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On this episode of Real Husbands of Storybrooke:

Maybe you should have rethought that statement, David.

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🎶 ( for alyx from blueshxft )

He had caught her when she had no excuses; he was good at that. Alyx smiled and sighed as Barney lifted his guitar. A little song or two wouldn’t hurt, now would it?

“Okay, okay, Barney, just let me think,” she chuckled. She didn’t show it but she felt a deep stab of guilt at the way her uncle’s expression brightened in an almost relieved way. When was the last time she had slowed down and spent some time with him? She couldn’t remember. That wasn’t the important thing right now, though–she cleared her throat and tried to run through her repertoire of songs that they both knew.

Before she could think of something, though, Barney played a chord. A distinct chord. The chord. The one that made everyone over twenty-five groan.

Alyx groaned.

“C’mon, Alyx, I know ya’ know how t’ sing along to it,” Barney laughed. Still smiling, he launched fully into the song–the X-Files theme.

Isaac returned from a coffee break to find Barney and Alyx sitting, Alyx vocally harmonizing with Barney’s strumming and humming. The old scientist also groaned, but he was chuckling as well, and Alyx smiled as Isaac, too, sat down and hummed along.

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