life is about becoming a better version of yourself


111. A (whispering): I really like you and want to kiss you a lot.
       B: What?
       A: I said you suck. 
107. Do you live on Elm Street, because you’re a nightmare.

(yas! tom holland omg imma tear up! *tears up*) Here you go, love!! :)

Growing up in a family of boxers, you were never the typical girl who played with dolls and thought everything in pink. For your ninth birthday your uncle and your father bought you your first set of throwing knives. 

Every day from your Summer holiday you practised with them on the targets they placed to you in the backyard of your house. And with every year you were getting better and better, but your heart wanted more.

Yes, by the age of eighteen you have already mastered the art of blades, but you didn’t stop there. Your soul was saturated with lust for adrenaline and you were always looking for more.

This got the attention of some very dangerous people. Your confidence got the best out of you when in one night - outnumbered one to ten, you pushed yourself to your very limits, knocking out seven of your opponents, but on the verge of your strenght you were about to lose your life…

If it was not for Steve Rogers, whose attention you managed to capture after seeing you fight in this dark alley. He saved you back then and helped you get a grip of your unstoppable desire for adrenaline.

With his guidings you became not even a better fighter, but a better version of yourself and he was also seeing this. So when he told you The Avengers wanted you to join them and become one of them you were on the Seventh sky.

Things were alright for a few months. Though a part of the team your strongest bond was still with Steve. Tony and Steve were the people you admired the most, while Natasha’s training made you acknowledge the fact that it’s better to fight elegantly, and smart, not full of aggression and violence.

But nothing that’s too good can last forever.

Today was the day. The Avengers were a team no more and today you were about to face them, fight them, maybe even hurt some of them. As much as it pained you to stand there - a few feet away from Clint and Tony and all the people you admire and have fought side by side; at the end of the day you had to pick a side.

Steve has been there for you from the very start and so you were about to return him the favor - ready to fight until the last drop of blood.

However you couldn’t help but notice the new addition to the family. “So that’s him the new guy. ” - you said, eyeing the guy in red suit, though you didn’t know that behind his mask he was checking you out as well. 

Like fully checking you out. “Earth to Peter” - Tony’s robotic voice brought the boy back to reality - “We’re about to do some serious shit, can’t have you checking girls out all day” - “Sorry, Mr. Stark, won’t happen again”

Tony couldn’t roll his eyes more than that. Fortunatelly for you, you didn’t hear any of their conversation, because boy, that would have made things very awkward.

“Just like we talked about it”- Steve told you with a nod of his head “Roger that!” and you bolted to the left. “Ah, Mr. Stark?” - “Don’t ask kid, go!”

And so it begun.

Steve knew Tony would be looking for someone new to take your place on his team and told you to keep the new one out of their way, when you were done you could go back and help with the rest.

Sprinting forward you felt yourself losing your balance and in the matter of a second you were now in the air “Oh, shit” - you cursed, looking up, just as your body got slammed against a truck. “I’m so sorry about that! Didn’t mean to hurt–” you pushed your body up and jumped back to your feet, landing a blow on him.

He bent over, using this chance you threw yourself at him, twirling your legs around his neck and knocked him out on thr ground. He grunted in pain, but you waited not a single second - throwing a set of three knives at him, but he leaped up, shooting his webs to the wall behind you.

“Damn it!”- you hissed, teeth clenched. He was fast, you would give him that. “Please – I – really – don’t want – to hurt you!!” - landing a series of kicks and blows on him, his words were just a white noise to you - “But I guess you leave me no choice” - the next time you tried to jump at him with a kick he swung his web at your leg, capturing it and bringing you to the ground.

Shocked, you weren’t quick enough to escape his next attack, but he just jumped over you - shooting away more of his web - trapping you to the ground. You glared at him - “I’m Peter Parker by the way” - he introduced himself an obvious smile in his voice. “You’re very pretty, we should go out sometimes –”

You used his little talk to pick up a knife from your left boot and cut off your restraints and then tossing it at him, but he dashed to the side and dodged off your attack. Just in time for you to thrust yourself in the air, spinning around and strike him with anoter hard hit. 

He fell, rolling on the ground, just as you landed on the cold cement gracefully.
 Approaching him, you heard him groan in pain heavily. You knelt down and pulled his mask up.

Eyes narrowed because of the sunlight that was caressing his face ”So now that we fought and stuff is it safe for me to admit I really like you and want to kiss you a lot” he mumbled, a pained smile on his face, but you didn’t really pay attention - too interested in observing his face “What?”- you asked nonchalantly.

He just tilted his head back in desperation, hitting the floor with it - “I said you suck, like girl do you live on Elm Street, because your hits are nightmare, God, for a girl you really hit hard”.

He was rubbing the back of hit head with one hand. You stood up chuckling and throwing his mask back at him - “Lakeview Drive, 8 o’clock” - you said putting your knife back in your boot.

He just made a very confused “huh?” sound and you turned back at him with a wink - “If you’re still up for that date, pretty boy.”

To find yourself is one of the biggest blessings you could ever receive. Finding yourself doesn’t just happen once. It could happen a few times a day. Many times a week. So often in a month. Throughout the year.

