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Going to Scotland in 8 weeks Anniversary present from my sweet husand! My heritage is highland Scot I am so excited. I am losing my vision and will not see season 2. Reason I wish they would release some S2 shots. :/ You should go if you really want to, life throws some curve balls sometimes! I have Outlander ladies I have followed many years and they have given me a wonderful list of things to not miss! I am a shipper also! If you could go tomorrow what is the first place you would visit?

Oh you dear, lovely, amazing woman. IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO HAS A COPY OF THE SNEAK PEEK FROM COMIC CON THAT WE CAN SHARE WITH HER????? PLEASE!!!! Let me know!!! What can we do to get some visuals for her??? Among all of us we should be able to get something going here.

For me, I’d hit up Edinburgh first. But forget about me, I need a complete report from you when you get back.

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Mom do I have to go to school? Why can't I stay home?

You have to go to school so that you can graduate and get your degree. If you don’t your life will suck donkey balls.

The Yamcha Conspiracy

A/N: What I write is my interpretation of Yamcha’s character, not what I think Akira Toriyama had in mind for the enigma that is Yamcha. With that said, enjoy.

Once upon a time, a jackass in middle school jumped on me from behind and screamed in his irritatingly prepubescent voice a sound that was supposed to be an explosion. Once he got off, my heart rate couldn’t calm down, as I couldn’t figure out the rhyme or reason to this outburst. That is, until the kid said this: “Stop over-reacting, Yams.” Yams. Freaking Yams. That nick-name was not earned for my love of the canned root vegetables. No, I earned it because of my ring of friends who were DBZ fans, I was the only one who liked Yamcha.

Why do I like Yamcha? Why do I despise preteen punks imitating Saibamen?  Why am I interested in such an under-powered character where Goku and Vegeta are right around the corner? Why are am I invested in one of TV’s most epic fails? 

Well, I just do. He’s a character who’s potential on the show is never really tapped, and he goes through a lot of tough sh*t. He got blown up, dumped,  overshadowed and K.O’d in one hit from some geriatric robot. You may think I’m joking when I say this is Yamcha’s resume on DBZ, but I’m totally serious. I like him for these moments, not because their failures but because it’s a lot like reality. I mean, plant people and robots don’t kill you every Tuesday, but the general idea of it all. 

Let me explain this theory through each of these examples. First, exploding. To be honest, I always thought that Yamcha beat the Saibaman in their fight. He just lost through dirty fighting, the Saibaman doing a stealthy self-destruct on him. I used to complain about the unfairness about that, but then I quickly understood it. These are villains, they play dirty. So does life. It takes you down at the most unpredictable moments. There can be sudden death, sickness and tragedy around the corner. Hard-working people can be bogged down by things they can’t control, like a bad economy. No matter how hard Yamcha trained, he was taken down through the most unfair way, just like no matter how hard you worked for that internship, someone who went to a better college than you beat you to it. Yamcha knows the struggle is real, he teaches us this through exploding.

Next, Yamcha’s breakup. In the original Dragonball, Yamcha was awkward when it came to girls. Hell, you could say he was downright scared of them. To me, it’s what made his relationship with the confident and sassy Bulma work so well. The contrast worked so well, just like with Bulma and Vegeta. Yamcha carried this trait onto DBZ, where he was left speechless when Maron flirted with him. I think that at a certain time in most of our lives, we come to that awkward relationship phase, where we start crushing on others and want to ask them out but never build enough confidence to do so. In a way, we were like Yamcha. Whether we won the girl or guy in the end or not, most of us were awkward when it came to crushing on people. It was as if the odds were against us that we’d have something with this person, just like Yamcha. The sad thing is, like real life, there was no happy fairy tale ending for Yamcha, as Bulma breaks up with him for the cooler guy, Vegeta. Yamcha teaches the sad truths of love.

Now, a topic I’m sure you’re waiting for, Yamcha being overshadowed. I never got why everybody calls out Yamcha for being overshadowed by the Saiyans and sometimes Piccolo, since all the humans in general got pushed to the side. It’s just that Yamcha’s fight record wasn’t as good, so it was more noticeable for him. Don’t we all have that moment when we feel like someone is better than us? Insecurities are unavoidable, and whether it’s someone on your team, at your job or just a friend, there are times we feel less than them. Yamcha, like any other human on the show, even addresses that he is less than the Saiyans and Piccolo, even though he is the third strongest human in the universe! Kind of shows how sometimes we forget how great and special we can really be. Believe in yourself, Yamcha. You really are something special.

As for Dr. Gero nearly killing him, well… yeah, that’s just Akira Toriyama writing Yamcha into a bad place again.

You must think I’m insane for writing this much about Yamcha of all people, but he’s one of my favorites, and I just absolutely despise what Toriyama did to his character. There could’ve been so many great things to do with Yamcha, as well as the rest of the humans. Maybe if the Saiyans weren’t naturally stronger than the humans, Yamcha and Tien and the rest would do a lot more, and be more fleshed out. The fact the Saiyans are naturally stronger kind of defeats one of the main messages of DBZ: training as hard as you can to be the best. And the truth that any human on the show can’t possibly be the best with Goku, Gohan and Vegeta in the room makes me sick to my stomach. I DEMAND RESPECT FOR YAMCHA! And with Tien, Chiaotzu, Krillin and Roshi. Launch, too, if they can squeeze her in. BUT YEAH! RESPECT, I SAY! RESPECT!!

So to me, Yamcha is one of my favorites because he is flawed, which, to me, makes a more interesting and three-dimensional character than some OP hero. He doesn’t deserve the amount of hate he gets from fans, but does deserve stuff to do more stuff and just get more respect. 

Yamcha is love. Yamcha is life.


If you were disappointed with how the show dealt with Yamcha and other humans in DBZ, I hope to do more with them in my fan-fiction idea for the Saiyan Saga that may one day turn into a full-fleshed story. If popular enough, I’ll stretch out beyond that point to Namek and maybe even the Androids. And if you think more things were wrong with DBZ that deserved some fixing, I pointed out some mistakes made in the first two sagas. 

All of this and more here, where I’ll do more stuff on DBZ and other shows to come.

Hope you enjoyed, have a good day and please…give Yamcha a break.



Over the past few days, many gay-themed traffic lights have been installed across Vienna. The traffic lights are intended to get the city in the mood for the annual Eurovision Song Contest.

The traffic lights will stay until June 30th, a lot of people demand the continuation.