life choices etc

also can we talk about the fact that the liches gave a whole speech about how suffering was a more powerful force than love, and then in a complete and utter luke skywalker moment, the boys threw a major wrench in their plans completely relying on THE POWER OF LOVE



  • Zen would be the dad that tries to enroll his kid(s) into every performing art class ever
  • He would be the only dad in the sea of moms  waiting for their      kid to finish ballet practice
  • But he would also make sure that their kid doesn’t feel pressured, he takes them on “trips” to relax from all their hard work


    • He would be the kind of dad to have the kids who are covered in glitter and stickers
    • The first time you let him go grocery shopping by himself with the kids would be the last because he came home with 0 of the things on the list and missing one of the kids
    • He would always help them build their pillow forts and other messy endeavors
    • “Y/N  I REFUSE TO LIMIT THEIR CREATIVITY!” is the answer you      always get from him when you tell him he should be a little more strict with the kids 


    • Jumin is the dad that wants to be “trendy” and “cool”, solely for the reason to try to have a better relationship with his kid(s)
    • He’s also the dad that makes terrible burgers at his BBQ, yet the other dads(MM CREW/Unknown) praise him for his store bought patties.
    • He also always makes sure to be there for his kid(s),
    • he makes sure they know that they can come into his office/call him whenever they need him and that he will stop everything he is doing just to be there for them 


    • “Yoosung I know for a fact those games are not for the kids, put them back”
    • Yoosung will forever be a kid at heart and as a result, his kids will have the happiest childhood anyone could have ever wished for
    • Though he’s an amazing dad, the talk about “the birds and the bee” did not go so well and MC had to step in before the kids got traumatized
    • He’s also the type of dad that would be 100% supportive of his kids in all aspects of their life (including career choices/ sexualities/etc.)


    • The “dad that scares all their kid’s friends away
    • This upsets him because he wants them to know that their home is always a safe space for them the "hang” at
    • He’s such a big softy
    • He’s always baking/cooking for his kids.
    • His kids love him and always run to him whenever they need a hug

    Mico: But first let’s begin with our favourite part !! Imitating Tulio Triviño !!

    Tulio1: hello, I’m Tulio Triviño and I’m a dumbaasss

    Tulio2: Hi I’m Tulio “abuser” Triviño, and I like abusing peoplee

    Tulio3: Hi, I’m Tulio Triviño, and I like eating my boogers during the commercials

    Tulio4: I’m Jerk-Tulio “boring” Triviño, and I smell like feet and I’m a total fool!!

    Tulio5: I’m Tulio. You’re fired, fired, all fired!

    Mico: ohohoho~ Tulio should be called DUMB-TULIO!!!


    Policarpo: They’re just like Tulio! Ahahhaha~

    Mico: But not only Tulio’s a moron! there’s also the bald guy Policarpooo!


    Writing Advice

    I’m not an expert in writing, but someone asked me earlier how I write emotions for certain scenes or how I focus on particular areas/make it interesting etc. So I just thought I would post this and see if it helps anyone out. I’m not saying this is professional advice because it’s not, but this is just personally what helps me to write and hopefully it can help some other people too.

    If you’re stuck on how to write the characters reaction to a certain scenario, relate it to a time you’ve been in a similar place or frame of mind: Obviously if you’re writing about a character murdering someone or hunting monsters it isn’t going to be able to be related to. However, if you look deeper into what is going on you will be able to find something you can relate it to. For example, your character has to make a big decision, and it’s a life or death situation, no matter what they do the outcome will be bad. Relate this to a time in your life where you had to make a decision, it doesn’t even have to be anything wild. It could literally be choosing between two different toppings for your ice cream or pizza, but you have to focus on what you were thinking at the time. How did you come to a final decision? Did you find a compromise? Did things go well in the end or did things go badly? Was it a risk or did you stick with what you knew to be safe?

    Paint a picture in your head of the exact scene before you write it so that you know it well enough to give a brief summary that will make the layout of the scene easy for the reader to follow: An example would be if the character/s were in a kitchen and you described where the table, counter and oven were and what room the door led to if they were going to exit. Sometimes it’s important to go in to detail about the setting but sometimes you just need a brief summary so that the story can start. It’s easier for you as a writer to follow this and let the story flow if you know exactly what this place looks like.

