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Negans lost and found part 2

Negan’s Lost and Found part 2 

Summary:  Negan decides what to do with you next

Word: 4700

Warnings:  Mild dubcon, 

A/N:  This is for Negan smut week!  You really don’t need to read the first part to follow, because it’s basically porn 

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You stay still on the carpet, your body exhausted from Negan but your mind going a millions miles a minute, unsure of what is going to happen next. He’s going to take you back to The Sanctuary, back to his rules and watchful eyes, back to his anger and back to your old life.  It fills you with a strange mix of happiness and fear.  Then a new thought crosses your mind, what if he doesn’t take you?  What if he doesn’t want you anymore?

               “I can tell that big beautiful brain is going full speed.” Negan reaches down and grabs your naked body, tossing it over his shoulder.  He slaps your ass hard, causing a sting and a yelp from you. “It’s not good for you. Calm down.”

                Your head is hanging upside down as he walks towards the stairs.  You start to climb and another fear comes to mind.  He is going to take you outside naked, in front of all his men and the people you have lived with for over a year.  This causes you to fidget and tears to form in your eyes.  SMACK!  He slaps your ass even harder.

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ok i just saw that clip of hector being clotheslined and i literally started crying… i’ve had 2 concussions in the past 2 years from soccer and they’re genuinely the scariest thing ever. my 2nd concussion was similar to what happened to hector except the girl that collided with me was coming full speed and at least had 6 inches on me so when i jumped i literally fell on my head…. it took me like 3 months to recover fully and it wasn’t a happy time in my life bc when you’re concussed you’re basically imprisoned in a dark room until you’re okay…. anyway it would be great if no one made fun of head injuries ever again if you do i hope you get clocked

Title: Swept Off Your Feet
Fandom: Marvel
Word Count: 1,570
CharactTitle: Swept Off Your Feet
Fandom: Marvel
Word Count: 1,570
Characters: Peter Maximoff x Reader
Reader Gender: Not specified
Warnings: Mentions of death
Notes: Request from @seenarthell for “Could I have fic about Peter Maximoff (X men version) with the number 30 ‘marry me’”

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        Peter Maximoff came crashing into your life when you least expected it. Literally.
       He was speeding down the sidewalk one day, and you happened to step out onto it at the wrong second. He later told you that he had been fiddling with his Walkman, and didn’t notice you. He slammed into you full-force, causing you to go flying back onto the concrete. At least, that’s what you thought was going to happen – you never hit the ground. Hesitantly, you opened your eyes, having squinted them shut when you were anticipating a hard fall against the sidewalk. A very handsome, silver-haired young man was holding you, having evidently caught you just before you made contact with the ground.
       “Holy shit, I’m so sorry,” he blurted out, and he helped you stand back up. He continued to apologise profusely, talking with his hands. Said hands were moving so quickly as he spoke that you could barely see them. You watched him with wide eyes.
       “What the hell are you?”
       The boy stopped and looked at you. A small smirk spread across his face. “I’m Peter. I’m pretty fast.”
       “Not fast enough to notice a person on a sidewalk, though, apparently,” you muttered, and Peter’s smile faded.
       “I really am sorry. I usually see everyone, but I wasn’t paying as much attention as I should have been,” Peter admitted, looking truly remorseful. A bright smile quickly replaced the frown. “I have an idea. Let me take you to a movie or something, to apologise.”
       You eyed him carefully. He was clearly pretty different, but he didn’t seem dangerous. And he really was pretty attractive.
       “I’ve already swept you off your feet, you might as well agree to a date,” Peter commented, wiggling his eyebrows at you. He had apparently sensed your hesitation. You smiled, then nodded in agreement.

