life cycling

  • Me during the day: the news about the TRC tv adaptation does not affect me
  • Me in my bed at 3am: Is the TRC tv adaptation going to cast some goddamned real teenagers for the roles instead of twenty-something models? What if they only cast white kids? Are they going to cast a real raven for chainsaw or are they going to use more than one? What if she's CGI? Oh my god what if they rely too much on CGI? How are they going to get a hundred white mitsubishi evo? Where are they gonna get the money to fund gansey's wardrobe? How can they show on screen that ronan wants to punch a wall because his friend is too good-looking? Will blue get to roll her eyes at the boys fifteen times per episode as she's supposed to? Will they get adam's character right? Who is gonna put the murder squash song to lyrics? Will kavinsky have the same weird accent he got from will patton's reading? How many women will they actually put in 300 fox way? How will they

lit ladies blue sargent; “she was decidedly uncomfortable with the switchblade. although she very much liked the idea of it—blue sargent, desperado; blue sargent, superhero; blue sargent, badass—she suspected that the only thing she would cut the first time she opened it was herself.
[…] blue had indeed cut herself.
after adam had gone into the reading room, she’d experimentally opened the switchblade and it had obligingly attacked her. it was just a scratch, really. it barely warranted a band-aid, but she put one on anyway.”

Astrology Milestones

Age 12 - First Jupiter Return: The ancients celebrated puberty because the biological God and Goddess of creation had been awakened and it was a sacred time in one’s life. This was recognised with jubilance and honour. Jupiter rules hormones and cultural conditioning. In modern times we shame and denigrate the phase, remarking on hormonal changes that inconvenience society, and yet we wonder why teenagers self destruct, rebel, and turn to substance. This changing biology transforms the lower body and activates the spirit, and yet we are not prepared or nurtured for this powerful change. 

Age 14 - Jupiter opposes Saturn: The resistance to authority and conditioning is activated here, along with self consciousness and the lure into danger. This is the moment a young person can typically choose between ‘indulgence, laziness, and self pleasure’ (Jupiter) in leaving school or ‘responsibility, expectation, and conforming to authority’ (Saturn) in remaining in school or focusing on the future. The karmic lesson is revealed around this period. We face intimidating figures of authority, often threatening with ‘what until you’re in the real world’ shaking confidence even more 

Age 21 - Uranus squares natal Uranus: 21 is the age globally recognised as completed transition into adulthood. This period indicates self expression and experimentation, a time for tattoos and lilac hair and inspiration. It’s a favourable time for sparking people’s interest in astrology. Political activity, protest, and rebellion can begin around here. Cosmically, this is a time where people learn a lot about themselves and generate good self awareness, they start to feel wholly in their body, or as if fogginess has dissolved 

Age 28-30 - First Saturn Return: Everything you have built until this point is under threat. Saturn writes his first report card, and it will rely on how intimate and satisfactory you have been in facilitating Saturn’s condition in the natal chart. This is the biggest overhaul we experience on a physical/mental level, when the anchor of the chart completes transit and writes a new criteria. We are given 29 years because the reading material and substance is so profound. Harsh reality hits with shattering force. It’s time to become an adult. 



‘My mom always said he was a firecracker, which just meant he was always getting speeding tickets and jumping on tables at family reunions and stuff. He always had so many ideas. He was so hyper.’ Adam and Gansey looked at each other. They had always had the sense that the Noah they knew was not the true Noah. It was just disconcerting to hear how much Noahness death had stripped. It was impossible to not wonder what Noah would have done with himself if he had lived.

