life did not make lemonades today

“Because shit happens, life gives you lemons, and all you can do is deal with it…make a shit and lemonade stand or something.”
~Bum Bun-Bun Bum

Funny story; Today I was walking out of the kitchen, and I caught a glimpse of springtrap hat my 7 year old drew, not really focusing on what I saw, but the image of this characters suddenly popped in my head and did not leave.
In those 5 seconds from the kitchen to my art desk, I quickly doodles what was in my head and onto paper.

Here we have our boi, Bum Bun-Bun Bum, the anxiety bunny.
Welcome to Inverted Mind INC, you poor soul.

So this past week involved seeing four doctors including a hospital visit, getting pulled over while pulling into work and getting a ticket for something that seems kind of ridiculous?, locking myself out of my apartment for the first time in my life, and all the while dealing with this constant stabbing pain in my abdomen that eludes a cause. I’m supposed to attend a wedding tomorrow and I really hope I make it through.

On the upside, I took Wednesday off from work to recover, I got a free drink at Starbucks because they made me a lemonade instead of a latte, my favorite kamboucha was half off (hoping to cope with the antibiotics I’ve been given), and I’m not quite as nauseous today as I was yesterday (although I did walk into a door). Also I finally checked out one of the newer coffee shops in town this afternoon and not only was it super perfect, some guy complemented my shoes (same shoes! Ha). Trying to see the bright spots!

anonymous asked:


Aries: “what the fuck did i tell you to do literally an hour ago? Why havent you done it?”

Taurus: “you’re going to this family party whether you like it or not. And that’s FINAL.”

Gemini: “did you just wink at that guy? Oh my God. GET IN THERE.” (ten minutes later) “if i catch you making eyes at him again we’re leaving.”

Cancer: “when life gives u lemons, make lemonade. So in this case, i am life, i bought lemons today, go make me some lemonade.”

Leo: “stay the hell out of my closet.” (The next day) “that shirt is so ugly, here borrow mine”

Virgo: “did you do your homework? Good. I’ll allow you to watch some TV today.”

Libra: “sweetheart, you’re not gonna be a teenage disaster forever. Lets go shopping.”

Scorpio: “dump him. I don’t like him”

Sagittarius: (has no idea how this parenting thing works so they wing everything and actually end up doing a good job)

Capricorn: “so… I got a call from school today. Wanna explain to me what happened?……… KIDDING”

Aquarius: “i dont care if you’re getting good grades. I want u to stick it to the man”

Pisces: “wanna go for a drive?”