life is a bit better when i try to look good

My mind is faded and scrambled and it’s worked overtime this month, this doesn’t have a theme, I’m just trying to write down my thoughts as they come.

  • average 800 calories a day.. sometimes less, sometimes more, but try to not pass 1000
  • remember 130.0, teetering over breaking out of the 130s for the first time since mid summer.  How was that 21 days ago?  If you push hard now, it won’t be long until you see it again. You are lucky you didn’t gain more.  You are still close.
  • The next step is the 120s - you start to look pretty good in the 120s and after that you actually start to look thin below 120
  • Don’t go slow.  You lost 9 lbs and no one noticed.  
  • Sacrifice is giving up something good for something better.  Make sacrifices for food for a bit, so you can live the life you want.  Remember how it all came together when you shrank?  
  • You went from 147+ to 120 over the summer in 2007.  No excuses on taking it slow.  You could be at your goal weight in Aprill if you go hard enough.
  • coffee and work during the day, dinner in the evening.

From an album of old songs I wrote from 2007-2011. I’m finally going to try to finish recording them so I can move on with my life!

This is one of my first songs I wrote in high school. It was really basic back then, but it got a bit more interesting as I learned about music over the years. This version has LSDJ which I definitely couldn’t do back then. I still can’t sing it that well, but whatever moving on!!

I’m in need of a good pair of socks
right now my head feels like a cardboard box
right now my head feels like a bottle of water
it’s not my problem so why should I bother

would you please repeat what you said
you look better than a loaf of bread
you look better than a bucket of lobsters
sometimes I wish I was a helicopter

I can’t believe you can remember my name
if I was taller would I still be so lame
if I was taller could I get on this ride
we should get going but we can’t fit inside

I think there’s something wrong with my head
there’s something hiding under my bed
there’s something that I think I should tell you
I was gonna but I guess I forgot to

I think I’m alive
I think I think I’m not a porcupine
and each time I thought
I wasn’t doing alright
I was doing just fine

wo oh oh

maybe someday it’ll happen to you
it’ll be nice when I know what to do
it’ll be nice when we see that day
well for now I’ll stand back and I’ll say

I think I’m alive
I think I think I’m not a porcupine
and each time I thought
I wasn’t doing alright
I was doing just fine

I think I’m alive
I think there’s something that I should have known
that’s something I think I thought I knew
I already know

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7 TV Hunks Who Ruined Us For Real Life Dating: Angel

You know our idea of perfect “boyfriends” is a bit skewed when we include a 240 something old vampire. It was a long bloody battle between Angel and Booth (because as much as we love David Boreanaz, he doesn’t get to appear on this list twice. There are rules to this kind of thing), and, of course, in long bloody battles, Angel always has the upper hand.

Tall, dark, and broody, for a guy with so much, ahem, experience, Angel was really focused on Buffy. In fact, he was all Buffy, all the time. This was either creepy or sweet, depending how you wanted to look at it. From where I saw it, it was good. He wanted to protect her. He wanted to be better for her. He never felt like he deserved even a tiny bit of her goodness and strength, and yet, he never stopped trying to earn it. Even when he thought it was a lost battle, even when she was with someone else. Simply put, Buffy is Angel’s lobster. There’s just no one else for him. And there never will be.



Today didn’t go quite how I thought it would when I got up, but I decided to give Mina-pup her first outing at Doggie Day Care! Her leg has been … well, better, I suppose, but really, the rest isn’t helping especially. It’s been about a month, and she’s trying so hard, but is just DESPERATE for some real play. We’ll head back to the vet in the next little bit to find out what our next step is with her leg (probably a consult with an orthopedic surgeon), but for today, what she really needed was some fun and socialization 


I didn’t actually spend all the hours watching her, but I think I easily could have. It was so very good for her.


I’m not sure who Roscoe is (he’d been moved to a different room from the one where I took those pictures), but I’m going to say he was the little black french bulldog I saw Mina playing with when I (finally) left her. He looked like a Roscoe.

A day of errands then, and now I’m finally home and we’re sitting down, and Mina has passed out on me, and I think that’s really the best possible conclusion to a day.


#made4moreyoga day 7!! #tripodheadstand. When life gives you tripod headstands, do drills! I haven’t done them in a while, actually and felt a bit shakey, but enjoyed going back to doing something I used to do often. today’s mantra was: 💞 I am more than good enough and I get better everyday💞 well, today I was at work all day again. A VERY busy day. It was hard to concentrate on a mantra but, I don’t feel like I had to try too hard with this one. I just needed to let it settle. To just sort of “know” it and allow myself to feel some sort of confidence in it. In certain situations, I am perfectly confidant, I know who I am and am finally able to explore me and be me again and it’s lovely. It’s empowering. There are times where I feel like I’m not enough. Like my stature in life might be looked down upon, like someone may see me as less than they are. This is definitely something that has cropped up from time to time. I think that’s very normal. I think that coming to terms with the FACT that if someone doesn’t accept me, or feels like I’m not enough, that’s because of issues they have, not because there is ANYTHING wrong with me, is the key. I’m not saying I’m perfect. Not at all. We are all perfectly imperfect, I think. But accepting who I am is what will make me “better everyday”. I don’t strive to be a flawless being. I strive for balance, and strive for peace. And my “stature” in life speaks only of the surface parts of who I am, not of the inner workings, not of the abundance I have created on a much deeper level. I know that as a human being I have so much to offer, as a friend, a lover, acquaintance, employee, mother, sister, daughter etc… But sometimes, being human, I lose sight of that. I know I am enough. But it was really nice to remind myself today.

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