        Two years had passed since the silver-haired hunk had, as he often put it, swept you off your feet.
       Earlier this morning, Peter had left, saying that he had made the decision to go find his father. You were worried for him; you had heard all of the stories about the infamous Magneto. But, you knew it was important to him, so you kissed and hugged him goodbye, and made him promise to call you with an update as soon as he could. It was now early evening, and you hadn’t heard a word from him. Your worry was beginning to get the better of you, when your phone rang.
       “Peter?” you said immediately, your hopefulness getting the better of you.
       “Ya know, most people answer with ‘hello’ or something like that,” a familiar, cocky voice stated from the other line. You could hear the smile in his voice.
       “Hush,” you said, rolling your eyes. “What happened? Did you meet your father? Are you okay? I was starting to get worried. Did you talk with him? Did –”
       “Babe, I swear, you’re faster than me sometimes,” Peter commented, laughing. He then groaned, and the sound filled you with worry again.
       “What’s wrong?”
       “Nothing, just…. If I gave you an address, would you come here? Please?” he asked, his voice filled with an uncommon seriousness.
       “Why don’t you just come get me?”
       “I… I can’t. Look, I’m fine, just…. Will you come to – hey, Charles, what is it again? – 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Salem Center, in the very northeast corner of the Westchester County?”
       “Why –”
       “Just trust me, okay, sweetheart? I’ll explain everything when you get here,” Peter promised, and you could tell by his voice that he was imploring you to not ask anymore questions. You sighed.
       “Okay, I’ll leave now.”
       “Thank you,” Peter said, exhaling. “I love you.”
       “I love you, too.”
       You practically ran out the door, grabbing your purse and jogging to your car. During the drive, your brain began imagining every possible thing that could have happened to Peter. With each new thought, you reminded yourself, He’s alive, and he said he’s fine. To which your brain always replied, But what if he’s dying? What if he was only ‘fine’ while he was talking to you? He could be dying right now, and you’re not with him. You might never see him again. These thoughts only filled your foot with lead, and you silently prayed that there were no cops between there and Westchester.
       After what seemed like years, you made it to the address without incident. You were more than a bit surprised that it was a massive mansion. The gates were open when you got there, and they closed behind you as you sped up the driveway. Once you had reached the parking spot nearest to the entrance, you threw the car in park and ran to the front door. Before you could even knock, a bald man in a wheelchair opened the door.
       “Hello, Y/N. I’m Charles Xavier, although I know you don’t much care what my name is at the moment,” he said with a kind smile. “Peter has been waiting for you. Go to the foyer and take a left, he’ll be in the room straight down the hall.”
       You gave him a quick “thank you” before jogging to the location Charles had described. Just before you opened the door, you heard Peter groan loudly. You flung the door open, brows furrowed with worry. Peter was laying on some sort of examination table, as an unfamiliar woman fidgeted with – oh, my God, is that a cast?
       “Babe, before you freak out –”
       “What the hell happened to you?! You said you were fine!” you yelled, running over to him.
       “I am! Well, sort of. I mean, my leg is pretty messed up, and my arm hurts, but –”
       “Peter,” you said sternly, silencing him. “What happened?”
       Almost too quickly for you to keep up, Peter explained everything that had happened, from him arriving at the mansion to where the current situation. The woman finished tinkering with his cast as he finished his story.
       You helped Peter stand up, and a kind-looking blonde woman entered with an entirely blue boy. You didn’t miss the long, pointed tail behind him. The woman explained that the boy was going to take you both to the living room, where you could both relax. He stepped forward, offering you a polite smile, then grabbed yours and Peter’s arms and you were both suddenly alone in another room.
       “What… what was… how did…?” you stammered, then shook your head. “I’ll figure it out later,” you muttered, and Peter chuckled. You then helped him sit on the couch and prop his leg up on the coffee table. You sat next to him and cuddled into his embrace, wrapping your arms around his torso and resting your head on his chest.
       “Please don’t ever scare me like that again,” you murmured after a long silence.
       “I didn’t mean to scare you,” Peter said softly. “I just didn’t want to waste time explaining everything on the phone. I wanted to see you. Today has been just a bit nerve-wracking, and you always make me feel better.”
       The comment made you smile, and you leaned up to press a kiss to his jaw. Peter smiled in return, and the peaceful silence resumed. A few minutes later, he broke it again, saying the last thing you would have ever expected him to say.
       “Marry me.”
       You lurched into a normal sitting position and your head snapped in his direction. Your eyes were wide with shock, but he was just sitting there, looking calm as could be, a smirk on his lips.
       “What… what did you just say?”
       “I said,” Peter stated, leaning forward and wrapping an arm around your waist. “Marry me.”
       “Why… what… you…” you sputtered, and he gently cupped your face with one of his hands, and you became silent.
       “When I was fighting Apocalypse, there were a few times that I thought was gonna die. You know how they say your life flashes before your eyes? All I could think of was you – because you’re the best thing in my life. You have been since the day I swept you off your feet. And my biggest regret wasn’t anything sane, like wishing I hadn’t ever got out of bed today – it was that I never got the chance to marry you. Honestly, that was partly why I asked you to come here. I didn’t want to waste another second without asking you to marry me.”
       “Technically, you told me to marry you,” you stated, smiling through the tears that were prickling at your eyes.
       “Don’t ruin my spiel,” Peter said, acting serious despite the smile he wore. “Y/N, will you please marry me?”
       “There you go,” you whispered, then pulled him close to you and placed a passionate kiss on his lips. After a few blissful moments, he pulled away and kissed your nose.
       “I’ll take that as a ‘yes.’”
       “As if I’d have answered with anything else,” you said, smiling. You were just about to kiss him again, when the sound of clapping and cheering turned your attention to the doorway. The man named Charles was there, along with a multitude of strangers.
       “Get outta here!” Peter hollered, laughing. The blonde woman from before shooed them all away, giving you both a “Congratulations!” as she left. The two of you were left alone once more, and you didn’t hesitate to resume your delighted kisses.

Things like this make me smile. Sharing crush with the world is so easy when you truly believe in it, live it, and ACTUALLY DO IT. There is SOOOO much BS on the Internet. @aubernutter is real and that’s why she’s going to go so far in life.

Our fans, followers, friends, and family (which are all really just the same) are the reason we’re able to wake up every day and do what we do. Would we ever lie to make a quick buck or sell something? Absolutely not. PS booty boot camp is no joke no matter who you are 😂

So much is coming and it’s happening right now. These next few months are going to change even more lives, bring even more people closer to happiness, and help even more people reach their fitness goals.

Full speed ahead with a team that believes in as me as much a I believe in them. I am so fortunate to be working with such amazing people inside and out. REAL people.

Getting To Know You

It was the first full day back from the Urals and Vincent had a lot he needed to do in regards of bringing the key members of the clan up to speed with what happened while he was away. But as soon as that was finished he wanted to make sure that Mina was adjusting to life outside of the Council. If he’d had it his way she would have moved into the penthouse with him but they would take things step by step.

He hadn’t checked to see if she was home but hoped that he was going to catch her. When he arrived at the door he could tell she was inside and grinned as he knocked.