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Hello miya :) You've said once that taehyung isn't your typical capricorn. Is it because of his moon in aries (childish opposed to corn's maturity)+venus in aqua (rebellious opposed to corn's conservatism), or is it something else working on his chart you can't know of without his birthtime? It was always strange to me how he's so keen on keeping traditions and being filial, but being so opinionated and unruly at the same time. It seems like he was reluctant in obeying them, yet did it anyways.

Hey, anon! It’s exactly that, you’ve got it completely right. The mix of Capricorn and Aquarius by itself normally already makes some interesting people because these signs are opposites. Capricorn stands for traditions, order, intelligence related to work and goals, discipline. Aquarius stands for innovation, thinking outside the box, random curiosity related to weird subjects, rebelling against order. So yeah, that by itself can already cause Taehyung’s personality to be the way it is. You can’t properly define it with just a few words, he’s quite a character. Adding Moon in Aries, a placement known for making one strongheaded and passionate (as in intense, but not necessarily emotional? it’s more like in an agitated way, stubborn like - not exactly related to deep feelings or stuff like that), that’s why you couldn’t just try and explain Capricorn alone to define him without adding those other two strong placements - specially because they’re ruling his feelings while Capricorn is ruling his mind, determination and personality. So, basically, he’s not hard to explain only because there are other opposite signs going on but also because they’re the ones responsible for ruling his emotional being as a whole. That’s why sometimes the way he talks isn’t necessarily how he acts. Not because he’s being fake, but because sometimes his feelings and mind are gonna work separatedly (this is strongly influenced by the houses, though, so I won’t go much into it). That’s why he can say things that are very conservative or clearly influenced by his upbringing (like wanting many kids, expecting to be a parent that follows society’s standards, etc) and then act all rebel like or strongheaded in an interview (like subtly exposing he’s against how the entertainment industry works, or even by indirectly showing how unfair he thinks everything can be and taking matters in his own hands by defending what he believes in [even small things like making sure every and single worker in a photoshoot is appreciated or even praising every Bangtan member even when they themselves won’t say they’re worth it, showing how he is against the competition that said market involves]). 

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And yes, his Ascendant definitely has something to do with it too. From what I’ve consumed of his public statements or tv appearances, as time passed Taehyung felt obligated to do many things and forced himself to do so because of the expectations that were placed on him - Capricorn in a chart normally makes one feel forced to do what elders tell them to because it’s a sign that stands strongly for respecting family and authority / order. However, Aries feels / acts like it’s the authority itself and Aquarius believes in knowledge above anything else. So it’s clear to me that having these signs mixed made him feel quite confused at times (while growing up), not knowing who to trust or follow - and even if he should just follow his own ideas. Nowadays I feel like he’s a lot more comfortable in his own skin regarding that, and that’s why his temper and subtle statements are more easily understood than they were before (for people that are paying attention, of course). Also, being controlled for so long is taking its toll on him and it’s likely that more and more we’ll see much more of his strong personality and own ideas. Which I’m excited to see, to be honest. I’ve been following Kpop for over a decade and the kind of idol that Taehyung is always brings interesting discussions about the entertainment market or even culture traditions that should be re-evaluated, etc. I wish I could see his whole chart with the birth time to understand how exactly it’s gonna play out, but I am willing to bet there’s a lot that we could expect from this guy in the future. Of what nature said things will be I can’t know because damn birth time, but it’s clear to me that they’ll be interesting to watch develop. I’m just rambling now, though. lol And you were right in the first place so I didn’t even have to add anything! haha Oh well. Your ideas were spot on, anon. :) 


In 1986, sixteen-year-old Paula Cooper became one of the youngest people in American history to be sentenced to death. Alongside three other teenaged girls in May 1985, fifteen-year-old Paula beat and stabbed Bible teacher Ruth Pelke (78) to death in her home of Gary, Indiana.

Paula already had a long history of delinquent behavior when she convinced her friends to help her rob her elderly next door neighbour; Cooper believed Pelke kept a jar of $2 bills in the kitchen, and that she might have some valuable jewellery. The four girls approached Pelke under the guise of wanting Bible lessons, and when the old lady let them into her house they launched a vicious assault. Paula Cooper stabbed Pelke over 33 times in the chest and stomach with a knife she’d brought along, while her friends mercilessly beat her over the head with a glass snow globe. Paula would later claim that Ruth Pelke recited the Lord’s prayer before she succumbed to her injuries.

Instead of the riches they anticipated, the murderous girls found just $10 in Pelke’s home, plus the keys to her car. Leaving the crime scene in total chaos, the four girls stole Pelke’s car and drove around Gary, waving at friends and showing off.

A day after the murder, Ruth Pelke’s battered body was discovered by her stepson. Paula immediately became the number one suspect in the case after several witnesses came forward about seeing her drive Pelke’s car. Her three friends all separately confessed just days later, painting Paula as the aggressor of the brutal crime. She was arrested and charged with capital murder, despite being just fifteen at the time.

From the beginning, Paula’s accomplices in Pelke’s murder insisted she was the ringleader and the one who wielded the knife. Paula’s defense lawyers claimed her abusive childhood made her unempathetic towards the old lady and stipulated that Paula’s primary motive had been robbery, not murder. While the other girls involved in the crime recieved sentences totalling less than 60 years, the judge imposed the death penalty on Paula Cooper, making her one of the youngest people ever to be sent to death row.

A massive public outcry and multiple appeals ensured that Paula’s death sentenced was reduced to life imprisionment. In 2013 she was released after serving twenty six years. Paula claimed to have turned her life around in prison, and even earned her GED while in solitary confinement. She had a fiance, and found gainful employment. Unfortunately , Paula was unable to cope with the pressures of living on the outside, and she committed suicide in 2015.

“It was to avoid the great earthquake that was coming earlier this year. And it was prevented.”

Herbert William Mullin is an American serial killer who was convicted of killing 13 people. He claimed the voices in his head told him an earthquake was imminent and only human sacrifice would prevent it, as a reason for the murders. He was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, which could have been accelerated by the use of LSD and amphetamines in high school. 

The murder that would start a killing spree, the death of Lawrance White, a homeless man, was certainly curious. According to Mullin, White was Jonah from the Bible and had sent him a telepathic message saying: “Pick me up and throw me over the boat. Kill me so that others will be saved.” The homeless man was beaten to death with a baseball bat.

At same time as Mullin’s crimes Edmund Kemper was also in his “Co-Ed Killer” murder spree and Santa Cruz became known as “Murderville USA.”

In custody, Mullin confessed to his crimes. He believed the reason for not happening an earthquake was due to his killings. He was sent to life imprisionment and is currently in Mule Creek State Prison, CA.