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HUMSS VS. STEM (Woozi ft. Dino)

(this is inspired on real life happenings. HUMSS stands for Humanities and Social Sciences and STEM means Science, Technology Engineering Mathematics, if you’re from the philippines, you’ll understand. This is my first fluff and angst, so please bear with me!)

“Hey Y/N.” Yanna said.

She was in trouble writing her essay, i noticed that since i finished mine first. I helped her and stare at the hallway since i’m really close at the door.

“Okay, class. We’re going to have a sports fest next week, You’re going to compete against STEM 11-5.The teacher said.

I was so shocked, because the boy that i liked so much was in that strand and section. I tried to focus and smile at the teacher.

She said that whoever gets the over-all champion trophy will be exempted this semester’s exams, which my competetive side grew even stronger. But…


I couldn’t compete against him.

Lee Jihoon.

Also known as Woozi from his class.

He was taking Civil Engineering from the STEM strand.

But he has a girlfriend, thinking i have no chance on him, whatsoever.

“Okay, Y/N. I know you’re the school’s representative leader of the dance group so, you will be the unity dancer, representing all of the HUMSS strand.” She said.

I nodded my head and plugged in my earphones. I spaced out.

Jihoon’s POV

My friends were so excited for the sportsfest, i was going to play volleyball with them but what worried me the most was Y/N from the HUMSS strand, she was going to compete against Soonyoung for the Unity Dancer Title and other great dancers from different strands.

I saw her dance before, she was the school’s representative when it comes to female solo dances. She even defeated last year’s champion, Momo Hirai. That’s how good she is, but i saw her backstage when i was walking around the gymnasium,

She was holding an oxygen mask and there was a oxygen tank beside her. Her friends were so worried that she will give up her life, because of her heart, she wasn’t allowed to do anything that normal girls do.

But she had passion for dancing, that’s what i liked about her.

She was nice to everyone, she had great friends to accompany her, she has good grades and she is so talented, but only bad thing she had was her condition. She couldn’t say it to other people but her friends. You could say i was so worried about her but there was one person that kept me from confessing to her.

It was Minatozaki Sana, my so-called-girlfriend, that she spread to the whole campus i was hers. She even threatened me that she will destroy Y/N if i dare to “break up” with her.

She hated Y/N so much because her bestfriend, Momo, was now depressed because she wasn’t the school’s representative anymore and her scholarship was cut-off. She lost her bestfriend because of Y/N, and she was attacking her in the most dangerous way, with her feelings.

“Hello? Earth to Jihoon?!” Jisoo and Seungcheol said waving their hands around my eyes and was out of my daydream.

“How long i’ve been out?” I said.

“About 2 hours, school’s over.” Seungcheol said.

“C'mon, let’s go home.” Jisoo said.

We walked to the dorms when a familiar  small figure was infront of my eyes,

it was Y/N.

She was with Chan and she was laughing with him, they were on the same strand because Chan said he wanted to be a Police so, he took criminology under the HUMSS strand.

They look so happy.

Even Y/N is smiling widely at him.

We continued walking to the dorms when she stopped at the girls’ dormitory just a few blocks from us.

Chan was kissing her forehead and she waved him goodbye and goes in to the dorm.

He noticed us and he was smiling widely and i was beyond jealous from what i saw earlier.

“Oh hey, S.Coups, Joshua and Woozi hyung!” He said happily.

“What happend that it made you so happy?” Jisoo asked.

“Well it’s a long story, i will tell you when we get to the dorms.” He said and we walked again.


I don’t know what to feel, actually, i don’t know if i made the right choice.

I was about to confess to Woozi when i saw him spacing out of the room he was in, and i thought i should leave him alone for some space because i heard that him and Sana broke up because Sana found out that there was another guy transferring in our school, which is Kim Taehyung.

When i saw him spacing out, i could tell he was so affected, because i saw a tear coming out from his eyes, i backed out and kept the bracelet that i bought for Jihoon and me.

I couldn’t be the girl that would be his rebound.

He was in a relationship before, and now he’s single but he was suffering.

Leaving him to give him space, Chan approached me and blindfolded my eyes.

Y/N! Hold my hand and don’t worry, i got your stuff.” He said to me.

He was my bestfriend in the entire world.

Feeling safe in his hands, i trusted him.

When he took off my blindfold, i was beyond shocked and happy at the same time.

