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Been getting trolled by a mentally ill Florida man with a hard on for Trump for HOURS on Twitter. Was initially really upset by him attempting to shit all over my small business in public (for my politics nonetheless, can you get less American?).

Shared it on my personal Facebook page and someone found his profile and shared it with me. Divorced, single, no custody, drives a truck part time. I was reveling in the schadenfreude for a minute, then I got really sad.

I’m married to a beautiful doctor. Love my dogs, I have a house, car, good food, security. We don’t struggle financially, even if I didn’t work. My small business is set to make more than $30k this year, all of which is bonus money for the ACLU and art supplies. I’m perfectly happy with my life now, and the direction it’s headed.

This dude is clearly not. Just lashing out at people for hours. Has a job he hates, is going nowhere, does nothing, barely sees his offspring.

I went from enjoying the comparison to genuinely feeling bad for the dude. Even though he spent HOURS coming up with something insulting to reply to every tweet of mine until I blocked him, I pitied him.

It must really suck to have that be all you’ve got left to give the world. Angry tweets to strangers. He doesn’t even have the emotional intelligence or interpersonal skills to get the hand up he clearly needs.

At any rate, I started furious, and ended on the conclusion that his opinion meant less than nothing. The only sad bit being, that his behavior is the only thing that reduced it’s value. He’s done it to himself.

At any rate, the best revenge is a life well lived.

I’m being payed handsomely for this piece, by a client who loves both my art and politics. I get to do what I love most in the world, for people I respext for AND be compensated for my time? I’m surrounded by people that genuinely love me and my craft 24/7.

How is a part time Florida trucker’s angry tweetstorm going to impact me?

Not one tiny bit, that’s how.

At the end of the day, it has said MUCH more about his lack of happiness in his life than the abundance I find in mine.

Remember what is most important in life, and that all the bitterness in the world can’t harm you one iota if you surround yourself in what really matters.


American Fast Food by barbiescanner
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Taken with my OM-1 back in 2006