life choices etc

also can we talk about the fact that the liches gave a whole speech about how suffering was a more powerful force than love, and then in a complete and utter luke skywalker moment, the boys threw a major wrench in their plans completely relying on THE POWER OF LOVE

why cant people just let others enjoy things

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what r your opinions on smoking?

I have never smoked before & dont intend to. I am genuinely confused by the act of smoking but its okay if people wanna do it, their life - their choice etc. However i would wish for those i care about to make healthy choices for them & their body. I will never be someone to encourage things like smoking, alcohol, drugs.. etc. I am a slight hypochondriac and have been since i was young. But In all seriousness and realness I care for people and want them to be healthy!

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What is a 'mistress'? an 'art mistress' or a 'spiritual mistress'?

I think you’re likely referring to the graphic for Moura, wherein it references these types of mistresses on Med Moura.

Mistress, both by definition and as used by those who write the articles on the Mother God website (where I got the information for that picture), means someone with some power or rule over others - which can be big, as big as an empress of a vast empire, or something closer to home like your mother, a teacher of some sort that you look up to, even the manager of a store.

So a spiritual mistress would be someone such as a spiritual or life coach, a priestess or other type of religious teacher: someone respected, trustworthy, whom you look up to and turn to for guidance on matters of spirituality, religious practices, life choices, etc. I’m not totally sure what they mean by an art mistress, but I would imagine someone along the same lines: a teacher or coach that helps/supports you in learning and practicing your art or craft.

So Med Moura would be kind of like Mother’s Day in the secular calendar, but expanded a bit more to celebrate and thank all the women in these types of positions, the women we look up to and trust: a day just to say thank you and that we really appreciate them for all they do and the burthens they carry to care for others.

Thank you for your question! ^ω^

So many of us had died to get here. I want you to know that if there was another way out, I would’ve taken it.
—  John Connor, signing off Kyle Reese’s death warrant
Jikook theory by moi

Dear ARMYs

This is a Jikook theory and it’s hella rad so if you ain’t intrested in them or they’re your notp, you don’t have to read. Call me delusional or whatever, but this is needed to be spoken about between us shippers, so I’m gonna put it out there. 

I’ve been a jikook shipper for a long while and I, and many other jikook shippers, am at that point that I feel that jikook is actually, actually legit. More and more jikook moments are being thrown at us. We really suspect Jungkook to be head over heels for Jimin and vice versa. Which is why I have been thinking. The HYYH series have been all about youth, life choices, etc, so I was thinking, what if BigHit decides to reveal jikook, as in they’re dating forreal, during the HYYH series, mostly through Young Forever. It IS a special album after all. 

There have been a few signs hinting that jikook might be real. The dates with chaperons (with Seokjin to the pool, with Namjoon to the Han River and with Hoseok to a BIGBANG concert). How even the industry puts the two together (puma photoshoot, they sit next to each other in the chicken cf). The April Fools Busan Boys lay out and the cute selca’s they posted. The tweets that are about each other and aimed at each other. Jungkook is being touchy and sometimes feels really self-concious after it. It’s a lot lately.
At the end of the Fire music video the caption says ‘BOY MEETS WHAT’ and everyone is pretty confused about what it means. I think it’s about the next MV, which is probably going to be Save Me. I put my Jikook glasses on and thought ‘what could replace the 'what’.’ So I replaced it with 'boy’, making it BOY MEETS BOY. 

So I googled it; and the first thing that popped up after i typed in 'boy meets boy’ was 'boy meets boy korean’. KOREAN. So my heart skipped a beat there and I clicked on it. It led me to a few links.

'Boy Meets Boy is a 2008 South Korean Short Film directed by Kim Jo Kwangsoo’  

The directors’ name was already familiar to me, I delved into it more. Boy Meets Boy was released at Busan International Film Festival in 2008. The story revolves around Minsoo who loves photography (just like Jungkook). He’s taking a busride and accidentally drops a roll of film that rolls over to Seokyi’s foot and he pics it up for him. Minsoo stands up to retrieve it and sparks fly in that moment. Minsoo returns to his seat (which is taken now) and later gets off. Outside he crashes into Seokyi again, who then gives him back his camera. It turned out Seokyi and his friends had mugged Minsoo off his camera in the past and Seokyi wanted to return it. Seokyi walks away after and Minsoo follows him and embraces him. Then a few flashbacks are shown of Seokyi planning to follow Minsoo to return the camera. 

