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what do you think the most underrated episode/arc in the clone wars is?

I personally don’t see a lot of people discuss much about the Nightsisters Arc – which becomes one of the first times we see Asajj Ventress as more than just “that one bald sexual tension inducing sith lady”. 

Those few mins of us seeing the visions of her past after she reunites with the Nightsisters demonstrates a very clear thing, she was not born evil. She was someone who could have had a very different life, and that was taken from her.

After that, you can’t really help but see her differently and realize just how pitiful she was – following orders and seeking constant validation and recognition from a man who barely hesitated when commanded to discard her.

It’s the beginning of Ventress becoming more than just a tool for others to use, and I always found that arc very intriguing because of that. (Also, we get to meet Savage Opress and see more of where she came from, which I always thought was pretty cool!)


“It is you.” | Rey Kenobi

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