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Beauty and the Beast Chapter Eight

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Warnings: none

Word Count: 8619

Pairings: (eventual) Dean x Reader

~A Month Later, (Y/N)’s P.O.V~

   (Y/N) panted as her feet slapped against the muddy dirt road, creating a suctioning sound as she ran her ponytail swinging behind her with every stride she took. As she ran she couldn’t help but think about everything that had happened in the past month or so. Over the past month she had gotten used to life around the bunker to the point where she had found herself putting off the act of going home because a life where she wasn’t being bothered by Michael and Zachariah constantly had certainly become her new addiction that and something else. During the past month she had found that her and Dean had been getting closer to each other, or at least she thought they were anyways. She had beung to let her guard down just a little bit more, and she had even begun to let her guard down just a little bit more around herself and enjoying his presence even. And as much as she hated to admit it, let alone think about it, she was afraid that the more time she spent with Dean the more she see seemed to be falling for him, and the more she began to see Dean as more human rather than demon which was something she couldn’t afford to do just yet. But try as she might to get these feelings to go away the wouldn’t countless times she had found herself staring at Dean just a little longer than she should have, and sometimes she’d even find that she was subconsciously actively seeking out Dean’s company. She knew, even though she still refused to admit it even to herself, that she was slowly falling for Dean and she didn’t know what to do about it.

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Podcast Roundup

I have a confession to make, I think I am most definitely addicted to podcasts. I actually have a rotation of at least 20 of them to cycle between depending on my mood, though they tend to lean into the creepy and surreal. Here are my personal favorites on my list at the moment, in rough order of my immediate compulsion to listen:

1. Welcome to Night Vale: My first brush with the unknowable and standard for judging podcasts

2. Serial (DUH!)

3. Dear Hank and John: Vlogbrothers <3 and the inevitable condition of mortality <3 in a comedy podcast 

4. The Black Tapes Podcast and TANIS: Two podcasts, both from Pacific Northwest Stories, one about demons and cursed sounds and the other about whatever Tanis is…? Both are perfect for my walk home through either the cemetery or the woods, depending on my mood and how quickly the demons are pursuing

5. King Falls AM: If Night Vale felt more like a call-in radio show and less like a news ballad led by Cecil

6. Lore and Limetown: My next set of creepy stories (at least one of them is factual) that make me look over my shoulder at night. The mythos brought out by lore in telling stories and the story played out in limetown are both delightfully terrifying

7. Kakos Industries: Take Night Vale’s Strexcorp, add some kink and darkness into that evil and you have yourself these delightfully seductive shareholder announcements. This one is definitely not for the more delicate ears out there

8. Pleasuretown: Old-timey western and campfire ghost stories with some paranormal flare

9. EOS 10: Because every single character makes me feel things with their adorable sci-fi antics

10. Invisibilia: Because perception is a beautiful thing to explore…will be higher up once the new stuff roles around. Also, fair warning, the hosts of the program are right when they say that both of them sound alike but in time you will tell them apart :)

11. A History of the World in 100 Objects: My interest in museum studies brought out this little gem that I just discovered and have enjoyed as it delves into a new treasure from the British museum in each episode

A few others: The Bunker (Post-apocalyptic Britain…lots of tea and existentialism), Israel Story (Israeli This American Life), Codebreaker (Is any technology ever evil?), and This Anthropological Life (Brandeis University Anth students like myself talking about our research)

Hope this list brought at least one person to something new <3 

Mellow Frames: Mabel’s Guide to the Friend Zone

But seriously people, as someone whose been rejected before. Take rejection kindly. The person you asked out has no obligation to date you. Be a Dipper not a Gideon… Or a Wendy. 

Getting To Know You

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: super fluffy, smut
(Reader request)

Being a hunter, things like romance, a regular life, a family, and a stationary home were exciting but could be only a distant dream. Once you get in this life you never leave. Even when you want to, it follows you, the dreams, the instincts you have from places you’ve been. It never leaves you.
I know I can never have a normal life but that never kept you from dreaming.

The bunker was the closest thing to home, and it wasn’t always easy living there. Especially with the Winchester’s who loved to pull pranks and cause trouble ever since they took you in a few years ago. Castiel would come around too and that’s what made living there the hardest. Castiel would ‘visit’ but in reality he practically lived there with you guys. You’ve always had a crush on the blue eyed angel but of course he was always too dense to notice all the flirting you had done, which Sam and Dean picked on you constantly about. You just told them to shut up and brushed them off, acting like it wasn’t a big deal.

