life ball


Gustav Klimt Brought to Life by Photographer Inge Prader.

Austrian photographer Inge Prader recently recreated Gustav Klimt’s masterworks for Style Bible, a part of the Life Ball Charity Event in Vienna, Austria.  A team of over 50 professionals worked on the demanding photography project which raises funds to help those with HIV/AIDS.  Makeup artists, costume designers, set designers, lighting specialists and many others worked with models and fully ornamented props to bring to life the fascinating, erotically charged work that Klimt is known for during his “Golden Phase.”

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let's talk beautiful lyrics by yoongi

“amidst double standards and opposition everywhere I crushed the limits within myself” (we are bulletproof pt. 2)

“my hobby is proving you wrong” (we on)

“if i ruled the world why would i dream small, of gambling and investing in stocks? i would still be making music with my bangtan fam” (if i ruled the world)

“same day, same moon” (tomorrow)

“because the dawn right before the sunrise is the darkest” (tomorrow)

“the studio is my playground, and the pen and paper are my partners” (triptych)

“a sweet wind named you is blowing in my heart” (miss right)

“others are running forward, yet why am i still here?” (intro: hyyh)

“take a breath, or breathe a dream” (intro: hyyh)

“this moment will never come again, it will never find me again, so i ask myself am i happy? yes, the answer is already there, i am happy.” (intro: hyyh)

“before the day of my birth inside of my mother’s womb, i counted the days till my first move. the cost of the move was a machine on her heart and a scar.” (move….. /fuh my heart)

“on the stage i desired so much, when i sing and dance, i feel that i am yet alive. i can withstand a long commute and the aching of my body because my people are watching me. i endure the exhaustion because the cheers come rolling in.” (born singer)

“i don’t give a shit, i don’t give a fuck” (intro: nvm)

“i have become the pride of my family, and have even succeeded to an extent.” (intro: nvm)

“though i taste failure and disappointment and bow my head, we’re still young and immature don’t even sweat it” (intro: nvm)

“if you can’t go back, run forward…
if you feel you’ll crash, accelerate all the more” (intro: nvm)

“you’re a butterfly effect, shining in pitch darkness. with your light touches i forget reality altogether” (butterfly)

“the words so carelessly thrown at me: even my loneliness looks like pretend to you.” (whalien 52)

“have i engraved my existence into you like rain? or have i come and gone like short showers?” (rain)

“the saying must be true that love blooms like cherry blossoms and then burns to ashes” (let me know)

“hip hop found me like a young child finds his mother” (hip hop lover)

“everyone asks me, what is hip hop, and i say proudly that it is my everything. as a result i have buried my entire existence under music. if loving this culture is a sin i’ll die a hundred times
over.” (hip hop lover)

“dream. hope. forward. forward” (epilogue: young forever)

random observations from re-watching the first AOS Star Trek film:

people always characterize Kirk & McCoy’s dynamic as pure ‘IM GONNA DO THE THING, BONES” vs “DAMNIT JIM DONT DO THE THING”

but it’s incredibly significant to me, that it’s Bones who makes the decision to smuggle him onto the Enterprise.

Jim finds out that he’s under academic suspension, and can’t go with the rest of the fleet, and he doesn’t argue.

He stands there, looking a little bit lost, sure.

But he tells Bones to go without him, lies to Bones’ face and says that he’s fine, he’s ‘good’, even though it’s absolutely killing to say that.

Except he knows Bones’ needs that lie, that reassurance, because Bones is the one who is scared, not him, and if it’s the last thing they say to each other, Bones needs to know that Kirk will be okay.

And then Bones is the one who decides to say “screw regulations, screw the entire academic board of Starfleet and the Medical Code, I’m going to misappropriate medical supplies & inject you with them, to falsify a medical dispensation that will get you on board once I bullshit my way past security. Risking, if we get caught, at a minimum some form of academic penalty, and possibly the loss of my license. But I’m not doing this without my friend by my side.”

It’s then you remember that Kirk isn’t the only last-minute sign-up that day in Iowa.

Bones wasn’t at the bar with the rest of the cadets, or he would have probably met Kirk there, instead, & checked him over for a concussion, at the very least.

He was the only one other than Jim to show up for the shuttle without a uniform, which all of the rest of them had, at a minimum, the night before. 

Which means, given what we heard, Bones’ divorce proceedings finally went through, and the next day he woke up, started drinking, and thought to himself. ‘you know, I just got divorced, I’m flat broke, but hey, let’s sign up for STAR FLEET. Because it’s a new start! I’m definitely not signing up for an organization that operates almost exclusively in space, when I’m afraid of flying. that would be a terrible life choice, who would do that? Right. It’s settled, then. I’m gonna do that.”

tl:dr Bones isn’t impulsive as often as Kirk, but when he is:

A. it’s a doozy

B. it probably winds up saving the entire galaxy, somewhere along the way