It ends there, it’s really short and cute, I’ve watched it. It would be really cute too.. if it was a music video concept. Bringing me to Save Me, the next expected MV. So I read the transelation of the song and there are a few things I’d like to point out;

The line ’please raise your voice so I can laugh again’ is, for me, very VERY jikook-ish. Because we all know that Jungkook loves making Jimin laugh by doing weird shit and Jimin even explained why:

And the line ’thank you for letting me be me’ stands out to me to. As we all know Korea is still against same-sex marriage and here, in this song, someone is thanking the other for accepting them for who they are. (in this situation, homosexual or bisexual, or anything sexual except for straight). 

Then I looked up Kim Jo Kwangsoo, who is a film director and not just a director;

A Soompi article that was published on 2015/7/3 explains that Kim Jo Kwangsoo and his partner Kim Seunghwan held the first same-sex wedding ceremony in South Korea in September 2013. The same year they submitted a marriage application but it was rejected. In May 2014 they filed a lawsuit to appeal the rejection. 

Kim Jo Kwangsoo is a South Korean LGBT activist and the first film he directed was Boy Meets Boy. 

We know that Namjoon, for example, supports homosexuality. We know that Bangtan Sonyeondan and BigHit entertainment know how to surprise us and they’re not afraid to discuss topics such as suicide, depression and addiction. This seems like something they would actually do. And we know that Jikook is legit. If my theory is correct.

then the music video for Save Me will have a Boy Meets Boy concept, in which jikook will play the roles of Minsoo & Seokyi and Big Hit Entertainment is going to confirm that jikook is real. 

I don’t know if it’s true, it’s just my speculation. If you wanna argue with me about it, I’m not going to respond if you are homophobic or a shipper of another couple within Bangtan. I have nothing against you guys, because I love all possible relationships within Bangtan, bcs Bangtan is full of love. So calm yo tits. 

Also, the new situation that the jikook tag is full of discussion whether Jungkook tops or bottoms, PLEASE STOP. You’re just trying to create drama and everyone can prefer what they prefer. Don’t complain about the lack of bottom!jungkook fics, because complaining ain’t gonna write more bottom!jungkook fics. People are not going to write more bottom!jungkook if you complain about it! And top!jungkook fans, stop complaining about bottom!jungkook fans filling up the tag, because you guys are ALSO filling up the tag with that stupid discussion. Ya’ll just stop complaining and enjoy jikook as they are and as you think they are. Yeah, its sucks for you that there aren’t a lot of bottom!jk fics, try to write em yourself, try to ask writers whether they would wanna write some bottom!jk for you, hit your friends up who are into bottom!jk and do stuff together, talk about it, but don’t complain in the jikook tag about it, because it fills the tag with negativity. Personally, I think they switch, just fyi. Why ya’ll fighting over the who tops and who bottoms in a relationship that might not be real between two young adults on the other side of the planet. It’s not even for you to decide.

And if this theory turns out to be true or if jikook in general turns out to be true; DO NOT DISRESPECT JEON JUNGKOOK, PARK JIMIN, JIKOOK SHIPPERS, BTS, BIGHIT ENTERTAINMENT OR THE LGBT COMMUNITY. 

If you have more speculations or if you wanna talk about jikook, feel free to message me. If this theory doesn’t turn out to be true, then thats that! I’ll still ship jikook, cuz im trash~ 

Thank you.

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I graduated from college last May and I want to go back to school for biology or library science. But I don't have any academic recommendations (stupid life choices, etc). How can I get recs at this point so I can go to grad school?

I was actually out of college for about three years when I contacted my former professors about writing me recommendation letters for grad school. If they’re still working at the college, I say go for it. Here’s a guide for recommendation letter requests (link).

But you absolutely need to choose a major and a school before you can do that. Worry about all that before you get started on the application process.