero-normative expectations.

So when a writer implies and promises LGBT interactions and keeps teasing it, it is very much fair to expect it and to not just shrug it off as “nothing”.

If it looks like romance, sounds like romance, is spoken about in the same way as romances and is WRITTEN in the same way as a romance, then it IS a romance. It is only fair to expect it.

Its very easy to pretend it is “not there” or that “there’s nothing in the show to hint it”, but hey, guess what? That kind of tactic was also used against Korrasami.

Why should I view “straight” as THE default position? Why should straight romance interactions be taken as a given and yet LGBT romantic interactions be treated with doubt and questioning and denial?

Why does an optimistic and positive post  about the Legend of Korra and RWBY parallels in terms of Bumbleby and Korrasami, get met with replies and asks intent on demonizing it, claiming its insane, claiming its not there or trying to shit on Legend of Korra show for actually breaking the boundaries and giving actual pay off to subtext?

Why is the idea of representation and diversity an “insult” to some people? Why does it lead to harassment and hate? Why some fandom elements still try to demonize LGBT community while attacking us at every turn?

Expecting LGBT representation, expecting actual tangible pay off and development, expecting actual diversity is not “expecting pandering. It is expecting REALITY.

Existing is not “pandering”. Existing is a human right.

When it comes to expecting SOMETHING tangible and real about Blake and Yang, people are not “crazy” or “insane” or “entitled sjws” or “ruining the fandom” or “just seeing things” or any other derogatory descriptions.

People are just expecting to be treated as equals. Expecting interactions to be treated as equal. Expecting to be allowed to exist. Expecting that when the show and the writers are hinting something, they are actually intending to follow through with what they hint.

The “just a friends” train has left long long time ago. By the time of Volume 3 you can’t even see it from the station anymore.

All that is left is expecting for the nearby ship to actually start sailing. Or to be acknowledged as being there in the first place at least.

Despite various missteps in latest episodes, I remain hopeful and optimistic that Rooster Teeth knows we live in 2016 and not 1960′s.

So I am still waiting. And hoping. And will keep  searching for positive and optimistic indications towards that in the show. Towards the idea that the show will actually take the next step. Legend of Korra made a huge step forward, but it WAS flawed and very limited and restricted step forward.

I remain hopeful that RWBY actually manages to do more.

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I just listened to the most recent episode of talking tabletop. You said you love your husband desperately, which really spoke to me. But romance is hard. If it's not too personal, how did you know he was the person (or a person) you wanted to spend the rest of your life with?

Hmmm. This is an interesting ask in that I haven’t put much thought into telling John’s and my story, so it’s bound to be a non-linear mess. Bear with me.

There’s nothing John said or did that made it clear to me that he’d be a good fit. We got to know each other very gradually.

I hired him to be my direct report on a project. During that time, I got to know him enough to see that aside from his ridic ability in regards to work stuff, he had an immense disdain for class structures and a lot of confused anger and frustration for power imbalanced social expectations I was long used to. This was in part a product of his upbringing which more or less kept him in complete isolation from others. I could be a manager who didn’t suck at helping with this, so I was. I liked him and sympathized with his frustrations. He’s the sort of genius that’s able to tackle any problem handed to him. In time, our company realized this and promoted him out of my report structure, we became 4 realz friends.

I only had two friend friends at that company, and John was the logos one. My longest lasting relationships tend to be with folks I think similarly to. Not necessarily in content, but in terms of our ability to analyze and compartmentalize similarly. If our brains work similarly, then I’m more likely to truck with you. John’s similar. Work did a lot of the testing for us there as we’d built several technologies together and rolled them out to a mess of folks across multiple countries. Gpon was a slapdash place where we had to do a lot of different things in a short period of time without ever having had any experience prior. It was very fun. During the early years, it was an unrepentant trial by fire, and John and I got to know each other’s abilities and limits very well. We’re symbiotic.

