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i can’t remember if i’ve dumped this on yall before so uh sorry if this is a repeat but consider biologist matt with a focus on how life evolves in different locations and who. just. is absolutely floored to discover how many alien species there are out there, not to mention how many of them are sentient. and he’s so excited about this because!! we’re going to learn so much about evolution and whether natural selection works the same way on other planets and what is a universal constant vs what is earth-centric and–

and then he discovers that other species do not care

like, his first lesson in what is earth-centric? other species generally live in the present. sure, many of them have traditions, and a few have meticulously recorded history, but none of them really investigate the prehistory of their own species, let alone other/earlier species.

and matt is like. ok. this is heartbreaking, especially since most of the people he comes into contact with have had their planets wrecked by the galra so it’s not like he could even try investigating the other species/fossils on their planets for clues. so he has to just make educated guesses based on what these random prisoners and rebels know about their own biology, that of other species from their planet, and the type of conditions which their planet had.

  • matt: so wait are you like…a robot
    taujeerian: i am cybernetically enhanced
    matt: were you born like that or is this a process that happens later in life
    taujeerian: of course i was born like this, how else would i survive?
    matt: wait, what? what’s your planet like?
    taujeerian: a thin crust of rock above an acid core, which must regenerate on occasion, destroying everything
    matt: [on the verge of tears] and you’re sure you have no records of your evolutionary history
Life experience is different for each person you comes across. It is through these events in our lives that we learn how to handle certain things. We develop our values and beliefs. We grow, and ultimately gain a deeper sense of appreciation for life itself. Each of us develops these aspects at a different pace, and thus we must be patient with one another as we follow our own journey through this wonderful thing called life.

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Sorry if someone's already asked this before, but I'm having trouble with my parents. They say that I need to keep being a girl because according to them most later-in-life trans people "de transition" or identify as their original sex and I'm wondering if that's true? I've never come across anything that says that and I can't find anything when I look it up

Zak: I’ve never seen anything that has suggested that is the case, and detransitioning as a whole is pretty rare (though of course it does happen- it’s also a lot more complicated than people think). But yeah, I don’t think there’s a relationship between age of coming out/transitioning and likelihood of detransition. It may be that people who transition later in life struggle with different issues that may make transition more difficult (may be more disruptive to one’s established life- marriage, job, etc.), but plenty of people transition later in life and end up happy and glad that they did so. I know of many people, trans men and trans women, who transitioned when they were in their 50s and are doing well. That’s anecdotal, of course, but I don’t think there’s any research that contradicts this observation.

By the way, when I say detransition is more complicated than people often think, I mean that sometimes what some might label “detransition” is not a case of someone regretting their transition and identifying as their sex assigned at birth. Some people find that physical transition is not for them and “detransition” but do not change the way they identify, others may go back into the closet because of how they are treated, still others might feel they are more genderqueer than trans and “detransition” to live somewhere in the middle. Yes, there are cases of people outright regretting their transition and identifying as their sex assigned at birth, but this is not the case for all people who stop hormones or change their gender presentation after transition.

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I don't get how ugly it's suppose to get? What...E finally decides to come back to IG after a month with a pic of them holding hands while chainsmoking? Pap pics of them on a beach chair cuddling? We got pics of Louis all over Danielle in a pool and we didn't even get much warnings back then. So what could happen with Eleanor that is so different and life altering louis has to scream this loud? It's not like they'll pull an engagement after two weeks lmao? I mean maybe I just jinxed it but

Louis gets a tattoo of an elephant on his left arm in honor of Eleanor…cause Elephant=El=Eleanor

Not What I Expected

So while I was pregnant, I had all of these thoughts and opinions on what I would or wouldn’t do when Emma got here and now, its funny how very different life is from what I’d first thought.

1. Co-Sleeping- I swore I wouldn’t be cosleeping at all. I thought my child would sleep in her crib from the get go. I was so so wrong. The second they put her in my arms, I’ve been loathe to ever put her down and she look so sweet and peaceful when she sleeps. Now I read up on everything I can to make sure we co-sleep in the safest possible manner.

2. Breast feeding- So, while I was willing to try breast feeding, I never fully intended to commit to it. So I was completely and totally surprised by the fact that I fell completely in love with the whole experience. Having to stop breast feeding at six weeks broke my fucking heart.

3. Getting out of the house- I didn’t realize how much having a newborn would change my ability to just get up and go from the house. I mean, I knew it would be different but man, oh, man, its big time different. I start getting ready about two hours before I have to go anywhere because inevitably, she will want to eat minutes before I go to leave the house.

4. Formula Feeding- Formula feeding is so much more expensive that I’d ever realized and babies go through it way faster than I’d thought too. I didn’t realize just how much she ate until I quit breast feeding.