    Know your character: If it’s an original character, make sure you write a fact file on them first and get to know them. Ask yourself questions about them that might not seem important like what’s their favourite animal and why? Why are they here? Who do they choose to keep around them? What’s their opinions on politics? Are they sexually active? Does everyone around them support their life choices? Etc. If you’re writing a fan fiction of a character that already exists, try to think about how they are as a person and how they may have reacted in similar situations to what you’re writing. If it’s a reader insert and you’re writing it specifically for a reader to be put in you might want to avoid certain pronouns or descriptions. Unless your reader is supposed to have a particular trait e.g. Their gender may be referenced to, their skin colour, weight, body shape, hair colour, eye colour. But if it’s not specific to a certain criteria, for reader inserts you might want to steer clear of those little details.

    If you’re experiencing writers block, write something that you never expected to write or take a story in a direction you had never considered before: If you are having writers block in the sense of you have no idea where to start your fic/story/book, go somewhere to come up with a character and a story line should follow. Go and get the train or the bus to somewhere and pay attention to a few different people. See how they react to different things like people sitting next to them or the train stopping. Are they alone? Why could that be? Or are they with someone? How many people? Is the person they’re with someone they like or someone they’re forced to be around? (Like an abusive partner, a disliked family member etc). Once you have a better idea for a character, ideas start to stem of what situations they would end up in or maybe even struggle in which would make an interesting dynamic. If you are finding it hard to carry on with a scene, move on to the next chapter or paragraph. If it’s a short story or fic then write the ending, then build the rest of the write up to that end. If you don’t know where to go with the rest of the story there a few ways to mix the story up.
    1. Kill a character
    2. Bring in a new character that threatens the status of the protagonist
    3. Bring back a character that left
    4. Bring back a character that ‘died’ or faked their death
    5. Write the next chapter in the POV of a different character or writers POV
    6. Introduce a new problem

    Write out a plan for your story: It can be as messy as you want but always write a plan. Get all of your ideas for the fic/story/book written down. Whether it’s in your notes or written on paper. Just write down quotes you have in mind for the characters to say at some point, beautifully written sentences that you imagine writing for the situation, scenarios, the actual plot, who’s involved. As soon as it’s all down, when you get stuck while writing it you can go back to it and see a quote or idea you wanted to use and it might help you with your writers block or move your story along.

    Again, I’m not a professional when it comes to writing but these are just some things that help me so I’m hoping that this will be able to help some other people too. :)

    mrsmandrews-deactivated20170714  asked:

    Marriage to Pete Dunne

    Being married to Pete Dunne would include:

    • having matching tatoos as ring replacement so he’s able to wear it anywhere, even during his matches
    • thinking of new vegan recipes that you can cook togheter
    • no guy will bother you ever again since they all know that you’re married to the Bruiser weigth
    • he supports you in every aspect of your life (job choices, etc.)
    • suprising him with little vegan snacks you made for him after his work outs
    • he suprises you with little goodies he gets for you during longer tours
    • getting spoiled in general because nothing is good enough for his wife
    • craving his touch every minute
    • constant hand holding, kisses to the forhead or cuddeling in public (anyone who’s bothered by it recieves a snarl)
    • cuddle sessions whenever he’s home, he hugs you from behind a lot
    • planning on a little family that includes more than ‘just’ a dog

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    The feels when: You need to go for a run with the perfection of the darkness but you also want to just huddle up in your bedsheets and watch Jacksepticeye and think about bad life choices like sugar addictions, etc :^

    Well if that ain’t me - Mod Lily

    • what feminism means: living by the mentality that females support each other regardless of their lifestyle, looks ( as in skin colour, body type, clothing style, etc. ) , life choices, whether they're trans, where they live, etc. / a friendly and supportive attitude towards other females / encouraging each other
    • what feminsim doesn't mean: being forced to like every female individual on this planet when they gave you a proper reason not to / supporting another woman's views though you don't agree with them just because they're female
    So many of us had died to get here. I want you to know that if there was another way out, I would’ve taken it.
    —  John Connor, signing off Kyle Reese’s death warrant

    September 19, 2017, Tuesday [#325]

    My masterlists: [Fanfiction.] [Fan edits.]

