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Hold On, I’m Coming (Part 5)

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Summary: You and Dean are getting comfortable in your relationship, but Bobby isn’t giving up and causes problems for Dean at work. Later, a house fire lands Dean and Benny in some trouble.

Pairing: Firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,200

Warnings: mild smut, language, house fire, civilians trapped inside

Lingo Guide: “Striking a box” is when a department calls for help from surrounding towns. They can strike multiple boxes, which just means they call in towns from farther and farther away. “Recalling firefighters” means they’re asking men who are off duty to come into work to help out. “Working fire” means that it’s the real deal, smoke and flames confirmed.

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Mr. Worldwide Handsome


It’s just a simple picture, but how will the world react to it?

(fml i used 3 fuckin hours to do this gosh….) I didn’t even know all these shits just waste my life so much… but it’s worth it tho~ and btw, Dispatch being Dispatch again like they literally use couple items to state someone is dating..pfft way to go Dispatch. and maybe i failed at doing the sasaeng’s ver. but it’s okay cause i ain’t a sasaeng so i can’t imagine sasaeng’s thought

Free to share out but don’t forget to credit me ✌

The Life of a Dispatcher - Melody

When I first became a 911 operator, I thought it was the coolest job. I had always wanted to be a cop but one thing kept me from doing so: I’m partially blind. I figured if I couldn’t help people by protecting them from criminals, I might as well help people in the only other way I could. Dispatching.

I quickly realized that this job was not for the faint hearted. The hardest calls were the ones that ended abruptly, you would sit there for the rest of the night or sometimes for a full week wondering what happened. In smaller cities, information gets passed around and dispatchers are usually let in on the end result of the dispatch, but for me, in a city of over 200,000 people there are so many calls made that there’s never enough time to ask the question of what happened.

Mondays, Fridays and Sundays were the busiest days, the most terrifying and unusual calls were made on those days. Here are some of the more intense phone calls I’ve received.

For confidentiality reasons - all names have been made up.


“911, what’s your emergency?”

I stayed silent for a good thirty seconds, just listening.

“Hello? 911, what’s your emergency?” I repeated.

“Hi…” The voice of a small child whispered through the phone.

“Hi sweetie, what’s the problem?”

“Mommy and daddy won’t wake up.”

“Okay, I’m sending someone over to your address right now. It’ll be about 6 minutes. What’s your name?”

“Melody, is someone coming right now? I’m scared.”

“That’s a pretty name, someone is coming right now. Can you tell me what happened? Why won’t mommy and daddy wake up?”

“I-I don’t know, Droopy came to visit me and he said he wanted to talk to mommy.”

“Who’s Droopy?”

“I met him at the park, he’s a clown.”

“Where’s Droopy now?”

“He’s playing hide and seek with me but he scares me.”

“Where are you right now, sweetie? Are you hiding from Droopy?”

“Yes I am, but I saw him with a knife. I’m scared.” I could barely hear her. I dispatched the officers again. They were two minutes away.

“Melody, honey, they’re almost there.” She was breathing heavily into the phone.

“He’s in here.” She whispered into the phone and I could hear the sound of footsteps.

“Okay, stay where you are and don’t make a sound. It’s going to be okay, sweetheart.”

“There you are.” A voice of a man echoed through the phone, followed by a scream. The phone fell silent.

I never found out what happened to Melody and whether the guy was apprehended or not.

  • Jill: *goes to pick up a Rei cupcake*
  • Me: It's smoked tea chocolate cake with lemon buttercream
  • Jill: *recoils as if snakebit* Ahh!
  • Me: Honey, I'll save you some of the Haruka cupcakes next month. It'll be confetti cake with chocolate frosting.
  • Jill: You gotta make the funfetti cake with the funfetti frosting!
  • Me: Hon-
  • Jill: You always pair something that should go with a lighter frosting with something dark! Like those! *indicates to my Minako cupcakes*
  • Me: Jill, you just like sugar on sugar.
  • Jill: That too
  • *comes back into kitchen*
  • Jill: But if Harukara was here, she'd want funfetti frosting too! *points at me* Ask a butch what a butch wants.

infinitelystrangemachinex  asked:

Take whatever AnS chapter has been released most recently and give it an Obiyuki tie-in/ending

She heard that he arrived sometime in the middle of the night, alone, three days ago and had disappeared inside the fortress with only a broad wave and a too large smile.

She heard that he was fine; that they had drawn the poison from his veins and stitched his wounds with nary a problem.

She heard that he had returned to duties that very night, teetering along the highest parapets of the city walls, alone.

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Crank and Dispatch real life identities

Crank is Ace, and Kate is Dispatch. This is something I’ve known since the first reading of the comic, but after talking to my friends and rereading the comic multiple times I found more evidence then them just looking similar. And its fun to find as much proof as possible for something.

1) Obviously first clue; Ace and Crank both have the Mohawk ™

2) In an about character robo did “daddy” is  included in his pronouns. He can be seen referring himself this way to his dog, and Crank refers to himself the same way when fighting Redshift

3) Crank got hit in the chin; Ace has a bruise on his chin…

4) Ace talks about getting into a fight with a short person. Elliot is short…

5) Kate says her and Ace work in private security…. hmmmmm…

6) The Crank and Dispatch uniforms conventually cover up Ace’s forearm tattoos and Kate’s shoulder tattoo…

7)Kate refers to a mysterious source of cash to pay for her mother’s medical bills, one that she wouldn’t approve of… like ‘private security’

8) We know Kate is mexican and she spoke in spanish to Elliot at the beginning of the comic. Dispatch says adios when her and crank leave Elliot and Redshift. I know that two character speaking spanish does not make them one character but with the heaps of other evidence coupled with this it’s pretty much guaranteed Ace is Crank and Kate is Dispatch unless there’s some major plot twist and these are a red herring

But now the question comes down to why? We kind of have an explanation for why Kate is in the business, but why is Ace there? Is he just there for support or does he have his own reasons? Also How did they get into this business? And do they know that Elliot is sharp zero???? Because they saw the weird tattooed arm and Elliot has those tattoos. If/When they do what are they going to do about it? Are they going to ignore it until it becomes a problem? What happens if they get in a fight with sharp zero again??? WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN ELLIOT FIGURES IT OUT???

All you Kaisoo shippers out there losing hope cause of Kaistal remember could Michelle ever stop BaekBama from sailing?

Never stop believing.

TFW you’re talking about engagement rings and such with your friends and one of them just casually mentions “and besides, you shouldn’t just assume everyone wants to get married, they could be ace for all you know” and you have to pretend you’re not having a moment and about to burst into tears because just having someone IRL acknowledge it means so much