5. Swaddling- I thought swaddling would be super simple and that Em would absolutely love it. I thought wrong. Em is such a squirmer that she absolutely can’t stand being confined. She gets so mad when she tries to lift her arms and can’t.

6. Spitting Up- Holy cow, does my baby spit up. She’s got reflux so sometimes it creeps up even hours after she last ate. But also, its normal for some babies to spit up a lot. For the longest time, I was afraid there was something wrong but beyond the reflux, she is perfectly healthy. I go through so many bibs and burp clothes through out the day, its not even funny.

7. Spending Money- I’m normally such a tight wad but when it comes to her, I am perfectly fine shedding out considerably more money if it is something that makes her life easier or safer. I will drop fifty bucks on her before I’ll spend ten on myself, easy.

Absent- Part 2

It could have been angsty but then you would have seen that coming so….


Truth be told, Riza had often considered what Roy’s life would have been like had he not apprenticed with her father.   It was something that was difficult to not think about when he woke up in the middle of the night from nightmares about the war; how his life would have been different had he never become the flame alchemist.  Had he never met her.   For her she knew that was the only way to deny him that research.   She really did believe that the research could do good back then, she only trusted one person to do good with it and condemned them both to a life of regret.  She believed with all her heart Roy would find the good in that damned research, just like he had when he showed up in her life the first time, and maybe make her feel like her lost childhood was worth something.   She regretted what it had done to him, but doubted her ability to change the course of her actions if done again.  

To save him, she would have to not be in his life at all and now that was a very real possibility.


She turned quickly hearing his voice, hearing the urgency and hoping it was finally time for this joke to end.   Roy simply closed the door to the office and walked over, the look on his face said he was more concerned about the coin getting away than her.

“That coin, why did you come to me about it?”

It was an accusation.   Even without her in his life he still managed to get involved in something political in the military.  It was impossible not to, but she wondered how much he really knew.  How much Ed was tied up in.   She could see plain as day that he felt like he was being tested and he was trying to intimidate her with the look he was giving her.   She resented that and locked eyes with him.   “You’re a famous alchemist.”

“I…” He paused, not sure how to admit to a officer of her pay grade that he was not even close to that.   He really didn’t want to vocalize that admission to himself either.  “I hope you’re trying to flatter me and are not being serious. Bio-electricity is hardly enough to keep me certified.”

She saw it in his unwavering eyes, how he was searching for a tell of her lying or something he could use to gain the upper hand here.   The coin was enough to send him out here after her, she had to give him a reason to not demand it be surrendered to him.  Especially after she failed to answer his next question which would be…

“I’m sorry Lieutenant, I don’t recall seeing you around here before.  Exactly who do you report to?”

“I’m sorry Colonel, I…..think you’re selling yourself short on the importance of your studies.” He didn’t know her, but she still knew him.   Roy might have had a different history and career path but she still knew the man at the center of it all and she knew how he thought.   She looked away and brushed her bangs from her eyes and pretended to conceal her embarrassment.  She lowered her voice and said, “I studied a little alchemy when I was younger and I am a fan of your work.  I apologize, I was trying to use this coin I’m researching as a way to get to know you better I thought might want to get some coffee and talk about this coin sometime?  I’d like your take on it.   Famous might have been the wrong world…I guess telling you I have admired you from a distance sounded a little too forward.”

“Oh.”  Roy said and then realized what she was actually hitting on him.  “Oh!”

“I’m sorry, sir.  I was out of line.” She said and turned to walk away knowing it would prompt a quick, not a carefully thought through reply from him. This was a classic move from Roy’s book of seduction that he often tried on her and using it against him was actually more satisfying than she thought it would be.

“No…coffee sounds great.”    He was surprised by how taken he was with her when she turned to look at him and he actually looked at her for who she was instead of defensively;  a beautiful military woman interested in alchemy and him.    Ed was probably on the phone with Hughes right now telling him about this woman who just came into his office and showed him some old coin and Hughes was probably screaming about how fucking blind he was to women coming on to him.   “I have something I need to work on this afternoon with a friend but…“

“Dinner?”  She asked and he actually seemed caught off guard. “Will you have dinner with me?”

“I…um….sure?”  He said and she smiled at him, it warmed him like he never thought a stranger’s smile could.   She had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.  God. Maybe he was blind.  

“Meet you here around 1800?”  She said and then realized she needed to leave before his shock wore off.  She didn’t know what role she played in this reality and if she told him her name, he would be on the phone with Hughes in two minutes doing a background check.  

“Ok.”  He replied and then she looked at her watch and gasped.

