life is awesome

So, Just to Make Sure I've Screamed About It Everywhere...


So I may be freaking out a little and I may have almost cried on the woman who called to let me know. The decision on which school to attend still hasn’t officially been made - it’s still a matter of comparing costs and other little things - but it’s so amazing to know that I’m in at my dream school. I’ve only been working toward this for almost eight years, so it’s almost like I don’t even know what to do anymore.

Also, I’ve got the best friends, family, and brothers that anyone could ask for. I keep getting reminded of that every time something like this happens, and thank God, it’s been happening a lot lately. Life is awesome. :)

theres a spot at the beach where my cousin and i just sit and take in the scenery around us. we have little heart to heart talks and soon we’re gonna have a fun little photo shoot there. go find a peaceful spot and just sit and look around, take in the beauty that lies before you.
you never know when you will have another chance to do so


Do You Love Me Like You Used To

P.S All our LA peeps, FREE Best Coast show @ Space 15 tomorrow for Rookie Yearbook TOMORROW 11/10/12! If you’re free you guys should go. It’s gonna be a major party! See you all there!

As the dark gets darker and more powerful, that’s the best time to seek and generate light. Make yourself into a beacon of bright light and optimism. Express positive feelings and a grateful attitude for what’s good in your life and let those feelings extend outward into the lives of all those you know and love. Don’t give much energy to the things that aren’t working for you. Try to be an observer in the drama and, as you seek whatever goodness you can find, watch how the energy begins to shift. At times, it can be positively palpable.
—  Always Look on the Bright Side
Reasons That I LOVE My Bexley
  1. MY OWN ROOM: with a door that closes, meaning that I can go to sleep when I want to, wake up when I want to, listen to music when I want to, walk around naked when I want to… the list goes on and on.
  2. The bathroom: which I only have to share with TWO OTHER PEOPLE, both of whom I know and like. Meaning no more awkward bathroom encounters or conversations at the urinal or puke-filled toilets on weekends. Also: I get to leave all my toiletries, hair dryer, etc. in the bathroom!!! 
  3. The common room: stocked with an assortment of (reasonably) comfortable couches and armchairs, a TV with DVD player (provided by me), a kitchenette with a microwave, sink, fridge, and coffee maker (also mine), and a vacuum cleaner/sweeper (don’t judge me). 
  4. My housemate, Brett: who, newly married, brought with him an assortment of glassware, flatware, a chest freezer, an insanely comfortable pull-out sofa, and other assorted goodies from which I, as his housemate, get to benefit.
  5. Easy Ethel access: dude. My car is right outside my house. I can look out my front window and SEE IT. And, finally…
  6. NO MORE DORM LIFE: It’s amazing what having my own place, in which I get to make the rules and come and go as I please, has already done for my psyche. Basically, this place actually feels like HOME. 

ALSO: the noise from the construction right across the parking lot, which I was worried about all summer, is not that bad. AND I think the walk, which is, admittedly, a lot longer than when I lived south, is ultimately going to be good for me. 


The Final Long Goodbye….

Nine weeks and I will be flying to New Jersey and then we will be heading to the Bahamas. This is the last long run being away from my baby, because after the Bahamas, I fly home with Princess and fly back to New Jersey a little over 3 weeks later for the Long Branch Half Marathon and to bring Sarah home.

Always hard to say goodbye, but there are a zillion things to get done before we drive to Minnesota and that is only about 12 weeks away…