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musical theatre meme: (1/5) shows

my fair lady (1956): book and lyrics by alan j. lerner, music by frederick loewe.

They can still rule with land without you. Windsor Castle will stand without you. And without much ado we can all muddle through without you.


Islam has taught me to keep going, no matter what. Islam helped me realise that there is always hope, no matter what, that there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. Islam taught me the elegance within modesty and gave me the satisfaction in covering. Islam showed me the beauty in having a connection with God. Islam demonstrated to me that to be truly submissive to God is rewarding. Islam showed me how to swim through life’s storms and to be patient enough to wait for the calm. Islam taught me to be fair to every living soul, be it an ant or a human. Islam presented to me a new life - the best way of living life.

Not much of a Sex God

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Requested by anon: Hi author nim! Can you please write a scenario where the reader sleeps with either Xiumin, Baekhyun or Chen and they act like they are the best sex she’ll ever have but they actually suck in bed? I think your sarcasm would fit this perfectly.

Ok so I love you anon. I have had the best time writing this because I keep laughing at how mean I’m being and it’s just been so much fun. <3 I’m so mean omg.(Might have written half of this while drunk so I’m hoping it turned out alright!)

Reader x Baekhyun

Warnings: Fuckboy Baekhyun, smut, teasing.

Word Count: 4752


“I gave her the best sex of her life, she should thank me!” You didn’t think you could roll your eyes any harder even if your life depended on it. The guy at the booth behind you had been bragging about his sexual prowess the entire time you’d been in the club. You’d come out to celebrate your friend getting a promotion at work, not to hear about how magical some dude’s dick was and all the adventures it had been on.

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9 | Tomorrow




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 “-Not guilty.”

Before you had time to react your mother threw her arms around your frozen frame, spinning you round to face her as she pulled you into a tight hug, happy tears flowing down her face. It went without saying that everybody was thrilled, it was exactly the outcome you’d all wanted and hoped for. The jury had ruled off the case as an accidental hit and run, meaning that there was no way you or Jimin would be going to prison. They didn’t have enough evidence against him.

Everything happened so quickly that you couldn’t remember even standing up to leave, you were truly drunk on adrenaline. It wasn’t until your dad grabbed a firm hold of your hand and started walking with you that you realised it was time to leave.
“Come on, let’s get you home.” He said, still keeping his grip tight on your hand.

As you walked down the hallway to the main exit of the building your dad came to a halt, stopping you in your tracks, his face was red with anger and his signature frown was stronger than ever.
“Dad, what’s wrong?” You asked, eyebrows knitted together in worry. But it was only seconds after that you caught a glimpse of the very person you didn’t want to see.

“Y/N… I’m so sorry.” Taehyung sighed, his face weighed with stress and anxiety, his broad shoulders hunched over in defeat as tears pricked at his large feline eyes.

“Sorry isn’t going to cut it Taehyung.” Your dad spat as he shifted his weight between his legs in annoyance. “Don’t you ever think about darkening my daughters doorstep again.” He warned as he pulled you outside the building, your mother and friends in tow.
It was heartbreaking to see your father so disgusted in somebody, especially Tae, he had always liked Taehyung and treated him like his own son throughout the years. Even if though he didn’t deserve it.

Without wasting a moment of time several interviewers and cameramen swarmed to your side as you headed to the car.

“Y/N! Y/N! What are your plans now you’ve been rightfully cleared of all charges?” One young man shouted, louder than everybody else. Normally you would tell your clients to keep walking and not spare a moment for the press but there was one thing in particular you wanted to get off your chest.

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Imagine meeting Dean at a bar and hooking up, although you both want to know each other more. Only you find out the next day that he is your new teacher. (Part 2)

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Read Part 1 here!

“Alright, I expect to see your projects by the end of the week on my desk. Whoever is even a day late will not like to hear what’s coming. Have a great day kiddos, and don’t party too hard!”

He went from 100% professional and serious to cheerful and easy going it almost took you by surprise. One moment you would see the man you met just the previous night, relaxed and funny, someone that you’d really want to talk to and that really most of the students in your class seemed to like. He’s talk with such passion about his subject but not in a way that made it boring, he almost had all of you finally interested in it and he was so cool and relaxed it got even more people to participate. And the other he’d talk about your school responsibilities and he’d be all authoritative and stern and not hearing a word about his job or the work you had to do. He look serious enough to remind you who he really was and that he wasn’t your buddy, even there were times you could see him as that.

And you? Oh you saw him as much more than just a buddy or your teacher and that was exactly the problem.

“Uh miss (Y/l/n), can I speak to you for a moment?” his rough voice caught your attention and you blinked, looking up to lock eyes with his forest green ones.

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A Little Life gave me the courage to tell my best friend I was in love with him
By Bridie Jabour

One of my best friends is Tim Nelson, the lead singer in our band Cub Sport. We’ve known each other for about 15 years and we both grew up in very religious upbringings. After school finished, we became friends and started playing in the band together. I quickly realised I had feelings for Tim and basically there was a whole world of things keeping us apart, most notably religion.

It took until last year for anything to happen and it was the book A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara that really was the catalyst for that. The characters in A Little Life, I could draw so many parallels with their lives and my own life – it was pretty frightening. Seeing how their lives were so centred and underpinned by friendship was what I initially was drawn to. I was resigned to the fact I was going to be happily single forever and I was fine with that, I was content knowing that I had meaningful friendships that underpinned my life and I was willing to accept that.

I remember crying in the first few pages of the book just reading about basically exactly that. The friendships of the four characters in A Little Life were all they had to pin them through the difficulties of figuring out who you are, especially in your early 20s. As I kept reading, it literally changed the course of my life. As the story of the main characters, Willem and Jude, develops, they eventually get together. I was so struck by that . I think I had buried so deeply within me what I really wanted that it took me seeing it play out in fiction to actually have the clarity and perspective to look at my own situation and give me strength to realise that life is too short not to follow.