Jihoon’s POV

We arrived at our dorm and i noticed Chan was wearing a bracelet that i never seen before, it was beautiful. It was a bracelet with a key.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Oh, Y/N gave it to me! It’s exactly my type of couple stuff, actually.” He said happily.

The 13 guys were now in the sitting area because Seungcheol called them all to hear what happend to Chan and Y/N.

I didn’t want to listen but i kept my feelings hidden at the moment because our youngest was the happiest boy alive at this moment,

I didn’t want to snap here right now.

All because of one girl.

Chan told us what happend to him and Y/N.

“Surprise!” Chan said, holding Y/N’s hand.

They were at the school’s fountain, but it was decorated with pastel banners, their pictures in polaroids, and some her favorite food on a picnic basket which Y/N loved. She looked around the fountain and she loved everything he did for her.

Even though he knew that Y/N had feelings for his hyung, Jihoon. He still tried to win her heart.

He chose the fountain the place where he would confess because he met Y/N here, on the very first day of Senior High School.

It was love at first sight for Chan, but he didn’t know from the start that Y/N was falling inlove with his Jihoon hyung. He knew her feelings through a letter that Y/N gave to Jihoon through his locker.

He knew it was her because of the handwriting, of course, Jihoon kept it.

He actually knew why Y/N cried on her birthday, because Jihoon didn’t greet her.

Dino! You have our pictures on a polaroid! That’s so cool!!” He was back to reality when Y/N was hugging her so tight.

He hugged her back and kissed her forehead.

Y/N was used to that, because she knew her bestfriend was so clingy to her but she did have feelings for Chan before but it was replaced by Jihoon, again.

They sat down at the fountain a little longer, but then,

Chan kneeled down and showed Y/N, a tiara-shaped ring that he was saving up for months. It was the perfect accessory for her. Because she was his princess.

“I know we’ve been bestfriends for a while now, but i can’t let this moment to waste, I love you, Y/N. I really do.”

Y/N was in complete shock.

“I want to be yours, i want to be your boyfriend, I want to take care of you until my last breath fades away, i want you to be my wife in the future, and have wonderful kids, but don’t think of that now because we have to focus on our studies.”

Y/N laughed a bit at him.

“If you reject me, that’s fine, i can work harder to win your heart.” He said sadly but he tried not to make that sound sad.

Y/N doesn’t know what to do, she still have Jihoon in her heart but…

She thought she deserved better to be the school’s prince’s girlfriend of dancing instead being Jihoon’s rebound.

Instead of saying yes, she kissed him on the lips.

He was surprised at first but he responded back, at that time, fireworks were in the background.

They pulled away and put their foreheads together.

“I made the right choice right? Right Mom?” She thought that as a message for her mom that passed away when she was little.

“Oh, hey, Oppa. I brought this.” Y/N said.

She took out a couple bracelet, it was a heart lock and a key as the pendant.

Chan was so shocked that he hugged his new girlfriend and first love in a loving embrace.

“It was supposed to be Jihoon’s bracelet but i guess i can give my heart to you.” She thought.

They put on the bracelets in exchange for each others’ heart and he put the ring on Y/N’s ring finger.

They hugged for the last time and went to the dorms together.

“And that’s what happend.” Chan said, ending the story, a story he wouldn’t forget.

Everybody said “aww” and congratulated him for his new girlfriend but there’s one person that Chan knows that he will be hated for life.


He was putting on a blank face and coldy congratulated him, as he went to his room.

Jihoon shut the door and laid down on his bed.

He still wants you.

He wants to prove it.

“Lee Chan, let the war begin between STEM and HUMSS this sportsfest.” He said to himself.

This was the real war.

I’m just so terrified that my children will never be able to experience nature as it is with all the animals and diversity and plants and insects and forests and snow because this generation didn’t wake up.

i cannot stand teachers and schools that care about attendance, if you can get the grades without showing up to the class, the class is useless. If you do not need to show up to learn the material, they should just fucking give you the grade and shut up. Docking people for attendance is fucking making yourself self-important lmao when u clearly aint.

And lets be honest half the time theres a participation part of the class in say a social science class, the participation means listening to people argue about whether or not you’re human. ~wOW SO FUN AND ENLIGHTENING. u sure showed me a lesson about life chad.~


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The Social Sciences

I’ve gotten a few questions that essentially boil down to uncertainty on the difference between the various social sciences, so I wanted to whip up a quick post explaining that. Also, I’m on vacation with some family so answering asks is going kinda slow at the moment. (But I am working on them! And thanks to everyone who’s sent one in so far!)

