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The Sun and The Stars {3}

Previous parts: Part 1 | Part 2

Word Count: 3726

Warnings: mentions of past abuse, light nsfw content, mild violence

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You can hardly process what Bucky’s told you. It doesn’t feel real. The jet ride to the states is quiet but you keep stealing quick glances at him. You understand why you felt the way you did back when both of you were at HYDRA; he was attractive, he was kind, and he genuinely seemed to care about you, which was a new feeling to you. You couldn’t imagine anyone caring for you so deeply and so immensely that they would follow you for nine months.

You study the crest of his jaw and the way his long hair fell down almost to his collar but all you can feel is anger at HYDRA for taking away your memories of him because you want to remember everything he’s told you. You sounded happy with him and a part of you, deep inside, knew what he said was true. Maybe it was some subconscious part of you that still remembered what he’d meant to you so you decided to trust it.

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The voice inside your head

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3.306

Warnings: self-loathing, much self-loathing, fluff, italics are the voice in the reader’s mind

A/N: This is a request of the lovely @melconnor2007. Thank you for the request and I really hope you like it. And everyone who is suffering from self-loathing: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! AND WORTHY OF EVERYTHING GOOD IN THE WORLD! LOVE YOU!

Hi could I make a request, with Bucky and reader, where reader really likes Bucky, but she’s really self loathing, and doesn’t think she’s good enough for him, and tony throws one of his party’s, she’s gets dressed up, but she’s Bucky with another girl, and leaves the party, but what she doesn’t know is Bucky likes her and wasn’t even listening to the girl, he sees her run and goes after her and confesses and it’s all really fluffy ending

Hate. Disgust. Low self-esteem. Self-loathing. Ugly. Worthless…

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Elsa (Chapter 1)

Author: @systemfailuresunshine 

Summary: Year-round fluff for a soldier who just needs a hug, starting at Christmas

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word count: 1557

Warning(s): None, I don’t think

A/N: This was originally posted on AO3, but my lovely friend @itscooltobehappy convinced me to make it a reader fic, and post it on here. So I did! I hope you all enjoy. I know it’s March, and not December, but roll with it. Plus, who doesn’t like Christmas year-round?

“Nat, hang it properly, come on!”

“You’re lucky I’m hanging it and not you, Stark!”

The voices of the Avengers travelled through the otherwise quiet corridors of Stark Tower as Christmas started to come to life. You were sitting on your own in your bedroom, chuckling at the insults being hurled around by your friends. You could practically hear Steve climbing down from the ladder to try and separate Tony and Natasha before she strangled him. You could also hear the voices of everyone else except for one: Bucky.  

You turned so that you were facing the door, and swung your feet off the bed, slipping them into socks that were lying on the floor. Crossing the small space, you opened the door to find him poking his head round the door of the shared dining room so that he could watch the others putting the tree up.

“You didn’t fancy it, Bucky?” you asked, making him jump.

Bucky turned around, clutching his chest with his bionic hand.  

“Geez, (Y/N), warn a guy!” he said, jokingly.  

“Nah, it’s more fun this way,” you laughed, nudging him with your hip. “So, you didn’t want to join in?”

“I’m too cool for that, obviously.”

You just looked at him, raising your left eyebrow slightly.

“Alright, fine. It’s the first Christmas I can remember since the War. They all look so happy, I didn’t want to ruin it by breaking something…” Bucky trailed off, looking down at his snowman socks.

“Oh, Bucky.” Your heart swelled, and you engulfed him in a hug.

He stiffened a little before putting his right arm around you and giving you a squeeze.  

You pulled back, but dropped your hand to grab his bionic one.

“Come on!” you said, dragging him into your bedroom.

“What on earth is happening?” he looked bemused but followed anyway.

“You’re helping me put up my tree.”

“(Y/N), I don’t want to ruin…”

You interrupted him by stopping short and turning to face him, as you neared your bed.

“Bucky Barnes, don’t even think about it! You are going to hang some baubles, wear a tinsel scarf and help me put the star on the top,” (Y/N) commanded.

“Okay then,” he said, chortling under his breath.

Five minutes later and you were both sat in the middle of the bedroom floor surrounded by various bits of tree.

“I thought you said you knew what you were doing,” Bucky said, poking you in the side.

“I said I knew where the instructions were.”

“It’s your tree, how do you not know how to put it up?”

“I was preoccupied last year, Clint did it for me.”

“Of course he did,” he chuckled.

“Ah!” you said, looking at two pieces of branch you had picked up. Bucky looked at you quizzically.

“Alphabetical,” you stated. “C to A, biggest to smallest.”

“How did it take you so long to figure that out?!” he laughed, incredulous.

You looked down before muttering “I was looking at you.”

Bucky moved his right arm from the floor to put it around your shoulders and give them a squeeze.

“I know, I’m beautiful, aren’t I?”

“You’re such a dork, Barnes”, you jibed.

“Back in my day, you would have said ‘square’.”

“Nowadays, I’m just going to call you a triangle.”

You screamed as Bucky reached out to tickle your sides.  

“Bucky!” you laughed.

Twenty minutes later and the tree was up and covered in fairy lights but lacking decorations.  

“At least it’s alight,” Bucky smiled down at you.

“I’m gonna go steal some baubles,” you said, matter-of-factly.


“From the guys, you muppet.”

“Oh,” he snickered.

You walked into the other room to see the tree, but no Avengers. Now was your chance. Moving past the boxes, you found a plastic container in the back corner of the room, stacked full of small statues and coloured balls. You picked it up and made to leave the room, just as Tony entered.

“Going somewhere with those?” he smirked.

“Just giving them a clean,” you smiled, picking up a cloth from the side.

“You can have them. It gives Elsa something to do.”

“I worry about him.”

“I know you do. You want him to feel included, and so do we, but he seems to be more comfortable around you,” he stated, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning on the door frame.

“Maybe because I don’t call him ‘Elsa’”, you chuckled.

“It’s a term of endearment. Why do you think I call Steve ‘Sparkles’?”

“Because you like watching him cringe.”

“I mean, that too,” Tony laughed. “Go on, your princess is waiting for you.”

You hoisted the container onto your right hip as you walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thanks, Tony,” you said, smiling.

“Anytime, (Y/N).”

Walking back into your room, you found Bucky cradling a small ornament.

“You alright there, love?” you asked.

Bucky looked up at you. “I found this, I thought it’d been lost but I guess someone kept it and…” He held out a small wooden ‘B’.

You crouched down in front of him, reaching out to hold the letter.

“I was wondering if we could use it,” he said in a small voice, as he placed it into your left hand.

Your heart swelled again, as you set the box down properly next to you.

“But not if it’s gonna ruin your tree, doll. I don’t want it to look tacky,” he mumbled.

“James,” you started, kneeling next to him as you cupped his face with your other hand.

His eyes looked hesitantly up at you as you used his first name. You rubbed the pad of your thumb across his cheek.

“It’s perfect,” you finished.  

He beamed at you, eyes slightly shining and he brought one hand up to place around yours.

You stood up again, crossing to your bedside table and opening the top drawer. You rummaged around for a bit before an “aha!”. Turning around, you held a small ornament of your own up with one finger. A small golden letter dangled from a ribbon.

“Now they’re a pair.”

A full hour after you’d started, and with a lot of laughing and small arguments about which decorations should go where and how much tinsel you needed, you both stood in front of the tree, admiring your handiwork.

“Still needs something,” you stated, looking the tree up and down.

The ‘B’ and your letter sat in pride of place in the middle of an array of Disney characters.

“More baubles?” Bucky laughed.

You elbowed him in the side before spotting a star at the bottom of the plastic container that you’d discarded about ten minutes ago.


“Are you not gonna sit on top of it?”  

You rolled your eyes, smirking, as you leaned over to pick it up.

“Come on, Elsa. Together.”

He grabbed the other side as you both placed the star on top of the tree, standing slightly on your tiptoes to be able to reach.

You stood back again.  

“Perfect!” Steve admired the tree as he walked past the bedroom door, heading to the kitchen.

Bucky slung his arm around your shoulders, pulling you close.  

“Their work,” he said, looking down at you.

“Joint effort,” you smiled at Steve, freeing your left arm so that you could put it around Bucky’s waist.

Steve smiled at both of you before walking off, probably to grab more food.

“Ours is still better,” he called over his shoulder.

You both chuckled and you yawned.

“Bedtime?” Bucky asked.

You smiled, before bringing your other arm round him to give him a proper side hug.

“Thank you for helping,” you said, your voice slightly muffled by his jumper.

“Anytime, doll,” he said, turning to capture you in a full hug before crouching to lift your legs from under you.

“It’s 2 feet, I can walk!” you protested.

“Not as cute though,” he contested, pressing a kiss to your temple.

Placing you carefully on the bed, Bucky turned to walk out the room, before he was tackled from behind.

“Yes?” he laughed, craning his neck to try and look at the bundle that had wrapped their arms around his neck.

“Stay?” you said, in a small voice, dropping back to the floor.

Bucky bent his knees so that you were at the same eye level, before pressing his lips to yours lightly. You wrapped your arms around his neck again, pulling him closer.

“Always,” he smiled, picking you up again and walking you both to the bed.

You awoke to hear mutterings and quiet laughter coming from your bedroom door. You snuggled closer into the ball of heat that was draped across you, not daring to move for fear of waking him up.

He was already awake and pulled you into him.  

“Smile, Elsa!” you both heard before a click went off.

“Tony!” you groaned.

“Merry Christmas!” he chuckled back.

Taglist (because this seems to be a thing): @buckyywiththegoodhair because she tags me in the Deleted Scenes for A Lesson In Love, (which is amazing!!!!), and is awesome, and @buckys-shield (because she tags me in stuff now and it’s great!)

If anyone else wants to be added, just message me on here (@systemfailuresunshine) or on @story-prompt-lyrics!


Fleeting Moment

Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: Hey friends! So this is my first “one-shot” (if people still call them those?), or imagine or whatever, on this account! I’m gonna keep this note really short, because I stopped in the middle of this now completed story to write this A/N and I really want to get back to writing, so, yeah. No request, I was just bored. Happy Holidays, my friends, and enjoy the story! ~ Ryn


Words: 2,817

Warnings: A big ‘ole kiss, and hopefully feels, that’s it though.


Completely, utterly, unbelievable.

How had you not guessed it was coming? The feelings had been sitting like a relentless rock in your gut for 11 years, and you’d all but regarded them as true. The minute it struck you, you knew there was no return. You’d entered a whole new realm; there was no more land of blissful ignorance. How had you not seen this before? Every minute you’d spent laughing, crying, even just breathing around and with Peter Parker and you’d never realized… you were in love with him. Every sleepover, every math assignment he’d never failed at helping you on, all the late night conversations and battles over comic book conspiracy theories, when he got a black eye because Steven broke up with you for Macy Fritz in the 7th grade and he attempted to “take ‘im” (even with the knowledge of his inevitable failure) – every moment, really – it was all so cliché that you wanted to vomit. All of this, and it had come to you in the most mundane way possible – nothing but a fleeting moment. You had decided to treat him after he’d experienced one of the most intense Spider-Man trainings of his life at Stark Tower with some ice cream and a walk in Central Park. He never did anything for himself, so as assigned duty of best friend, you always made sure to be as giving to him as possible. Everything was fine, truly everything, until you dropped your ice cream – the detrimental moment. After you’d exasperatedly huffed and Peter finished laughing his arse off, you’d both bent down to see if it was salvageable, and that’s when every clock in New York City stopped ticking (in your mind anyway). You both bumped heads, and as he was cursing at you, and you at he, you both looked up. Your eyes met and your heart stopped. A fleeting moment. You’d looked into his eyes plenty of times, but this had never happened. He was smiling at you, but you couldn’t return the gesture because you were too terrified. That rock in your gut made itself known, and it made itself known right then and there. And here you were now, stupefied at his front door, the next day, where your trembling hand just couldn’t bring itself to knock. The inside of your head felt like a Clinton vs. Trump debate and oh what a surprise, no one was winning.

“Y/N?” Perfect. Well there went that. As you dug your way to the surface of your mind, you managed to operate your eyes well enough to look at the now glorious creature that revelled just opposite the Parker’s door frame – and it made you beyond dizzy. In the following ten seconds, you saw Peter in a light you never really had before. Sure, you’d always thought he was attractive, and yes that rock in your gut had been growing for 11 years, but like you’d already explained, you’d been blind to that rock until literally yesterday. His hair was tousled (in that way you told him always looked best), he had a mildly tight t-shirt on that classically framed Peter’s personality with “So a neutron walked into a bar, free of charge!” (had his muscles always been that defined?), Abercrombie sweatpants (what is it about Peter and sweatpants dangit!), and those stupid smiling food socks you got him last Christmas. He looked like a typical teenage disaster, and you were loving every bit of it.

“H-hey, Pete.” He had a slightly confused, yet as-always lopsided, cheeky, kissa-charismatic (charismatic is most definitely the word you were going for) grin on his face.

“Were you gonna knock, or just stand there? I thought I heard you walk up like, five minutes ago.” He chuckled, and you began pummeling the inside of your brain to quit rerunning the episode of Teen Wolf where Malia just went for it and kissed Stiles. This was far worse than you’d thought, and your feelings plus teenage hormones were NOT helping.

“Y/N? Hey, are you okay…?”


“You’re acting really strange.. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing!” So that may have come out a little too loud, because Peter almost fell over taking a step back from your sudden outburst. You were blowing it, and you knew you were. But honestly, you’d never experienced this before. Yes, you’d had boyfriends, and yes, you’d had your first kiss, but this was unchartered waters. Your desire to be with someone had never been this pleading and desperate.

“O-okay, well come on in.”

You prepared yourself for the worst and cautiously put one foot in front of the other, as if sniper cupid were about to come around the corner and shoot another M25 at your heart.

“Soo, what’re we doing? Pre-Cal, or Harry Potter marathon first?” Peter stood there expectantly, waiting for an answer that probably wasn’t coming because you were honestly too busy trying to avoid those chocolate eyes that started this whole mess in the first place.

“Okay, seriously Y/N. Tell me.” You took deep internal breaths as you tried to cool yourself down.

“Tell you what?”

“What on Earth is wrong with you. Did something happen?” He sounded mostly concerned, but you managed to detect the twinge of irritation in his voice and that’s when you knew you really were screwing up.

“I’m fine, Pete… I just had a really long day – that’s it, I promise.” Now you were reduced to lying. Wow. Feelings suck.

An imaginary ellipses hung in the air as you were both stuck: him on the idea of pursuing the truth (because he always knew when you were lying), and you on trying to lock away that beast of a truth that really wanted out of its 11 year confinement.