Too often we get consumed by our own pain and it leaves us in a rut. Finding yourself takes a lot of courage. It requires you to reflect on yourself, on your actions, on your desires and on your goals. It requires you to constantly learn about yourself. To improve. To become better. To be better. Finding yourself is about progressively finding the best version of yourself. It’s about knowing that the steps to the success you seek, will require you to sometimes miss a step or two and fall down. Only for you to climb back up and continue on your journey.

Move away from the mindset of I’m broken and lost, to, I’m growing and healing. This is what it means to find yourself. To grow and to heal. Watch how your life improves. Watch how you become better. Growing and healing requires you to love yourself, especially on your worst days. They will come, but, they will also pass. Hope always prevails.

@taylorswift thank you for writing If You’re Anything Like Me. It almost feels like you were writing about my life and how I am feeling right now. I hope I won’t be like you one day, I hope I will have the strength to bring myself closer to finding myself. I love you so much Taylor and I am extremely proud and happy for you that you have found strength and the will to become a better version of yourself. I love you 💗

The Escort- Part 4

Grad School AU! You are a grad student, one year away from completing your Master’s degree. Despite your successful life, your family won’t let go of the fact that you are single. It makes your yearly family vacation a living hell. On a whim, you call the number you find on an ad for an escort to events, and you meet Dean. He’s gorgeous, charming, and perfect to help get your family off your back. What more could you ask for?

Summary of Part 4- Reader and Dean go to dinner with Meg, and the night turns out differently than she planned.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Word Count: 2431

Warning: Smut! Finally!

A/N: Thank you guys so much for showing this series so much love. Next part will be out on Saturday!



You took a deep breath and sent the text.

*Meg will be here Saturday. Are you free for dinner?*

You set your phone on your coffee table and flipped through the television channels. Not thinking about Dean. Definitely not waiting on him to text back. Definitely not remembering how he tasted, or how his hands felt on you, or how perfectly disheveled he had looked as he pulled away from you the night before.

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What I wish I could go back and tell my high school self:

A year from now, you’ll be sitting in the same chair, typing at the same desk, except all your belongings will be crammed into a carry-on and your closest friends in entirely different states. A year from now, you’ll have gotten over the girl who was always a little spiteful and wonder how you were ever jealous of her; you’ll have gotten over the boy who you once thought was your entire world and realize that he’s not worth even a second of your time.

One day, you’ll understand that a lot of people like to talk, but it’s all pretend; that the smartest people are also the most humble. You’ll go back to your high school and remember all the parts of yourself that you left behind when you went to college—all the people who you left behind—and realize that you don’t miss the way things used to be as much as you thought you did.

College is a lot harder, but also so much better in every single way. People care more about who you are than what you got on the SAT; people help boost you up rather than bring you down. I have to fight for my grades now, but I’m doing it for myself, not for other people or for a rank. College isn’t competitive or toxic like high school was; life becomes more about you and who you want to be than about the colleges you got into.

You’ll end up at a university that you don’t even have the guts to dream about right now. You’ll go back to the life you used to have, and wonder how you were ever complacent with the way things were; you’ll realize that there are better people in this world, people who care a lot about others and people who genuinely inspire you to be a better version of yourself. There’ll still be times you’ll think you’re a failure, and there’ll still be times you’ll struggle with motivating yourself, but all in all?

Hang in there, because it gets so much better.

25 Things That Will Happen After You Graduate

1. You will do and say things that you swore you never would.

2. You will grow apart from people you once felt you couldn’t live without.

3. You will change your mind 100s of times and still not know what is right.

4. You will be scared but have to carry on.

5. You will cry and miss how easy college was.

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10 Ways To Be A Better You

10 Ways To Be A Better You
Chances are, you are already a pretty great person, but this could be your time to be even better and realize your full potential. There are some simple, free, and painless things that you can start to do right now to become an even better version of yourself. Here are 10 ways to be a better you:

1.    Learn to be in the moment. No matter how awesome your life is, you won’t get any enjoyment out of it if your head is always somewhere else. Even though you are physically present, you’ll miss out on the real enjoyment of fun with your friends, dates with your partner, and time spent with your family. Your mind might tend to be stuck in the past; thinking about what you could have done differently, or you might be two steps ahead and already living out your future. Learn to switch off the mind when it goes to either of those places and bring it back to the present moment.
2.    Try something new. We tend to be creatures of habit, forming routines and doing the same things day in and day out. While we enjoy a sense of routine and the security that it brings, we can also get stuck in a rut. Part of being a better version of yourself is trying something new. Go on a trip somewhere you’ve never been, take up a new hobby, or even try something small like trying a new coffee shop instead of the usual one. Shaking up your routine will bring you a new sense of what else is out there and will expose you to new experiences. It will also bring you more appreciation for your usual activities when you go back to them.

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my theatre professor said the most beautiful thing about star trek tos this semester. she said, “star trek was always about searching for something better in the other and ultimately finding something better within yourself.” and she’s so right. star trek was never about colonization or war or power. it was about knowledge and exploration and the desire to become the best possible version of yourself, to create the best possible version of the world by collaborating with other people and other cultures. and that’s why i love it so much.