“I have to get going,  I’ll see you then sir.”  Riza turned and marched off down the hall with long strides and presence that made people get out of her way.  Hayate trotted along beside her.  She had a few hours to figure out who she was and who he was before meeting him and figuring out what this damned coin was.

“Roy?”  Al asked as he walked up as the lady and her dog left.   “Who was that?”

“I have no idea.”  He answered and watched her disappear around the corner and out of view.   “I have a date with her tonight though.”

“Wow!  Really?  I’m really proud of you!”

“Don’t sound so surprised.  I’m more than capable of dating…I just don’t.”  Roy huffed and turned to go back to his office.   He opened the door and Ed was in his chair, on the phone.  “God dammit.”

“What’s her name?”  Ed asked as soon as he appeared.

“He doesn’t know.”  Al said and walked over to the desk, he could hear Hughes hollering on the other end.  “Give him a break, this is a major break through. He has a date!”

“I’m sorry that I spend all my spare time trying to help you with your research.”  Roy grumbled and the men all stood up at once and he braced himself for what was coming.

“Round of applause!” Havoc bellowed.  “Our boy is finally growing up!”

Ed grinned.  “She basically had to lure him into it with a alchemy artifact that looked like something from the gift shop at the history museum!  He ran after her like a dog after a ball.”

“She has a dog too!”  Al said to the phone.  

“Do you want me to help you with your research or not?”  Roy said and Ed put his feet up on his desk and gave him no choice but to sit on the corner and endure the mocking.

“Nah, I think it’s legit.” Ed replied to Hughes and ignored Roy who was poking at his foot with his pen.  “I just hope he doesn’t get more distracted by the alchemy research and ignore the lady holding it.”

Is she hot?”  Hughes asked

“Yes.”  They all shouted.

What’s her name?”

“He didn’t ask.” Al leaned over towards the phone as he replied. The disappointment was evident in his voice.    

Roy! What the hell!”

“Women throwing themselves at him and he’s more interested in studying alchemy circles instead of fondling something circular.”  Havoc snorted and wiped away a fake tear.   “Proud of you Chief.”

“I hate all of you.”  Roy mumbled and got his coat.  “I guess you don’t want my help getting your damned bodies back then.  I’ll just focus on my own selfish biological needs from here on out.”

“Ok Hughes, I’ll call you with an update later.  ”  Ed said and smiled at his brother.  “Al and I have to make sure Roy is back in time for his date tonight with Lieutenant Mystery.”

Roy stormed out of the office and heard cheering again and rolled his eyes.   It’s not like he wasn’t capable of dating, or didn’t have the desire to meet someone, he just didn’t have the time.   He had dedicated himself to helping Ed and Al recover their bodies and he wasn’t exactly in a point in his career where he felt like he was a major prize anyhow.   He was married to his job and when he wasn’t at work he was working on a solution for the Elrics.   Hughes pushed him to find someone, but he knew he couldn’t be that selfish until he helped the boys fix their mistake.  Something he should have been there to stop.   That was on him and he genuinely didn’t feel right moving on until they could do the same.  

Ed and Al left the office and watched Roy “storm” down the hall pretending like he was just going to leave them behind and go out to lunch without them.  That was the furthest thing from the truth and they all knew it.   He had come back into their lives the day after their failed human transmutation and stayed there since, wanting to help them find a way back to their bodies and putting aside too much to help them achieve that.   They knew he blamed himself for not checking in with them before they could perform the taboo, thinking he could have talked some sense into them.  At that time he had been busy working on his certification, a difficult thing during a war when the State Alchemist program was looking for human weapons and not medical advancements.  They didn’t blame him, nobody did, but Roy Mustang just wanted to protect everyone and they really hoped he could learn to think about himself for a change.  

I’m procrastinating on homework so I’m going back through my own blog. I got like five or six years deep. There was a time I dated boys and had my future set on going to art school for photography. Like I’m almost dumbfounded at how different my life is now. It’s like looking at another persons life, I barely remember it.

Blue Bearri

I’m just gonna post some screenshots of her adventures. This is Blue Bearri (pronounce- you get it), she is a gloomy, perfectionist and a family oriented sim. I really like her black eye ( IT’S ACTUALLY BLACK FROM A GLITCH) so I’m guessing she’s 50% robot, 0% berry, and 50% sim. 

Also I know that Gen 1 is mint, but hey, I don’t have GTW so she’ll live her not berry life different to the rest.

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hey im someone who has coping/comfort characters and for me its basically characters i have a really strong emotional attachment to and seeing them helps me calm down or cope with things. for me theyre usually connected with my kintypes (for example theyre characters i was rly close to in a past life). however CCs are different for anyone and as far as i know theres no One All Definining Definition for the term

–Mod Mercy