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I want to imagine genji has a huge crush on angie and has a thing about her hair untied. Also headcanon that tracer is the first gency shipper.

Post/Reblog/Like what you LOVE. For me I love posting about Tessa and Scott. Fangirling over pictures, quotes,moments,programs etc etc. Like a good hug they make my day just that little bit better. 

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Thank You Tessa and Scott for being a positive influence in my life. I hope more fans follow that positive energy you two radiate! 


meat  idrfew this cock a long time ago and i never hsowed u so here it is. n


my friend is trying really hard to get me to watch critical role and not too long ago i told him that the only reason i’d consider watching it is cuz i think matt mercer is p hot and so he keeps saying shit like “man…. matt was looking REALLY good in the last episode i watched…” and “did you watch episode whatever of crit role??? matt was really working it in that one *wink*”