“It’s Friday and I seriously just need some Potter right now.” You mustered a grin as he slowly began picking back up to his and your’s normal pace of operating. “Alright, my Y/H/H {Your Hogwarts House} friend. Let’s do this.” He did an intense fist pump like the moron he is and your heart surged, leaping out of your chest in attempts to hold his hand or some coupley-crap like that.

“I’m getting Pop-tarts!” You shouted as you sped your way to his kitchen. His aunt, you knew, was spending the weekend with some long lost friends, and her absence and your being alone with Peter only made the battle in your mind significantly worse. After the drudging process of putting the Pop-tarts in the toaster and waiting a whole minute and a half, you psyched yourself up to walk back to the living room and continue your terrible charade of not being in love with your best friend, and your life ended again when you ran straight into Peter, Pop-tarts flying to the floor. You both gracefully journeyed with the Pop-tarts to the ground in a heap of awkwardness, with Peter just barely breaking your fall. You were positioned weirdly on top of him, both of you groaning at the pain of smashing your bones into kitchen tile.

“Ugh, aren’t you supposed to have spidey senses or something?” He scoffed at your comment, and you felt him hitch in laughter underneath you.

“Me having spidey senses doesn’t keep klutzy you from falling into me!” You both bursted into laughter, and it was then, for the first time all night, you felt normal again. You felt like you always had around Pete: safe, warm, and simply happy. Nothing was awkward and you weren’t eating yourself up inside. You were just there – with your best friend. And maybe that’s what loving him really was. The moments like these. You slid off of him and you both sat up – two dorks sitting on the kitchen floor, just laughing at one another. You’re breathing set back to normal, and as the laughter died, you looked up at him. And then it was the eyes. You flew straight back to yesterday all over again and were speechless. You chastised yourself for being so stupid. Peter was your best friend, and as far as your logic was concerned, that’s all you were to him, and even in the slight chance he did like you back, it didn’t matter because that’s all you ever could be because you knew – oh you knew – you could never lose him. Your world would turn upside down and every color would drain from your life if Peter wasn’t in it anymore. Teenagers are fickle, and the smallest argument, the the most minute moment always ruined it all. But your train of thought completely exploded on its tracks as you observed what you thought to be Peter moving closer… to your lips? No. No no. No no no. What? This was un-calculated. He liked you… no. Holy sh-. NO. You couldn’t process and all you could think about was his pink, kissable mouth that was drawing nearer to you. Or were you just imagining things? No, this was is most definitely occurring. Peter was but a few inches away from you, his eyes searching yours, almost pleading for you to say something, to stop him, because Hell if he could. He knew, too, that there was no going back. You both bore into each other’s eyes, almost having a silent communication, except the signals were all jammed and mixed and neither of you really knew what you were doing. You could feel his breath on your nose, so you knew he could feel yours, and you were both praying that the spearmint gum you had chewed in the morning was still doing its job. You weren’t going to move. Peter didn’t know if he should move, but he knew that after this moment, things might never be the same anyway, so he took the chance and began closing that small gap between you that had held your just-friendship so delicately, and when he was but millimeters away from kissing you, the moment of noses brushing and eyelashes fluttering closed, your voice decided to find itself.

“Pete.” What were you doing? This is what you wanted, so what were you doing? His eyes shot open, and he looked like a deer in the headlights at the sound of his name. You sat there with your mouth hanging open, about to catch flies better than his webs could until you bolted into a standing position, stuttering on your feet and fled to his bedroom and shut the door. To most people, they would by now be exasperated with your behavior. In any typical romance movie, the whole audience would’ve walked out by now because the lead actress was being beyond childish. But life isn’t a romance movie. Life has consequences, and feelings are not sweet scented with angel wings. They’re sweaty, messy, and an overall wreck. After about 45 seconds, you heard Peter’s voice calling for you down the hall until it was steps away. He pushed his bedroom door open to find you pacing back and forth amongst the clutter of science toys and half-working gadgets that littered his floor.

“Y/N.” He sternly looked at you, and there was a sort of demand you’d never heard in his voice before that made you stop and coyly turn around and look at him. He was discretely creeping toward you, a few shuffles every second, so small you might’ve not noticed – but you did.

“I – we can’t, Peter.” You rubbed the bridge of your nose, because you were starting to get a headache at the bursting intensity your body was experiencing all because of this 16 year old boy standing in front of you.

“Why? Why not?” His directness was beyond unusual for his usually timid, more relaxed self.

“Because we can’t, okay? We-we just can’t.” You were trying to find a way to explain your landmine of a brain, and Peter was just not getting it. Sure he understood that it would change everything, but to him it didn’t matter. He’d been in love with you since the day you’d walked into his life and since yesterday, he knew (or at least he’d been 85% positive hoped) you loved him, too.

“Y/N, you’re not making any sense–”

“We can’t be a fleeting moment, Peter!” He stopped moving toward you, and you weren’t sure if it was because you had scared him away or because there was practically no room for him to get any closer to you any more.


“Peter, you don’t understand. I–”

“Can I speak for a minute, please?” He searched your eyes with this newfound assurance and you weren’t sure whether you were loving his discovered confidence or hating it, but alas, you nodded for him to continue.

“Thank you. Look, I know what you’re trying to say. I know exactly what you’re afraid of because not only do I know you like the back of my hand, I’m feeling it, too. You’re terrified that if we change our relationship, then we’ll change, too, and things will get all weird, and we won’t be the same anymore. We’ll grow apart, not talk, argue, break up, leave each other’s lives, grow old and then die without ever knowing what happened to us.”

“If this is trying to make me feel better, you’re doing a terrible job–” He held a finger up to your lips, and you silenced.

“Let me finish.” He cocked an eyebrow at you and you once again prodded him to continue.

“I get it. But honestly, Y/N, does that really sound like us? I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure the only thing that could keep me away from you for longer than a week would be if I stopped breathing, and I certainly wouldn’t do it by free will. You know everything about me. You are my other half, and I don’t think I could ever be me without you. What I’m trying to say is – or what I really mean is – look. I don’t know what love means, and I don’t even know what it’s supposed to look like, and I don’t expect this to be perfect. But what I do know is there’s no one I would rather argue with, and there’s no one I’d rather be with. And I think that the simple fact that we’re best friends shouldn’t screw me out of being with the girl I–” he paused, staring intently at you, almost like looking through to your soul, before he finished with the words you’d been craving to hear for the past 24 hours, “— the girl I love. If-if I do know anything about love, Y/N, I know that I love you.” The room fell silent as you both stood there, his hands somehow having managed to find their way to yours in the time that had passed.

“We won’t be a fleeting moment, Y/–” and that was all you needed to hear before yanking at his shirt and smashing your lips into his. He seemed shocked at first, but quickly responded and slipped his hands around your waist, making your heart flutter at the contact. It was, of course, messy and imperfect, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. All that built up tension through the night was released, as your right hand tangled in his hair and his lips slid over yours. It was by far better than any kiss you’d ever had, and truthfully, him too. Everything was okay again, and sure it wasn’t normal, but that didn’t make it wrong. He tugged at your back, trying to get you inhumanly closer to him, and you put your hand on his cheek, never wanting the moment to end. When you both finally pulled away, your foreheads rested together, both of you breathlessly in shock. Your heavy breathing and the droning of cars and taxi horns outside the window were the only noises in the dimly lit room. Oddly at the same time, smiles found their way to your faces, and you knew this was going to work.

“I love you, too.” If it was possible, the childish grin on his face grew even bigger, and it lit up your world.

“So h-how ‘bout that Potter marathon?” He awkwardly coughed out, notifying you that dorky Peter was back and commanding Peter had left the building in a hustle, and you could only laugh.

“Peter, if I’m being honest with you, I discovered my love for you only yesterday, and my feelings have insanely and literally been ripping me to shreds inside.” His wide innocent eyes looked at you to continue.

“The only thing I’m thinking about right now is another, different, more kiss-realted marathon.” A red blush rose against his cheeks, but all the same he smirked and leaned toward you once again.

I’m 97, I’m Not Dead (Steve Rogers x reader)

Request:  So I know this idea is kinda out there but I thought I’d try because I love how you write! So you know how Steve has a motorcycle? Its kinda like old fashioned, and not too modern. Maybe the reader has a motorcycle too but hers is really fast and modern (have you seen Tron? Like their light bikes) and people talk about how they’re a couple and how he’s so old fashion and she’s so new(what do u expect she’s a stark) or modern and maybe they have some witty conversations. Just a thought love!

Here you go, lovely!

Straddling the seat on your bike, you looked at Steve as he stood next to you, hands deep in his pockets and eyes gazing downward.  

“No helmet, no ride.”

“I don’t have one.  I guess…I guess I didn’t think I would need one anymore.  It’s a lot harder to crack this egg now.”  He thumped his fist on his head and crossed his eyes at you, trying to break your resolve.

“No helmet, no ride.” You held eye contact with him as you snapped your own helmet on, and made a kissing motion to him before you sped away.


Steve walked into the tower about an hour after your arrival, looking for you.  “Stark, have you seen (Y/N)?”

Tony had just poured himself a drink, examining his newly created miniature version of the arc reactor. “Hey, did you get a ride on the new bike?  Can you believe it’s powered by this tiny little thing?  I could lose this in the couch cushions!  That bike will never need a single drop of fuel, never needs electricity to charge, it’s totally clean energy.  How awesome am I?”

Steve huffed, “Yeah, you’re great.  Do you know where she is?”

Tony looked as if he’d been slapped.  “What crawled up your ass, Rogers?”  Throwing back his drink in one swallow, he firmly set the glass on the lab table. “She’s in the library.  Should I call ahead and warn her?”


Reading was your favorite escape from the often crazy world of life as an Avenger.  When Tony decided to scrap the Stark tower model and create a home for the team, he neglected to build a library.  Seeing the boxes upon boxes of novels being carried in by your movers, he quickly gutted a room to make into your own private hiding space. You loved the smell and feel of a good old book.  It was a sensory experience that took you to a different world.  You could become so enraptured in a book that you could completely shut out the world around you.

Case in point.

“So I’ve been standing here watching you read for fifteen minutes.”  You startled, looking up to see Steve leaning in the doorway, hands in his pockets.  “You really do zone out, don’t you?”  He reached down and snatched your book away.  “Whatcha reading?”

“Hey!  Don’t lose my place!”  You stood and jumped up to grab your book back, but he held it high over his head, laughing as he spun around to keep it out of your grasp.  “Ugh!  Rogers, you’re such a jerk sometimes!”

He slapped his hand to his chest in mock pain, “Oh, I’m hurt!” Turning the book over, he asked again. “So, what is this?”

“H.G. Wells.  It’s called The New World Order.  It’s about the belief that the world would be better to form a new system of rule uniting all people and countries into one, with a goal of eliminating the need for war. You might like it.”  

Steve read the back cover for a moment, taking it into consideration.  “Sure, throw it my way when you’re done.”  He set the book on the table next to you.  “I just wanted to tell you that I took your advice.” Reaching around the corner of the doorframe, he pulled out a new, bright red motorcycle helmet, slowly putting it on.

You paused as you regarded his new look.  “So, they didn’t have one with flags, huh?”

With a smirk he reached down and slapped your knee.  “Let’s go. I’m driving.”

“Like hell.”  You remained seated as he stood over you, his face turning serious.  “I don’t think today is the day to die, Cap.”

“I ride a Harley, baby. How different can this one really be? Well, except for all of the Tony Stark ‘look at how amazing I am’ improvements.”  He grabbed your hand and pulled you to your feet, bringing you close to his chest, his breath warm on your ear.  “Teach me.”


This was a new feeling for you, being flustered in front of Steve.  It was a quiet ride in the elevator to the garage, and it felt like it was miles away.  

Why did he pull me in like that?  Was he messing with me?  No, this felt different than the usual joking around.  His eyes were dark when I looked into them.  He really shouldn’t look at me like that.  It’s distracting.  Why is he staring at me?  Why do I like it when he stares at me?  Have his lips always been that…perfect?

The elevator opened to the garage, breaking you away from your thoughts.  An array of motorcycles and Tony’s specialty cars were lined up in front of you.  Blinking a few times and clearing your throat, you led Steve to your bike.  A mischievous grin was on his lips as he followed close behind.

“FRIDAY, please unlock the cage.”  

The doors to your private parking area opened, revealing your sleek, black cycle.  You began to show Steve each control panel, but he quickly interrupted you.  “I think I’ve got it, (Y/N).  I’m a fast learner.”  

Reluctantly, you started the machine, green light glowing all around the frame and thru the wheels. “Are you sure about this?  It gets up to pretty high speeds pretty quickly. This isn’t your Harley, Steve.”

“Sweetheart, I’m 97, I’m not dead.”  Picking you up by your waist he threw you onto the seat and handed you your helmet. Once you were ready, he swung his leg over to sit in front of you.  “Hold on tight.”

You reached around from behind and grabbed Steve tightly around his waist, clutching his shirt.  Are you kidding me?  How ripped is this guy?   The bike burst forward thru the front door of the garage as he was quickly getting the feel for it.  As his comfort grew, so did the speed.  You rested your head against his back, and you could feel the muscles of his abdomen tighten as he laughed.

“You okay back there?”

“Mmm hmm” you mumbled, as you gripped his shirt a little tighter.


As you felt the bike slowing and finally coming to a stop, you lifted your head away from his back to see that you were at the Avengers upstate training facility.  You hopped off the bike in an attempt to regain your equilibrium.  “What, are we gonna get a workout now?”

There’s that look again.  

“Would you like that?” His voice was deep and quiet.  He stood in front of you now, his gaze steady. The air was cool and still, and you shivered a bit.  You weren’t sure if it was the temperature or if it was Steve that had you shaking.

“Um…I…I think that I…would like…that…yes.”  You were having a hard time breathing with him so close to you.  

He pushed you back and gently lifted you to sit sidesaddle on the bike.  He pushed your legs apart to stand between them, his hands around your waist.  “I don’t want to be your friend anymore, (Y/N).  When you took off on this bike, it was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen and I can’t get it out of my head.  I don’t want to be your friend.”

Finally, just as you couldn’t wait any longer, his hand moved to the back of your head, grasping your hair and pulling you into him.  His kiss was soft but aggressive, his tongue desperate to taste you.  You let out a deep moan as he pushed himself harder against you with a crushing but glorious weight, moving to kiss down your jaw, neck and across your shoulders.  


He paused, breathless. He pulled back slightly to look at you, “You okay?”

“You can take off the helmet now.”  You laughed quietly, putting your head against his chest as he scoffed.

“Hey, you’re the one who said ‘no helmet, no ride’.”

When Two Worlds Collide (Barry Allen/The Flash Imagine)

Request: What about a story when the reader is from earth 616 (marvel) and she goes to earth 1 and meets Barry and she tells him all about the avengers, NYC, Sokovia and etc.

