life by sammi


After School Special, 4.13

Do you see this right here? Dean making sure Sam has his books and then saying he doesn’t need books, himself, because he won’t be around long enough anyway. That pattern-the one where Dean believes Sam’s life is worth more than his own–that’s being established right here. Dean obviously knows that books are necessary to be successful at school because he makes sure Sam has his. He can see that Sam is successful at school when Sam’s jumping around too, so Dean knows the jumping around thing isn’t what’s going to stop him from doing well. But Dean’s already learned from John that he’s a good soldier and nothing more. He’s already given up any hope for anything different for himself. Following what John’s been telling him his whole life–look out for Sammy. Never: look out for yourself. 

so, i was like almost last for jared and i needed to tell him that he was my favorite and that i love him. so it was my turn and i walked up literally freaking out and he goes “hey darlin” and i was like “you’re my favorite person and i love you so much” and he goes “you have great taste!” at this point he was squatting a little and we were literally face to face and he had his hand like on the side of my face and his hand was the size of my head??? then he goes “what do you want to do?” and i was like “i just want to hug you” and he was like “alright!” and pulled me in so tight for a hug, but when he did, my hair was covering my face so the photographer was motioning to us to fix my hair and jared goes “do you mind?” AND LITERALLY STARTED RUNING HIS FINGERS THROUGH MY HAIR AND WAS FUCKING FIXING IT FOR ME and then he hugged me again and goes “it’s funny, it’s usually my hair that needs fixing” and then we took the picture and i was like “thank you so much i love you. you’re seriously my favorite” and AGAIN he put his hand on the side of my face and he goes “you rock. thank you darlin” and was smiling at me AND I LITERALLY MELTED I ALMOST CRIED


Oh boy, I’m graduating in 11 days! I finally finished my grad cap decoration today, phew. I’ve grown so much as an artist over the past four years, I thought it would be fun to put together something that kinda celebrates that! It’s totally self-indulgent and covered in little silly things that have been important to me throughout high school– characters from plays I’ve written, school mascots, fictional characters who have been important to me, weird props from theater tech stuff… and of course, one of my favorite Night Vale quotes ^u^

  • Johnny: I will put my A down to make 'a'.
  • Susie: I will add onto your 'a' to make 'at'.
  • Norman: I will add onto your 'at' to make 'rat'.
  • Sammy: *puts a dozen letters down* I will add onto your 'rat' to make 'biostratographic'.
  • Wally: *knocks the board onto the floor* Oh no! Tidal wave!