We’re both logical and analytical. We can both tackle whatever you hand to us given enough time. Grossly, that’s important to us both. We’re different in complementary ways: I’m manipulative, socially observant, charming, and creative. He’s RELIABLE and RESPONSIBLE, strong in mathematics, and has tons of physical stamina that I just don’t have. We got so much done back then solely because of his staying power. Though I’m sure he’d say the same for my planning and maneuvering.

*shrugs* so we sort of already knew we’d be decent friends by the time we decided to be friends and relaxed into those roles easily. I was still dating James for a long while during that friendship, and he had passing interest in other people that came and went. We were never on each others’ radar as anything other than friends.

But our friendship grew into an important one, and that’s a *sign* at least to me that a relationship is worth keeping around I guess. So I guess I’ll note a few moments where in retrospect it’s clear that we really cared for each other.

✨John places food and water on my desk at 4pm before he leaves even though he works 2 floors up. He does this almost daily. He gives other friends beer. He knows I’ve forgotten to eat.

✨A higher-up named K doesn’t like that John leaves at 4, despite his work being exemplary and John getting in at 6:30 and working through lunch. I am no longer John’s manager. K is my boss’s boss. I should not have fists balled up yelled at K.

✨I’m 23 and confess my love for a Superior who does not return my feelings. I’m heartbroken and sobbing after he’s left. I don’t call James or Friend B for comfort not because they aren’t wonderful friends, I call John, because he understands me best, and will be able to react to my rapidly spinning bad thought processes best. He does good.

✨I get a call in the middle of the night. It’s John. A bad family thing has happened and he doesn’t know what to do. He needs help. We quickly come up with a solution. He enacts the plan, then calls me back in 30 minutes to let me know that it went ok and things are calming down. We stay on the phone until he can sleep.

✨I’m on 30 hours with no sleep coming back from London. I was there training folks in our new taxonomy system. I met Kanye West. It was a long trip. I have to write a bunch of emails before I can go to sleep and my new apartment still doesn’t have internet so I’m stopping by the office. I grab some coffee and head to the desks. I see John sitting and talking to a pal. He looks up and smiles and opens his arms for a hug. I collapse onto his lap to hug him. It’s good to be home.

I don’t know that dating is the right word for what happened with us. We went to a company Christmas Ball one year that was black tie. He wore a tux. He looks nice in those. I kept my drink money in a garter. I’m socially observant. The garter had an effect on him.

Things slowly changed after that. Slowly is the wrong word. December 23rd we were talking about I think Elvis on my love seat, and I said “fuck it,” straddled him and smooched that boy to heck. He made this really cute gulping noise right prior. John Kuhl’s so good.

3 weeks later, he’d moved in with me. And that’s pretty much it. *SHRUGS*

Like. Errr… I guess the additional bit of explanation there is that I generally don’t like folks enough to want them in my space. He’s the same way? So knowing I wanted him around was all I really needed to know. I was set at that point. I’ve often talked about how marriage isn’t important to me. I’m flighty. Actively choosing to stay with someone is more impressive to me than having a default in where you’d choose to leave. I get that that’s not what it is for most people believe me, but those are my issues. Him being here with me around 3 weeks into us messin about was already pretty much a done deal for us though is my point is all. We even had a convo about it.

We went to this sandwich shop on a lunch break and were like “I don’t see the point in having separate places to appease other people” “me either frankly” “want to move in?” “Yes. Thank you.” “Cool.” “Just so we’re clear, I don’t see myself ever leaving this relationship.” “Oh me neither.” “Ok. Do you want to split a rootbeer?”

So I guess that’s the moment I knew I’d be with John forever. On this lunch break in a BIG n little’s

Shout out to K, by the by! Our boss fellow. That guy seemed like a jerk earlier in the story and he at times could be, but he could also be very chill. I would mostly characterize him as a person who thrives w/in capitalism. That’s not a thing John and I do or dig. But K liked us a great deal and HAD OUR GODDAMN NUMBER from day 1. Well before we did. Here are some K highlights.