REQUESTS ARE OPEN… But I probably won’t do all of them! I’m sorry if I don’t do yours in advance! 

I’m sorry I have been quite inactive for a while! 

Also, please tell me your thoughts on this imagine! I really need your feedback!

This is like a crossover, but instead of the actual characters (Captain America, Iron Man, Etc.) on Earth 1, they’ll just be mentioned or something along the lines of that. 

I hope you enjoy! 

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The memories of the Civil War of the Avengers replayed again and again in your dreams. Tony instructed his team to take you down gently but as soon as possible as your screams, if controlled enough, could break apart even the Captain America shield. When no one could do the task, he was the one to fight against you. The result of the battle was not shown to you for you were sucked into a portal where you lost consciousness. When you awoke, you were surrounded by what they called themselves as “Team Flash.” 

One morning, Barry walked in as you walked around the cortex in a white hospital gown. You reminded him of a ghost, burdened by your past life and can’t move on with your new one. They couldn’t send you back, they didn’t know what Earth you came from nor could they reopen the same breech you were sucked into. You were stuck in Earth One. 

“Do you want breakfast?” Barry questioned. From what they could get out of you, they knew that your name was (Y/N) (Y/L) and that the events of your past life have scarred you to the point that when you spoke, it only became a whisper. Barry’s eyes wandered to the shattered window across from where your bed sat. “What happened? Did someone break in?” He questioned, examining the pieces that were broken. From what he could tell, he could conclude that it was broken with a high frequency not an object thrown. 

You shook your head. “When I woke up, it was broken.” You lied. You had another nightmare of the war and awoke with screams. You would smile when you can hear Sam’s voice saying Way to go, banshee. But that smile would quickly falter anyway when you realize that Sam and the others are worlds, universes, away and you would not be able to reach them. 

Barry watched as you stared at the broken pieces. Cisco had always said that there was something “meta-y” about you. Caitlin said it must be the side effects to being taken from your home and being forced to stay on an earth that isn’t yours. “You remind me of the glass.” He whispered. You looked away from the pieces and at the speedster. “Broken but not put together. We can see through you but we can’t really look at you.” 

“You remind me of Pietro.” You said back. Barry cocked his head to the side, intrigued. He’s never heard that name. He’s never heard you mention anyone from your earth. Barry silently encouraged you to go on. “Fast yet taken away from his sister and his newfound family so quickly.” A tear escaped from your eye and as your hand made its way to wipe it, Barry flashed in front of you brush it away with his thumb. 

Normally taken aback by this, you sunk into his touch. “My mother was a Hyrdra agent unwillingly. They granted her release in exchange for her child and she accepted the offer. They trained me to become a monster until The Winter Soldier rescued me after S.H.I.E.L.D fell.” And for the first time since your arrive, you actually spoke about your past life. You told Barry about how Bucky left you at the Stark tower so that you could start a new and better life. How Steve begged you to see that he was right and how he didn’t need to convince you because for Bucky you would’ve done anything. And about how the Civil War tore apart your family.

“I feel so alone in this Earth. Yes, maybe it’s broken now. But they mean so much to me.” You cried.

 "You aren’t alone.“ Barry whispered. “Maybe you don’t know any of us that well, but maybe you being taken into my earth is a good thing. Because When Two Worlds Collide, you don’t have to be alone. Not ever.”

Silence Speaks [Bucky Barnes x Reader] Drabble

Fluff of the highest order.

Title: Silence Speaks

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request: Could I request Bucky one? Where he & “reader” never have said, “I love you” to each other, but they say it in different small things, like- making other coffee, saving others life, buying favorite food-small stuff, until Bucky unintentionally says it 1st.

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Spoilers for Civil War

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Meeting Bucky Barnes truly did change your life.

Some might call you dramatic for thinking that, but it was completely true. You had been working alongside SHIELD and the Avengers for years, so wrapped up in the work and the struggle that you began to realize you didn’t really have a life outside of Stark Tower and the facility. Thankfully you weren’t the only workaholic in the bunch. Being surrounded by a bunch of superheroes had a way of making you feel normal.

When the team fractured and Steve left to find his best friend, you found yourself following him almost blindly. Steve Rogers was a good man, had lost so much in his life to save others, and all he wanted was to help his friend. If that wasn’t a noble cause, you didn’t know what was.

The years that followed were difficult, to say the least. Bucky was found, a fractured, broken man from the hell the Soviets and HYDRA put him through. He spent some time in cryostasis for his own protection as much as for everyone else’s.

When he woke once more, T’Challa had him fitted with a new arm and doctors worked diligently to free him of the programming in his mind. It wasn’t an easy process, but his determination to succeed made you admire him even more.

Still, Bucky was scared of the world around him. Frightened of himself. Steve took his time introducing him to new things. He kept reiterating that this was a chance for Bucky to start over, to start fresh.

Steve encouraged you to reach out to Bucky, and so you did. You always followed your Captain’s orders. And well, Bucky was hard to stay away from. There were moments when he was utterly charming and you found yourself unconsciously flirting with him. You couldn’t help but feel pleased with yourself whenever you caught him grinning brightly at something you said or did.

He never did ask you out on a date. According to Steve, the old Bucky would have asked you out within five minutes of meeting you. But he wasn’t the old Buck anymore. Then again Steve wasn’t little Stevie anymore either. He ended up asking you out in Bucky’s stead. It was cute, if not slightly mortifying. You had never seen Bucky turn such a bright shade of red before or since.

It was nearing a year now, that you had been together.

Yours appeared to be a perfect partnership. The two of you worked well together in the field. Bucky saved your life more times than you could count. Which was only fair. You saved his ass on a regular basis too.

When you were home, he remained close to your side. The only exception was when he went to hang out with Steve. But upon his return, he would wrap a warm, steady arm around your waist and hold you close.

In the mornings he would have your favorite cup of coffee waiting for you. In the evenings, he’d help you with dinner, nuzzling the crook of your neck as you idly stirred a pot on the stove.

You never doubted his devotion to you.

But those three little words, three measly words, and his reluctance to say them were beginning to eat at you.

According to Steve, Bucky used to wear his heart on his sleeve. He’d be hard pressed not to blurt out his love for the dame who caught his eye back in the day. And you knew things were different now, that he wasn’t as lighthearted and carefree as he used to be. You understood completely.

But the months passed by and understanding his silence didn’t make it hurt any less.

You never said anything to Bucky. And you certainly never said those three words to him either. You didn’t want to put him on the spot. You didn’t want him to feel pressured into saying it. More so, you feared he wouldn’t say anything at all. So weeks, then months went by and you tried to bury your fear that he would never love you the way you loved him, and the worry that one day your love just wouldn’t be enough anymore.

It had been a long day and you were more than ready to call it a night. Bucky was undressing in your shared bedroom as you studied your face in the mirror.

The mission that day, while successful, had been hard on your body. Bucky had taken a few hits himself, but the serum in his blood made the cuts heal and the bruises fade in record time. You weren’t so lucky. Your ribs were sore and bruised. A black eye and a split lip adorned your face. There was a gash on your forehead where you had been hit with a blunt instrument. The blood had been washed away and the wound stitched, but your face had been covered in red earlier. Bucky’s bleak expression when he saw you was all you needed to see to know you must have looked a fright.

When you were finally released from the med bay, loaded up on painkillers, you wanted more than anything to just sleep it off.

Bucky had stayed with you as the doctor examined you. He led you to your apartments with a gentle hand on the small of your back. The only reason he didn’t follow you into the bathroom was because you insisted you could pee without assistance.

When you stepped into the bedroom, Bucky was sitting up under the covers. He pulled back the sheets on your side. You carefully made your way to bed, turning off the lamp on your bedside table before gingerly climbing onto the mattress and scooting under the covers.

Bucky reached out for you, and you curled into his side. He was careful to avoid your ribs, settling his comforting, protective embrace around your shoulders. You rested your head on his chest, kissing it softly.

“Thanks for the rescue,” you murmured, feeling the effects of the drugs and allowing them to lull you into sleep.

“Any time,” Bucky replied, watching your face intently as you allowed yourself to relax and drift away.

Today had scared him. He’d seen you in worse condition. He’d nursed you when you suffered from bullet wounds and burns. But seeing you on the ground, dazed and covered in blood, had been a shock to his system.

He was only beginning to relax now. The doctor had cleared you and said you would be fine. You would heal in no time. But it wasn’t until you climbed into bed and he could hold you to him that the tension could start to leave his body.

It was a constant fear of his, that one day he would lose you. He stayed alert on every mission. He would never forgive himself if he had the power to save you and somehow failed. And there were times when he questioned why he allowed himself to be with you. Why open himself up to love if it only meant opening himself to fear and pain as well?

But Steve had warned him not to wait, not to put things off until the right time. The right time is never going to come along, he sighed, and you’re going to miss out on a lot. Stevie always had been a smart kid.

A ghost of a smile crossed his face, and Bucky leaned down to place a kiss on the top of your head. As he watched you breathing deeply, eyes closed and body still, he found himself admitting, “I love you.”

With a contented sigh, he closed his eyes and let himself rest. Still in something of a haze from the medication, you heard his declaration and it brought a sleepy smile to your face.

You burrowed further into his body, holding him as close as possible, and silently promised to never let go.

On The Roof Top

Written for @mshollowfox​. Happy @spideypoolexchange, Fox! Enjoy!

You can also read it on AO3.

“Baby Boy!” Wade exclaimed the moment Peter landed on their typical Tuesday roof. Not that it’s Tuesday today. Or was the last time. Or that time before, if he should be quite honest. Why were they calling it Tuesday roof, again?

“How’s it swinging?” Deadpool chuckled at his own horrible pun.

“Never heard that one before,” Peter rolled his eyes, even if it was kind of pointless with his mask still on. But he couldn’t completely push fondness out oh his voice, and he was smiling, too. Which, Peter was pretty sure, was Wade’s main goal in the first place.

He tiredly flopped down next to Deadpool and sighed contently. (And wasn’t that something he would never believed to be possible several months ago. Or even consider, to be absolutelly honest. At all.)

“That bad, huh?” Wade gave him a knowing look, and Peter knew exactly what look that was, no matter the merc’s mask was rolled up to barely uncover his mouth.

“Did you by some miracle miss the news? Or the smoke?” Although, there always were New Yorkers, who had no idea aliens roamed through the streets of their city - and no, he didn’t mean Thor - he would never expect Deadpool to be one of them. The mercenary‘s always known what was happening around him. At all times.

Wade scoffed. “Sure I saw. Both. But one would thought you’re used to all the alien shit by now.”

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Imagine Loki asking to team up with the Avengers and Tony Stark slamming the door in his face. Reader is a college student but sort of hanging out at Stark Tower after saving Captain America’s life with a forcefield she produced, causing certain people to take an interest in her newly manifesting powers…

Reader has blue-tinted forcefields, can blast blue energy from her bare hands, and whatever other powers you’d like to add.

Just a Dream (Part 5)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

Jeez louise, Kale (aka @sebbytrash) reblogs a COUPLE of chapters and your notes page FLOODS. :)))))))))))))))) I wasn’t planning on writing this until tomorrow but coincidentally I couldn’t sleep. Plus I just came back from the new Ghostbusters movie and it was so good and I was so hyped bc it was so late- anywhore, enjoy.

Summary: (if you still REALLY want a vague one that won’t make any sense) Y/N gets stuck alone with real life Bucky a couple of times. 

Word Count: 986

Warnings: Cursing (it happens. I’m a teenager, my sincerest apologies)

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Winter Frost - Loki/Tom Hiddleston Feels Fanfiction (Seasons of Loki series)

Here you go, the final installment in the Seasons of Loki series featuring our favourite Jotun and my OFC Hayley.
Synopsis: Taking place in a AU after Avengers AOU and kind of bypassing Thor TDW, Loki now works for SHEILD and is in a relationship with fellow SHEILD employee Hayley. Just when Hayley discovers she is pregnant, Loki is kidnapped by Thanos.
Warnings: Feels (and lots of them), giving birth, more feels, Loki’s redemption.

Catch up on previous oneshots:

Springtime Storms / Summertime Heat / Autumn Leaves

*This is a completely self indulgent fic that closes off this series of oneshots. It contains lots of ‘guest’ stars from the Marvel world just in case i feel the urge to do a second Loki series this year*

Winter Frost

The doorbell to your apartment chimed again and you groaned to yourself. Rolling your body over on the mattress you finally summoned the strength to swing your legs to the floor, slipping your swollen feet into your fluffy slippers before you shuffled to answer the door. Pulling it open you groaned;

“Steve… i gave you a damn key, why don’t you use it?”

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A/N This is Parts 1-6 newly edited and ready to be read. I changed things from parts 1-5 and part 6 is completely new so there is that. Not much has changed except for part 5. I am sorry it has taken me so long but I have been really stressed and working on other things and I a lot has just been going on in my life these last few months but I think every thing is at least a little bit calmer now. Also the writers block I had towards this story isn’t really there anymore so my mind is clear to really work on this story. Well anyway here you go.

Description: Y/N is Tony Stark’s Daughter and the light of his dark world. She is brilliant, beautiful, and talented beyond measure. She has always been dedicated to the work she does for the Avengers and the world, she never really thought much about boys or men, just her work no matter if it was in science or art her work always was more important to her than dating. She went on dates once in a while but love really was not on her agenda until she and Pietro Maximoff slowly creep their way into each others hearts.

Word Count: 12,745 (this is the the entire story start to finish. Honestly didn’t realize how many words it was going to end up being. Sorry.)

Warnings: Mentions of suicide, post postpartum depression, death of a parent. Nothing else I can think of but if there is something please feel free to let me know.


Tony Stark has always been, in his own words, a ‘genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist’, and indeed he was all these things but on top of them all he was the father to someone even greater than himself.

Y/N Stark is, like her father, a genius but she is also so much more than that. She is kind, witty, driven, beautiful and talented at so many things. She was everything Tony could have ever hoped for her to be and more. She was light of his life and the other lives around her.

Contrary to what some may believe, Y/N had not been the product of a one night stand. Tony had been in love with her mother; they were married young, barely 21, they had been high school sweethearts and after his parents death and taking over ownership of his father’s company Tony needed something stable that was his; so he married Y/N’s mother and he always had someone he loved to come home to when he was stressed from work. He loved that and he loved her.

3 years later she gave birth to their daughter Y/N and it had been the happiest day of his life he thought of all the things he would do differently from his father, how he wouldn’t be so cold and she would always know how much he loved her no matter what. Tony really had never been so happy in his life. This was the first time he felt like he truly had everything he could ever want. That was when it happened.