Sociology is the study of societies. Sociologists look at people as groups, in any context (religion, family, government, urban/rural, gangs, etc.). Our focus is either large (macro theories attempt to explain the human condition as a whole, and should be applicable to every society at any given point in time) or very small (micro theories attempt to explain how small groups affect the individual). There is such a thing as social psychology, which looks at how society shapes a person’s psychology, but other than that we do not attempt to explain the brain. Still, we recognize that people are individuals, and so we make it clear that what we study are systems, statistical averages if you will, and not always applicable to every single person.

That’s where psychology comes in. Psychology is essentially the other side of the same coin - instead of looking at groups, it looks at individuals, particularly their mental make-up. That’s where you get conversations about mental illnesses and brain chemistry and the like. As a Sociologist, I may look at how the mentally ill live in able-minded society, but I cannot tell you about the mental illness itself. Questions about this should go to @scriptshrink

Social work tends to be the one I’m asked about every day. I tell people I’m a Sociologist, they ask me if I’m going to be a social worker. The answer to that is no. While a social worker may take sociology classes, I have never taken a social work class in my life and never will. Social workers are government workers who help those on welfare, disability assistance, food stamps, the like. They may also deal with foster children and child endangerment cases. While I can show you sociological studies on the effect these systems have on people, I cannot tell you how they work. Questions about this should go to @scriptsocialwork

Anthropology, to put it very simply, is the study of ancient and/or dead cultures. The closest sociologists get to ancient cultures is Social History, or world-systems theorists. A sociologist knows how ancient cultures have lead to the current societies around the world, but honestly, I don’t know much about ancient civilizations. You want to know about, like, ancient Mesopotamia or native cultures before white people came and messed everything up, you’ll want to ask an anthropologist.  Currently, we don’t have an anthropologist in the scriptfam. The closest we have is @scripthistory, who may be able to answer some of your questions in that regard.

And finally, there’s philosophy. Philosophy is, essentially, the study of thought. It has a lot of different disciplines, but broken down it teaches you how to think critically and carefully about all aspects of life. Out of all the social sciences, it’s the one least applicable in the world - most people who major in this either double-major in something else, or end up getting PhDs and becoming professors. 

why is it that in movies girls only talk about boys when in real life my girl friends and I talk about fashion, human rights, politics, make up, art, literature, sports, buying cars, renting apartments, family problems, social networking, career aspirations, periods, child birth, university life, how our day went, religion, science, food, academics, sex changes…

literally any & everything besides boys.



Honey  | M.J

And the MJ soulmate AU has arrived!!! I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it :) Oh and its a female reader x MJ, also it’s a lot of background, maybe I’ll do a part two like I’m doing with my Peter AU and go into the details of the relationships development more

Prompt: Soulmates have matching color tattoos, once you meet your soulmate their initials appear on your wrist, however you don’t fall in love magically 

Warnings: Uh I talked about bible-thumpers, and overly religious people in a negative way, whoopsie, cliches, swearing, and being gay b/c “we’re all a little gay”, uhh I didn’t edit bc I’m trash???

Word Count: 1.8k 

Every time you looked down at your wrist you were haunted with the truth about yourself, a truth that your parents would hate, a truth that could cause you to lose some of your friends, a truth that made you want to scream at the top of your lungs.

The bar that you were born with on your wrist is a honey tone that complements your skin beautifully, at least that’s what everyone always says, but unfortunately that is always followed by the line “I can’t wait to meet the boy you’ll end up with”.

Which maybe if you were out of the closet and proud of your sexuality you would be okay with telling them all that you wouldn’t end up with a boy, however that just isn’t the case.

Your parents have always been hardcore religious people, which in turn led them to be giant homophobic assholes.

You figured out that you were gay in the seventh grade, and every summer you contemplate coming out to your parents, there were several different outcomes to telling them that their ‘godly and holy’ child was actually gay as fuck and disagreed with almost all of their hardcore beliefs.

There was the scenario that they would accept you and be willing to change their mindset; however the chance of that actually occurring is a solid 0.002%.

Then there’s the scenario where they pretend it never happened-which seemed the most likely, it was what they did, as soon as something shitty happened in the family they pretended it didn’t and drowned themselves in praying to their almighty god and working overtime so they’d both have to avoid awkward family dinners every night.