In Dreams (The Raven Cycle amv)

Since The Raven King comes out today, I wanted to post something special before I dive into the end. I’ve been wasting away months of my life drawing all the scenes for this video, and now it’s finally done. I hope you enjoy it!


she wasn’t interested in telling
other people’s f u t u r e s
 she was interested in going out
and finding h e r own

 lee ji eun as b l u e  s a r g e n t — the raven cycle

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okay but the gangsey didn’t just forget about noah so

  • don’t tell me that sometimes when it’s gansey’s turn to sit in the backseat he doesn’t just lean his head back against the leather burning in the sun and think about that day
  • it’s a mix of guilt and relief and more guilt and just wonder that he’s still here and noah has died for him twice now
  • and blue (who is riding shotgun) will look back and she will notice gansey and reach one hand behind her, wordlessly, and their fingers twine together, a quiet comfort
  • this happens to blue sometimes too
  • she’ll go cold all over for half a second, and she’ll think–
  • but it’s not him
  • she sighs and tugs lightly at her own hair like she used to let him do
  • the grief hits adam in bursts
  • he’ll be fine, happy, curled up on the couch with his legs tucked under himself, ronan dreaming quietly beside him, opal upstairs sleeping soundly, the tv playing with the volume turned way low
  • he’ll think he sees a shadow moving, just over there, maybe by the window or the entrance to the kitchen, and he is suddenly very awake
  • “noah?” hope is dangerous, but adam just can’t help it sometimes
  • it’s a branch moving unnaturally in a thunderstorm, opal coming downstairs for one last good night, the cat slinking over to the food bowl
  • but it’s not noah, and adam just closes his eyes
  • every time ronan sees a glitter snow globe he buys it, whether it depicts a miniature henrietta or some goddamn flamingos, he buys it
  • he puts them in one of the empty bedrooms at the barns, the one he calls noah’s room, because noah never used his room anyway but it seems wrong not to give him one
  • sometimes when ronan drives past monmouth manufacturing he can’t bring himself to look at it, so he forces his eyes onto adam instead (adam doesn’t mind)
  • on halloween ronan hands full bags of candy to any kid dressed like a ghost
  • the four of them see noah in everything; he would’ve liked this, he would’ve laughed at that
  • he is not forgotten
Living by the Moon

The Moon.

Even if you don’t believe in astrology, you cannot deny the powerful effect the Moon has;
upon our tides, upon nature and upon the Human mind.
For She lights up the night, so we in the dark may see.

As of my writing this, a New Moon has just occurred in the sign of the scales, Libra ♎︎
A New Moon marks the beginning of the lunar month, a cycle that lasts for between 29 and 30 days.

In my experience it is very beneficial to live by the rhythm of the Moon. This way we can work on our creating our future, the way we would like it to be, one month at a time. But how?


Whilst the moon is lightless, crossing in front of the sun, set your goal, what do you want to have achieved in 30 days time?

Perhaps set one big goal, and several smaller ones, which may or may not be directly supporting the larger goal - just ensure you avoid spreading yourself too thin. The New Moon is the perfect time to decide to try something new for a month.


Now one day at a time, with your goals in mind, work towards making them a reality. Avoid expecting too much at once, and take each day as it comes!


As this is the brightest the moon is during her cycle it is possible that one’s intentions can manifest at this time of the month, but in any case it is a point to recognise how far you have come over the last two weeks - if you have been working steadily towards your targets you will definitely notice your improvements since you began. This may also be the time in which you realise your vision, and see the potential final form your project might take! It’s a time to celebrate!


As the Moon’s light begins to turn away from the earth, one’s focus shifts from building up towards the goal to maintaining the infrastructure they have already implemented. This is the time to make tweaks and ensure that the details are indeed all in place and as they should be; perform any trimming and pruning as you see fit to ensure your project’s longevity.


Once the waning crescent disappears from the night sky, vanishing into the rays of dawn, we reach the end of our cycle. At this time we must review the past month, how did we perform, what was successful, where could we have improved?
Through this process of review we can identify what held us back, and make the conscious decision to let it go, to banish it from us, so that we may enter the next cycle without baggage and doubt; cleansed and ready to take on the next month!

You may find it particularly beneficial to choose a project that is associated with the the sign of the New Moon, this month is ♎︎ Libra so subjects related to art, law, relationships and balance will naturally take focus in some way for the month. The next Full Moon will be in ♉︎ Taurus which is associated with ART, BEAUTY & NATURE ~ it really is the perfect time for Deviants to try out experimenting with a new medium, technique or subject for the month and really make use of the chance to kickstart some growth in your art form!

All the best & enjoy working by the Moon’s Light.

Thorors Olymthoro