Y/N was only a few months old when his wife started to act differently. She didn’t want to even touch Y/N then she didn’t want to see her or hear her and eventually she shut out her husband as she shut out her daughter. One night when the sky was clear and you could see millions of stars in the sky that’s when Tony first realized he was never meant to be completely happy. It was so late, he had felt her shift and move from the bed, like she had done many nights before, but tonight she left the room and when she didn’t come back for some time he followed her. He followed her right out to the balcony. He saw her sitting on the railing, feet dangling over the edge staring up at the stars, she was calm as if she had done this many times before. He tried to speak to her but she had shut him out again.

“Why are you coming out so late? You could get hurt. Why don’t you come back over and I will get us some chairs and we can sit out here for a while and stargaze.” He spoke but he knew that she wasn’t listening, not anymore.

“The sky is so beautiful. I have been out here many nights trying to will myself to just jump but something always held me back. I would stare at the sky and something just didn’t seem right to me, but tonight, tonight is the night. The sky is clear and it makes me see everything clearly. I am a horrible mother and a horrible wife, I can’t even look at my own child. I have nothing else I can do.”

Then before he could even reach out to grab her arm she pushed herself from the railing of their second floor balcony. He screamed and called 911 but she was gone the moment she hit the ground and he knew it. So from that moment on he decided he needed to be enough of a parent to his little girl for both him and his wife.

And that’s exactly what he did. Y/N never wanted for anything, material or otherwise. Tony noticed from a young age she was interested in learning everything she could and so he taught her everything he could and the things he couldn’t teach her he hired people to do. She was brilliant and so talented. At the age of 13 she was already creating things and coming up with ideas for things that Tony had never even dreamed about and she was more than just talented with science. She played the piano, she sang, she painted, she wrote poetry and short stories and whenever she had something new to show her father he was always around to see it, no matter how busy he was he always made time to listen to her. This gave her confidence and reminded her that whatever she had to say was always important. Tony really was a grade A parent. He loved his daughter more than anything and she loved him as well, they had a good relationship and it always killed Tony to have to leave her behind when he went on trips for the business.
The trips happened more often as she got older. Y/N would stay with Pepper when her father was away and they always had a good time together, the trips were always the same, Tony would leave Friday morning and be back by Sunday night sometimes Monday morning at the latest, so when Wednesday rolled around and no one had heard from her father Y/N became very worried. She knew something was wrong and she was terrified that she would lose the only parent she had ever known.
Tony did eventually come back but he came back almost as someone else. He was the Iron Man now and it was scary to think about. Though Y/N and her father still spent much time together he would spend more time working on his suits while she would pursue her passions of music and art and it become less like a parent and child and more like just 2 people living in the same house.

During the battle in New York Y/N had been overseas soaking up different cultures across Europe and when she returned her father seemed to have returned back to the man she had grown up with. He was loving and affectionate and listened to her describe every small detail of her travels, not even glancing away from her for a moment. She was not sure what had changed in her father but she was glad to have him back in her life again the way he was before.

When Stark Tower became the Avengers Tower Tony asked Y/N if she would work with him, help him build and create things for the Avengers to which she promptly agreed. She was very talented and she never said no to a challenge, it was the bigger the better in her opinion. She even created the device that revived Pietro Maximoff.


Y/N had working on a project for years. Something that would change the world and everyone knew it. She had hoped she would never have to use it but everyone knew it was only a matter of time before she would need to stop testing on animals near death because there would be an Avenger who needed it to work. Project S.W.A.T. (Something Witty And Technical) had been in the works since she was 18, no one knew exactly how it worked but it brought people back from the brink of death. Well it was meant to bring people back but so far it had only been used on animals she found around the city. It had only been successful on one cat a few days before the battle of Sokovia and she hoped to have a few more animal trials before testing on a human life. Unfortunately for her, she worked for ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ who were about to battle a robot army in Eastern Europe.

Y/N had been pacing the floor since the team left for Sokovia waiting to hear any news. This is what she hated about these silly battles and missions, the waiting. She hated not knowing if they were dead or alive, the waiting killed her and she always paced for hours before going up to her lab to tinker. This time was no different. After almost 24 hours of no word from anyone Y/N went up into her lab to mess around with some new designs and equipment for the team. Just as she was sitting down to her computer she heard the roars of the team as it sounded like they were making their way to her lab. She turned to see Steve through the glass door carrying a body and her father right beside him ready to punch in the security code for the room. They rushed in and she finally recognized the body of the Maximoff boy. They had never met but her dad had had a few choice words to say about him when he met him and he looked just as Bruce had described him a few nights ago. Tony began to speak as Steve placed the twin on Project S.W.A.T..

“This works right?” Tony said quickly in reference to Project S.W.A.T..

“So far it has worked once on a cat I don’t know if it will work on a human if that’s what your asking.”

“Well if you don’t try he is going to die anyway and his sister is right outside this room and he is her only family. You are the only person who even has a shot at saving him so she is counting on you to save her only family.”

“Fine I will try this, you two wait outside I don’t like to be hovered over while I work.”

The men exited the room quickly as she adjusted the boys body on the table. She then turned on the machine and when to the computer typing in a code that made the table start to shake. After a few minutes she could hear deep gasping breaths coming from the table as the shaking slowed to a stop. Y/N made her way over to the boy and stood beside the table as his eyes opened and a confused look set into his features. She took this time to really look at him for the first time. He had a beautiful face and the most breathtaking eyes. She was almost stunned by how handsome this person was.

“What happened? Who are you? I thought I was going to die.” He spoke for the first time and she became more enthralled with him. He began to sit up as the team filled into my lab.

“Well you were going to die but Project S.W.A.T. here saved you. I am Y/N Stark and it is nice to finally meet you, I have heard many interesting things about you.”

“All good I hope.” He said with a wink.

“Actually no all absolutely horrible.” She replied with a chuckle as a woman about her age ran up to the man on the table and hugging him.

“Pietro I am so glad you are alive!” The women yelled “How could you be so reckless with your life! You could have died! You would have died if it had not been for Tony Stark’s Daughter!” With that the women, who Y/N assumed was the other Maximoff twin, turned to Y/N and hugged her tightly. “Thank you so much for saving my reckless brother’s life I can’t thank you enough.”

“Well…” Y/N paused waiting for a name


“Well Wanda, you don’t need to thank me. I should be thanking your brother for being such a good candidate for Project S.W.A.T.. It was really all him, all Project S.W.A.T. does is enhance the environment and the participant in a way that can save a person’s life according to their individual needs. All I did was punch in a few codes. Your brother did most of the work and he should have minimal trauma even though he was clinically dead for almost 4 minutes before he came in.”

“I really have no idea what you just said but I still would like to thank you for saving my life.” Pietro spoke glancing at the women who had created the machine to bring him back from the brink of death. He owed her his life and if he had to owe someone his life he was glad it was someone so beautiful. He moved off the table and went to walk to the door. “Though however grateful I am, I am in desperate need of a shower and some feed and maybe a nap, being dead makes you surprisingly tired.”

Steve Spoke up. “I’ll walk him to his room, Nat why don’t you show Wanda her room and someone call and order a pizza I am starving.” Everyone started to file out of the room except for the two Starks. Y/N sat back down at her computer ready to finally work on some ideas for the team and Tony came to sit down beside her.

“You did good today my Light. You can try to avoid taking credit all you want with the rest of the team but I know that this was all you. This was your dream to be able to help people, to bring them back to the people they love and you did it. I am so proud to have you as a daughter, do you understand that. You are so smart and whenever you set your mind to something you do it and of all the things I have accomplished in my life. You are the greatest one. You will never understand how proud I am of you light, and you somehow manage to make me prouder every single day. I love you sweet girl.” Tony had tears in his eyes as he kissed the top of her head.

“I love you too dad.”

“I know you do. Now abandon this lab for a while and come downstairs I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too dad, no more business trips for a while right?”

“I don’t think there will be a business trip for me ever again. I think I am just going to hang up the suit and tinker with my girl for a while.” Tony draped an arm over his daughter’s shoulder. “Besides I need to be around for all the new inventions you are going to create so I can try to at least take some of the credit.”

The pair laughed as they walked down the stairs and Y/N had never been so happy to hear his laugh when only an hour ago she thought she might never see him again.


Tony never needed a reason to have a party but if there ever was a reason to have a party it would be the fact that everyone had miraculously made it back alive from battling robots in Sokovia. Everyone really was truly revived that other than Pietro, who was able to be revived, no one came back with more than some cuts, bruises and very sore muscles. So Tony decided he would throw a party in celebration of the victory, what he deemed to be the end of the war. Being Tony’s daughter, Y/N had been to plenty of parties in her life but this was the first one she was nervous about. With word about Project S.W.A.T. and it’s success going around she knew there would be plenty of people who would want to talk to her and be interested in it but, unlike her father, she wasn’t much of a talker and she was not ready to answer a million questions only a week after Project Artistry first real success but she was also excited for a party, after so much chaos it would be nice to just laugh and dance and have fun.

She stood in the mirror of her bedroom placing the last Bobby pin in her hair to secure her bun. She had to say she did look lovely. She wore a dress her father had brought back from Italy last year after he missed her birthday dinner for an important business meeting. She hadn’t minded, in fact she thought it was a blessing because she would be able to spend more time working on Project S.W.A.T., which at the time killed anything it tried to revive. But Tony felt bad and had brought it back for her anyway. It was sky blue with a deep V neckline, short with pleats in the skirt and she just felt beautiful in it. She wore it with her white pumps and a set of pearls. She really did feel as beautiful as she looked and she was very excited to finally show her father how the dress looked on her not just on the hanger where it’s been for a year.

Y/N made her way down the stairs as she spotted her father across the room by the bar with a glass of champagne in his hand talking to Steve and Thor. She made her way across the room filled with mingling people to say hello to her father and possibly get a drink or two before she had to talk to anyone outside the Avengers.

“Hey Dad. Don’t you look spiffy.” She said giving her dad a quick hug.

“Well have you looked in the mirror because you look lovely tonight my little Light. Is that the dress from last you? I knew I made the right choice with that color you look breathtaking I will have to beat the men off you with a stick tonight!” They laughed then Y/N greeted the two men her father had been speaking to.

“Hello Steve, Thor, how are you doing tonight? I mean must not be well you are standing over here talking to the most boring person in the room.” She said pointing at her father.

“Things are going well thanks, I was only listening to your dad and Thor argue over which of them has the better girlfriend.”

“Oh well that one is easy! It’s Bruce I mean he and Nat are a thing now right? So it’s not either of them.” Together Steve and Y/N laughed while Tony and Thor looked a combination of confused and hurt.

“I’m going to tell Pepper you said that!”

“Go ahead she would agree with me. Whoever dates Natasha Romanoff is the real winner in any situation. She and I have had this conversation before. Speaking of Pepper I thought she was coming tonight, I do miss her terribly.”

“She was supposed to be here but you know running a company is unpredictable and she was called out to Europe suddenly this afternoon.”

“Alright well when she gets back her and I should go shopping, bring that up next time you talk to her.”

“Will do, you know she loves spending time with you. Anyway if you will excuse me I need to go save that group over there from another one of Rhodey’s ‘War Machine’ stories. I’ll talk to you later sweetheart.” Tony said as he walked over towards his friend.

“So Y/N Project S.W.A.T. really has done a nice job with the Maximoff boy, the way he is behaving you wouldn’t know that he was practically dead a week ago.” They looked across the room where Pietro was dancing with a girl neither of them had seen before and they were sure he hadn’t either. From the look on the girl’s face he was telling a joke or something. He had a smile so big it looked almost as if it could break his face. The way his shoulders looked as he was holding the girl close was enough to send a few unholy thoughts into Y/N’s mind but she was quick to shoo them away, afraid his sister might see them and torment her relentlessly. It was nothing more than a slight physical attraction to him, that’s what she was always telling herself. Nothing more and nothing less than a one sided physical attraction.

“Well like I said before, I would prefer to have him resting just in case but getting him to sit still is harder than getting you to dance.”

“Ha ha Y/N if you wanted to dance with me you could have just asked instead of taking a jab at my old life.”

“Okay then Captain, would you come dance with me? It’s a slow song nothing to difficult just some swaying you don’t need any skills.”

“Alright but just one song, if your dad sees he might get ideas and we don’t want any of that.”

“Of course not, if he sees us dancing he might get too excited and pee himself. For all the shit he gives you he thinks you are a great guy.” They laughed and made their way to an empty space on the dance floor near Pietro and what now looked to be a different girl swaying back and forth.

Steve took Y/N’s hand and placed his other on her hip and she placed her’s on his shoulder as they moved to the song they began talking.

“So Rogers, anyone special in your life these days?”

“No I’m starting to think that maybe I am better off just leading the troops. I used to think, when I first woke up, I could just carry on with my life the way it had been when I went under, wanting the wife and kids and a stable life but the world has changed a lot since I was in it last and I’m not really much into today’s dating scene, it’s too high tech for me. What about you little Stark, you’re 21 you should be out dancing or whatever it is kids do these days, but instead you are hulled up in your little laboratory. Are you seeing a special someone that no one knows about?”

“Well for starters Steve today we go clubbing, it’s like dancing but with much less grace and skill and even less clothing. It’s not really my scene either I would much rather spend my time making new gadgets for the team anyway. I don’t have anyone just my computer and the Avengers.” She laughed, she had never really thought about dating, sure she got a lot of offers she was beautiful and talented and intelligent but the reason she was asked out were never for those reasons, it was always because she was a Stark and she was not going to go on a date with someone who only wanted her father’s money. She had to choose her dates carefully which meant they were very scarce.

“Well you’re young still no need to worry about all that. I was just curious because I have noticed at least half the men here gawking at us.”

“Let them gawk most of them just want dads money or the notoriety of being with Iron Man’s daughter. Besides most of them are too old for my taste anyway. Including you Capsicle.” She stated with a laugh as the song ended. “That’s the end of our song, thank you for the dance Steve, I am headed to find Wanda.”

Y/N parted ways with Steve in search of the woman she had begun to get attached too over the last few days. Wanda Maximoff was close in age with Y/N and they had a lot in common, spending the majority of their life around men, getting quickly fed up with egos and testosterone, their capacity to love and care for others. Y/N was glad to have a friend, she hadn’t had many of those in her life, neither had Wanda and they were both excited at the prospect of having someone to share secrets with and all those other things you hear in magazines and movies about girl friends.

Y/N found Wanda sitting on a couch staring at her drink, she looked as if she was thinking over something very important. Y/N sat down beside her friend and poked her shoulder.
“You know you are supposed to drink it, not stare at it.” Wanda looked up and laughed at her friend.

“I know. I am just thinking. Sometimes being able to read minds is such a heavy burden.”

“Why is that?”