I did know I had feelings for Tim but I think other people around me saw it more clearly than I did. I think a lot of people thought it was something that would happen at a similar age to the characters, maybe in our 40s.

I think I realised early in the book I was drawing direct correlation with those characters and with myself, then seeing one character die really shook me. I was suddenly hit with the notion that if Tim was to die, how could I have not said something. I realised I had to put everything on the line and I was willing to potentially jeopardise and lose our friendship to get everything that I suddenly realised I wanted and needed.

We were on tour for two months and on the very last night we had a couple of drinks and went to bed. I said, “I don’t want this to ruin our friendship but I want to be with you, I love you and I want to be with you forever”, and then Tim started to cry and said, “So do I”.

I don’t think I would be where I am today, both personally or with the band if it wasn’t for having read A Little Life at that specific moment.

Conditioned (Part 2)

(You ask Tae for some help around the apartment and he learns that you have some other things in mind.)

Warnings:  Smut.  Exhibitionism. Voyeurism. Masturbation.  Female Dom.  Male Sub.  Just shy of 8k words.


11:13am (unknown number)    Do you have a hammer I can borrow?

11:13am (unknown number)    Also, are you available to come with the hammer to do the actual hammering of nails into the wall?

Tae looked curiously at the text messages on his phone.  The number was unknown and the request came out of the blue.  Who is this? He texted back.

11:15am (unknown number)   Because it looked like you had a pretty strong grip when you had your hand wrapped around you cock at the bar that night.  I think you would do a good job at nailing things.

Tae went slack jawed at the realization that it was you texting him.  It had been two weeks since he saw you at the bar and he had given up hope of hearing from you.  He thought about that night repeatedly, remembering the feeling of standing in a public hallway, masturbating while you watched him.  Almost every night since then, Tae would look out his bedroom window, staring into the darkness, replaying the events of that night, and stroking himself to an orgasm.

That same night at the bar, you left with Jimin.  Everyone had exited the bar at the same time.  Jin and Youngsook jumped into a cab together, so eager to go home and have sex with each other that they didn’t even bother saying good bye.  Tae hailed a taxi for Miri and held the door for her like a gentleman.  Miri had lingered, offering to share the taxi with Tae, but he politely declined and sent the cab on its way.  Tae then turned to see you and Jimin, whispering to each other and laughing. Jimin’s arm was around your waist but slowly creeped downward until his hand was planted firmly on your ass.   You and Jimin took the next taxi together, leaving Tae alone on the street with nothing more than a wave good bye and well wishes for a good night.

Jimin called Tae the next day to share what happened between the two of you.

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Rest in Peace, Aki. Can you see this from Doggy Heaven? Although I only knew you for that two short weeks during my exchange, those two were one of the best weeks in my entire life. You gave me so much love despite the fact that I was a stranger to you. You showed me your favorite spot, where you like to watch the train when it goes by behind your house. You showed me your favorite shelter when it started raining, in that hole under the shed. Thank you for those two weeks. I miss you and I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you for a second time. Keep that wonderful, cheerful spirit. I’ll miss running my hands against your back, seeing all the fur stuck to my sweater. I’ll miss hearing your little whines every morning, waiting to be let out of your cage. Till we meet again at the rainbow bridge, I love you.

Older memories of Aki.

heartbeat | part four (m)

part one // part two // part three // part four

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[Yoongi x Reader | Jungkook x Reader]

Genre: Angst, Smut

Words: 6484

—> You’re unsure of everything. Life might be perfect right now, but what happens when you walk out of this studio? What happens when you both return to your lives?

A/N:  and ta-da! this is the final part of heartbeat!! thank you to everyone who has read this and left comments/messages about how much you all love this series. they seriously made my day and really encouraged me to finish telling the story. anyway, i hope all enjoy this and thanks again for loving this series so much. xoxo

You can feel your heart pulsating through your chest.

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Forever Enough

Summary: [Pre-serum] Steve Rogers is determined to get into the Army, but you and Bucky keep trying to persuade him that it’s not a good idea.

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes

Warnings: fluff, cute af!Steve, angst, arguing, character deaths [?]

A/N: @redlipstickandplaid  kinda requested this, I say kinda because she asked for some Fluffy Pre-Serum Steve where Buck and the reader try a deter Rogers from trying to join the army- and this, well, my brain had different ideas. Annie, don’t hate me too much, lmao <3

“You need to stop this, Steve,” you let out a sigh as you ran a hand through you hair, exasperated at your friends actions.

He shook his head, taking a seat on the couch. “I can’t. I have to do this,” he spoke with pure determination, that determination he always had every time he tried to enlist and still got denied on medical grounds. He wasn’t one to give up, that’s for sure.

There was a short silence before the door opened, revealing Bucky in his full army uniform. It was fair to say, he looked pretty angry.

“What were you thinking!” he threw his hat unceremoniously onto the spare chair in his frustration. Bucky took a deep breath, running a hand across his face, “you can’t keep doing this, man. Going as different names each time won’t change your medical records.”

“I just want to do something to help, alright?” Steve retorted, getting to his feet, a look of dismay across his face. “Everyone else is out there fighting and I’m just here- doing nothing to save anyone.”

It pained you to see him beat himself up over things that were beyond his control. “Steve, listen to me,” you walked over to him, your hand gently taking hold of his own, “you can help here, and you do help here. You help me just by being here, by being my friend in this crazy, horrible time.”

Those bright blue eyes looked up at you with slight hesitation before Steve spoke, “but I’m not enough, am I? I never will be,” he spoke in a broken tone before pulling away from your touch and making his way out of the house.

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