Then there was the one where they would just completely shun you and kick you out, which based on how they treated your cousin that came out, that would be exactly what would happen.

So you firmly decided to wait until you graduated high school to come out, that way you’d be able to go to college, or get a job, or find a way to support yourself-other than becoming a sex worker, which had come to mind several times when thinking about how to put yourself through college after getting shunned by your own flesh and blood.

It’s funny to you though, the fact that your parents are so hell bent on being bible thumpers because at one point the both of them didn’t believe in god and were practically hell bent on smoking and partying-or at least that’s what your grandmother used to tell you.

She would go on for hours about how your parents are total hypocrites and about how they were horrible parents, which led her to eventually figure out that you are indeed very gay and she’s 100% okay with that, which led you to think of the last final scenario, if your grandparents are still alive after highschool, just move in with them and ignore your parents until thanksgiving.

But somehow, every scenario always ended ratherly negatively, harsh circumstances always came up, the only thing you were certain of is that they would try to pray away the gay. Especially after watching them watch reality tv and speak about how the reality stars that are apart of the LGBTQ+ community just needed to find jesus and they would be okay.

Which made you cringe. A lot.

Your home life was okay though, if you subtract the homophobic comments that your parents often made, and the overarching need they had to force their hypocritical religious beliefs down your throat. But your family was pretty much set for life-being that your bible thumping father actually owned a rather large church where he preached his mumbo jumbo to fellow bible thumping assholes.

So that means if all goes well you’d be able to attend your dream school because your family could afford to send you, thus leading you to have a successful career after high school.

Speaking of high school, that’s a different story.

You were currently sat in your AP Sociology class, which honestly was boring the life out of you, while social sciences interested you, your teacher’s monotone made you want to smack your head against the desk.

When you thought about highschool you had to think about the negatives and positives, however the negatives somehow always outweighed the positives.

Sure you have friends, however you weren’t sure who really was your friend anymore, you couldn’t tell if they were friends with you because you’re pretty and your bible thumping family has money, or if they were genuine, what would happen when you decide to come out? Would they all run for the hills, even if it’s 2017 people are still assholes and judgemental towards anyone who’s different.

Not to mention you had a reputation to uphold, people thought of you and thought of the brilliant, down to earth girl who was nice to everyone. Now, you didn’t mind being nice to everyone, but sometimes all you wanted to do was punch people in the throat for being pricks.

For example, every time you see Flash Thompson bullying someone, his routine target being Peter Parker, you step in and politely tell Flash to fuck off, of course without saying the words ‘fuck off’ because most people would be shocked to know that you, the daughter of a preacher would ever swear, even though it’s rumored that preachers daughters are often the most promiscuous.

No one would believe that about you, seeing your black pencil skirt and your tucked in maroon button up, or the light denim jacket you wore on top of that, prim and proper as your father constantly repeated to you. You could never let your hair lay freely, if it even looked the slightest bit messy your father would freak out, saying things like ‘what would other people think of me if my child, a reflection of my parenting, walked around looking like a doormat’ or your favorite line ‘go back inside and fix your hair, you look like a streetwalker’.

You hated going to school everyday, not because you hated learning, or hated people, rather that you had to hide who you truly were and present yourself as what everyone else wanted from you.

When the bell rang you stood up and made your way to the cafeteria, to sit with the same group of people that you always surrounded yourself with, the people that probably didn’t even like you for you.

“Hey (y/n) guess what?! Cindy found her soulmate!!” You smiled at Betty and said congrats to Cindy then waved politely at the boy sat next to her, looking around the table all you noticed was that every girl who had a soulmate, had a male soulmate.

Something you’d never have.

You used to get overwhelmed with the thought that you’d never meet your soulmate when you were a kid because you never understood the feelings that you had. In elementary school when most girls had crushes on boys you would always have to pretend you had a crush on some random boy because you didn’t know how to say ‘haha yeah guys I like this girl because I’m hella gay’, unfortunately to this day you still didn’t know how to tell everyone that you’re gay.

Everyone around you laughed at some stupid joke that sounded as if a twelve year old boy made it and you just smiled acting amused, however you were starting to feel that familiar panic, the thought about coming out making you anxious, so you kindly excused yourself and made a beeline to the nearest girls bathroom.

As you stared at yourself in the mirror you continuously smoothed out your pencil skirt, as if the skirt being smooth would help calm you down.