“Because you have to listen to the thoughts of some girl who is trying to get your brother to take her to bed. It is disgusting, but Pietro is having none of it he is not interested in a single one of the girls he has danced with tonight so at least I won’t have to hear about anything that actually happened. But enough about my burden. How are you doing tonight? I saw you dancing with Captain America I thought he did not dance.” Wanda chuckled, she didn’t mean what she said she was just trying to change topics and get rid of the annoying sounds that the women around her were making in regards to her twin.

“Uh yeah he usually doesn’t but I think he is at a point of letting go of the past. It was a very nice dance and I don’t get a nice dance very often unless it’s with my father and he is too preoccupied tonight entertaining, I think he just misses Pepper and needs a distraction.”

“You are right. I have seen that in his mind. But do not tell him he will kick me out of the tower if he knows I looked into his head for even a second!”

“You know I’ll never tell!“

The two girls sat for hours talking about anything that came to mind, pointing out the numbers of men staring at them and counting how many girls tried to get each of the male Avengers to notice them. The drinks kept flowing between them and they laughed as they talked about anything that came to mind. Finally as the night started coming to a close, Y/N turned to face Wanda completely.

“So I wanted to talk to you about maybe planning a girls night sometime, maybe next weekend? We could do all those things girls do at sleepovers. I used to do a lot of it with Pepper but it’s different when you can talk to someone your age.”

“That sounds great actually I can not wait!”

“Good be in my room next Saturday at 6, be in your Pajamas girl!” Y/N stood again looking around the room. Many people had left and the only people in the room were the Avengers and one last girl trying to get into Pietro’s bed as he tried ushering her out the doors. Y/N leaned down and whispered to Wanda “Well it looks like you don’t have to worry about any more obscene thoughts, there goes the last of our guests.” Y/N walked away in the direction of where he father sat on a couch next to Steve. She plopped down next to her father thankful that no one had attempted to make small talk with her tonight and time had seemed to fly by.

“So Dad, another good party?”

“Indeed it was sweet thing, I got a lot of questions about you, most of which I ignored, you’re welcome.”

“Thanks dad I’ll remember that the next time you ask me to do dishes or something.” She giggled knowing full well he was ignoring the questions for his sake, not hers. Seconds later there was a sigh as Pietro sat on the floor in front of them.

“Is this what all parties are like Mr. Stark? Batting away hordes of women who want to sleep with you?”

“No Speedy, usually you pick a few and sleep with them. Though I don’t expect you to know that, you are still young you probably have never even been to a party much less had sex.”

Y/N noticed Pietro send a quick glance at her as she felt the heat rise to her cheeks not ready to hear about her dad’s sex life or anyone’s sex life, or lack of, she stood to dismiss herself.

“Alright Dad, I am still traumatized from when you gave me ‘The Talk’ so if you are going to give it to the boy now I am headed to bed. I will see you all in the afternoon when you’ve recovered from your hangovers. Goodnight Father, Steve, Pietro.” She waved to the super soldier and the speedster, kissed her father on the head as he whispered a quick ‘goodnight Light’ and walked back upstairs to her bedroom trying hard not to think about what Tony could possibly be telling Pietro about sex or how bad of a hangover she would have in the morning.


The next Saturday came quickly and that morning Y/N found herself beyond excited for her 'Girl’s Night’ with Wanda. It had been all she thought about all week and the night before she could hardly sleep. Wanda was in the same situation, she had no idea what to expect so she was a bit nervous but still excited; she hadn’t had a sleepover or anything like that since she was 9 and she assumed that things were much different once you were an adult.

As 6 o'clock came around Wanda got into her pajamas and made her way to Y/N’s room. She knocked on the door and as if she had just been standing by it waiting Y/N flung the door open quickly and started to ramble on about the night they were going to have.

“I am so excited! I can’t wait we are going to have so much fun! I ordered pizza and it should be here soon. I have stuff set up to do facials and our nails, I have Netflix up on the TV, you can pick out whatever you like but I would like to make the suggestion of Orange is the New Black, and I went out today and bought all sorts of gossip magazines and we are going to just have the best time ever!”

Wanda couldn’t help but laugh at her friend. She was so excited about spending time with her, she couldn’t remember the last time someone who wasn’t her brother being excited to spend time with her. As she walked into Y/N’s room she looked around in awe. This was her first time in the room and she couldn’t help but notice how pretty it was. The room was large enough to be it’s own apartment, the walls were painted in a pastel yellow, in the center of the room was one of the biggest beds Wanda had ever seen, to the left of the room near the large window was a comfortable looking sofa and chair set, on the coffee table were what Wanda assumed to be the facials and nail products Y/N had mentioned earlier, to the right of the room was a small piano and a desk set up, the TV was set in a way that could be seen from the bed or from the sofa, the walls were filled with photographs and posters and paintings and around the top of the walls she had fairy lights strung around giving the room a warm and inviting glow.

“ Come on in and make yourself at home I figured we could do the facials and our nails while we wait for the pizza so you can take your pick of the chair or a spot on the couch.”

Wanda walked to the couch and sat down on one end while Y/N made her way over and sat down on the other. Y/N began to describe the items on the table in front of them, each facial mask was for something different, dry skin, oily skin, combination, acne, anything you could think of there was a product for it and it amazed Wanda how many different skin types there were. Each of them picked up a product and began to apply it, though Wanda was a bit confused at first she soon got the hang of it and before long they both had their faces covered in goop laughing at how ridiculous the other looked.

“You should see your face!” Y/N exclaimed to her friend.

“You do not look much better! We could audition for a monster film.”

The pair continued to laugh until there was a knock at the door, Y/N raced over to open it expecting her father to be on the other side but much to her surprise it had been Pietro carrying a pizza. Y/N had spoken with him several times through out the week keeping an eye on his progress and getting to know him as she had his twin. He was a sweet man who was willing to do anything to protect the people he cared about. He didn’t seem to speak much in crowds but when you got him alone he had so much to say and many stories to tell. He had come into Y/N’s lab a few times just to chat with her about things he didn’t feel comfortable saying to anyone else. He had asked about girls the morning after the party and when she questioned him about why he didn’t just ask his sister he said he didn’t want her to think he was trying to find someone to replace her. For all the terrible things she had heard about him before the battle Pietro seemed to be a kind and compassionate person for all she could tell and she had begun to look forward to his visits to her lab.

“The delivery person was at the door. Your father said I should bring this up for the two of you; put my powers to use. If you do not mind me asking…what is all over your face?”

“Wanda and I are doing facials if you must know. Would you like to come in? I can do one for you too, or I could paint your nails, I just bought this beautiful blue that would look just lovely on you.”

“I am fine thank you for the offer though. Just between you and I is my sister having fun?”

“I knew that’s why you really came, she is having a blast form what I can tell but feel free to come in and see for yourself and while your at it you can set that pizza down on the table.”

Pietro walked in to see his sister flipping through a magazine he had never seen before.

“Hello Sister. Y/N tells me you are having fun together.”

“Yes Brother we are having a wonderful time we are going to be painting our nails after we eat if you would like to join us.”

“Maybe another time when I am more prepared.”

“I will hold you to that Mr. Maximoff but if you are not going to stay and have your nails done then I must ask you to leave. We are going to start talking about boys and periods and I don’t think you want to hear about that.” Y/N said with a smile.

“You are right so I will be going ladies have a good night and if you need anything I am here.” Pietro hugged his sister quickly and flashed Y/N a smile as he waved goodbye. Y/N could feel the blush rising to her cheeks and she knew that Wanda noticed as well. When the door finally shut Wanda spoke up.

“You have a crush on my brother.” Wanda stated matter-of-factually.

“That’s not fair you used your powers and I don’t have a crush on him I just get flustered when boys smile at me.”

“I do not need my powers to know you have a crush on my brother and since when do you get flustered around boys you danced with Steve Rogers if you were going to get flustered around boys it would have been then.”

“Fine I do have a crush but that’s all it is. It will go away soon and besides nothing could come of it because it’s a one sided physical attraction.”

“Yes sure it is.” Wanda said sarcastically and picked up a piece of pizza turning to the TV. “So Orange is the New Black?”


The rest of the night was spent between the girls talking about everything under the sun finally falling asleep as it was rising the next morning, fully aware that they would be paying for their messed up sleep schedules later in the week.


Tony and Pepper truly were in love, anyone with eyes could see that, but after the death of Y/N’s mother, Tony’s first wife, Tony had been very hesitant and careful with his and Pepper’s relationship around his daughter. When they first started dating 5 years ago Y/N had been 16. They didn’t tell her at first, even though Y/N never really knew her mother Tony didn’t want her to feel like he was trying to replace his first wife or his daughter in his life because Y/N really was the most important person in his whole world. They eventually did tell her only for her to say she already knew. Y/N was good at that, knowing things before she was told, she had a way about picking up on things in passing and remembering them, something many people admired about her. Pepper had been the closest thing Y/N had ever had to a mother and she was glad that her dad had finally admitted there was something between the two of them. Though Tony was still cautious, he didn’t want to make his daughter feel as though he was choosing Pepper over her so whenever he planned dates for himself and Pepper he would always plan one for him and Y/N as well, this went on for a year before Y/N insisted that it was fine and to just go on dates with Pepper she would find something to keep her occupied, and she always did, usually creating something new or fixing something to make it better.

Despite Y/N’s instance that she really was perfectly happy with her father’s relationship he still ran almost everything he did by her, which was what brought him into his daughters lab one day. Her lab was almost like her second room; in the center of the room were computers and desks and all sorts of gadgets, like any other lab you would see in the tower, but in the back corner on the right side was a set up of bookshelves filled to bursting with a combination of the books Y/N had been collecting over the years as well as books her mother had collected in her lifetime. There was a rug and in the middle sat a beautiful pink vintage plush chair, on each side of the chair were stands, on top of one was a cup of tea and the other a lamp. Y/N sat in the chair reading a book from her mothers collection, the spine was well broken in and the cover was almost falling off, it had been her mother’s favorite he can remember walking in the door from work to see he curled up in a chair reading the exact same copy on a number of occasions. He stood by the door just looking at his daughter, she looked so much like her mother that it made his heart swell.

“You know dad it is very rude to stare. You are more than welcome to pull up a seat if you wanted to talk.”

“I wasn’t staring I was just admiring how much you look like your mother is all.” Tony took a seat on the floor in front of his daughter pulling out his wallet and then a picture from it handing it over to her. “That was her on our wedding day, she was your age and I swear I had never seen someone so beautiful in my entire life and it was true until I met you and gosh you are just the spitting image of her. I will never get over that. She loved you so much, but she let her mind convince her that she didn’t but anyone who saw her with you those first few months could tell how much she loved you.”

“I wish I would have gotten to know her that’s all.”

“You do know her, you are her in many ways, in a way I lost her but still kept her if that makes any sense.”

“It does. So what is the real reason you came? You didn’t come just to talk to me about how much like mom I am. So what is it? Spill.”

“Alright so when you were younger, you were probably 5 or 6, you came to me in the lab with tears in your eyes and asked me if I would ever love someone again like I loved your mother. I asked where that thought even came from and you told me that someone down at the park had said to you that I was going to fall in love with another women and you would get a horrible wicked step-mother and we would have our own kids and I would forget all about you. I told you that you were the number one girl in my life and even though I was positive I would never love someone like I loved your mother if I ever did I would come to you to you and ask for your approval of her first because you are the most important person in my life and you will always be my special little Light. Well that’s what I’m doing. I have been putting a lot of thought into it and even though your mother will always hold the spot as my first true love and you as my second, Pepper is my true love now and I want to know if you are okay with me asking her to get married. It won’t change your status as my number one and I promise no children because let’s be real I would have no idea how to raise a child that wasn’t you but I just think that this I where our relationship is headed and I am ready to go at it full force if you will let me.”

“Dad I was little when you said you would ask me, I’m not a kid anymore you don’t need my permission to be happy. If this is what’s going to make you happy then what does it matter what I say.”

“It matters because I made a promise to my 6 year old little girl and I didn’t break promises to her then and I am not starting now so yay or nay to Pepper Potts?”

“Yay, Pepper is perfect I have never met anyone who could put up with you like she can.”

“That’s true. So now that I have your approval I have to go plan a proposal.” Tony stood up from the floor dusting off his pants and Y/N stood from her chair to hug her father.

“I can feel everything around me changing and I just can’t wait.”

“Me either Light this is the beginning of the good times for us.”


A few days later Y/N sat in front of her computer typing up a list of things she wanted to tinker with that week when she heard the doors to her lab open; she turned to find Pietro with a sad look on his face.

“Hey Piet, what has you so down?”

“I do not really know I just am very sad today and Wanda is very busy with training so I thought I might come talk to you.”

“Well you know you can always come talk to me. How about we go get comfy in my little corner.” The pair made their way over to the corner of the lab that housed some of Y/N’s favorite things and sat on the floor across from each other.

“Alright so is their anything particular you wanted to talk about?”

“Not really I just wanted to talk, thought it might make me feel better.”

“Well do you have any idea what is making you so upset?”

“Not really. I guess I just am missing my family. I have Wanda but she is always busy and I see the way everyone here acts as if they are a family and it just makes me miss my parents and the way things were before.”

“Well it’s okay to miss your parents but also you need to remember that you are part of this family now and we all care about you no matter what.”

“Thank you Y/N, that helps me feel a little better.”

“Do you want to do something that might make you feel a lot better?”

“What is it?”

“Well I just happen to know that today is the day they are waxing the floors down on level 6 and I also just happen to have 2 pairs of fluffy socks…”

“What is it that you are getting at?”

“Well I think that there is nothing more fun then sliding across a freshly waxed floor in a pair of fluffy socks…except perhaps sliding across a freshly waxed floor in a pair of fluffy socks at the speed of sound.”

“That does sound a little fun.”

Y/N stood up from the floor and walked towards the door. Stopping only for a moment turning back to Pietro

“What are you waiting for hurry up.”

Pietro stood up and looked at her for a long time smiling at how impatient she was being. He never thought there would be someone more impatient than him but here she stood before him half way to the door before he could even stand.

“You are going to wish you did not say that.” Pietro laughed as he came up behind her picking her up and ran out the door and down the stairs all the way to to the 6th floor in seconds where when he stepped off the stairs he immediately began to slide around and ultimately fall with Y/N still in his arms. The pair laughed it off and carefully stood back up and slid down the halls together with the biggest smiles on their faces, their laughter heard throughout the whole tower.


Over the next few weeks Y/N and the twins seemed to be together every chance they got. If the twins weren’t training or sleeping it could be assumed that they were in Y/N’s Lab. They were in there so often in fact that Y/N asked her father if she could add 2 chairs to her corner set up and that is where they sat now, each of them in a vintage chair talking to each other.

“So he is showing off this very beautiful, and very cold looking, dress, that he stole mind you, to this girl that he had been flirting with for I do not know how long and I come walking past them…”

“And you embarrass me to the point where I must risk my life saving her brother to redeem myself. You know sister it is not so funny in retrospect.”

