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Beerus/Shin Life Link

Time for a Head Canon of mine to explain my thoughts on this mechanic.

So, we know that it was in fact Beerus who sealed the Elder Kai away in the Z Sword because they got into an argument. Elder Kai was the East Kaioshin 15 generations ago, therefore we’ve surely had several Kaioshin deaths by now, and yet Beerus is still alive and well.

But if he has a life link with the Kaioshin how can he have survived their deaths? My response is that he is most likely tied to the most powerful Kaioshin of a generation (usually a Dai Kaioshin), and when that Kaioshin dies, they will have already trained a successor to take their place, so the life link automatically transfers to the new head Kaioshin. 

Currently, the only Kaioshin available to hold the Life Link with Beerus is Shin, as he was the only Kaioshin left after Majin Buus massacre. The problem we face with the life link now is that there is no Kaioshin to succeed him, if he were to die there would be no transference of the life link and Beerus would die. As shown in Trunks’ future timeline.

You could argue that the life link could go back to Elder Kai, but that’s where my HC comes in. I think it’s more that Elder Kai was from 15 generations prior, the universe would not recognise him as the active reigning Kaioshin, and the life link can only go down the generations, and not back.

Otherwise, it seems a bit odd that Beerus has a link with Shin when he came from a group of 5. Although, I do like the dynamic, I have to be able to explain it.


Gustav Klimt Brought to Life by Photographer Inge Prader.

Austrian photographer Inge Prader recently recreated Gustav Klimt’s masterworks for Style Bible, a part of the Life Ball Charity Event in Vienna, Austria.  A team of over 50 professionals worked on the demanding photography project which raises funds to help those with HIV/AIDS.  Makeup artists, costume designers, set designers, lighting specialists and many others worked with models and fully ornamented props to bring to life the fascinating, erotically charged work that Klimt is known for during his “Golden Phase.”

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#NoDAPL victory!

The easement has been denied and the pipeline can’t be built through Standing Rock.

Still - the battle is not over.  This case will go back into litigation.  This fight is not over.  But today, we can celebrate.

Continue to pray for Standing Rock and Unci Maka.  Our Indigenous prayers are powerful.  Mni Wiconi, Mni Wakan, Mni Wicozani!