You sat in your room, nothing but your simple white underwear set and an over sized tee-shirt on. It had been a long hard day of researching a new case in the bunker and of course Dean had left it up to you and Sam per usual.

Point is you were tired and tense. You laid on your stomach and hugged a pillow tight to your chest as you sighed and closed your eyes, wishing someone would massage your back, well maybe a specific someone.
Castiel popped into your mind. It wasn’t hard to think about his hands rubbing up and down your back, since he had given you hugs and helped you up many times. It wasn’t hard to imagine that his skin was rough and calloused in comparison to you smooth but slightly scarred skin. Sure his touches were nearly friendly but that didn’t stop you from thinking. You sighed longingly wishing he was actually here.

The sound of wings filled your ears and you turned your head to see Castiel standing beside your bed. Letting out a startled yelp you brought your legs to your chest and put your shirt over them, trying to cover as much skin as possible.
“Is something wrong Y/N? I could feel you thinking of me quite hard, I thought you were in danger.” He said with a look of concern.
“No I’m fine Cass thank you.” You replied, smiling up at him.

He sat down on the bed a look of genuine concern on his face.
“Y/N what could you have been thinking about so hard?”
You gulped and tried to pull the shirt over you more. He was close enough to hear his breathing and feel his body heat.
“I-I was just really tense and you were the f-first person I thought about.” You mumbled out.
He tilted his head in that cute Cass way, turning to face you more.
“Would you like me to relieve you of tension?” He asked.

Slowly you nodded and he gave a small smile.
“Do you know how to do this Cass?” You asked giving him a strange look before stretching out and turning to lay on your back.
His eyes drifted to your legs momentarily before he gulped and looked at you again.
“I know of many pressure points and tension spots in human bodies, I think applying an adequate amount of pressure and rubbing is what makes people feel better.” He answered.
His very matter-of-fact answer made you blush. You blushed even harder when you felt his hands on your back. He started at the top and worked out the knots in your shoulders and your back. Even through your shirt it felt amazing to have his hands on you. He slowly worked his way down your back, the pressure of his hands hitting all your most tense spots.
When he reached the curve of your back you let out a strangled moan when the heels of his hands pressed down. He stopped and you looked back confused.
“Why’d you stop?” You ask.
“You made a noise and I am uncertain if I have caused you pain or not.” He answered.
You smiled sweetly and giggled a bit.
“No Cass it felt good.”
Another look of confusion crossed his face.
“Do you always make noises like that when you feel pleasure?”
Your face went bright red.
“Well… it kinda depends…” you murmured.
He smiled and then pushed you back to laying down and continued to massage your back.
“I like it when you feel good.” He said. “I wish I could make you feel good more often, I care for you greatly Y/N.”

This made you smile to yourself, a warm fuzzy feeling spread through your chest at his words. He cared for you. Castiel, an angel, an angel you liked cared for you. You tried to push the fuzzy feeling away. Of course he cared for you. He cared for Dean and Sam as well. You were all like family after all.
“It’s nice to know that we have someone like you who cares for us. I know there are plenty of times where we’d be dead if it wasn’t for you. You’re all also the closest thing I have to family.” You sighed.
He stopped again and you pushed up to a sitting position to look at him. He had a very conflicted look this time instead of confused. You turned to face him more and took one of his hands in yours, rubbing the back with your thumb.
“Cass what’s wrong?” You asked concerned.
“Am I only family to you?” He questioned.
“Well isn’t that how you see me?”
He looked down avoiding your eyes using the hand that you weren’t holding to play with the threads of his trench coat nervously.
“I don’t want to scare you Y/N but there is something I must tell you now that we have reached this topic.”
You felt a strange sinking feeling in your gut, unable to tell if his news was good or bad.
“Y/N you’re my life-mate.” He revealed.
You sat there wide eyed, looking at the angel you had liked for so long, the angel who had taken care of you for so long, the angel who just told you that you were his life-mate.

He looked down again.
“I understand if you would like to think about what I have said and I will not bother you till you call for me.” He quickly said.
Cass stood up and you grabbed his hand, the shock finally falling away. He looked down at you startled and you stood up before cupping his cheek and pulling his lips to yours.

