life gave me the best


Islam has taught me to keep going, no matter what. Islam helped me realise that there is always hope, no matter what, that there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. Islam taught me the elegance within modesty and gave me the satisfaction in covering. Islam showed me the beauty in having a connection with God. Islam demonstrated to me that to be truly submissive to God is rewarding. Islam showed me how to swim through life’s storms and to be patient enough to wait for the calm. Islam taught me to be fair to every living soul, be it an ant or a human. Islam presented to me a new life - the best way of living life.

Forever Enough

Summary: [Pre-serum] Steve Rogers is determined to get into the Army, but you and Bucky keep trying to persuade him that it’s not a good idea.

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes

Warnings: fluff, cute af!Steve, angst, arguing, character deaths [?]

A/N: @redlipstickandplaid  kinda requested this, I say kinda because she asked for some Fluffy Pre-Serum Steve where Buck and the reader try a deter Rogers from trying to join the army- and this, well, my brain had different ideas. Annie, don’t hate me too much, lmao <3

“You need to stop this, Steve,” you let out a sigh as you ran a hand through you hair, exasperated at your friends actions.

He shook his head, taking a seat on the couch. “I can’t. I have to do this,” he spoke with pure determination, that determination he always had every time he tried to enlist and still got denied on medical grounds. He wasn’t one to give up, that’s for sure.

There was a short silence before the door opened, revealing Bucky in his full army uniform. It was fair to say, he looked pretty angry.

“What were you thinking!” he threw his hat unceremoniously onto the spare chair in his frustration. Bucky took a deep breath, running a hand across his face, “you can’t keep doing this, man. Going as different names each time won’t change your medical records.”

“I just want to do something to help, alright?” Steve retorted, getting to his feet, a look of dismay across his face. “Everyone else is out there fighting and I’m just here- doing nothing to save anyone.”

It pained you to see him beat himself up over things that were beyond his control. “Steve, listen to me,” you walked over to him, your hand gently taking hold of his own, “you can help here, and you do help here. You help me just by being here, by being my friend in this crazy, horrible time.”

Those bright blue eyes looked up at you with slight hesitation before Steve spoke, “but I’m not enough, am I? I never will be,” he spoke in a broken tone before pulling away from your touch and making his way out of the house.

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Rest in Peace, Aki. Can you see this from Doggy Heaven? Although I only knew you for that two short weeks during my exchange, those two were one of the best weeks in my entire life. You gave me so much love despite me being a stranger. You showed me your favorite spot, where you like to watch the train when it goes by behind your house. You showed me your favorite shelter when it started raining, in that hole under the shed. Thank you for those two weeks. I miss you and I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you a second time. Keep that wonderful, cheerful spirit. I’ll miss running my hands against your back, seeing all the fur stuck to my sweater. I’ll miss hearing your little whines every morning, waiting to be let out of your cage. Till we meet again at the rainbow bridge, I love you.

Older memories of Aki.


guys I met Bastille yesterday with some other people in their M&G before their concert in Madrid and let me tell you how it went because they were so nice to every one of us like omg.

first they shook hands with all of us, then I took my jacket off cos I was boiling (literally) and Dan saw my t-shirt.

Dan: wow did you do that?! your t-shirt.

me: yes!


Dan: *comes closer and takes a pic of the tee*

Dan: but how much time did it take you?!

me: about… 3 and a half hours I think.

Dan: wow, that would take me like 3 days *laughs* it’s so amazing.

then they talked to us and there was a boy who brought some drawings (like me) and Dan took the time to look at them and he was sooooo nice. then I showed my drawings to Kyle, Woody and Will and they were like “wow these are so cool!” “amazing!” “girl these are soooo good!” and then Dan came and screamed “WOW SO COOOOL”. they asked me if I wanted them to sign the drawings (I did 18, one for each Wild World song, but I couldn’t do Shame as I didn’t have enough paper), and when I told them I wanted to give the drawings to them they just were like “wow thank you so much! these are so cool!”.

after that before they (and we) had to go, I asked them to sign some bigger drawing I had (the one in the pic). when I first handed it to Dan he went like “wow this is so cool! you’re soooo good, girl!” then told me “I love the style, I love it so much” and then we took some selfie. I handed the drawing to the rest of the guys and I can clearly remember Kyle saying “this is so awesome” and then Will and Woody saying something like that.

we had to leave then so they said goodbye to all of us. Dan hugged everyone but before hugging me he said “girl you’re amazing, thank you so much!” and I think life stopped for me in that second.

honestly I love them so much, they just gave me the best day of my life.

Conditioned (Part 2)

(You ask Tae for some help around the apartment and he learns that you have some other things in mind.)

Warnings:  Smut.  Exhibitionism. Voyeurism. Masturbation.  Female Dom.  Male Sub.  Just shy of 8k words.


11:13am (unknown number)    Do you have a hammer I can borrow?

11:13am (unknown number)    Also, are you available to come with the hammer to do the actual hammering of nails into the wall?

Tae looked curiously at the text messages on his phone.  The number was unknown and the request came out of the blue.  Who is this? He texted back.

11:15am (unknown number)   Because it looked like you had a pretty strong grip when you had your hand wrapped around you cock at the bar that night.  I think you would do a good job at nailing things.

Tae went slack jawed at the realization that it was you texting him.  It had been two weeks since he saw you at the bar and he had given up hope of hearing from you.  He thought about that night repeatedly, remembering the feeling of standing in a public hallway, masturbating while you watched him.  Almost every night since then, Tae would look out his bedroom window, staring into the darkness, replaying the events of that night, and stroking himself to an orgasm.