Of course you just had to be cursed-not in the being gay aspect-but in the fact that you had to live a lie because of your family, the fact that you constantly felt ashamed for being who you were because of some idiotic hypocrisy that your parents constantly preached.

Your panicking was interrupted when someone opened the restroom door yelling “Okay Ned, one second I have to pee”

When your eyes met through the reflection of the mirror she offered you a sweet smile, you immediately returned it, if you didn’t have a type before, you definitely did now.

The way her brown curly hair was casually in a ponytail that had purple streaks in it, and the way that she wore all black looking effortlessly confident had you swooning, it wasn’t love at first sight, but it was definitely something.

however the tingling coming from your left wrist caused you to break eye contact, when you glanced down you noticed the initials ‘M.J’ covering the honey-gold bar, when you looked back at her she was staring at her wrist, then she made eye contact with you again.

“Well, I guess I met my soulmate at a weird time, we can talk more after I pee” with that she just walked into a stall and did her thing.

After she finished washing her hands you raised a brow at her, surely you should have noticed her before, although Midtown is a rather large school so it did make sense that the two of you never bumped into each other.

“Im Michelle Jones, my friends call me MJ, and since you and I are destined to be so can you” She smiled at you and offered her hand, which you gladly took and shook it.

“Im (Y/n) (y/l/n), you can call me whatever you want to be honest” She cocked her head to the side as if she was thinking, however she held an intense gaze on you that made you slightly blush.

“You’re friends with Liz’s friends right? All those snobby girls, wait wait, you’re the preacher’s daughter, wow you have to tell me what his reaction was when you came out to him, maybe I can even sketch him when we meet…wait you haven’t come out yet have you?” you blushed as you stared at the floor, not wanting to admit to the person that you were destined to be with that you were afraid of what would happen to you.

Of course MJ’s only reaction was to pull you into a hug and rub circles into your back.

“Hey, hey listen, I get it, you’re scared, it’s fine, you totally don’t have to come out yet, besides we have the rest of our lives to spend with each other, we can do that as just friends for now, besides we barely even know eachother, when you’re ready to come out, I’ll be with you 100 percent of the time” before you knew what was happening you were a crying mess.

How could someone know exactly what to say, oh wait it’s because she’s your soulmate.

Fate pushed you two together, and honestly you couldn’t be more happy about that.

Enjoying the loveliest company while reading today ❤️
A few weeks into the new semester and I can’t understand why I was so stressed about living too far away to be assigned a desk at the university’s reading room/study room.
Studying at home is bliss🌸

Me and My Shadow, a Freshman Story

Alex couldn’t remember applying to Elsewhere University, that’s how it worked sometimes, but the course he was accepted on was perfect for him. He loved the feel of the liberal arts college, but their Computer Sciences department had a great reputation too, he wasn’t sure how he hadn’t been rooting for this school all along.

The suggestions for living on campus seemed a little silly, he mulled over them a few times, puzzled by the descriptions of salt and iron, and outright baffled by the need to use a fake name.  He spent the summer determined to ignore them. He would be a voice of reason amongst the student body, he thought, as he imagined parading around with his real name printed on a teeshirt, emblazoned on his backpack. Nevertheless, as the day of his departure grew ever closer, he relented, and packed a handful of iron washers, a large canister of salt, and a thesaurus to pick a name from. If he had to live by a pseudonym for the next 3 years, he wanted an impressive one. Alex hadn’t been popular at school, much more of a wallflower than the centre of any social circles. This year would be different, he wanted a name that stood out, a name that would bring an air of mystery.

By the time he set foot on campus, Alex was Shadow, and Shadow was cool.

The first few weeks of school, Shadow managed to keep his social profile higher than he ever had before. Parties every week, no embarrassing stories to follow him from high school. It was the best few weeks of his life and, while the following weeks never quite compared, Shadow built up a reputation. The cost, however, was his grades.

The first few projects Shadow handed in were graded poorly. He fought the feelings of embarrassment at the idea of failing, he had never gotten less than an A in his life, even at Elsewhere, it only took a couple of months before he was called before his Professor.

“ Look, Shadow. I didn’t want to say anything, I actually thought you had been taken. It was a bit early, but then thats when the most simple mistakes are made, but I had a quiet word with a few people and I hear you just aren’t putting the work in.”

