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No but seriously imagine being a civilian in gotham and trying to start a hobby “i tried to start collecting stamps but now all my co-workers think i’m going to be the next themed supervillain”

Happy International Women’s Day! 

To celebrate we’ll be sharing, throughout the day, a number of artworks by women in the Ashmolean’s collections.                                                

A ‘Forest Floor’ Still Life of Flowers
Oil on canvas by Rachel Ruysch (1664–1750)

Bequeathed to the Ashmolean Museum by Daisy Linda Ward in 1939

Rachel Ruysch, according to the artist, was taught by Willem van Aelst. From her studio in Amsterdam, she painted a long succession of flower paintings, several fruit pieces and a number of 'forest floors’ of which this is a relatively early example.


screenshots by Outspokenbeef15 on reddit, he has more screenshots and gifs 

(I especially like this one with drunk dancing witchers)

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Fast life

Santa Barbara, California

by IROMO | Instagram: @iromo_


Pisces Man + Cancer Woman

If they quarrel or separate for a time, the missing is usually much deeper than other lovers who are thus temporarily parted… the emptiness greater. The need to return to each other and be mutually forgiven is intense. A recently parted Crab and Fish are two sad and depressed people indeed. They should cheer up, because their chances of reconciliation are excellent –when she stops pouting and he stops trying to escape himself. It’s impossible to escape one’s self, as impossible as it is to permanently avoid the other half of one’s self. What in the world would he do if he ever lost her? How could she live without him?   

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