That same night at the bar, you left with Jimin.  Everyone had exited the bar at the same time.  Jin and Youngsook jumped into a cab together, so eager to go home and have sex with each other that they didn’t even bother saying good bye.  Tae hailed a taxi for Miri and held the door for her like a gentleman.  Miri had lingered, offering to share the taxi with Tae, but he politely declined and sent the cab on its way.  Tae then turned to see you and Jimin, whispering to each other and laughing. Jimin’s arm was around your waist but slowly creeped downward until his hand was planted firmly on your ass.   You and Jimin took the next taxi together, leaving Tae alone on the street with nothing more than a wave good bye and well wishes for a good night.

Jimin called Tae the next day to share what happened between the two of you.

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Closer (Part Two)

 Prompt: The discovery of a tattoo on Y/N’s body turns a sexy photo shoot even sexier. Part one can be read here.

Pairing: Daveed x reader

Warning: Smut, and lots of it.

A/N: *Waves hello from the other side of the world, embarrassed*. God help and forgive me…… Sorry for the wait, and I hope you guys enjoy. This was fun to write ;) As always, let me know what you think.

You didn’t know who moved first.

You both reach for each other, your arms wrapping around his neck and his hands cupping your face. Your lips meet in a frenzied kiss, and you tug him further in your room.

Daveed kicks the door closed behind him and pushes you against the wall, lips still pressed against yours.

You whimper, knees buckling from the rush of emotions that wash over you. The noise seemed to spur him on, tilting your head as he licks your bottom lip.

You pull him closer, and this time the both of you groan when your tongues meet. Your lips move against each other, and then with a curse, he breaks away from you.

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Yo fellow Dickkory shipper omg (I love them so…

IK JUDAS CONTRACT HAS MADE ME LOVE THEM EVEN MORE don’t even get me started about that voicemail I was crying omg it was so cute ☺️ and dick was just so chill lol ALSO koris awful cooking gave me life

IT WAS THE BEST THING. It’s like they went through and dug out all the best dickkory fluff in fanfiction and MADE IT HAPPEN. I’m probably being too hopeful, but oh man, if this means Mar’i Grayson may be coming along soon, I think I’ll just DIE. 

They really got Dick JUST right. Like, he was just like his comic book counterpart, and that is my favourite version of Richard. (He’s also badass in YJ, too). 

Kori’s bad cooking skills were just…UGH. SO IN CHARACTER..

Like, YES, I can see this? I don’t think she’d be like, a horrible cook because she’s been around long enough to know human food, but. I think it’s cute because you can tell she was being ambitious by trying to probably cook them up a crazy complicated meal. Like, maybe it’s one of their first actual homemade dinners together in their new place and she wanted to impress Dick but she was obviously in over her head. 


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Can I say, I absolutely adore your threads with justxcallxmexsuga. They're so amazing to follow, and both of you are such amazing writers!!



Ya, the person who runs the Yoongi blog is legit such an AMAZING writer and just oh man. She just like, the light of my life and such an amazing person. Following her is probably one of the best decisions you’ll ever make and boii if you ever talk with her and become friends you’ll not be disappoint because I know I’m not!~


This is My #ASHES story from the beautiful song #Ashes By: @daramaclean. “From the beginning of my life God raise me up from the ashes. Through my birth mother giving me up though she still wanted me but knew that adoption was best for me and gave me life. To point where doctors said I could’ve been born without arm or leg; but by God’s grace to be born healthy with both limbs. To lovely adoption agency which led me to beautiful faith fill family. To growing up; bless and free. Until my mid twenties when I started dealing with depression to suicidal thoughts, desperate living in fog of mental agony. But God took my hand and never left me, with prayers, mental help; medication I am living proof God heals and restores. It doesn’t take a day or week but through time and waiting I became closer to knowing in my head and heart that God can takes ashes of death to a beautiful testimony of God’s power; grace love and redemption. Still the ashes of struggle, doubt, fear, depression, sadness, loneliness etc they still come. But I like you to THINK OF NEW meaning of ashes. In Zechariah 13:9 "I will bring the one-third through the fire, Will refine them as silver is refined, And tested them as gold is tested. They will call on My name, And I will answer them. I will say, "This is My people’; And each on will say, "The Lord is my God’”.
When we confess Jesus is Lord we have precious gift of Holy Spirit it lives in our hearts, it remains. Like the fires that dim out the ASHES remains, no matter how bad your day is God remains, he will never leave you or forsake you
Just look at #Easter Jesus came he didn’t leave when all was upon him or left him.
#photofy @photofyapp

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aurra sing or plong krell

Make me choose between: _____or____ || Accepting

Ugh, do I have to-? Uh…”

I- guess, I would choose Aurra? I mean, at least we all knew she was a bad person, and she didn’t… …. Umbara was- Yeah, I’d- choose Aurra. Wouldn’t be happy about it, but I would.”

Oh, also I don’t think I ever shared with you guys this amazing comment I got on that NITW fic:

“This is cursed. A storm started brewing outside while I read this. I’m not crying, shut up. I hope the floors of your house get covered with Legos. Okay, but real talk, holy shit. This is on a whole other plane, and I love it in some masochistic way. The sheer, raw emotion put into every detail of this story is honestly incredible. Your portrayal of Casey is so genuine, too!  And the way you wrote him in this story broke my cold yet fragile little heart.  I love this. I love you. But also why would you do this to me, how dare you. Evil creature. <3″


HimChan: You look happy. Let me guess. Your sandwich fell on the floor, and they gave it to you for free.

DaeHyun: No. Can you do that? Why doesn’t everyone just drop their sandwiches on the floor?

HimChan: I was trying to insult you.

DeaHyun: And instead you gave me an amazing life hack!