“I don’t know Piete I think it’s funny but also very sweet that you felt the need to redeem yourself in such a noble way. Besides you didn’t die so we can totally laugh at your sister embarrassing you like that.”

“Do you know what Y/N? I do not enjoy you laughing at my pain. It hurts me deeply.”

“Well I am sorry for hurting you so deeply but do I need to remind you who brought you back from the brink of death?”

“No you do not. Wanda reminds me every day.”

Wanda suddenly became very serious.

“Yes I do. I remind him that Stark is not a bad name. Even though one almost kill us another saved our lives.”

The room was quiet for a moment none of them sure what to say each of them scared to break the silence that was surrounding them. Wanda was the first to speak.

“Why does your father call you 'Light’?”

This wasn’t the first time Y/N had been asked that question, all the avengers had asked at one point or another and the story got easier to tell, quick and painless, almost an automatic and robotic response at this point.

“Well dad says that from the moment I was born there was a glowing light in his life that hadn’t been there before. Even after my mother killed herself I continued to bring a light into his life even when everything seemed too dark to be real.”

“We are so sorry about your mother.” Pietro said after Y/N had finished her well rehearsed lines.

“Yeah me too. I’m sorry about your parents I mean I got to keep one of mine and you guys lost both because of something my dad made. I’m sorry about that.”

“It is not your fault I assure you.” Wanda spoke softly as the room got quiet again.

Y/N slid out of her chair and onto the floor. “What was it like having both parents as a child? I know you only had them for 10 years but for that time, you have memories of them, of being with them, what was it like? What was it like having a mother?”

Wanda stood from her chair and sat down next to her friend. “It was wonderful and I miss it everyday. My mother was my best friend from the time I got home from school until I went to bed I would spend every moment with her. She used to braid my hair every night before bed. We did not have much growing up but I know that our parents loved us dearly and I am grateful to have the memories of them that I do because it could be much worse. I could have no memories at all or worse yet I could have all bad memories with them.” Wanda looked up to Pietro. “Do you have anything to say brother? Anything you would like to add about two parents?” Pietro smiled slightly and stood and sat on Y/N’s other side warping an arm around her shoulders.

“I do not have anything to add but if it makes you feel better having two parents wasn’t all fun and games it also meant getting in trouble not once but twice. Once by Mamma and again by Papa. Though I was the only one of us who got into trouble.”

“That is true my brother was the trouble maker always getting into trouble and whenever I did get into trouble I always got to blame him. Perks of being 12 minutes younger.”

“Yes our mother’s most famous phrase was 'Ви сте њен Протецтер, држи је из невоље.’ which means 'You are her protecter, keep her from trouble.’ I resented that phrase until the night the bombs hit then I knew she was right. I had to protect Wanda at all cost but we ended up protecting each other in the end.”

“Your mother sounds like an amazing person.”

“I am sure your mother was just as amazing.”

“Dad says that but I don’t know, she threw herself off the balcony before I could find out. Anyway enough with this sad talk. The two of you have training and I have to get back to working on the prototype for Speedy’s shoes so maybe he can stop running through them.” Y/N chuckled as she looked over at Pietro who smiled at her.

“It is not my fault I run through the shoes they are not built for a man as fast as myself.” The group stood up and began to walk toward to door.

“Yeah? Well then maybe you should slow down a little don’t you think?” They were now standing by the door. Y/N hugged Wanda as she left the room.

“I do not slow down for anything Y/N. You should know that by now.” Pietro leaned down to hug Y/N.

“Yeah I know but one can hope right?”

“Right. Oh and Y/N?”

“Yes Pietro?”

“If you need to talk you can always come find me.”

“Thanks Piet.”

“Any time.”


Y/N was known for often working into the early hours of the morning, sometimes people would find her still awake when they woke up for breakfast. A few nights after Y/N’s talk with the twins she was up late still working on the prototype for Pietro’s shoes when she wandered out of her little lab and into the kitchen for a snack. She searched for something that caught her eye finally settling on a banana and some tea. She waited for it to boil when she heard slow footsteps coming towards her. She turned to see Pietro standing just across from her clearly shocked to see anyone awake at this hour.

“What are you doing awake at this time?” He asked her.

“I am working on the prototype for your shoes. I think the extra traction combined with the new material for the soles should not only help you run faster but it will also help with the whole running through your shoes dilemma; it won’t stop it but you won’t need to get a new pair after every mission. Now why are you awake at this hour? Just finish up with another lady friend?” She giggled at the end trying to sound nonchalant about the whole thing.

“First of all I have no 'lady friends’ other than you, if I did you would know about it and second of all I had a nightmare” Pietro stated quietly looking down at his feet.

“Why didn’t you tell anyone about the nightmares, Wanda could easily have helped and given you better dreams. You probably have some form of PTSD which isn’t surprising most of the people in this tower have it or have had it.”

“I don’t want to worry my sister, she worries enough about me and I don’t want to worry her anymore about something as trivial as a nightmare.”

The kettle began to whistle and Y/N turned around to pour her tea.

“Well if that’s the case then you are probably not going to sleep any time soon and I am really not all that tired, do you want to watch a movie with me?” Pietro nodded and I grabbed my tea as we headed towards the lounge.

“What movie? I am leaning towards something like the titanic?”

“Is that the one about the boat?”

“Yes it is.”

“That is fine by me.”

They sat curled up on opposite ends of the couch watching the movie when Pietro turned to her.

“What was it like having Stark as a father? I always thought of him as a horrible man but you don’t act as if he is.”

“He is a great dad. He loved me and cared about me and he did everything in his power to make me happy whether I was something material he could get me or piano lessons or just sitting down and talking to me, he did whatever he could to make me happy. He was always trying to make up for my mom’s death I know he blamed himself for a long time even though there was nothing he could do. He always encouraged me and he always listened to me like I was the most important person in the world giving the greatest speech mankind has ever heard.

"When I was like 4 he tried to send me to school but it didn’t last long he missed me too much during the day so he hired teachers to teach me from home. I learned a lot, so much in fact that when I was 14 and he decided that I needed to go to high school and socialize with people my own age I tested out of the senior classes I even tested out of the few college level courses they had. I remember he was so proud of me that he offered to buy me anything under the sun but I told him all I wanted was to make dinner and have with him, though that didn’t end well and we ended up ordering a pizza and watching movies until the early hours of the morning. My dad was always really loving and I had no idea he sold weapons until he became Iron Man because I thought a man as kind and loving as my father would never create something so destructive. But he did and it ended up destroying your life. I understand you thinking that my father is a horrible man but he isn’t he is just a man who made mistakes and has spent the rest of his life trying to fix them. Sometimes he just doesn’t get it right.”

When she stopped talking Y/N noticed the tears rolling down her cheeks. She knew her father wasn’t perfect she just hated thinking about all the mistakes that he made, they made her feel responsible as well even if she wasn’t. Pietro pulled her over to him and she rested her head against his chest as he stroked her hair.

“I always thought of Stark as an angry, greedy man who didn’t care who he hurt. That’s who I always wanted him to be because it made hating him okay. I never thought he had a family because that would make him human, I absolutely never thought he would have a daughter as beautiful and as smart as you.” Pietro kissed her head and hugged her closer to him.

“I wanted Tony to be pure evil so that I didn’t feel bad about hating him. As a child there is only good and evil there is no middle ground and I managed to carry that idea with me into adulthood. That’s what I thought until I met the Avengers, until I met your father. I learned that people can be both good and bad, there is this extensive middle ground that I never wanted to exist because if it existed that would mean that maybe I was wrong for hating the people I did. I didn’t want to be wrong. But I will admit to you, as long as you promise not to tell anyone, I don’t think Tony Stark is evil…” Pietro leaned in close to Y/N stroking her cheek with his thumb.“ I mean how could someone evil take part in the creation of someone I am falling in love with.” He leaned in further and placed a soft kiss on her lips before pulling away and standing up from the couch.

“I think it’s time to go to bed we have things to do tomorrow I will see you at breakfast.” He said before speeding away to his room as if nothing had happened. Y/N stood from the couch, lips still tingling, wondering if it had all been a dream as she slowly walked to her room to get a few hours of sleep before breakfast.


The next morning Pietro treated Y/N as if nothing had happened the night before, in fact for a week he carried on as usual spending time with her and his sister, talking to her as if nothing had happened that night in the living room. He was acting so normally for these last few weeks that Y/N was almost driven crazy thinking that she may have made up the entire scenario in her head and in fact nothing had happened at all.

She tried to push the thoughts from her head, she had more important things to think about. Mainly her father’s proposal to Pepper. He had taken Y/N out to help pick out a ring a week and a half ago and now it was time to get ready for the proposal.

Tony Stark was in no way a simple man, I mean he built a giant tower with his name on it in the middle of New York City, if that does not scream over the top then I don’t know what does. However for as over the top as Tony was Pepper was just as modest and most certainly wanted a quiet proposal while Tony wanted to go all out so he decided to combine the two. He would take Pepper out to dinner to propose and then bring her back to the tower where everyone would be there ready to either celebrate the couple or help Tony drown his sorrows. Everyone was excited for the proposal, knowing how in love the couple was, well everyone except for Tony, he was a little bit of a mess; though he hid it quite well his daughter could still tell. Since early this morning when the two of them sat in her lab talking she knew he was the most nervous he had been in a long time.

“You know dad, Pepper loves you, like a lot, and I am sure she is going to say yes.”

“I hope you’re right sweet Light, I just have never done this before. I mean when I proposed to your mother it was a mutual conversation we were having. We had just driven away from the cemetery and we were sitting in a parking lot just down the street and we were talking about what we were going to do now, what I was going to do now. I told her how scared I was and she looked at me and said ‘You know we could get married’ and I said ‘Yeah that actually is a really good idea. Let’s do it.’ and 6 months later we were married. I never really had to ask her, never had to worry about if she was going to say yes or not because it was her idea.”

“Well if I know Pepper like I think I do you don’t have to worry about her rejecting you either because for some reason or another she loves you like you wouldn’t believe.”

“You are always so sure of things. I love that about you. So anyway there is another reason I came down here other than to talk about my nerves. I have something to give you. I debated for a long time about giving it to you because it was one of the last things I held on to that was your mothers. Though I figured that tonight is the start of a new chapter in my life and I am ready to give it up.”

Tony reached into his back pocket and pulled out a small velvet pouch. Inside was the necklace Y/N had seen in almost every photograph of her mother. It was a silver and diamond heart shaped necklace.

“Dad this is beautiful.”

“I’m glad you like it. I got it for her just before our wedding day and she wore it every single day after that.”

“I’ll keep it always. But no more talking it’s time to get ready for that proposal of yours! And don’t be so nervous. She will say yes.”

“Thank you my Light I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“Thankfully you will never have to find out.”


Y/N sat off to the side of the room watching everyone interact. Steve was talking with Sam and Darcy, Rhody and Maria were sitting with a group of strangers, Natasha and Bruce were sitting at the bar with Clint and Laura laughing, Thor and Jane were out on the balcony, Vision was having, what looked to be, a very riveting conversation with Dr. Cho, Pietro was once again surrounded by girls looking disinterested though she could not spot Wanda she figured she was having a wonderful time. Y/N looked down at her drink, though it had been in her hand for over an hour she had yet to take a sip of it.

“You know that you are supposed to drink it not stare at it yes?”

“Yes Wanda I do know that. I guess my mind is just other places right now.”

“Like on your kiss with my brother?”

“How did you know about that!?”

“Do you forget I read minds?”

“First of all that’s rude, second of all I don’t even know if that kiss happened. I was up late, sleep deprived, I could have been hallucinating; or dreaming. He hasn’t been acting any differently towards me, he hasn’t mentioned it. I am really thinking I was just dreaming it.”

“Well if that is what you think, how could you and Pietro both have had the same hallucination or dream on the same night in such good details.”

“So it did happen?”

“From what I have gathered yes.”

“Then way has he been acting as if it hadn’t.”

“My brother, he is strange. He and I have cared for each other since we were 10 years old, we have never been apart, even when we were separated during the experiments we were right next to each other. He never really learned how to act around girls that weren’t me and when he would try I always shut it down because I was worried about being without him. It was wrong of me but it was what I did and now that there is potential for real feelings for someone he is scared. If you want my advice, Do one drive yourself mad over it, he is working to come to terms with his feelings, I will help him with it but just know that you didn’t imagine anything from that night.”

“Thanks Wanda, I really appreciate you telling me that. I am just going to let what is going to happen happen at this point and let him figure things out.”

“That is the best option for now and I will help him so it won’t be long and at this point he isn’t acting differently so for now at least just pretend nothing has happened.”

“I can so do that. I mean it was a nice kiss but honestly I have been going a little crazy over it.”

“I know that friends are supposed to listen to each other talk about their love lives but really I would rather not hear about my brother kissing you I already have heard enough out of both of your minds.”

“In all honesty Wanda you are only making trouble for your self by reading our minds.”

“I know I am I but I am very nosy and I like to know things about my friend and brother. I can not help myself. I just do not want to know too much and I feel like I do know too much.” Wanda and Y/N started to laugh when Steve made his way to the center of the room to make an announcement.

“Everyone quiet! They are coming into the building now. Prepare for the worst.”

The whole room became quiet as we waited for the couples arrival. Then the door opened and in walked Pepper and Tony. They stood in the door way, everyone gawking at the two of them waiting for some sort of response.

“Well, isn’t someone going to pour the champagne? Because she said 'Yes’!”

The room erupted with cheers and chatter and Y/N made her way over to her father and Pepper.

“See dad I told you she would say yes.”

“I know you did. I don’t know why I ever doubted you.”

“Neither do I but that doesn’t matter right now I am so happy for the two of you.” She moved to hug her father and then Pepper. “I love you both so much.”

“And we love you too Light. Now go have fun I am going to go introduce people to my fiance.”

“I am pretty sure everyone already knows Pepper dad.”

“Oh they do but now I get to call her my fiance so it’s different.”

“Whatever you say dad.”

So Y/N walked away to go talk and mingle with people, happy that life for someone she loved was finally going well for them.


Since the proposal it had been getting colder in the Tower and Y/N often found herself on her couch curled up with a blanket and a book late at night keeping herself warm. Some nights her dad or Wanda would come in and they would talk but for the most part she was alone at night. Ever since the kiss she couldn’t stop thinking about Pietro, even though she promised Wanda she would she just couldn’t. She had hardly seen him and it was starting to bother her. Right after the kiss everything was normal then after the proposal/engagement party he started acting completely different. Pietro had first and foremost been her friend and that was not something she wanted to give up. She was attracted to him, and the kiss they shared left her feeling tingly and warm, but she didn’t want that to effect her friendship. She hadn’t really seen him since the party. He never came to her room or her lab and when they did see each other around the tower it was nothing more than impersonal greetings and less then sincere partings between them.

