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Birthday Post!

Aaah it’s been another year of my life! I’m not exactly sure why, but this year has felt kinda special to me, so I’m glad I can use this opportunity to tell my friends how much I love them! Thank you, my friends, for the fun times and all the support and encouragement you’ve given me in the not-so-fun times. You’re all wonderful people. I love you so much!! <3

To my beloved mutuals:

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and to all those who aren’t mutuals but I still talk to and I see in my notes, you guys as well~

anonymous asked:

hi! not to sound utterly and completely stupid....but with the gazelle sneakers (my life and love) what exactly changed if you deleted the bump map? are they going to look different? im sure i sound stupid but i was just wondering and figured it would be easier to just ask! thank you so much! have a great day/night!! i love you <333

Ah, you don’t sound stupid at all my love! The thing with the bump map is that it kind of gives items texture without the actual texture? @teanmoon​ described this really well right here! It’s kind of what determines how the light reflects off of items, I think? :^) 

Anyway, I forgot to remove the bump map from the original shoes meaning it looked like the shoes had weird textures where it didn’t when your lighting settings weren’t set to the lowest. Does that make sense?

Basically, the problem is best shown with an example (kudos to @sul-sul since this is from her legacy):

As you can see, it looks like the shoes have texture that it shouldn’t have? :^D

I’m sorry for the rambling omg, I tried my best haha. I hope this helped and I hope you have a lovely day/night, too, dear nonny ♡

  • Dark!Bastila: I've been thinking about that day over and over. One thing has become clear: this is the darkest, most terrible ending.
  • Darth Revan: Enough with the "non-canon ending" crap, Bastila! Mission was killed, Zaalbar's a drunk, Carth's locked in a mental ward because his guilt drove him insane, Canderous lost an arm on the Star Forge- HK burned out his memory core again because for SOME REASON he tried to destroy a rabid gizka by shoving it into his chest cavity!
  • HK-47: Defensive: Clearly you don't understand anything about defeating gizka.
  • Darth Revan: Life has gone to hell, Bastila! This is real! Look at us! Look at ME!
  • Canderous: You put your old mask and outfit back on, and I lost an ARM.
  • Darth Revan: Exactly. Life got dark!
Warning: shitpost against anti-RickxMorty

Look, I get that some people don’t like RickxMorty. They think it’s gross and wrong and THAT IS OKAY. I GET IT. I REALLY DO.

But you have to understand that this is a fictional ship. It isn’t real. And it’s like people can’t wrap their heads around it. Its almost like the fact that some people like the ship says so much about a person, but it really doesn’t say much other than they like a ship.

It’s almost like y'all are assuming that liking RickxMorty will cause people to act out the ship in real life.

Which is exactly the same as saying, oh I don’t know, something like violent video games is a direct cause of violence in adolescents.

Neither of these statements are true.

I don’t care if you don’t like RickxMorty. But stop trying to hate on people that do like the ship. You like seeing RickxMorty all over the place? No. You don’t.

Well we don’t like seeing your stupid hate all over the place.


ok so, moist is my favorite discworld character. i love the guy, he’s just swell.

thing is, i’m not a native english speaker. even though i know and understand that ‘moist von lipwig’ is probably the weirdest name ever conceived, i just don’t fully get the full effect.

but today i checked to see what he’s called in the spanish version, and lemme tell you, seeing 'húmedo von mustachen’ has taken like 15 years of my life and now i want to die.


The recipe to a good life, outlined by Kai.


“The thing about Joan I keep coming back to is the incredible weight she carried from childhood, the terrible abuse, poverty and a mother who never wanted her. She carried this incredible sorrow. From there, she climbed to the top. Her ambition was monumental. MGM taught her how to walk, how to talk- there’s this Mid-Atlantic upper-class accent- and yet there are moments when you see it all fall away.” -Jessica Lange

“…very disturbing childhood, raised by a tyrant of a mother who whipped her causing bleeding welts across her legs…young Joan’s father had abandoned the family. Her brother Hal showed no sympathy for her. Her mother’s second husband Mr.Henry Cassin was kind to her, but he also left the family. Sent to a catholic boarding school, St. Agnes, she worked at waiting on tables because her mother could not afford tuition. Finishing her curriculum at St Agnes, her mother found her Rockingham Academy, in Kansas, who took her on as a pupil in exchange for her cleaning fourteen rooms of the mansion, scrubbing toilets, bathing the young children and tucking them in bed. She got five hours sleep on average. Life was hard at the academy as the principal would also beat the child. She tried running away, but was returned and further beaten. Neither her home nor school allowed escape from beatings. While Joan was schooling, her mother had a new man installed at home and he too would beat Joan mercilessly…this was when she dreamed of becoming a professional dancer.” -Vince Voice

“She had a Dickinson childhood. She was abandoned by her father before she could even remember him, then her stepfather abandoned her. She was forced to go to work in schools at the age of nine, clean toilets, she was beaten by her mother, by sadistic school mistresses, she was treated as a third class citizen by the other students in those schools.” -Bob Thomas

  • Naruto: So...
  • Naruto: You're leaving the village
  • Naruto: Again
  • Sasuke: Yes dobe, and don't try to stop me
  • Naruto: *shrugs* fine
  • Sasuke: Seriously, I might be gone for years. I don't know how far this road goes... Where this journey might take me... Maybe I won't come back.
  • Naruto: *examining his fingernails* sounds fun
  • Sasuke: Because I might actually die. I have no shortage of enemies, after all.
  • Naruto: Meh, it's your life
  • Sasuke: Exactly.
  • Sasuke: And nothing you say will ever convince me to stay.
  • Sasuke: So don't bother trying.
  • Naruto: You've made the clear.
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Sasuke: You're really not going to stop me?
  • Naruto: Of course not, bastard.
  • Naruto: So... Are we good to go? It's going to get pretty hot later in the day. Better to start early.
  • Sasuke: Yes, I'm good to-
  • Sasuke: Wait
  • Sasuke: What do you mean by 'we'?
  • Naruto: You can leave the villiage, Sasuke
  • Naruto: You can go wherever you want and maybe you really won't come back this time
  • Naruto: After all these years, I've learned my lesson
  • Naruto: I can't stop you from doing what you want to do
  • Sasuke: You didn't answer-
  • Naruto: Let me finish
  • Naruto: You can't stop me from doing what I want to do either. Let's go, teme.
  • Sasuke: But you said-
  • Naruto: That I wouldn't stop you. And I won't. I always keep my word.
  • Naruto: But this time, I'm coming too.

(more for elsewhere) The thing Karen hated the most was the uncertainty. Like that cute boy at the frat party who smiled at her, but something about his teeth was wrong and he looked… hungry. And she ended up going back to her dorm instead. Or that elevator, that some older girl reassured her was totally safe, but she had a weird gleam in her eyes, and the elevator made strange noises and didn’t always come when the button was pushed. When that new girl showed up out of nowhere, and claimed she was a transfer, but she looked too much like the painting Tom had done after he was taken. Maybe They couldn’t lie, but maybe they didn’t tell the whole truth, either. Not being quite sure was awful, because maybe that boy was nice, and maybe the elevator could let her skip 9 flights of stairs, and maybe that new girl deserved a friend. Or maybe not.