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(Forgot login) There's a phrase I live by, and I wanna pass it to others: "Life is like... a roller coaster. It has its up and its downs, its twists and its turns. But it's a roller coaster that's a one-way trip. Once you're off it, you can't get back on, no matter how much you want. Others will get off the ride at random points, but your ride lasts as long as it can. Enjoy it as much as you possibly can, because once you're off, there's no time for a second ride. Time to move to another one."

Yes! This is a good quote. Agree.

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terrible, face wise.

Hi, hello, yes I am still a person with a tumblr, albeit one that doesn’t know what the hell it’s going to be. For now, I just need a place to put some words. I realize unless words are fic or succinct or incredibly witty, they don’t go anywhere, but LJ is dead and life still has ups and downs, and I need this space for me. Okay? 


My face. Like, my actual face is a disaster zone. I have PCOS which comes with the amazing side effect of facial hair. I have acne scars on top of adult acne now, and the oiliest skin you’ve ever seen. I’ve been so embarrassed about my face that from 8th grade until probably somewhere around my mid-20s no one outside of my father and brother ever saw me without makeup. Going to the store? Makeup on. Going to the mailbox? Makeup. Need to take the trash out to the curb for pickup? Wait until it’s dark outside and do it under the cover of 10 p.m. In college, I slept in makeup. My roommate asked me why, and after living with her for a semester, I decided to be brave and show her. She took one look at my face and said, verbatim: 

“Wow, yeah. You should definitely wear makeup all the time.”

So, I did. And in your late teens/early 20s, and especially if you already feel like your skin is a shit storm, you don’t think about what it does to sleep in makeup and not really have a good face care routine. HEAR ME NOW, YOUNG PEOPLE: Take care of your face. Find things that work for you. Invest. Because once you neglect it, it’s a bitch and a half to get it where it needs to be. This is not some ‘buy a lot of product/spend your money’ scam. I am telling you as a 31-year-old that you need to take care of your skin. Even if you think your skin is perfect, you will age, and you will wish you used at the bare minimum, a moisturizer with SPF.

All of that being said, I love makeup, and this really started, I’d say, early this year - maybe late last year. In my mid-late 20s, I started being a little bit more brave and going to the gym where of course I’m not going to wear full makeup. And sometimes I’d go grab a smoothie or something after and I’d be in a place without makeup on. I still hate it, I still get anxious. It took me over a month to psych myself up to go to Sephora with no makeup on just to get properly color matched earlier this year.

I’m gonna show you my face. No makeup, no filter. Just the thing that gives me so much anxiety and has made me cry so much for the past 17 years or so. Because after, I want to talk about why I’m obsessed with makeup now.

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Life Update: Ups and Downs

It may sound cliché but life has really been in a roller coaster ride. It’s exciting to disappointing, overwhelming to devastating, and everything in highs and lows. It took me awhile to come up with a blog post because of my laziness + I’ve been really busy. So here, I just decided to compile all the entries that have been stuck on my drafts for a long time. I miss blogging!! 

June 17, 2016. Here’s to the first (and hoping not yet the last)

I’m no longer the lil’ freshman girl who’s afraid of college. I’m now on my second year, still afraid, but stronger.

Over and above that, God blessed me with this reward.

It feels so so surreal. To be honest, before entering college, I always think I can’t do anything. I’m such a pessimist person. I guess, that’s what I’ve been working with myself now, to be a better student and of course, a better person. I’m in the process of never ending self-exploration. This moment made me realize that we could turn the word can’t into can. Most importantly, I made my parents proud. That’s the best thing about this. (See: An Open Letter to my Mommy)

June 27, 2016. A week with my dad.

Daddy’s short vacation here in the Philippines is the best week of my life. He rarely goes home. That’s why I decided to be absent for a week in school to cherish my once in a blue moon bonding with him. We went to Mindoro. The whole week was like our little infinity. (Soon: An Open Letter to my Dad)

July 2, 2016. See you soon, dad.

I wish that day didn’t come quickly so I could have more time with dad. Nevertheless, I hold on to his promise that he’ll come back soon. I felt like I finally woke up from my dream. I’m back with the reality that my life is here, far away from him.