    (Fan edit #47: “Fanfic preview of Riley’s Video Game Life”) Hello, everybody! 😊 I have an idea for a TRR fanfic where Riley is aware of the video game mechanics of her life (timed choices, diamond options, etc.) 😎

    In my fanfic, she would struggle with the same, “Should I choose this option or not?” and “Is this worth spending diamonds on or not?” decisions that WE struggle with every chapter! 😆

    This fan edit gives an idea of what my fanfic will be like, except that it will likely start from the first chapter of TRR2 😀 If I decide to write this, I’ll probably publish the first fanfic chapter a few days after TRR2 is released. (But no guarantees!)

    (Edit: The first chapter of TRR2 didn’t have that many diamond choices, so I might wait until I see what the next few chapters of TRR2 are like, to discover when would be a good starting point for the first chapter of this fanfic 😊)

    I was wondering what you think of this idea, and if I should try writing this fanfic? 🤔 What do you think? 😃

    (The Royal Romance fans, you can find my 5,299-word MC/Drake one-shot “Drake’s Poetry Lesson” HERE 😁)

    (Waiting for H.W.U. to come back, forever and always; 19/09/17.)

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    I'm browsing through your blog (and loving it!!!) and omg I've enjoyed your Flower shop / Tattoo artist AU so MUCH! There was just something about it, so soft and calming and pretty

    aaaaahhh THANKS!! i’m really happy that you liked it! that’s one of my favorite AUs as well, and i think about nei’s beautiful art for it all the time ////// i think even now the innocence and unabashed shoujo-ness of that au is itself like a peaceful garden for me haha, i’m glad that it could calm you too!

    some time back i also had another similar au, this time with flower-tattooed touka college student and young grad student/teacher haise….hm, i guess i never posted that here. i’ll go ahead and do that now just in case you’re interested!

    Keep reading

    Also y’all

    rewatching a lot of friends and diving into the Rachel/Joey tags always brings up one big issue for me

    Rachel’s development and mental health

    Because let’s be honest: the one thing we see with her over and over again is that she doesn’t really have control over her life, her choices etc. Not only because of the narrative shoehorning her into random situations which is off enough, but because of her background. Her family—especially her father—bossed her around a lot and took all the choices from her, which continued to be the narrative of her life until she took the initiative for the first time by running away from her wedding.

    The entire first season (and part of the following ones) for Rachel was about her growing out of that helplessness and doing things on her own. But we still got glimpses of a girl who had never been taught to make her own choices. There is almost an entire episode dedicated to Monica, Phoebe and Rachel arguing over whether Rachel is a push-over, closing with the fact that, yeah she kind of is. Other episodes have her actively begging Monica to make choices for her because she doesn’t really know how to make (good) choices.

    And knowing that makes Ross as her end-game SUCH a big red flag for me, because his entire persona is trying to control people in general but especially his girlfriends. And Rachel more than the others even. If we acknowledge the writers, I can only flip them off bc I have no words. If we don’t and pretend these are real people, hell, I can’t even blame Rachel for feeling drawn to that, because it’s what she knows, it’s what she is used to, that is comforting in a way, and it makes things easier. Easier than trying every day to break out of that habit and learn to be her own person throughout her adult life. 

    On the other hand, we got Joey, who supported her. When he was asked for advice he helped her find a solution, occasionally stepped in to fight her battles and protect her, but as a person in general, and especially as Rachel’s friend/partner etc, he does not actually try to control her. He made her experience some new things, try things out herself, invited her to live in his world where you can drop pasta on the ground without anyone being mad at you, live a comfortable life etc. He let her bounce ideas off him but did not tell her what she has to do, unless it was a moral conflict of “you have to tell him the uncomfortable thing” they all preach from time to time. 