✨I’m still John’s manager. K and I are in one of our MANY is John’s attitude towards the company acceptable fights, only this time it’s an ok thing to be happening because I’m John’s boss and it’s K’s and my monthly 1/1. K doesn’t like that one of his employees doesn’t properly respect authority. I counter that authority is earned and John respects me just fine. That’s not what he means. He means other departments. He means the business as a whole. I don’t see how that’s relevant to the work that we’re doing. John’s my best employee. If we lose him. I’m half as efficient. I’m going to become increasingly intolerant of discrimination against his lack of education as that’s what’s clearly causing this, a common language from which you can easily understand him without having to try to actively listen. Besides, he’s right. The company is a shambles. Etc. etc. etc. As I get wound up K grows quiet, thoughtful, and smiley “ No. You’re both weird.” I explode.

✨I’m pulling an all-nighter doing taxonomy work for the company. That’s a known dealio. John is currently staying later than he normally does to keep me company. K stops in on his way out for the day, and says something about not working too hard. I say I’ll probably be in the same clothes tomorrow. K is SO READY FOR THIS, “hahah, so long as I don’t see *him* in the same clothes tomorrow!” He points at John, winks, and stands there SUPER proud of himself for this mad layup. He has either set us up or called us out. We blink at him unmoved. confused. He sighs, bids us goodnight, and ollies out, an hr disaster.

✨It’s about a week after BIG n little’s and I’m back in London doing another rollout. K and I are with maybe two other coworkers on the first night in town just after our flight, settled into a booth at our regular pub, the Shakespeare’s Head, my same regular from my college days. I’m never really at ease when I’m here with my coworkers. I’ve hated this work for awhile now. I didn’t much like the other students back when that was a thing. I wish I were alone. Or here with John. We haven’t told anyone yet, because we’re private people generally but we just started this thing up and I miss him. I want to show him my college bar. This is the first place I ever drank cider. We get pints. K starts in on this story. It’s about his friend from college. She was a notorious ice queen who everyone was in love with. And super close-lipped about her life. He was lucky enough to eventually win over her friendship because he’s an observant fellow and knows when to back off and when to push, a true and fair statement, and they became close. Sometime very soon after college he started to suspect that she might be interested in this one fella that they were doing a theater thing with for the past four weeks. The guy was handsome and very much like her in many ways. So whenever he saw her next, which wasn’t for a bit, because it was Christmas, he was like “hey Jenny, are you dating Vick?” at which point K stopped telling the story to the group as a whole, smiled like the fucking devil, and looked me dead in the eyes. I realized the jig was wholly and truly up as he delivered the punchline, “Nah, K, We got married.”

  • me from years past: i just... idk i really think i want to have a relationship built on a strong and affectionate friendship! I just don't feel comfortable jumping into romance right away
  • me now: ur aromantic
  • me from years past: friendships are so undervalued!! there's no reason a dear friend can't be the most important person in your life!! marriage should be a union where your partner is ur best friend forever
  • me now: you're aro
  • me from years past: i just don't know why but i feel so much comfortable around people after we've broken up and can still be friends!! all that pressure to perform romance is gone
  • me now: fuCKKING HONESTLY-

Summary: A guy that’s good with kids is sexy.
Word Count: 1,643
Characters: Jay Park (AOMG) x Reader (Y/N)
Genre: Family (ish) / Romance (if you look hard enough)
Warnings: None
Rating: G
A/N: For all us brown/black girls who can’t get enough of Jay Park with kids. Might make a part two but might not. Idk.

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In the two years of my son’s short life, I’ve come to realize a lot of things about his personality. He was nearly identical to me, right down to his dark skin, bouncy curls and loud laugh. Noah was a boy version of me in every sense. He didn’t like to be held down to one place, so if you didn’t have a good grip on the toddler, he would be running laps around you.

