life in the mines

10 most unique and beautiful things in the world (non negotiable):
1. baekhyuns voice
2. baekhyuns lips
3. baekhyun’s eyes
4. baekhyun’s laugh
5. baekhyun’s smile
6. baekhyun’s nose
7. baekhyun’s dancing
8. baekhyun’s hands
9. baekhyun’s moles
10. baekhyun’s cheeks

look at them!

and ten years on, 
as my daughter asks,
whether I remember
my first love.
I shake my head.
But the light in her eyes
casts shadows
of crescent moons, 
pure sky blue in their shade.
And God they look like yours 
did on rainy days.
—  M.C.E

Half Bad || Sally Green

sometimes I think you’re still a prisoner. you’re not free of this place in your head, nathan. and you’re definitely not free of those people. they haunt you.