At first the kiss was awkward, neither one of you knowing what you’re doing, until you both found a steady rhythm. He cautiously slipped his arm around you around you, pulling you closer to him and bringing his hand up to your cheek. His tempo suddenly changed and his kiss was more needy and urgent, like he was scared to lose you or that you’d change you mind. He lowered you both down to the bed and his hands were suddenly everywhere like he couldn’t get enough of you. It was overwhelming and you had to push him up to sit so you could breathe.
“Castiel wait.” You whispered.
He looked at you with worry.
“I’m sorry Y/N. I went too far.” He apologized.
“Cass no you didn’t…. I just- need to slow down a bit. I’m not going anywhere, you don’t need to rush.” You said with a giggle.
He smiled at your statement, realizing that you did in fact want him and that you weren’t rejecting him.

You sighed and cupped his cheek with your right hand, your other supporting your weight.
“I love you Castiel.” You said.
His face lit up and the most breath taking smile you’d ever seen broke out onto his face, causing you to smile as well. His eyes were drawn to your lips and he looked back up at you.
“May I kiss you?” He asked.
You nodded your head and he leaned in and captured your lips in a soft and timeless kiss. His hands stayed on your hips as you both lowered down to the bed, gentler this time, your hands reaching up to tangle in his soft hair. He rested some of his weight on you and it felt strangely good to have his hips between your legs. When you moaned at the feeling he smiled against your lips, glad to have made you feel like this. His hands slipped under your shirt and onto your bare stomach causing shivers to run through you. He stopped kissing you and looked into your eyes with adoration.
“I’d like to see you.” He whispered.
You nodded and he lifted your shirt over your head, leaving you just in your underwear. You blushed and looked down embarrassed about your plain underwear choice. Cass took your chin in his hand and tilted your head up to look at him.
“You’re beautiful.” He said.
“But I look so plain, and all these scars-” you started to look away.
He silenced you by pressing a quick kiss to your lips.
“I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world no matter what was on your skin or what you wore.”
You both smiled and he took of his trench coat and unbuttoned his shirt before shrugging it off.

Your eyes roamed over the smooth planes of his chest, you could see muscles but not so much that it was overwhelming. You bit your lip and tore your eyes away to look up at him. He shifted his pants uncomfortably and groaned as he looked at you. You pulled him down on you and kissed him hard. Blush dusted your cheeks as you felt the tent in his pants against your crotch, moaning at the new and foreign feeling. He quickly took his pants of and then you were both down to your underwear. He leaned down and kissed your neck, making you gasp in pleasure. This urged him on and he pressed his hard on into you more as his mouth continued to attack on your neck.
“Please Cass, I need you.” You whimper.
He raised his head to look at you and nodded, the look of need reflected in his eyes. He reached around you to take your bra off, fumbling with the clasp in irritation until you giggled and undid it yourself, slipping it off and throwing it to the floor with the other clothes.

Castiel let his hands run over your body, massaging your breasts, trying to elicit another moan from you. He didn’t fail. His name along with other noises seemed to be the only sounds you could make and it was only egging him on.

He pulled his boxers down before sliding his hands down your sides to the edge of your panties. He looked at you for permission and you nodded, lust in your eyes. He slowly pulled them down your legs till they joined the rest of the clothes and then he crawled back up your body in between your legs.
“I need you Y/N.” he said in an almost pained voice.
“I need you too Cass. Please.” You replied.
He took his man hood and lined it up with you before slowly sliding in.

He held up most of his weight and you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, your fingers digging into his back and your legs wrapping around his waist. You gasped, the pain of him in you mixing with the pleasure.
“Oh god Castiel.” You moaned.
He slowly moved his hips, creating an irresistible friction on your clit and in you. It was like a slow burning fire building in your body.
“Is like it very much if you didn’t moan my father’s name while we’re doing this.” He groaned.
You could hear how much he was controlling himself in his voice. You wanted him to feel good too.
“Cass, you can move a bit faster.” You moaned out.
He took the invitation and picked up his pace, causing you to let out a startled moan and grip his back harder. He growled in pleasure, holding tight to your hips whispering sweet words in your ears. You we’re on edge, your body numb, head fuzzy, almost like you were in a pleasure filled daze.

