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Reylo 101: Why Reylo Belongs in Star Wars
In this episode of our Reylo 101 podcast series we overview the signs supporting the idea that Rey and Kylo Ren will have a romantic arc in the Sequel Trilogy, and compare Reylo to canon romances featured in previous SW films. We discuss fairy tale elements found in the dynamics between Kylo and Rey, and also speculate as to the directions Reylo could take on screen. Lastly, we share our Reylo Wish List (preview: "lots of kissing", "future Force babies").

Reylo 101 | Reylo Fandom: The New Star Wars Rebels

In this final installment of our Reylo101 podcast series, we share our thoughts on the Reylo fandom. We discuss prejudice, sexism, misogyny and simple misunderstanding often aimed at Reylo fans. We discuss the curious and often painful phenomenon of segregation among the general Star Wars fandom, which unexpectedly led to unity and the forging of friendships, networks and new creative projects which are changing the landscape of the Star Wars fandom.


“It is you.” | Rey Kenobi

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