    Plus, come on. When Rachel got pregnant, Joey stepped up instantly, proposed, ready to step in as father and husband, then beat himself up for falling for a friend who was with another friend, told Ross he could punch him and that he wouldn’t act on it because it’s not his place. He was ready to step back.

    Meanwhile, Ross learned he was going to have a child, told Rachel off for going on a date once, but then instantly hopped into a date himself.

    TL;DR fuck Ross, Rachel should have gotten with Joey and been happy

    anonymous asked:

    Are there any fics with either boys experiencing a life crisis in terms of career, life choices etc? AU if possible!

    i only know of

    It’s Just Temporary by perfect_plan

    Bucky Barnes has no idea what he wants to do with his life and is stumbling from one temp job to the next. Hopefully he can keep his new job at Stark Industries for longer than a week…

    You’re Looking For a Way Out by camwolfe (WIP)

    Bucky’s therapist recommends that he try hiking, so he gives it a shot. He runs into Steve on his very first hike, during an unfortunate encounter with a bird.

    It goes from there.

    if anyone has more recs, send them our way!

    @ people who are butthurt over the grahamfield kiss being an option, lmao fuck off

    do you know what an option is?
    and the fact you can avoid it very easily?
    in fact if you said no to going ape then the kiss option isn’t even there.

    literally all you’re doing is shitting all over other people’s harmless happiness, you’re not gaining anything from bitching about an OPTIONAL part of the game. gtfo of the grahamfield tag. no one wants you there.

    watermelonbeme  asked:

    Is it bad that I don't feel like I belong to any group on gender rights? I just have my own opinions on things and it seems like every group I go to has a set of ideals and if you don't share them you're either an idiot or a bigot. I feel the same way for almost every argument: I always fall somewhere in between. Republican and Democrat, Pro-Life and Pro-choice, etc. It just kind of feels like I don't belong and at my age I'm supposed to have wedged myself into a group, but I haven't.

    I respect you for feeling this way. It is better to not conform than to conform and not feel the same way. I can be harsh sometimes with what I say but I will not call you an idiot for just disagreeing with an ideal, most of the time.

    Jikook theory by moi

    Dear ARMYs

    This is a Jikook theory and it’s hella rad so if you ain’t intrested in them or they’re your notp, you don’t have to read. Call me delusional or whatever, but this is needed to be spoken about between us shippers, so I’m gonna put it out there. 

    I’ve been a jikook shipper for a long while and I, and many other jikook shippers, am at that point that I feel that jikook is actually, actually legit. More and more jikook moments are being thrown at us. We really suspect Jungkook to be head over heels for Jimin and vice versa. Which is why I have been thinking. The HYYH series have been all about youth, life choices, etc, so I was thinking, what if BigHit decides to reveal jikook, as in they’re dating forreal, during the HYYH series, mostly through Young Forever. It IS a special album after all. 

    There have been a few signs hinting that jikook might be real. The dates with chaperons (with Seokjin to the pool, with Namjoon to the Han River and with Hoseok to a BIGBANG concert). How even the industry puts the two together (puma photoshoot, they sit next to each other in the chicken cf). The April Fools Busan Boys lay out and the cute selca’s they posted. The tweets that are about each other and aimed at each other. Jungkook is being touchy and sometimes feels really self-concious after it. It’s a lot lately.
    At the end of the Fire music video the caption says ‘BOY MEETS WHAT’ and everyone is pretty confused about what it means. I think it’s about the next MV, which is probably going to be Save Me. I put my Jikook glasses on and thought ‘what could replace the 'what’.’ So I replaced it with 'boy’, making it BOY MEETS BOY. 

    So I googled it; and the first thing that popped up after i typed in 'boy meets boy’ was 'boy meets boy korean’. KOREAN. So my heart skipped a beat there and I clicked on it. It led me to a few links.