1. Make a list of things you’d like to change in your life/about yourself. Things that you’re not satisfied with. Whether it’s your social life, your appearance or your identity. It doesn’t matter how big or small. 

2. Go and change those things one by one. Check them off when you’re done. Some may take 10 minutes, others may take a few years. Just try and do it. 

3. See yourself improve for the better. Watch yourself become the person you’ve always wished that you were and doing things that you’ve always wished that you could do. 

4. Be the best possible version of yourself. 

🌿 GO GREEK panhellenic sayings for tee shirts, crafts & recruitment! 🌿

Go Greek, Be Greek and Panhel Love are all terrific ways to encourage NPC involvement and unity. Catch the Panhel spirit with these slogans for ALL-GREEK tee shirts, crafts, banners, events, Panhel Council and Rho Gamma/Gamma Chi recruitment wear & accessories!! 


  • Peace, Love & Panhel
  • Any Day of the Week, I’d Rather Be Greek
  • Being Greek Has Never Looked So Good
  • Letters Today, Leaders Tomorrow
  • No Separation Between Letters
  • Panhel Royalty
  • Friends Forever, Panhel For Life
  • On Wednesdays We Wear Greek {or Panhel}
  • Great Women Go Greek
  • My Heart Belongs to Panhel 
  • Proud to be PAN
  • Choose Your Letters, Change Your Life 
  • Add a Chapter To Your Story 
  • I Gave Up My Letters, So You Could Find Yours
  • It’s All Greek to Me
  • The Tie That Binds Us
  • Tied Together
  • No Matter What The Letters, We’re All Greek Together
  • Greek Girl for Life
  • No Matter Which Way You Go, You Can’t Go Wrong
  • Nothing Like You Expected, But Everything You Were Looking For
  • Panhel - Try It, Live It, Love It
  • All You Need in Love {O in love is the NPC crest}
  • Everyone Loves a Panhellenic Girl
  • Panhellenic Council ~ There’s No Place Like Home
  • Picture Yourself Panhel
  • Greek Chic
  • PAN Love 
  • Panhel Always Flies First Class
  • Discover Your Potential ~ Join a Sorority 
  • Panhel Recruitment ~ Where Will You Fly Your Flag?
  • I Am Greek
  • Circle of Sisterhood
  • Catch Recruitment Fever  
  • Ask Me About Sorority Life
  • Today, Tomorrow, Forever Greek
  • We Prove the Stereotypes Wrong
  • The Truth About Greek Life
  • This is What Panhel Awesome Looks Like 
  • PANtabulous! 
  • We Can be Extraordinary Together, Rather Than Ordinary Apart
  • Become the Best Version of Yourself 
  • Greeks Have Your Back 
  • Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sisterhood 
  • It’s Not About the Sorority You Join, But the Friendships You Make
  • Sorority Ever After 
  • Find Your Way Home to Greek Row
  • Find Your Panhel Paradise 
  • Greek Life IS My Life 
  • Trust Your Gut ~ Go Greek
  • NPC Girls Do It Better 
  • The Places You Will Go… When You Go Greek
  • Tis the Season To Fall in Love With Sorority Life 
  • In High Tide or Low Tide, Panhel Will Always be by Your Side
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T - That’s What Greek Life Means to Me
  • Set Sail With Sorority Life
  • Friendships Last Forever When Sisters Come Together
  • Young, Wild & NPC
  • NPC {crest}… It’s For Life
  • May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor 
  • Panhel Council is a Girl’s Best Friend 
  • Find Yourself on Sorority Row 
  • Live Your Values
  • Into the Wild World of Greeks 
  • Life is Sweet When You Go Greek
  • Welcome to the PANdemonium 
  • Being Greek Fabulous Never Gets Old
  • My ♥ Belongs to the NPC
  • We Never Stand Alone 
  • Take a Walk on the Sorority Side 
  • Start Living - Go Greek
  • Destination Panhellenic 
  • Sorority Smiles 
  • Panhel Love & Mine 
  • Find Your Wonderland 
  • Know Greek - Know Fun
  • A Panhel Life For Me
  • The Best Decision Ever Made 
  • There’s Perfection, Then There’s the Panhel Council
  • Keep Calm and PΓepare For Recruitment 
  • All You Need is NPC Love 
  • Born To Be In A Sorority 
  • Little Miss Panhel

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50 Sweet on Greek Membership Slogans

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Chapter Specific Bid Day Banner Slogans

Sayings By Chapter for the 26 NPC Sororities

I’m really spamming about sar tonight. I just can’t get over how one person can make you so happy you kinda forget why you were ever sad. how someone can make you want to wake up every day and become a better version of yourself. how no matter where life has taken us we always end up back at each other. how one persons smile can make you happy on your saddest days. and how you can begin to fall for someone from 1200 miles away. I’ve waited 200 days for this and there’s only 23 left to go. I just want you to know im utterly obsessed with you and everything you are and I wouldn’t want it any other way. 💖