As what I have said, I was absent for a week. That made me go crazy for the whole month. Ang hirap maghabol! I missed A LOT of lectures, seat works, laboratory activities and reports, quizzes, and whatnot. Still, I am glad for having some too kind and considerate professors who allow me to take some make up quizzes!! Best profs! However, some professors are too strict to give consideration and I understand that. Hello, college. I bet I’m going to fail some subjects… and that’s okay? Grades are not that important, right? Uh-uh. That’s sour grapes. :(

Ever since I was back from the one week vacation, I feel really unmotivated. I don’t know why. I read a quote saying “fear of failure but no urge to be productive” and hundred one percent, that’s exactly how I feel. Hopefully, after writing this, I would be able to be back on track.

Anyway, how are you? I wish you’re doing great with your life!


Keith has ADHD, specifically non-hyperactive ( though he does fidget when forced to be still & idle ) which can make it less apparent. As it stands, Keith isn’t aware he has it thus no one else is either —– & even if he knew, he wouldn’t particularly care or feel a need to share this information with anyone unless it somehow happened to come up in conversation. 

Keith has a hard time controlling his impulses, having a thought and then acting on it with seemingly no ‘processing’ time between thought & action unless an outside force forces him to do something different & even then it’s not necessarily a ‘for sure he won’t do the thing now’ it can simply be a delay to whatever it is he planned to do earlier, should thoughts jump back to whatever the initial thought was after it’s been momentarily silenced. This is not just with actions, but words too, having a tendency to say whatever it is he’s thinking without stopping to filter his responses unless he is putting forth a real, active effort ( which typically includes thinking about a conversation prior to having it, as a real-time convo makes it harder to pick through his words carefully ). Also, sometimes he loses track of what he wanted to say midway through a sentence, as his original thought becomes lost to the wind with no warning. He is not against others filling in his blanks. 

Depending on what he’s doing, Keith can hyperfocus, which is essentially pouring all his attention into one thing he happens to be working on/listening to/involved in in some manner & losing track of what’s going on around him. This includes, but is not limited to, losing track of time ( from minutes to hours ), tuning out all sound, & losing a sense of where he is entirely and the things he hyperfocuses on tend to be thoughts, but occasionally he loses himself when he’s tinkering around in machinery, doing combat training, or piloting. It is relatively easy to pull him back, but there are a few seconds between being hyperfocused and being drawn back to reality where he is somewhat disoriented as he isn’t aware he’s doing it until someone/something drags him out of it. 

Keith has a relatively short fuse able to get irritated or angry quite quickly, a trait not necessarily uncommon in those with ADHD as controlling emotions can be difficult, linking back to the impulse issues stated earlier. He calms down relatively quickly all things considered, particularly if whatever upset him in the first place was something minor in the grand scheme of things and he can be given a moment to attempt and collect his thoughts/feelings. 

Keith’s attention can rather easily be grabbed by outside interference, such as noise or movement and he has a tendency to forget ‘normal’ daily activities if not reminded of them ( such as showering, eating, etc, etc… luckily group meals and other such set, organized group things make it easier to stay on top of this while aboard the ship ). This does not mean he is not observant, as he can notice quite a bit during conversations or interactions with the world around him, but he has to be actively focusing on the situation at hand. When he is left to his own devices, he tends to space out a lot, getting a ‘distant’ look. It’s not hard at all to grab his attention when he’s like this, however.

Anyone else feel the need to write “I hate everything” and long strings of swear words on every available piece of paper? Cause that’s where this week has put me. Ugh. So glad it’s Friday.

“Life, as I’ve often remarked, is an elevator.”  The speaker doesn’t so much mean that life has its ups and downs but rather that one gets smacked into reverse repeatedly (“biff!” and “boomp!”).  His companion replies that most well-conducted elevators have somebody inside to keep them “from biffing and boomping up and down to no purpose.”  The answer: “There ain’t in life.  Or if there is, he’s drunk most of the time.  Or else crazy.”  (From Pearson’s, 1909.)

Oh dear, what a long career. God, aren’t they tired? They don’t seem to retire, do they?

My story with Pet Shop Boys goes back to May 2009. I was 14-years old and I discovered them by chance while reading a teen magazine. Even then, I had a soft spot for 80′s synthpop because of growing up with the sounds of my parents’ favourite radio stations. I instantly fell in love with their music (and them). Half a year later, I went to my first PSB concert! And my life with them has been full of ups and downs, losing and regaining my interest. Nonetheless, always my #1. They ‘improved’ me, yet my teen years were a bit different from my peers’. Reflecting on the situation, I guess it was all for the better.