Y/N was actively trying to take Wanda’s advice and let him work through the things he needed to but just sitting around thinking about him was really starting to drive her up a wall so when she got a call from a friend who was in town she jumped at the chance to meet up with him. When he first got into town they would just casually see each other during the day at the park or just take a walk but tonight they were going on a date. He had asked her when they last saw each other if she was seeing someone and though she was wishing she could say yes she told him no and he asked if he could take her to dinner. She didn’t see any harm in that and so there she stood in her room getting ready while Wanda sat on the couch talking to her.

“What is his name?”

“His name is Vince.”

“And how do you know this Vince?”

“Why don’t you just read my mind and find out?”

“I have but I want to know if you will tell me the truth.”

“Alright. We met a few years ago while I was traveling Europe having a cultural education. I stopped in England for a few days to visit an old tutor of mine, he is her nephew and when I told him about my trip he asked if I needed a companion and said that he had always wanted to travel around the continent so I brought him with me.”

“Is that all there is to the story?”

“We also may have had a fling while traveling but that’s not really important is it?”

“I guess not. Though I still am partial to you and my brother the people on the internet call it something along the lines of 'shipping’ but I know it is your choice.

“I still am in to your brother but with the way he is acting right now. I am going insane. Besides it’s one date and I don’t even like this guy that much. It’s just to get my mind off things. And anyway he will be gone in a few days so really what does it matter.”

“It does not matter I was just curious I guess.”

“Alright well then I am going to go I don’t want to be late. Oh and if you could not tell your brother that would be great. I don’t know how he feels or if he feels anything but I don’t want to make things worse.”

“I can manage that. Now go have fun on your date.”


Y/N made her way into the restaurant finding her date waiting for her by the door.

“Oh goodness I’m sorry, am I late? I thought I would walk and enjoy the air I should have taken a taxi.”

“No you’re not late I was early I wanted to be sure I was here when you got here.”

“Well I hope I didn’t have you waiting too long, come on lets go inside.” He opened the door and the two walked in together and were quickly seated.

“It must be nice to say your last name and have people jump.”

“Well sometimes they jump and sometimes they scream, and not in a good way. Not everyone is a fan of the Avengers. My father especially. The Quinjet isn’t even allowed to fly over Belgium anymore.”

“That’s a shame I remember Belgium was one of your favorite places during our trip.”

“It was. Though the chocolate may have had something to do with that.” The two laughed and continued to talk though there meals.

“Wow this has been great. We and get the check and get going whenever you’re ready I just need to head to the restroom really quickly so I will be right back.” Y/N stood up to make her way to the restrooms and just when she was out of sight her date grabbed her purse and began to paw through it.

“Are you looking for something?”

“Oh no I was just…”

“You were just what? Looking for some lipstick? I only have red in there it would clash with your tie.”

“No I was…”

“Come on spit it out tell me the truth.”

“I was looking for the flash drive about project S.W.A.T. I know you keep it with you at all times. My employer is very interested in it and when you wouldn’t sell it to him at the celebration party after your father nearly destroyed the planet he asked me to get close with you again and take it from you.”

“You know you are really bad at being the bad guy. I hardly had to push you to get you to tell me your secrets. Who do you work for?”

“You wouldn’t know him.”

“That’s not an answer. Who do you work for?”

“You wouldn’t know him and besides it’s not important. Hydra has fallen remember?”

“You know what Vince,how about you hand over my purse and go back to your 'employer’ and the two of us will pretend this never happened. It’s the best situation for you because if I don’t forget about this then you will have my father to deal with, and let me tell you he doesn’t need a suit to hurt you.”

With that Y/N took back her purse and started to walk back to the tower, taking the long way and not arriving back until well after midnight. Once she was inside she started to cry. She had no idea why, she wasn’t sad or upset about the situation but she couldn’t control her tears.

She walked back to her room with tears streaming down her face when she heard a voice from down the hall.

“Y/N?” She looked up to see Pietro’s head sticking out of the doorway to the library.

“Oh. Hello Pietro I didn’t expect anyone to still be awake.”

“I would not be but you know, bad dreams again.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“It is alright do not worry about me. What is wrong with you? Why are you crying?” He began to walk down the hall towards her.

“Well I went on a date tonight. I didn’t even really like the guy all that much I thought of him as more of a friend than a relationship but I went, I need to get my mind off of someone else, turns out he was only trying to get information about project S.W.A.T. for his 'employer’. I don’t even think I am that sad. Just frustrated. Not that you can tell with me I am an emotional crier. I even cry when I’m mad.”

“I have noticed. But if it helps any, he was a silly man to try stealing from a women as sweet and as smart as you.”

“Thanks Piet. It was nice talking to you again but I really need to go shower and wash my face, get out of this terrible uncomfortable clothing, and calm down a little bit. I will see you tomorrow though yeah?”

“Of course.”

“Goodnight Pietro. Try to get some sleep.”

“I will try. Goodnight Y/N.”

TITLE: Don’t Keep your Heart in your Pocket

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Fifteen

AUTHOR: iwasthefirstavenger

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being a pickpocket who lives on the streets, and one day when you try to pickpocket, someone, you later find out that person was an agent of shield. Fury is impressed with your skills. He makes a deal with you that he’ll give you a place to live, a job, etc, but only if you can steal Loki’s plans. 

RATING: teen and up


They don’t know you have the cube. No one does. It had been easy enough to snatch off of Thor’s night table under the pretence of thanking him for talking to you the night before. He’d been distracted; he hadn’t even noticed it was missing.

You turn the cube over in your hands. It was the size of a golf ball, smooth and blue and encased with silver metal around the corners. It fit so easily inside your palms, it was difficult to believe it could transport you to other planets. For a brief moment, you wonder if maybe it could go to other planets, not Asgard but somewhere else entirely. But you finally have a life here, in the Stark Tower. It’s not an easy life, but people look out for you. Would you give that up for the opportunity to travel? Would you give that up for Loki?

Keep reading

Chapter 20: Moving Out {Avengers x Fem!Reader}

~Part 1~ The Life of an Avenger

Prompt: Steve and (Y/N) had been dating for almost three months. They finally felt it was time to move out of the Stark Tower to begin their happy life together. Unfortunately, Tony didn’t see things the same way, at least not at first.

  (Y/N) and Steve were not shy about having sex. For Steve, seventy years was a long ass time to get no action. Plus, (Y/N) was simply irresistible to him. Her soft vanilla perfume mixed with the crisp aroma of green apple in her hair. The way she danced, hips swaying to any and every type of music that was playing, hair twirling, not a care in the world. The way she fought. Fearless, strong, unstoppable. She was an avalanche of awesome power in the dead of winter. She was the love of his life.

  So, yeah. They did it. Everywhere. Seemed every meeting space hadn’t been touched by Steve’s bare ass. No closet hadn’t seen their beautiful bodies grazing each other under it’s pale lights. 

  One time, (Y/N) and Steve decided to do it in the lounge of the Avengers floor. The couches, the kitchen counter, up against the open windows overlooking the city lights of Manhattan. They thought they had the whole floor to themselves for the night. They were wrong.

  There was a ding at the elevator and two seconds later, just enough time for (Y/N) and Steve to hide behind the kitchen counter where they had been on top of two seconds earlier, Clint walked out. One long look, and Clint could see exactly what had happened on that poor counter top.

  “So…How was your mission?” (Y/N) asked nonchalantly, her hands placed under her chin on top of the counter, naked body behind next to an also naked Steve. Four long seconds passed, then Clint backpedaled in a mad rush into the elevator and slammed a random button to take him as far as goddamn possible away from that.

  After he was gone, (Y/N) and Steve laughed, then shrugged and continued to do it on the floor. In between kisses…and other things…Steve would moan, “We gotta get a place of our own,” he moaned.

  “Agreed,” (Y/N) answered breathlessly, “Where?”

  “Guess, we’ll have to go apartment shopping.”

  “Guess so,” (Y/N) laughed on top of Steve, “When do we start?”

  “After we go over there by the curtains.”

  “Gotta christen the whole lounge,” (Y/N) said sarcastically. Steve laughed, then pulled (Y/N) in for another kiss and continued…doing what they were doing.

  “Alright everyone!” (Y/N) addressed, clapping her hands once to the room before her a week later. “Steve and I have an announcement.” Tony, Bruce, Natasha, Clint, and Thor, who had come to visit his comrades, were all seated across the deep cleaned furniture in the lounge.

  “You’re pregnant!” Tony exclaimed as the whole team sat on the edges of their seats in excitement, “I knew this day would come. Didn’t expect so soon, but-”

  “Tony, I’m not pregnant,” (Y/N) answered, deflating her team like a balloon.

  “Yeah, not yet at least,” Steve added nonchalantly. (Y/N) turned her head sharply.

  “Yet? We haven’t discussed- excuse me?” (Y/N) asked in quick confusion, head spinning at the thought of children.

  “Anyway,” Steve laughed, putting a comforting arm around (Y/N), “We’ve been thinking that it’s time to be adults and get our own place to, yes, maybe start a family,” (Y/N) looked peeved, “Far into the future. But, we want to start our lives together.”

  “Yeah, and stop freaking Clint out, despite it being ridiculously hilarious.”

  “(Y/N),” Clint stated stoically, “That was one of the weirdest experiences of my entire life.”

  “Glad to have shared it with you, then,” (Y/N) answered cheerfully.

  “What had happened, might I ask?” Thor questioned with furrowed brows.

  “There’s a reason I had to pay for these couches to be cleaned…” Tony signed in annoyance.

  “Well, you won’t have that problem anymore,” Steve stated with a smile.

  “Sure, Steve. Let me know when you find that apartment,” Tony waved Steve off as he stood up and began to walk towards the kitchen, unbelieving that they would actually leave. 

  “Um, Tony…we already found the apartment,” (Y/N) remarked. Tony whipped around so fast, he almost gave himself whiplash.

  “What? No you didn’t. What are you talking about?” The words rushed out of his mouth in horror.

  “Yeah!” (Y/N) exclaimed brightly, “And best part is, they allow pets! We’re gonna adopt two dogs from ASPCA down on 92nd Street!” 

  “One, (Y/N),” Steve interjected.

  “Okay, however many we want…like two,” (Y/N) asserted snidely.

  “May you both and your pets prosper. Lady (Y/N), I am happy for you,” Thor declared, blessing the couple before him. (Y/N) and Steve both thanked him happily.

  “Well, I don’t!” Tony charged at (Y/N) and pulled her away from Steve, hugging her small body tightly to his, “How dare you corrupt, (Y/N). Poison her with these thoughts and-”

  “Tony, I was long corrupted before Steve got here.”

  “Whatever. You’re not taking (Y/N) away from me. I won’t have it, Rogers. Take your old timey ass and get out!” Tony yelled, pointing at Steve.

  “Oh, come on, Tony. Don’t you want (Y/N) to be happy?” Bruce asked from the couch.

  “Not if she’s not here,” Tony answered quickly, still holding (Y/N).

  “Tony, if they want to move out, let them move out. They’re adults, it’s their choice,” Natasha started. Tony tried to interrupt her, but she continued, “ Plus, maybe you could become godfather to their kids,” Natasha inquired, playing to Tony’s weakness.

  “What kids?! Why are you all so hell bent on us having kids?” (Y/N) exclaimed after Tony released her, walking over to Steve who simply kissed her forehead.

  “So where is this alleged apartment anyway?” Tony asked harshly, ignoring (Y/N), “And I swear, Rogers, if you say fucking Brooklyn-” 

  “Washington DC,” Steve stated with a satisfied smile on his face, “Is that more to your liking?”

  “You know what would be to my liking, (Y/N)-Stealer,” Tony pouted.

  “Shut up, Tony,” Natasha commanded, then hugged (Y/N), “I’m so happy for you two. Congratulations.” Steve and (Y/N) both thanked her as Bruce shook Steve’s hand and hugged (Y/N).

  “Gonna miss you around here. The lab will never be as much fun without you,” Bruce imparted. Tony cleared his throat, “But at least I still have Tony to keep me on my toes.”

  “Damn right, buddy,” Tony answered as he patted Bruce on the shoulder. 

  “So,” Steve directed to Tony, “You’re okay with this? You won’t kidnap (Y/N) and bring her back here?”

  “No…at least not personally. I might hire a few people, though,” (Y/N) shook her head at Tony, but hugged him anyway, knowing fully well that that was as close to an ‘okay’ as she would ever get from him. Then, she turned to Clint who was still seated on the couch.

  “Clint!” (Y/N) called to him, “You’ve been awfully quiet throughout this whole thing. What’s goin’ on in that bird brain of yours?”

  “Ha, ha. Because I’m Hawkeye. Good one, (Y/N),” Clint commended sarcastically. (Y/N) mock bowed to him causing the team to laugh, “Dammit, (Y/N), I don’t know. I’m kinda torn here,” He admitted, standing up with a grunt, “I’m gonna miss my Beer Pong partner, but at the same time, that image of you and Steve on the-” Clint shuddered, “Why did you have to hurt me like that, (Y/N)?”

  “It felt pretty good on my end,” (Y/N) shrugged. Clint fake wretched.

  “I’m going to take that as a parting gift,” Steve answered, taking in Clint’s episode as he put his arm around (Y/N)’s waist.

  It took a day to pack everything up, then three more days before the apartment was ready to be moved into. During those few days, the times that Steve and (Y/N) weren’t furniture shopping, Tony attempted desperately to keep (Y/N) at the tower by showing her every room, all of his toys, the rooftop with it’s amazing views, the many ways to prank his staff (including Bruce), every asset possible. It made (Y/N) laugh and love him even more, but she had her mind set. Steve was the love of her life and she wanted terribly to start her life with him. (Y/N) never thought she would ever have that kind of love for someone, but by some miracle, she did. And she would never let him go.

  On the last day before they left, Tony announced to (Y/N) that him and Pepper were moving back into their summer house in Malibu, California.

  “You have a fucking house in Malibu?!” (Y/N) exclaimed, “And you didn’t tell me!”

  “It’s more of a mansion, but yes,” Tony shrugged.

  “The surf in Malibu is killer! I mean, nothing compared to Cactus Beach in Australia, but shit, man. How dare you?” (Y/N) asked in annoyance because Tony knew how much she loved to surf. He used to make fun of her constantly when she would watch surf competitions in the lounge, chucking popcorn at the screen each time the judges fucked up the scores.

  “I don’t surf. Wouldn’t know,” Tony answered, “But you could show me if you came down there some time.”

  “Oh hell yeah! I’ll show you how that shit’s done!..” Then, (Y/N) went off on a long tangent about all of her favorite surfing techniques until a sweaty Steve walked up to Tony and (Y/N) followed by a sweaty Thor and a sweaty Clint.

