life color


Wip - The Beach Area

Just part of it. Two more separate lots that are that are next to this that are technically still the beach. Probably put some changing huts(guess that’s what they are. I don’t do the beach) and some more umbrellas and loungers with more grassy grass.

Life is Strange ~ Headcannons #1

Thought I’d share some semi-finished sketches about some Life is Strange headcanons I have. Some of us probably share the same ones out there!

- Nathan wears contacts, and when he’s in his downtime, with his messy fluff of hair, he wears his glasses. Only a few people know he wears them. One of which is Victoria. He gets pissy if anyone sees him wearing them, even her. And Victoria, being the smart ass she can be, took a candid photo of him. >.>’‘

- Chloe has a naval piercing! Either that or she gets one after Max and her spend their lives together forever on the road after the Arcadia Bay incident. Of course, it’s a blue butterfly design because I’m cliche like that.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- Victoria is a major closet weeb. When she was younger with longer hair, she loved to watch Sailor Moon. Her childhood favorite scout? Venus, of course. To this day she has a replica of Minako’s Star Power transformation pen. And of course she cosplayed as her. :P

- And as revenge for her candid photo, Nathan takes one of her as she indulges in some cup noodles. Chopsticks and all. Makeup-less. >:3c

And I don’t know about you, but I think Victoria eating cup noodles is now my new spirit animal. I had way too much fun drawing her like that. XD