It’s the best night of my life- Ross threatened to fuck me up I am so happy.

It’s like when you’re driving home on a Tuesday and the road is calm. The sky is an enticing mixture of pink and yellowish orange tones and your favorite song comes on the radio. And for a moment you just feel completely sound. You just feel like you know things are going to be okay, and that life is surely beautiful.
Life is Good

Life is good, life is always good, and yet Dear God how it changes.  When we’re young, infinity is but a lazy summer afternoon, and tomorrow, should it ever arrive, will be only another stone’s skip across a never ending crystalline stream.  As we slowly and yet most surely grow older, those summer days turn inevitably shorter and cooler.  We oft see life though the rear view mirror, sometimes with great regret, and more than occasionally we’re still surprised at how mercurial it actually was, and at how quickly the many years flew by.  We sometimes live in memories golden, and while there will for most of us be a tomorrow, we can smile knowing that come what may, those memories will live forever.  Enjoy your youth by all means while it lasts, but please do not take life for granted. Cherish every single magic moment, treasure each memory in the making, and please do remember those special souls who share your heart. Love is life, and life is good. 

Some of it’s magic, and some of it’s tragic
but I’ve had a good life all the way
Jimmy Buffett - He Went To Paris