I appreciate Neil and Chris for a number of reasons. They’re one of the very few who have managed to produce witty dance music. Their success is enduring because they never make the same thing again and again. Their artistic endeavours are remarkable, composing music for films, ballets, collaborating with a big range of artists, staging spectacular live shows, nodding to fashion. And so much more. They’ve never been afraid of expressing their beliefs, with which I may not agree a lot of times, but this can’t distract me from the rest of their talents.

All this couldn’t have happened if these two Boys hadn’t met on this day in London 35 years ago. ‘The’ Pet Shop Boys were ‘born’!

I hope they’ll carry on for many years to come. Thank you for the music, you mean a lot to me! And to the rest of the Petheads!

why in the fuck does my mind work like this like i see a person and i get to know them and no matter how many fucked up things they’ve done im adamant in the fact that omG THIS PERSON HAS GOOD IN THEM THEY HAVE A FUTURE THEY CAN HAVE SO MANY HAPPY MOMENTS IN THEIR LIFE I HOPE THEY ARE REALLY HAPY ALL THE TIME YES FUCK YES and then i just turn around and go yeah fuck me right wtf is a future haha u done fucked up one too many times there buddy there ain’t no coming back from that now go have a panic attack or something lol

Well my car is all packed. My whole life is now in a small 4 door car. My life has been full of ups and downs. I am leaving behind so much, but it’s going to be worth it when I make it big and follow my dreams. Who knows when I come home, but I know when I’ll do, I’ll appreciate it more than I did while in high school. So here is my goodbye to my small light pink bedroom, where I cried about boys or laughed with my friends. I say goodbye to my four animals, who I’ll miss every single day. I say goodbye to mom, who has made me the person I am. And I’ll know she is only a call alway.
Here is to a new adventure. Let’s party. 🎉👋🏽

Mun Chey is Back!

Hey everyone! Sorry for being so inactive! Real Life has been driving me up the wall and down again! Now I’m back in the swing and ready to get back to responding to your requests! It’ll be slow at first but I’ll do my best!!

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(1/2) Hey there! Life has its up and downs, and then it has its "lets kick em hard and see if they stay down" moments. Those are the worst. Everyone deserves time to wallow in the sadness and hurt life throws at them, but don't let it keep you down. Time truly does heal all wounds, some just take longer to then others. I'm sorry for whatever went on with your ex. Show that jerk you can still kick up your heels and he can't hold you back from living life!

woke up, checked my tumblr and saw this message :’) thank you.

New update

It’s been a while, hasn’t it. If you scroll through my Tumblr you’d think I was constantly sad or have a lot of trouble in my life. The thing is though. I only post my troubles here. I find it a nice way to vent without putting my problems directly on a friend. In reality I’m happy most of the time. Yea I get sad, but life has its ups and downs. God I sound stereotypical. But yea, on to my personal update.

Everything is good. I got my license. Recently celebrated the 9 month anniversary with my other half. I’ve had a job for a couple months now. And I saved up to get myself an Xbox one, so I’ve been playing a lot of fallout 4, overwatch and GTA 5. So I’m moving out from my Nintendo JRPG corner and broadening my play style. And I’m loving it. I never had the chance to properly appreciate these games. And they’re so amazing. I’m also going to visit some family and friends from away. It’s been a long time since I did a proper visit with any of them so I’m taking 10 days off work to travel to see them.

So, I guess if anyone wanted to add me on Xbox or Wii U or 3DS, send me a message, I’m down for that.

Have a good one guys

Life isn’t perfect and each day has its ups and downs but at the end of the day my heart is so full of gratitude. If someone would have told me 3 years ago that I would be where I am I am today.. I wouldn’t have believed them.
Someone recently told me that life just happens to us and we have to go with it. I disagree.
Yes, life is unpredictable and we cannot control some of our circumstances or our upbringing. But there comes a point where we have a choice to let these circumstances dictate our path and just ‘let life happen us’… Or we take control and decide where we want to be.
I did not have anything handed to me and it sure as heck wasn’t easy. If I would have let life just happen to me… I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am now.
My heart is so grateful for the opportunities I have been given. Hard work really does pay off and sometimes all it takes is one person to notice.
God is good and I’m so blown away with everything he has blessed me with.
I’m excited for the future & what he has in store!
“A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.”
🙌🏼 #grateful #thankful #thoughts #nevergiveup

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I would be with you when you're sad, and know that life has ups and downs and even if you're sad now you're gonna be just fine sooner than you think. Keep going and take care, love

thank you it was so sweet 😔😔