Suddenly it was like everything erupted and lights were going off in your head.
“Castiel!” You cried out as you came.
“Y/N!” He cried into your neck as he came shortly after.

You both lay there for a bit, before he kissed your forehead and rolled himself off of you. He wrapped his arms around you waist and pulled your back to him, spooning you into a warm embrace. The world seemed to shine and the warm fuzzy feeling inside you buzzed through your body. He startle sitting little kisses on your head, neck, and shoulder, really wherever he could reach without letting go of you. You sighed contented with how your day was ending.

“I love you Y/N. Will you accept me as your life-mate?” He asked.
“I’ve loved you for a while Cass. Yes, I will be your life-mate, but we’ve still got a lot of getting to know each other.” You replied sleepily.
He smiled.
“For now rest, I will be here when you wake and we can start then.”
You mumbled a goodnight and drifted to sleep with the love of your life, your angel behind you.

What I Want

Sam had always been your best friend. You could tell him anything and he had always known, that as much as you loved hunting, you hated your life on the road. So when he and Dean, had found the Bunker, he had instantly invited you to come and live with them.

You had hesitated at first. Not because you didn’t want to under the same roof as your best friend, but because of his brother. Yours and Dean’s relationship, had always been an odd one. Either you were flirting and touching whenever you had the change. His hand resting on the small of your back as you walked into a room. Knees bumping together as you sat on the same side of the booth in a diner. Your hand on his arm as you leaned into see the research on his laptop. You had even shared a bed once or twice, when a motel hadn’t had enough room. Cuddling with Dean was very different than cuddling with Sam. With Sam it was like a protective brother. Safe and warm. With Dean… it drove you crazy. Each brush of his hands, even it it was in his sleep made your head spin.

But then there were the other times. The times where he bossed you around. Telling you to stay behind him and Sam, when going into a vamps nest. The times when he had pushed you out of the way or had even ditched you somewhere to go kill a demon on his own. You were every bit as good of a hunter as him and Sam, and you hated Dean couldn’t see that.

There were the times when you fought so badly you were sure it would have gotten physical had Sam not stepped between you. Dean’s overprotectiveness pissed you off, but so did him telling how much of a mess you were. Today had been the final straw. Dean had thrown your favourite shirt in the trash, because you had left it on the kitchen counter.

You were hauling your backs up the stairs ignoring, his apologies completely.

“Come on Y/N. Don’t leave like this. I said I was sorry,” Dean pleaded, the desperation in his voice evident as he grabbed your arm to prevent you from getting into your car.

You threw the bags on the ground and twirled around to face him. Livid that he had the balls to as much as look at your right now, let alone touch you. “Really Dean?! What are you sorry for?”

Dean froze his mouth, hanging a gap and you huffed. “Yeah that’s what I thought.”

You threw your bags into the backseat of your car, but before you could get into the driver’s seat yourself Dean started rambling.

“Everything okay? I am sorry for eating the last piece of pie. I am sorry for being a pedantic ass. I am sorry for being an jerk to you on hunts. The thought of losing you, just scares the shit out of me. I know that you want nothing to do with me. I mean I play my music so loud and I sing a long. I’m annoying I know that. I boss you around. I am broken. You want nothing to do with me, but at least when you are here I…”

You stared at him, eyes wide in shock as he spoke. Never in a million years had you thought Dean Winchester actually liked you. All of a sudden your body reacted to his words before you even had time to think or second guess yourself. You pounced, wrapping his arms around his neck, forcing his face down and crashed your lips against his.

“Why don’t you let me decide what I want Dean?” you almost whispered, keeping your lips close to his.

You smiled as Dean wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you impossibly closer. “Yes ma’am,” He drawled before meeting your lips with his again.