    'Boy Meets Boy is a 2008 South Korean Short Film directed by Kim Jo Kwangsoo’  

    The directors’ name was already familiar to me, I delved into it more. Boy Meets Boy was released at Busan International Film Festival in 2008. The story revolves around Minsoo who loves photography (just like Jungkook). He’s taking a busride and accidentally drops a roll of film that rolls over to Seokyi’s foot and he pics it up for him. Minsoo stands up to retrieve it and sparks fly in that moment. Minsoo returns to his seat (which is taken now) and later gets off. Outside he crashes into Seokyi again, who then gives him back his camera. It turned out Seokyi and his friends had mugged Minsoo off his camera in the past and Seokyi wanted to return it. Seokyi walks away after and Minsoo follows him and embraces him. Then a few flashbacks are shown of Seokyi planning to follow Minsoo to return the camera. 

    It ends there, it’s really short and cute, I’ve watched it. It would be really cute too.. if it was a music video concept. Bringing me to Save Me, the next expected MV. So I read the transelation of the song and there are a few things I’d like to point out;

    The line ’please raise your voice so I can laugh again’ is, for me, very VERY jikook-ish. Because we all know that Jungkook loves making Jimin laugh by doing weird shit and Jimin even explained why:

    And the line ’thank you for letting me be me’ stands out to me to. As we all know Korea is still against same-sex marriage and here, in this song, someone is thanking the other for accepting them for who they are. (in this situation, homosexual or bisexual, or anything sexual except for straight). 

    Then I looked up Kim Jo Kwangsoo, who is a film director and not just a director;

    A Soompi article that was published on 2015/7/3 explains that Kim Jo Kwangsoo and his partner Kim Seunghwan held the first same-sex wedding ceremony in South Korea in September 2013. The same year they submitted a marriage application but it was rejected. In May 2014 they filed a lawsuit to appeal the rejection. 

    Kim Jo Kwangsoo is a South Korean LGBT activist and the first film he directed was Boy Meets Boy. 

    We know that Namjoon, for example, supports homosexuality. We know that Bangtan Sonyeondan and BigHit entertainment know how to surprise us and they’re not afraid to discuss topics such as suicide, depression and addiction. This seems like something they would actually do. And we know that Jikook is legit. If my theory is correct.

    then the music video for Save Me will have a Boy Meets Boy concept, in which jikook will play the roles of Minsoo & Seokyi and Big Hit Entertainment is going to confirm that jikook is real. 

    I don’t know if it’s true, it’s just my speculation. If you wanna argue with me about it, I’m not going to respond if you are homophobic or a shipper of another couple within Bangtan. I have nothing against you guys, because I love all possible relationships within Bangtan, bcs Bangtan is full of love. So calm yo tits. 

    Also, the new situation that the jikook tag is full of discussion whether Jungkook tops or bottoms, PLEASE STOP. You’re just trying to create drama and everyone can prefer what they prefer. Don’t complain about the lack of bottom!jungkook fics, because complaining ain’t gonna write more bottom!jungkook fics. People are not going to write more bottom!jungkook if you complain about it! And top!jungkook fans, stop complaining about bottom!jungkook fans filling up the tag, because you guys are ALSO filling up the tag with that stupid discussion. Ya’ll just stop complaining and enjoy jikook as they are and as you think they are. Yeah, its sucks for you that there aren’t a lot of bottom!jk fics, try to write em yourself, try to ask writers whether they would wanna write some bottom!jk for you, hit your friends up who are into bottom!jk and do stuff together, talk about it, but don’t complain in the jikook tag about it, because it fills the tag with negativity. Personally, I think they switch, just fyi. Why ya’ll fighting over the who tops and who bottoms in a relationship that might not be real between two young adults on the other side of the planet. It’s not even for you to decide.

    And if this theory turns out to be true or if jikook in general turns out to be true; DO NOT DISRESPECT JEON JUNGKOOK, PARK JIMIN, JIKOOK SHIPPERS, BTS, BIGHIT ENTERTAINMENT OR THE LGBT COMMUNITY. 

    If you have more speculations or if you wanna talk about jikook, feel free to message me. If this theory doesn’t turn out to be true, then thats that! I’ll still ship jikook, cuz im trash~ 

    Thank you.

    anonymous asked:

    Dump day idea: If you could ever meet Norman and ask him 1 serious question, what would it be? (No fangirl/boy stupid stuff like what's your favorite color?) Something thoughtful about himself , life, his role choices, etc.

