life is a musical

  • Literally Anyone:*knows marginally less about any musical than I do*
  • Me:I am a theatre god. I should be publishing encyclopedias on this shit. I am the greatest Thespian mind ever to grace a stage. Truly there are no limits to my knowledge.
  • Literally Anyone:*knows marginally more about any musical than I do*
  • Me:Why did I pick this career? I barely know more than a handful of shows. I'm embarrassing myself even talking about this stuff. Everyone knows I'm a con. There is nothing for it but ot get a job at Burger King cleaning bathrooms and listening to children scream about chicken fries for the rest of my life.

if you don’t support both of the literal cupcakes that are Rowan and Sabrina then unfollow me because I don’t need that type of toxic person in my life. 


Jun.K & Jimin

My day was made when my aunt went into the bathroom to get away from my uncle’s running monologue and he started relentlessly knocking on the door just to further annoy her and she replied with “YA KEEP A KNOCKING BUT YA CAN’T COME IN”

I snorted laughing

It’s readily apparent that I’ve always had a deep penchant for anything dark and ominous, twisted and gothy, but my obsession with such things has been renewed as of late, given the fact that Crystal Castles just released their new album, Chromatics just dropped their long awaited song Dear Tommy, and shows like Stranger Things have brought back a certain interest in classic synthcore music of the 80′s whose roots lie in sci-fi and horror. So when I encountered a remix of UK avant-garde artist Gazelle Twin’s Still Life by experimental electronic producer Blanck Mass (who’s also one half of Fuck Buttons), I couldn’t resist sharing. This sludgy, squishy remix is gnarly indeed, droning and haunting mercilessly, crossing industrial with electropunk. It’s so gloriously menacing, you might want to keep a light on when you sleep tonight. I, for one, will be absolutely fine. I may even re-visit the remix before I go to sleep. Blanck Mass’ remix is taken from Gazelle Twin’s FLESHED OUT remix LP, a collection of “autopsied and re-animated tracks” by 10 exceptional producers. Head to Bandcamp for purchasing.

LIFE Photographers Capture the True Essence of the Legendary Woodstock Festival

In 1969, nearly half a million music lovers united at a dairy farm in New York for the legendary and outrageous Woodstock Festival.

A three-day festival, it was publicized as “An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music”, 32 bands,  which included The Who and Kimi Hendrix.  To capture the iconic and scandalous moment in history were two LIFE photographers, Bill Eppridge and John Dominis.

Eppridge and Dominis managed to capture the essence of the festival and the element of what it meant to be a true flower child and free spirit, roaming around naked in muddy fields.

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