Submitted by @bringmesomepie56

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season 5 so far has, in a lot of ways, felt like a role reversal of season 3 to me (which is probably one of the reasons I’m loving it, I’m in the minority who counts s3 as their favorite season). Felicity has lost everything that shaped her life outside of the bunker, her company, her life with Oliver, and now her attempts at something with Billy. all she has left at this point is Overwatch, much like Oliver was left with nothing but the Arrow in s3. meanwhile, Oliver has what Felicity had in s3, a job that allows him to make a difference in the day and an attempt at a relationship. I’m so so excited to see her take that journey that Oliver did in reclaiming what her identity is as Felicity Smoak. sure, Oliver is still learning how to be both the man with the hood and without, but in my opinion s3 was his big defining moment where he chose to not let his identity as Oliver Queen be stripped from him and started on the path he’s on now that he’s made great strides in. with this new spec about Felicity being pushed into some dark places, this concept is even more reinforced for me. Oliver had to hit some very low, dark places in s3, to the point of kidnapping Lyla and everything else he did for the LOA, before he came out on the other side and drove off into the sunset. and who was there to guide him the whole time, to tell him that he was the man she believed in and loved? Felicity. this season, with the role reversal, Felicity is going to be the one going to those dark places and Oliver will be the one at her side to help her as she struggles with her identity just like she helped him in s3.  

Ok so imagine supernatural... but with Shrek and Donkey instead of Sam and Dean.

“shrek use your layer-y onions on these vamps”

“Garlic Donkey! GARLIC! and that doesn’t even work you jackass.”

team free will

Lay off on the Longing

me: I have written a ficlet and satisfied yet another customer.
also me: you ruined a perfectly good prompt is what you did. Look at it, it’s got angst and insecure Dean!

based on this prompt

tags: fluff, longing, cuddling, domestic destiel, literal sleeping together, established relationship

Cuddles on the couch, with Castiel.
That was the total summary of how Dean Winchester chose to spend his first day off in weeks.

And now, here he is, hours later, still wrapped up with the angel. They’re in their bed, going to sleep, Cas curled towards him. Dean’s eyes flutter open the slightest bit and he watches his breath ruffle Cas’s hair as he exhales. Dean smiles and sighs, resisting the urge to bury his face closer to Cas’s head for fear of disturbing him.

“Nnnhh,” Cas grunts. Dean waits for more of a reaction, sure that Cas is awake even though his eyes are still closed. He looks really adorable like this; pre-frown wrinkle lines staining his features, as if he’s trying to think very hard but he’s too sleepy to do so. There’s some wiggling between them and Cas’s arm flops its way upwards until it’s patting or maybe weakly swatting at Dean’s face.

Dean laughs softly, “Is there something wrong with my face?”

Cas grunts again.

Dean shifts and whispers along the shell of Cas’s ear, “Use your words.” Castiel’s face twitches and so do the corners of Dean’s mouth. Cas’s fingers press down like they’re weakly trying to squeeze his face.

“Use your words or get your goddam fingers out of my eyeballs,” he whispers again. Dean is well aware of the playful tenderness that coats his voice.

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How I Got the Role of a Lifetime
An excerpt from Bryan Cranston’s new book, A Life in Parts

I’m not sure i knew what that title meant then, but the script was oh‑my-God superb, the best hour-long drama I’d ever read. Great characterizations, complex plots, nuanced story elements, surprises that left you thinking: What on earth is going to happen next?

By virtue of the writing, I began dreaming about this character, this Walter White. I was waking up in the middle of the night with him on my mind. I recalled being back on the Blue Ridge Parkway, marooned by rain. I got so lost in an Ibsen play, the story and the characters, that I forgot about the rain. I can’t describe how rare that is to find in script form. I can’t explain how an actor longs for that richness and depth and humor and humanity to work with. To build on. This was it. I had no idea where the story was going, but I knew it was gold.

I had a meeting set with Vince the following week. I told my agents: “Make it sooner.” I went into the AMC offices in West L.A., knowing I was scheduled for twenty minutes, and ended up staying an hour and a half.

“Do you know how he should look?” I asked. “Uh, kinda,” Vince answered, smiling.

I ventured some of the ideas that had come to me since I’d read the script. “He’s missed so many opportunities in life,” I said. “You can see that in every part of him. He has a mustache that isn’t manly. That isn’t anything. You look at him and say: Why bother? His skin and his hair are the same bland hue. He wears pale yellow and sand and taupe. He blends into the background. Invisible. To society. To himself. I’m thinking he’s doughy. One hundred eighty-six pounds.”

I saw this character, this man, so clearly. I knew how he carried himself. Burdened. His shoulders were slumped like those of a much older man. I was imagining a man who carried himself a lot like my dad.

When I asked about his plans for the arc of the show, Vince told me in his genteel Virginia drawl, “I want to take this character from Mr. Chips to Scarface.”