    I like it. Send in questions if you want to do this

    Bpd is a chronic DISORDER/ILLNESS. Stop mocking it. Stop invalidating it. Stop minimizing it. Stop romanticizing the struggle. Stop.

    Borderline Personality Disorder (Emotional Regulation Disorder)

    is a disorder of emotional and reactive Hypersensitivity + Dysregulation.
    Since it appears many people don’t know:

    It is NOT: -Irrational mood swings, or mere mood swings in general, adolescent developmental stages, hormones changes, stresses in life, irritability, angst, or even being sensitive/highly sensitive.

    -A result of an overactive autonomic nervous system (fight or flight- functions reactive to panic, anxiety, anger reactions, etc.)
    -An underactive parasympathetic nervous system (The system that is responsible to regulate the autonomic nervous system)
    -Less active and smaller in volume abnormalities in the limbic system which has functions linked to: emotional reactions, memory, decision making, motivation, behavior, learning and developmental ability, thought pattern, instincts, psychotic symptoms, seizures, and senses/the way the body perceives external stimuli.
    -Reduced volume in frontal lobe which has functions linked to: decision making, communication responses, ability to comprehend consequences, emotional-based memories and triggers, and relations to people, events and situations.
    -Abnormal blood flow to parts of the brain that control emotions, resulting in one to be more reactive
    -Emotional reactions firing off 20% longer
    -High genetic factors
    -A ton of other factors

    Symptoms in BPD:

     (“The Anger”) Is NOT: -Acting up, “having a temper”, getting angry, getting annoyed

    -Unbearable discomfort 
    -Extreme bpd rage and discomfort in response to ‘minor’ situations or events
    -Active opposition
    -Loss of control

    (“The identity and sense of self symptoms) are NOT: -Insecurity, those stresses with life, school, and jobs, difficulty with establishing: interests, friends, ways to express oneself, “finding ones self,” Erickson’s psychosocial theroy of human developmental stage of Identity vs confusion (normal adolescence stage in development)

    -Dysphoria (Dissatisfaction, uselessness, worthlessness)
    -Radical behavior and/or appearance changes
    -Despising ones self
    -Fluctuating between life choices, opinions, aspirations etc.
    -No direction with goals, values, morals

    (“The abandonment, rejection, and criticism based symptom reactions”) are NOT: -Experiencing immense difficulty after a break up, missing someone, not wanting to be separated from someone, getting upset when someone doesn’t text back, really really loving someone, getting upset over someone not liking you or over negative comments

    -Lack/loss of autonomy
    -Grief stages
    -Distorted cognitive empathy
    -Possible delusions and hallucinations regarding the reactions
    -Other BPD reactions

    (“The depression based symptoms”) are NOT: -Feeling sad, feeling down, bored, tired, discouraged

    -Persistent Dysphoria (Depression, anxiety, sorrow, anguish)
    -Pervasive shame
    -Feelings of inferiority and misery
    -Suicidal behavior (gestures, attempts, role playing, etc.)

    (“The impulsive and reckless based symptoms”) are NOT: -Rebellion, trying new things, daring, acting up with your friends

    -Sense of urgency to engage in impulsiveness
    -Extreme intrusions and compulsions for a relief of emotional turmoil
    -Lack of care for well-being
    -Denial of one’s limits, danger, and outcomes

    This disorder is NOT: -Being someone that just feels and experiences emotions and life on a deep or meaningful level and something that you can undermine to standard or average behavior/aspects


    Stop romanticizing and mocking it.

    *Note that this post is not indicating that any of the other experiences are not difficult to an extent or could be problematic in some way, nor is it trying to over-generalize anyone. It is simply showing others that a mental disorder, in this case BPD, is not: an excuse, a list of what everyone goes through in different life stages, a list of symptoms in general in which someone can just tell they have it after reading it, just having some mood swings or being temperamental, someone sensitive, and so on.
    It is called a mental disorder for a reason and takes very many lives- any sort of invalidation, discrimination, minimization, assumptions, and mockery shouldn’t be tolerated.
    (Also, I want to mention I tried to word it the best way I can. I typically go back and edit over time, but I don’t spend hours and hours doing these things. :P)