life in the analog age


Check out “Slap” a new cartoon from Friend of Frederator Gabe Swarr’s ‘Life in the Analog Age’ series

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Used to do this all the time when I was a kid.  I got pretty good at it!

I also figured out how to make fart noises with my hands, but that was much later…


Gabe Swarr knocks it out of the park again in the newest episode of his Life in the Analog Age series. 

An ode to waking up early, and staying in bed to sleep. —Chris


GPOY, so hard!
Gabe Swarr Turns “Life in the Analog Age” Into A Weekly Online Series | Cartoon Brew

Earlier this week, Gabe Swarr relaunched ‘Life in the Analog Age’ as a weekly animated series online, with the goal of new episodes every week.

Check out Gabe’s interview with Cartoon Brew where he talks about the relaunch of his animated series Life in the Analog Age, and what it’s like to make cartoons for the internet.

And don’t forget to watch the newest episode—Slap—which got me and Cade hooked on a new game. —Chris

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Life in the Analog Age is so great you guys.  You all should be watching/reading it.

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