On any other day, I would’ve rolled my eyes and laughed at his playful behavior. Today, the mall was swarming with girls and women, walking in packs and huddled closely together. Some had big, professional cameras or their phones out and ready to capture a picture of…some one I was not aware would be here today. If I had prior knowledge of how busy it would be today, I would’ve opted to go somewhere else to eat.

It all happened too fast for me to react. I had grabbed the trash from our lunch and turned to the left to throw it away, when I felt Noah’s tiny fingers rip out of my grip. He was already off the chair and running head first into the crowd before I could reach out and grab him.

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Schneekos: How long were they crushing on each other before one of them finally confessed?

I mean come on, have you seen Weiss in volume 1? She probably had a crush on Pyrrha for ages and she’s not even subtle about it. She just doesn’t realise it because of course this isn’t a crush, she just likes this star athlete for her athletic achievements, also Pyrrha’s even more stunning and pretty in real life, but nevermind. 

So it takes her ages to realise she’s crushing on Pyrrha, hard. 

It took Pyrrha way longer to fall for Weiss, but eventually she did. For a while she’s not sure if she should act on it or not, but then she starts to ask Weiss if they’d like to study together more often and Weiss gladly accepts. 

Their friendship gets closer and closer until one night they finally kiss. 

She’s the type of girl people write songs about.
The type of girl that tears down the walls you’ve been building up for years, with one simple touch.
Before you know it you’re falling so hard thinking back to when you became so vulnerable.
Trying to pinpoint that exact moment she became your whole world-but there’s no straight answer.
It’s just her. My god, it’s her.
Her touch, so soft you forget what it’s like to be alone.
The way she holds you so close that all you feel is security.
Pulling closer and closer until all you are are bodies intertwined and a synced heartbeat.
A heartbeat that sounds so melodic that you could write a beautiful love song to it.
Her lips have a way of making everything else disappear.
When her lips meet yours you’ll understand how time isn’t real, how it’s all a façade.
In that moment everything stops. Everything becomes background noise. Nothing will be as important as that moment right there.
She’s the type of girl you fall in love with without even shred of warning.
She’s the type of girl I’m in love with and she doesn’t even know it.
—  she’s the type of girl (via thewordsleft-unspoken)
“Unexpected romance” Ahkmenrah fanfic. Part 10/?

AN: Hello guys! I had worked so hard on this. I had literally put all of my heart and soul in this. I hope you will like it!

Word count: 1128

- - - -

Toothbrush and toothpaste, checked. Shampoo, soap, towel and other toiletry stuff, there. Four shirts, and two pairs of leggings. A pair of your favourite jeans and of course, your research papers. You were all sorted, ready and packed for your business trip. More like, the trip of your life. In just an hour you were about to take a flight to Cairo to make a contract and set a deal for cooperation with the National history museum of Egypt. It’s not that you were nervous about the work, you were extremely confident. But you were a bit afraid of planes, this would be your first flight in years.

Once taking your suitcase and the backpack you’ve exited your apartment, symbolically saying goodbye to it, and taking a taxi to the airport.

After an almost eleven hours long drive, you have arrived to Cairo. It was unreal to you. This was a land of your dreams. But let’s be honest; the only thing that was on your mind right now was arriving to your reserved hotel room and taking a long nap. You had planned so many things this week. Your plans included; having a really long and clean shower every morning, eating healthy, doing a bit further research on queen Nefertari, of course having negotiations with the Cairo Museum. And of course having a little bit of which included, seeing many wonderful monuments and taking long walks.

Once entering the hotel room you settled your luggage in the corner of room and went straight to the bathroom to clean yourself up. Eleven hours of building up sweat and dirt is awful. After finish the shower you’ve gotten in your comfortable clothes and went to sleep.

~ ~ ~ ~

The next morning was alright, still feeling a little dizzy and lagged from the flight. But you were feeling fresh as well and ready for the new day.  After an absolutely lovely breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant, you got your research ready and set food in the Cairo Museum.