“So you’re going to take this guy from good to bad?” I said. He nodded and smiled slyly. “If they’ll let me.”

I couldn’t believe it.

All television, to that point, had been based on stasis, characters you come to know and love. The prevailing thought for most of the history of television had been that viewers want someone they can count on. Archie Bunker. In every episode of “All in the Family,” he’s consistently Archie. Jerry Seinfeld, same. Ross and Rachel, you see them in different situations — will they or won’t they? — but they’re invariably Ross and Rachel. Even the characters we’ve known to break new ground, like Tony Soprano. As genius and gamechanging as that show and performance were, you didn’t see Tony change a whole lot from the beginning to the end. Tony Soprano is Tony Soprano. Don Draper may change a little, but he basically remains Don Draper until the show’s meditative finale, and even that’s debatable. Some argue the workaholic adman was meditating not on the here and now, but on the creative for a Coke commercial.

Classic Don.

Vince was proposing to blow up the model of a successful show. Walt would truly change. By the time the series ended, he’d be unrecognizable to viewers, to himself.

“You’re really going to do that?” I asked again. “That’s the plan,” he said, laughing. “Do you realize that no one’s ever done that in the history of television?”

Vince shrugged. “We’ll see if it works.” I didn’t know if it would work, either. But I knew I wanted in. I had to have it.

–  Variety. Buy Cranston’s book on Amazon.

Summary: Dean Winchester doesn’t remember anything that’s happened in his life. A year ago, he woke up in a strange bunker with his mom and brother and with no recollection of his previous existence, Dean has started from scratch. Now, a year later, while working as a mechanic in Lebanon, Kansas, Dean runs across a mysterious figure injured in the middle of the highway. Who is this man, and how does he know Dean’s name?

Rating: T

Word Count: 7,566

Read on A03.

Remember, Remember the 5th November

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Summary: It’s the fifth of November so you go to a fireworks display with Dean.
Word Count: 2035 (without poem)

A/N - The fact that I have written four fics in one week is an accomplishment for me, tbh. This is my submission for @iwantthedean ’s quickie challenge - congrats on the milestone btw <3

Originally posted by moan-s

You slid you gloved hand’s into Dean’s, intertwining your fingertips together, pulling him towards the entrance of the fireworks display. You pulled out your purse from your shoulder bag and paid for the entry of the both of you. Although Dean insisted that he paid for it you told him that he had already done so much for you, it was the least you could do after he saved your life. You often paid for necessities to go in the Bunker. If you had extra savings at the end of the week, you would spend it on luxuries for the boys and yourself; all you wanted in return was their protection and that is what you got and more.

As soon as you entered through the gates, you instantly saw the fair at the back of the large field and resumed your giddy behaviour from before you left the bunker earlier. You instantly heard a groan but you knew it wasn’t because Dean didn’t want to be there. it was because there was an array of different food stools; burgers, candy floss, hog roast, and there was even a Chinese noodle stand.

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to me, sam and gabriel are slow.
they spend ~months~ courting each other in the most elaborate ways possible; flowers and chocolates and candlelit dinners where their hands almost brush next to the salt shaker
and on the one hand, they both kind of know it’s going to happen, but on the other hand in a way they’re enjoying the buildup
because gabriel doesn’t take it slow with anyone, not ever. he’s barely ever spent this much time with one person before, let alone if they’re not even sleeping together yet
but sam’s different
sam’s worth it
and honestly, gabriel has been waiting for sam for millennia, so what’s a few more weeks?

in contrast, dean and castiel are fast
they’re post case, ‘both of us just almost died’, still high on adrenaline, grabbing each other and kissing each other like their life (still) depends on it and fast rough sex that’s half desperate and half relief that they finally made it
they don’t exactly think about it
they barely get to appreciate their first time because it still hasn’t sunk in that this is actually happening
and it’s not until later that dean reluctantly suggests that maybe they should talk about it
but once they do, they’re moved in together by the end of the day
because really, what’s the point in waiting when they both know it’s inevitable?