Shadow was glowing scarlet. This wasn’t what he wanted, he had made a crucial mistake.

“ I’m sorry Professor, I really am. It’s all just been a bit overwhelming and I lost track of priorities, I’ll try harder.”

The Professor seemed unconvinced.

“ I want to give you a second chance Shadow,’ he removed and started polishing his silver glasses.

“ You’re grades have really suffered, it will take a lot of work to get back up to an acceptable level.”

Shadow was in full panic mode, he needed a second chance.

“ Can I redo the projects?” He gasped. They had a week free for study coming up, he could sacrifice his time then as a lot of his friends were heading home.

“ I will let you hand them in if you manage but, I have to say Shadow, it’s a lot of work, I don’t know if you have time.”

They agreed that the Professor would grade the papers again, on a reduced scale. It wouldn’t get him anything resembling an A level score, but he might scrape by with something respectable. He ran full sprint to the library, setting himself up in the computing department.

The EU Library was odd, but the computing department at Elsewhere University Library was odd in it’s own special way. Each shelf had a locked door, able to be opened only on presentation of a special ID card (made of iron, naturally). Apparently the campus had an ongoing issue with books about technology being vandalised at night. Far at the end of the room, one cabinet was sealed with, apparently, no lock at all. He asked in the first week about that shelf, the Librarian mumbled “Those books aren’t finished yet,” and somehow escaped from sight.

He gathered what he needed for his first project of the year, and got to work. It had been a couple of hours when someone came and sat across from him at the table, a young man, around his age, black hair, smart clothes. A few moments later, Shadow noticed the student was not doing work.

“ Can I help you?” he asked, looking up from his book.

“ No, but I think I can help you,” he replied. “ If you go upstairs to the 12th floor, theres a room. 17c. Time works weirdly in there, its good for concentration or something. “

“ I’m fine here,” Shadow mumbled, mildly irritated at the interruption.

“ Someone is about to come in and clean, it’s gonna get loud.” the stranger added. Shadow took the bait and packed up his stuff.

Shadow was sure there had only been 9 floors to the Library, but there it was, the button for floor 12.  17c was creepy. A single room, with a single desk. Olive green walls and a single pendant lamp with a heavy shade, making a spot of light on the floor and sending the dark corners into wild shapes.

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What Darwin’s theories tell us about the shape alien life will take
All aliens must evolve, says a new study from scientists at the University of Oxford – and that gives us something to look for
By Stuart Clark

“It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it.” How many times did we hear Mr Spock say this back in the day when classic Star Trek ruled the airwaves?* What always interested me back then was how did he know that it was life if it was so barely recognisable by Earthly (or Vulcan) standards? Turns out a group of scientists from the zoology department at the University of Oxford may have the answer. Don’t look for faces, eyes, limbs or any of the large-scale things that are so familiar to life on Earth. Don’t look at the chemistry either. Instead, look for the hallmarks of natural selection. Natural selection lies at the very heart of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. It is the process by which favourable adaptations are retained and accumulate in populations. As time goes by, lifeforms adapt to be more and more suited to their individual environments. This leads to the appearance that they have been designed to fit into their surroundings. However, there is no magic involved, the favourable adaptations allow these entities to live longer and have more offspring, so naturally the fittest rise to dominate the population. Natural selection extends down to the level of individual cells where environmental hardship can force cells to work together for their common survival, thus building complex cells, multicellular life, animals and then social structures.

I think if I’ve learned anything about friendship, it’s to hang in, stay connected, fight for them, and let them fight for you. Don’t walk away, don’t be distracted, don’t be too busy or tired, don’t take them for granted. Friends are part of the glue that holds life and faith together. Powerful stuff.
—  Jon Katz 

April 15 2017: Color coding?

I think the only color coding I do is make my chemistry notebooks blue, life sciences green, social gerontology brown, and math red…

I cried for the first time in a while to study buddy because I’m scared about how much I care for him. I don’t ever want to hurt him or lose him ;__; I’m also afraid of change. Summer is coming and even though we don’t live too far, we won’t see each other as much. And we haven’t done homework together much recently because we have slightly different schedules now (mainly me with the stupid life sciences class that’s consuming my life). Studying together was like, the biggest reason we got so close, so I kinda miss it. I’m going to try to make time to do that with him but this life science class, breh,,,,


oh godd there’s so many things i want to do with my life. how do i choose between social sciences and engineering and tapir conservation