All of the wonderful exhibits you were able to witness were breathtaking. One of the first things you’ve noticed and stared at in an awe was the magnificent golden death mask of Tutankhamen in all its glory. Built with over 11 kilograms of solid gold; carved magnificently. Gosh the things you’d gave away or do just to touch it. But it was time to get a bit serious and professional. You made your way towards the informational desk and asked for doctor Muhamed Ali. Muhamed Ali was the main person in charge of the exhibits at this museum, and if you wanted some extremely valuable artefacts transferred to another continent, he was the person to negotiate with.

The lady that you spoke to at the desk led you to his office and allowed you to do the rest on your own. With a gentle knock you’ve knocked on the door until you’ve heard someone say. “You may come in.”  You entered the office and bowed your head politely. “Good afternoon sir. My name is _____ and I am coming here on behalf of the Museum of national history in New York City. I believe you spoke to doctor McPhee about the exhibits we are interested in.”

“Oh yes indeed, please come and sit down.” He responded offering you a seat in front of his desk. You sat down politely with a soft smile. “As a researcher on Egyptology from our museum I have came to a realization that our institution deserves more exhibits related to the ancient times of your country.”

“Oh yes, I have done some research myself on your museum. I hope you don’t mind, but I have to make sure the our valuable pieces stay in safe hands. I had found out your museum has received an award for the cleanest and the most organised institution in the United States for the past two years, which is excellent to hear. Also I had found out you have a magnificent display of the famous pharaoh Ahkmenrah and his belongings, including his golden tablet. In my opinion, if we don’t discover any issues on the tonight’s meeting, some of Nefertari’s belongs will be shipped to New York this week.”

His answer made you smile widely, which made you shake his hands politely. “I am extremely thankful for you kind cooperation. I intended to show you, my research and wished exhibits, you see, I was extremely interested in these; Nefertari’s collection of bracelets, cosmetic supplies and of course, the wonderful painting of herself in all beauty speaking with the God Toth.”

“Well the painting is indeed questionable since it is extremely valuable but there are no problems with the bracelets and cosmetics” Doctor Ali answered with a soft smile before handing you the documents. “If you are interested these are the details of the discovery.”

~ ~ ~ ~

After a really successful conversation with the man in charge of the exhibits, it was time to pamper yourself a little. By that I meant that you took a really nice and long walk. It felt wonderful to scout through the beautiful streets of Cairo and shop at the markets. Several hours of walking passed quickly and something, confusing and yet wonderful happened. As you were eating the famous Egyptian ice cream you noticed a familiar figure walking inside the coffee shop. It was unreal, could this really be him?

You stood up slowly looking at a lovely man in front of you with wonderfully toned skin and dark a bit curlier hair. “A, um, Ahkmenrah?” You mumbled silently looking at the male figure. He turned around looking at you, his eyes widened in an awe before wrapping his arms around you tightly. “Is this really you, is this really you?” You smiled widely as you hugged him tightly. “Where have you been…?”

~ ~ ~ ~

With silent giggles you pulled him up stairs towards your hotel room, entering with him. It was truly him. Long story short; as both of you came back to 2016, you came back to your home, and him, well he came back to his home. In fact he had woken up in a temple his father had built thousands of years ago dedicating it for him.

Both of you sat down on the bigger and soft bed, and hugged each other. “I have been wondering where are you… it was extremely devastating few days ago, when I came to the work and, you were not there. I came here suddenly and found you. It was destiny.” You said with a wide smile before both of you kissed in a passionate manner. He held your cheek gently and moved his lips against your softly. You two were finally back together.

