life equals made


cant forget my best son

is it just me or do writers seem to feel somehow contented by just creating a single lesbian couple in order to “balance” it with the 72636 straights surrounding those women with which they sort of taboo the possibility of other female characters in the same show to be a thing tho they ARE OBVIOUSLY on the brink of exploding the chemistry chart ???? Why do lgbt members serve as an alternative and satisfaction-to-go?? Besides stop confining love when it comes to lesbians or in general. If its there you cannot deny it by creating an implausibly forced heteronormative pairing ??¿?

God bless the professors who are interested in being your friends.

You know the ones I’m talking about–they’re willing to chat after class about the lesson or what’s new, are interested in their students as people and not just as grades to mark down, will email you like you’re a friend instead of requiring you to treat them like they’re the CEO and you’re just a factory worker…  I love those professors.  They’re the ones who make school worthwhile for me.