  “Alright, love. Everything is loaded onto the truck,” Steve declared as he leaned down to kiss (Y/N) who kissed him back in a sweet peck. It was completely natural at this point which made (Y/N) extremely happy.

  “Then, I guess this is it,” Clint remarked, “The end of an era.”

  “Nobody’s dying Clint. We’re all still, don’t think I’m being sentimental here, the Avengers,” (Y/N) answered.

  “That was pretty damn sentimental, (Y/N),” Tony commented. (Y/N) just rolled her eyes.

  “Whatever, the point is we’ll all stay in contact, right? Because I’ll be pissed if any of you leave me hangin’ on a phone call. I don’t make them very often, but if I do, I mean it,” (Y/N) eyed her team, daring anyone to contradict her.

  “We shall always stay in contact, (Y/N). Even I, who is a realm away shall always come back to see you,” Thor remarked.

  “What Shakespeare said,” Tony pointed to Thor with his thumb.

  “Thanks, guys,” (Y/N) hugged each of them, her being the smallest of the group, at least two inches shorter than each, and a full head lower than Thor.

  “So, let’s blow this pop stand. We’ve got things to do and a life to live,” Steve professed to (Y/N) as they walked towards Steve’s motorcycle, the moving truck already headed for the apartment.

  “Let’s, but first…what kind of dogs do you want, because I’m thinking an Australian Shepherd mutt and-”

  “And nothing else?” Steve interjected.

  “Border Collie mix.”

  “Whatever you say, love,” Steve kissed (Y/N) as he mounted his bike. (Y/N) turned one last time to face her first real home in almost nine years. There were some good memories in that tower. Three months of joking around with Tony and Clint, painting with Steve, having her makeup done by Natasha, everyone coming to (Y/N) for advice (every. single. time), watching movies with the team, making random creations of crap food with Clint, dancing on the rooftop with Steve, being trained by Natasha, messing around with Tony and Bruce in the lab. It was a happy place. But it was time to move on. It was time to be with Steve. (Y/N) placed her black helmet onto her head, then slipped onto the back of her boyfriend’s motorcycle. Steve revved his bike and (Y/N) hollered and cheered behind him, laughing as they took off down the road, bound for their new apartment.

  Now, walking into a random apartment that might be yours is one thing, but walking into an apartment that is yours is another. All smiles, (Y/N) and Steve entered their new home hand-in-hand. The boxes had yet to arrive, but it still already felt like home.

  “Man, we’re gonna deck this place out! We can put our new couches here and the bed on this wall against this big window so the light can stream through in the morning, and my record player could go-” (Y/N) ran around the house excitedly, planning, then un-planning, then planning again where everything would go. Steve laughed happily and promised he would move everything exactly where she wanted. He loved her so much and this step in their relationship brought everything full circle. 

  Over the next week, their depressive states from their missions and filthy pasts seemed to melt away as they unpacked everything, explaining each memorable item to each other and the stories behind them, including (Y/N)’s many random travel objects such as a pink pearl her surfer boyfriend-for-a-day gave her in Barcelona. She cherished the item because that was her gift before her very first kiss at age thirteen.

  Then, there was an original dream catcher she had made for her by her friend, Aiyana, in California on the Big Lagoon Rancheria, beaded in sapphire sea glass and blue jay feathers to connect with her mother’s necklace.

  And Steve’s personal favorite, the rat skull a “Witch Doctor” in Zimbabwe gave (Y/N) to help her rid of nightmares and give her protection from the demons of the world, wishing her safe travels as she departed for South Africa. Steve was always entranced by (Y/N)’s stories, the passion, and description she delved into made Steve feel as if he had been there. 

  “You have to take me to these places, (Y/N). I feel so left out. I’ve missed so much, too much,” Steve confessed.

  “’I can show you the world, shining, shimmering, splendid,’” (Y/N) sang with a cheeky smirk on her face. Steve recognized the song from their Disney movie marathon. God, he loved her.

  A few hours later, Steve pulled a dog tag from a small bag inside one of his boxes and cradled it gently in his calloused hands, gazing sadly at the inscription on the tag.

  “What’s the story behind that?” (Y/N) asked curiously. Steve was about to play it off as his, but her widened, curious eyes that drew the truth out of him.

  “My old pal, Bucky. This was his. He was a soldier of the 107th Infantry Regiment…and my best friend,” Steve sighed deeply in memory.

  “What happened to him?”

  “He died on a mission. I was there,” Steve looked out the window, “He fell off the side of Doctor Zola’s train…He was the only one of us, the Howling Commandos, who didn’t make it. He should’ve…I should’ve…” (Y/N) had already walked over to Steve and sat next to him. She put a delicate hand on his shoulder as he finished his story.

  “Sounds like a good guy,” (Y/N) smiled.

  “He was. A punk at times, but a good guy. Put up with all of my crap and I put up with his.”

  “Kinda like Tony and I.”

  “Exactly like you and Tony,” Steve laughed. The comparison between the closeness of both relationships was actually uncanny. Steve remembered back to the time he walked into (Y/N)’s bathroom while she was taking a shower to grab his comb that he had left inside after…you know. The door was cracked open, and Steve could hear (Y/N)’s voice talking to someone. He pushed the door open a bit more to reveal Tony perched on top of the closed lid of her toilet as (Y/N) was giving him advice about Pepper from inside the shower.

  “Can we help you?” Tony asked.

  “What the hell are you doing in my girlfriend’s bathroom?” Steve yelled. (Y/N) pulled the curtains over a tad to peek her head out.

  “Steve, what’s your problem? We do this all the time.”

  “You, you what?”

  “The best thoughts come while your in the shower, duh,” (Y/N) explained.

  “So, like I asked before, can we help you?” Tony asked in annoyance. Steve just grabbed his comb and got the fuck out. He could hear (Y/N) and Tony laughing their asses off as he walked back through (Y/N)’s room, then (Y/N) continue giving her advice to Tony.

 “Damn. I wish you could’ve met him,” Steve continued, bringing his mind back to the present time, “Bucky would’ve liked you. Probably would’ve even tried to steal you away from me to be honest.”

  “Well, I wouldn’t let him, because I love you,” (Y/N) replied as she kissed Steve. “And nothing will change that,” Steve smiled at her devotion, knowing he felt the exact same way.

  “Well,” (Y/N) continued, “Unless we don’t get two dogs, then I’m out.”

  “I’ll keep that in mind,” Steve laughed as they continued to unpack their things, (Y/N)’s record player humming the tune of “Runaway,” by Ed Sheeran in the background as they continued to swap stories for the rest of the day.

  By the end the day, only two boxes remained and the Ed Sheeran vinyl began to play one of Steve’s favorites, “Tenerife Sea.” He stood from his last box and walked over to where (Y/N) was stocking their bookshelf, holding one of her favorites, “The Great Gatsby.” He wrapped his strong arms around (Y/N) and spun her gently around to face him.

  “This song reminds me of you,” He whispered, then he held out his hand towards her, “May I have this dance?”

  “You may,” (Y/N) answered softly with a half-smile as he twirled her around, the pink and purple lights of evening streaming through their open windows, casting the room in a sultry light. 

  We are surrounded by all of these lies 

  And people who talk too much

  You’ve got that kind of look in your eyes

  As if no one knows anything but us

  It was beautiful. Just the way Steve gazed at (Y/N). He couldn’t think of anything in the world he loved more than her. Everything about her was beautiful to him.

  And (Y/N) saw that. Saw everything. The love, the trust, the absolute faith Steve had in her. She couldn’t lie any longer. She had to tell him the truth. She had to tell him everything. 

  When they crawled into bed at eleven, (Y/N) fell beside Steve, her long hair in a French braid down her back, wisps of baby hairs framed her face, her worried face. Steve regarded (Y/N), eyes full of concern.

  “Hey, what’s the matter? We’re finally finished unpacking! This is a good thing!” Steve cheered, trying to encourage a smile from (Y/N), but her face remained drawn.

  “I have some things to tell you…about my past…” (Y/N) started. Steve nodded.

  “I’m all ears,” He contended. (Y/N) took a breath.

  “My file and everything on it is a lie. My real name is Katerina Acciai, and I was a Hydra experiment,” (Y/N) confessed all at once. This could be the end of one of the best things in her life. Lying to Steve for this long? About her goddamn name? (Y/N) almost began to pack her things right then and there, but Steve shocked her beyond her very belief.

  “I know,” Steve admitted. (Y/N)’s eyes widened until they almost popped out of her head. “Please, don’t freak out. Natasha and I only guessed at that being a possibility. Neither of us were a hundred percent sure.”

  “Does anybody else know?”

  “Not as far as I know, no. But, (Y/N) that doesn’t matter. I don’t care that you didn’t tell me immediately. I care that you told me now,” Steve promised.

  “You sure? Because we could pretend that this never happened and refer back to ignorance,” (Y/N) joked, hoping to not have to explain herself further, but Steve wouldn’t let her.

  “(Y/N), you can tell me everything. You already started, so what’s the harm in finishing?” Steve asked.

  “…I don’t want you to look at me different. I don’t want pity…it’s disgusting…but I promise to you, I am stronger, stronger than that Katerina Acciai girl. My name is (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N). I do not know of anyone else. I am, simply, me. Do not pity me, I’m too damn strong for that,” (Y/N) threatened.

  “I won’t, (Y/N). I already know how strong you are. I’ve seen you fight. You are definitely no wounded dog. More often than not, you make enemies into wounded dogs,” Steve smiled proudly at (Y/N), so honored to be able to love her. He wanted to hug (Y/N) and hold her hand or something, to bring her closer to him, but knew better of it. He allowed (Y/N) to dictate the conversation. She was a warrior, a blizzard in the night. It was her story to tell, so she would tell it the way she wanted on her terms, and Steve respected that.

  “Thank you,” (Y/N) half-smiled the smile Steve loved. “I do kick ass, don’t I?” (Y/N) wiggled her eyebrows at him.

  “Damn right you do,” Steve smiled. (Y/N) looked down at her lap.

  “So, you really want to know everything? Because some pretty fucked up things happened, and I don’t want to burden you or anything,” (Y/N) stated.

  “It’s not a burden, (Y/N). I can handle it,” Steve encouraged her. (Y/N) bit her lip and thought about it. After a minute of contemplation, (Y/N) launched into her story, slowly and shyly at first, gaining confidence by the end, telling Steve everything, the weight on her shoulders lifted. If she could fly before, now she could soar higher than ever. A bird in flight, wild wings finally freed from their long-burdened chains.

  (Y/N) spoke of her family, the assassination (that she called a house fire) upon her mom and brother (leaving out a few teensy details that she didn’t feel all too keen to tell anybody ever), then her time spent in Hydra. She even decided to tell Steve about the reason they took her in the first place.

  “I have a rare form of primary cardiac cancer, exactly what the Hydra doctors had been searching for. Somehow, the bastards found my files and tracked me down,” (Y/N) explained. That one shocked Steve.

  “So, you still have it? Are you okay? Does it hurt?” Steve asked quickly as he grabbed (Y/N)’s wrist, feeling her pulse quick pulse under soft skin, his wild eyes full of concern.

  “No,” (Y/N) laughed. “I’m fine. Haven’t had a recurrence for almost four years. And, ignore how fast it is. My pulse, that is,” She answered his still puzzled expression, “Hydra screwed with something, so now it’s a bit faster than normal, but it’s fine. I’m still fine. I kicked cancer to the curb along with Hydra. They both suck, but I’m stronger,” (Y/N) declared confidently, her eyes shining with the revelation that she is, and always will be, stronger than Hydra. Steve was absolutely amazed.

  “How did I get so lucky to know you?” Steve asked.

  “You’re ‘God’s Righteous Man’. Gotta come with some perks, right?” (Y/N) joked.

  (Y/N) relayed every horrid memory of hers for almost two hours, never once shedding a tear. She had cried enough. She was done crying. Steve listened intently the entire time, desperately desiring to go back in time to change everything. Wished he had spent those seventy years ridding the world of Hydra instead of hiding in the ice. He was ashamed, but (Y/N) wouldn’t let him be.

  “Steve, shit happens. It’s all in the past. Not even near your fault. I don’t ever want to hear you blame yourself for Hydra’s terrorism. Ever. Deal?” Steve nodded solemnly, “We have a long future ahead of us, and I don’t want to spend it convincing you of stupid things like that, okay? Because, Steve we have such a beautiful future ahead of us. Oh my god, Steve” (Y/N) sighed, “It will be so beautiful.”

  “I know it will. We can travel, and fight Hydra, maybe even start a family. Everything and anything. I don’t care what, as long as I’m with you.”

  “Don’t forget about the dogs, Steve. Never forget about the dogs,” (Y/N) stated dramatically, wagging a finger in his face.

  “Right, my bad,” Steve rolled his eyes, hands up defensively as he laughed, then leaned in to kiss (Y/N). A long kiss, full of passion and desire to hold someone, to be with someone. For so long they had been alone, but not anymore. They had each other from now until what they hoped to be forever.

  Later in the night (after a lot of “kissing”) they both lay in bed, (Y/N) immediately falling into a deep, dreamless sleep, content in Steve’s arms, after their long day.

  But Steve stayed awake. He knew (Y/N)’s birthday was merely a week away and he needed to think of something to do for it. A surprise of some sort. Something as crazy as her. She deserved it.

  In a matter of thirty minutes, he had devised the perfect plan.

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Light (Working Title)

EVER BODY READ THIS!!! :D - MrsPietroMaximofff

Description: Y/N is Tony Stark’s Daughter and the light of his dark world. She is brilliant, beautiful, and talented beyond measure. She has always been dedicated to the work she does for the Avengers and the world, she never really thought much about boys or men, just her work no matter if it was in science or art her work always was more important to her than dating. She went on dates once in a while but love really was not on her agenda until she and Pietro Maximoff slowly creep their way into each other’s hearts.

Word Count: 4,848

Warnings: Mention and brief description of suicide.

Mention of symptoms of a mental illness/postpartum depression.

Pietro Maximoff because that little shit needs to come with a warning label!

Author’s Note: I was really shy about posting this on my blog because even though I like to write and I want to be an author one day this isn’t something I normally write so Mrs. Pietro Maximoff here has allowed me to submit this work for her to publish. It took me a long time to write (I’m not even finished yet) and I am insanely proud of it and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I am enjoying writing it because even though it is incredibly long and drawn out (I probably could have told this story in 1,000 words but it just wouldn’t have been the same and I wouldn’t have been able to build the characters and relationships I wanted to in the same way) I hope you take the time to read it and enjoy it and maybe give feedback on it but if not that’s okay I am just excited I am sorry I wrote so much but I hope you enjoy! ~<3~Caiti

P.S. Keep in mind this is only the first part! So There is so much more to come.

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