life is ahs


summary: She goes to sleep before she gets to bed, so he helps her the rest of the way. jerza.
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if you’re questioning why you’re seeing so much fluff from me, I’m trying to figure it out as well.

A valiant effort on her part, but Jellal insists that Erza not to stay awake waiting for him to come home—except he finds difficulty convincing her through text messages because he’s trying hard to stay on task at his work computer for the system launch tomorrow and he can’t text her at the same time while trying to focus on the code on his screen.

Nope! Still awake~

When he sees the message light up his phone, he resists the urge to pick it up and reply right away, scolding her in some way to go to sleep or to not worry about him or even threaten that if she keeps on texting him he’s going to not end up coming home at all, but he decides to sift through just one more block of code before finally texting back:

You must be tired. Get to bed, already.

He puts aside his phone and has just rested his fingers back over the keyboard when his phone vibrates again. His eyes flicker over to read the message.

Not until you get back <3

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