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i'm really frustrated because i love shiro and keith's relationship and i want to read metas on the significance of it but every time i find one it's by someone who ships them romantically and i'm just. so tired. why is it so hard for people to appreciate that a relationship can be the most important one in your life and also completely platonic???? why is romance valued more???? sorry for ranting it's just shitty and annoying :(

GOD I KNOW!!! I KNOW!!!!!!! like…… shiro is so obviously a guiding mentor figure for keith, you can tell he treats him like family and values him as such. and yet, nasties just Had to go ahead and make their relationship feel blech by romantically AND sexually shipping them, a teen and a literal adult,

My Chemical Romance

To even try to comprehend how many people that MCR has helped, just amazes me. These 4 guys made so many people feel like they matter in the world, that they know how hard it is and that there are struggles in life. I see so many people get mad at MCR for breaking up, ending their legacy, and I don’t understand why. They had 12 amazing years of performing, helping people, touring, creating beautiful songs, and more. I think instead of people tweeting furiously to the members of MCR saying that they are pissed that a legacy ended, they should thank and be happy that they got to experience their music. For me, I’m 14. I didn’t start listening to MCR and that genre of music till 2015. I was that directioner, that belieber..etc. So no, I didn’t actually listen to the band until they were broke up, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them the same. Their music has made me feel understood, happy, proud etc. Sure, I’m extremely sad that I didn’t get to go to a concert, and I’m sad that I didn’t get to be a part of this fandom until they broke up, but that doesn’t change how much I love MCR. Thank you, My Chemical Romance for helping so many of us through hard times, good times, and confusing times. We love each and every single person in this fandom equally and proudly. <3

I just care about Carlton Lassiter a lot okay?? He pretends to be so hard and cold but his heart is full of love. You can see it with Marlowe, obviously, but also in the way he trusts Shawn’s visions, and how he always always has Juliet’s back.

Lassiter and Juliet are so special to me. Their partnership…their friendship…it is so important and real and honest. They are one of the best platonic relationships I’ve ever seen on television. There is not an ounce of romance between them, but they would follow each other to hell and back at the drop of a hat. What they have, it’s an unconditional sort of love that is incredibly special and incredibly good to see on TV. They have faced down death together for 8 fucking years. Their friendship honestly means more to me than Shawn and Gus’s to be honest, because I’ve seen a lot of relationships like Shawn and Gus on TV before, but Jules and Lassie? That’s a rare one–especially between a man and a woman.

SPEAKING OF SHAWN. Lassiter has known the whole damn time that Shawn isn’t really psychic. he knew. And at first he was fed up with Shawn’s antics because he’s so by the book and here was this random man child asshole mucking up his investigations but at a certain point you know he realized that Shawn does. good. Shawn may not be psychic but he’s sure as hell a great detective and Lassie would never admit it, but deep down he thinks it.

He destroyed the CD on which Shawn was about to confess that he was a fake, not only destroying the evidence, but giving himself plausible deniability. Because after all that, after years of knowing but being unable to prove that Shawn was lying, it didn’t matter anymore. Not only that, but he didn’t want Shawn to be found out. BECAUSE HE CARES ABOUT SHAWN MORE THAN HE WOULD EVER ADMIT. BECAUSE AT THIS POINT HE KNOWS SHAWN HAS DONE MORE GOOD THAN HARM. BECAUSE CARLTON LASSITER HAD SOME OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT EVER.

Like. Compare season one Lassie to season eight Lassie. He has a family. His life is not just his job anymore and he understands that balance and that’s so important to me. And like…The fact that he couldn’t take his dream fucking job if it meant having to throw Jules under the bus?? I’M WRECKED OKAY THIS MAN HAS WORKED SO HARD FOR THIS AND WHEN IT COMES DOWN IT HE CAN’T DO IT. BECAUSE HAVING HIS PARTNER’S BACK IS MORE IMPORTANT TO HIM. BECAUSE SHE’S MORE IMPORTANT TO HIM. DON’T LOOK AT ME. 

On top of all this he’s canonically (word of god canon, BUT STILL) pan. All of this development and care and love that the writers put into this character, and to them, he’s pansexual. It makes me emotional just thinking about it.

TL;DR: Carlton Lassiter is super important to me.