life is colorguard


I went to see my high school band perform at the State Championships today. (I graduated two years ago). During my four years in high school, our marching band never medaled at state. (We medaled at regular marching and winter guard competitions but never at State). My high school band this year had an amazing show and has finished first at most of their regular competitions and even went to a BOA regional (which is the first time ever for my high school). Okay now getting to the point. The last time that my high school medaled at state was about 10 years ago. This year, they medaled in 3rd place!!!!!!!!And everyone was beyond proud.

After awards, I ran to meet my high school band near their buses. I got to see one of my high school band directors, who is one of the greatest people on Earth. Not to be cocky or anything, but I was definitely one of his favorite students and he was one of my favorite teachers. (Again, when I was in band, we came close to medaling, 4th or 5th place, but never actually did.) At this point, everyone is still overwhelmed and crying tears of joy at this point.

So my high school band director hugs me and says, “I wish that could have been you. I so wish that could have been you today.” And I broke down in tears. That may have been the single most amazing thing anyone has ever said to me. Of course, I wish it were me too, but I’m beyond proud of where they have come. And knowing that I got to be a part of what helped get this amazing team where they are today, fills my heart with so much joy.

Adventures in class:
We had a substitute in one of my classes today, so instead of doing our work I decided to show my guard friend Onyx’s 2014 show.

I had my guard tape on my desk- plot twist- when the sub walks by and goes “why do you have electrical tape?”

The answer, of course, is for color guard, but, not wanting to explain, I just said I always had it on me. He says “yeah, me too, but why?”

So I say color guard. I was not expecting his answer to be “me too” but it was. I didn’t believe him at first, but he insisted. The next question, of course, was “who do you spin for.”

Onyx. Freaking Onyx.


I met someone from Onyx Winter Guard. He exists in REAL LIFE!