life is a musical

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Mullette smut?

Lafayette: Mon amour, I need you! s'il te plaît baise-moi!

Hercules: What about Washington or Alexander? They might hear us!

Lafayette: They’re asleep I’m sure they won’t.

Hercules: Okay! But let’s try to be-

Lafayette: *jumps at Hercules and kisses him*

Hercules: *start stripping off his clothes and kisses Lafayette’s neck*

Lafayette: *Moans* oh mon amour do something more than kissing!

Hercules: *gets on top of Lafayette and stripes of his clothes*

*Meanwhile in next to Alexander’s room*

Lafayette: *moans* Oh! Mon amour! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!

*alexander wakes up to the feeling of his bed shaking*

Alexander: *groans* God damn it Lafayette!

Who the signs are going to vote for MAMA 2k17

Aeries: Seventeen

Taurus: the boys who sang Don’t Wanna Cry

Gemini: SVT

Cancer: the say the name boys

Leo: under Pledis Entertainment with 13 ppl

Virgo: the one with the weirdest English lyrics

Libra: SeBonGs

Scorpio: Sebunteen

Sagittarius: their fandom name is Carats

Capricorn: aJu nICe!

Aquarius: the one that has two one fine day’s

Pisces: 세븐틴