life is a dark room


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angsty yet fluffy

A/N: Inspired by Dream from Imagine Dragons, even though looking at it now, it’s doesn’t really show.

Your eyes snapped open and all you saw for a few seconds was black. The motel room was dark, except for the occasional car that passed by and lit the room up with it’s headlight for a few split seconds.

Why were you awake? What made you stir and actually wake up? The boys were hunting and you were forced to stay behind because of your ‘situation’. That is, being pregnant with Dean’s baby. You weren’t happy about it, but you didn’t argue either.

You blinked and slowly the room came to life in the dark. Your first instinct was staying still and listening for any sound in the room. But it was silent, only rain was pounding on the window. But the sound soothed you.

When you deemed the room safe, you carefully sat up on the bed and noticed a couple of things at the same time.

One, Sam was sleeping in the bed across of yours; snoring softly and still dressed. How had you not heard them come back? And where was Dean? Why didn’t he wake you up when he returned like he always did?

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Parts of this Fandom be like

When people say Nathan doesn’t deserve happiness

When people say the only true pairing is PriceField

When people post ship hate in the ship tag

When people say Nathan wasn’t manipulated 

When people say David doesn’t care about Chloe

When people kill Frank and Pompidou

When people say Frank is a disgusting creep/pedophile

When people say Warren is a creep

When people say that Nathan’s voicemail was him playing the victim card.

When people say that they’re glad  Jefferson killed Victoria 

Twin Peaks and Life is Strange

For Life is Strange fans who know Twin Peaks, it should be no surprise at all that the game was heavily inspired by it and features a lot of references! Here a list of all of those references I could find!

• The plot of Twin Peaks also takes place in the Pacific Northwest and is centered around the mysterious disappearance of Laura Palmer, a well liked teenage girl, which mirrors Rachel Amber, prior to the series start.
• Both Rachel and Laura led double lives that even their closest friends didn’t know about. They even share the same birthdate, July 22nd.
• Both Life is Strange and Twin Peaks work with the “quiet town with secrets” trope.
•  Both Life is Strange and Twin Peaks revolve around the fact that a well-loved man in the community commits horrendous murders.
• The “Dark Room” where Rachel was taken, as well as the red curtains Max crosses when entering the Vortex Club party, are references to the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks.
• The implication that Jefferson is shifting his attention to Victoria, who wins the Everyday Heroes photo contest, is similar to how the Twin Peaks villain kidnapped the winner of the Miss Twin Peaks pageant, which is in any case a parallel to the Everyday Heroes Photo Contest.
• In the Dark Room, a letter to Sean Prescott addressing Nathan’s mental heath is signed by a Dr. Jacoby which is the name of a psychiatrist in Twin Peaks.
• Mark Jefferson states that his orchestration of the Dark Room crimes stems from an obsession to capture the loss of innocence and youth. BOB and the other spirits of the Black Lodge in Twin Peaks feed on ‘garmonbozia’, a physical representation of pain and suffering, which they must torment people to create.
• In the bathroom in the Two Whales, 'fire walk with me’ is written, an obvious reference to the movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, the prequel to the original series.
• The white horse in Twin Peaks which is featured in scenes with Laura Palmer is a mirror of the doe that appears in reference to Rachel Amber.
• Chloe’s car license place is TWNPKS (Twin Peaks).
• If Max tells David about Chloe’s murder in episode five, he shoots and kills Jefferson. Twin Peaks has a similar situation with Leland Palmer smothering Jacques Renault, whom he thought responsible of his daughter’s murder.
• In the nightmare sequence before the final decision, there are two very Black Lodge-esque moments: The presence of Doppelgangers of Max’s friends and acquaintances which torture her psychologically, and a throwback to the academy hallway at the start of episode one where all the dialogue and hovertext is backwards.
• Nathan Prescott’s character might be inspired by Bobby. Frank Bowers’ character by James.
• Kate Marsh’s last name might be a reference to Twin Peaks character Evelyn Marsh.
• Samuel Taylor’s character may be an analog to the character of the Log Lady in Twin Peaks. Similarly to the Log Lady, Samuel is seen as a strange, creepy or quirky character and has a seemingly supernatural connection to the town with an uncanny insight into its mysteries.


It all started with that bizarre dream in class… Am I going crazy?

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