dean and cas go from 'not a couple’ to 'couple’ suddenly, but in all the ways that count, they’ve always been a couple, so it works.
sam and gabriel take the long way round, slowly strolling from 'not a couple’ to 'couple’, possibly because they have further to go

but in the end, it doesn’t matter how they get there. because all four of them are happy, safe and content, maybe for the first time in their lives

and that’s everything

Running to You

gif is not mine

Title: Running to You

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: angst & fluff

Word count: 1,010

A/N: Sorry I’m late today, I’ve been binge watching Supernatural all morning. However, I hope you enjoy this one! I’m so proud of it. <3

You were running towards the bunker, hoping Dean would still be there.  You knew it was a mistake to think you could just walk away from Dean and the life you had with the Winchesters.  You had told Dean that you had had enough and that you were done with this life.  On your walk away from your bunker, you had your bag and you saw a wreck five miles away.  It made you realize how temporary life was; it made you realize how much Dean and Sam meant to you, especially Dean.

You and Dean had been together for almost a year, and you had your fair share of fights.  The only difference between the other fights and this fight was that you caused Dean to get hurt during the last hunt; he was livid.  Dean had shouted, throwing his beer at the concrete wall; it was the straw that had broken the camel’s back.  Sam tried to stop you, but you had told him that you were through.

You saw the door of the bunker, picking up the pace.  You were out of breath, but you felt like you had to run, even if he was still there.  You opened the door with the key you had kept under a rock for emergencies.  You fumbled to get the key in the door, opening it, making sure to shut it behind you.  You bolted down the stairs, ducking your head to see if either of the Winchesters were around; they were both nowhere to be seen.  

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A shy girl´s guide to a Winchester

The following OneShot was a request and I liked writing it. I added a little bit more plot to it and I hope you like it and it is as cute as you wanted it to be.

Request:  can i get a super cute Sam x shy!reader. where they finally confess their feelings for each other while they’re trapped somewhere during a case?

Pairing: Sam x shy!reader

Length: 1600 Words. (exactly!)

Warnings: fluff, cuteness

Originally posted by jared-and-jensen-winchester


Despite all the times you complained about the uncomfortable motel bed, the endless hours you spent in the Impala and the annoying sound of Dean and Sam bickering about nonsense, life was great.
You were hunting evil sons of bitches and spent most of the time with two impossible handsome guys who both happened to protect you like you were their sister and you loved it.
Especially the times when you all came back to life in the bunker felt like you were on a never ending sleepover, often accompanied by Charlie or Cas.
Maybe Dean and Sam weren´t quite of the same opinion, but you were so grateful to be here, safe and loved by good friends hat you didn´t care about the fact that life seemed to hate you sometimes, you just continued to love it.
The thing that seemed to change everything, happened when you were sitting in the library with Sam and Dean, playing a simple card game that you won every time you guys played it, which might have been the reason the boys kept playing it with you because they liked everything that made you happy and gave you self confidence because you usually were rather shy.
“Hah, won again, bitches”, you exclaimed totally out of character and put your last card down before realizing what you had just said and blushing deeply which made the brothers laugh.
Dean looked at you in astonishment: “God (Y/N), you spent way too much time with Charlie already. Stop calling us bitches.”
You grinned shyly and shook your head while Dean sighed: “When have you ever done something I said? Okay, I´m tired guys, I´m heading to bed.”
You nodded and Sam said: “All right”, while Dean winked at you one last time and then left.
Sam got up from his seat: “Do you wanna play chess?”
“Of course”, you agreed and nodded excitedly. Playing chess with Sam was always a challenge and you loved a good challenge.
After he had sat up the chessboard, you both got in a concentration-zone and the game was as heated and competitive as always and if you were being honest, you liked it even better than winning five rounds straight when playing cards.
The game took over an hour and you both talked about a lot of random stuff and exchanged the usual amount of silly threats and jokes.
Eventually you had to accept Sam´s claim: “You´re checkmate”, and fell back into your chair.
“You just got luck”, you gave back and for a few moments you and Sam sat there, in comfortable silence, looking at each other, and you wondered why you two could always do this, sitting there all alone, staring at each other, without it being awkward.
“You know that if a person looks you in the eye for more than three seconds straight, they either want to kiss or murder you”, Sam said out of the blue and for some reason you cut your eyes away from his immediately.
“Well”, you said, suddenly feeling pretty overwhelmed, “you better lock your door tonight or I´ll might come for you.”
It sounded lame and somehow forced, not the usual light joke shared between good friends and you realized it immediately, hastily beginning to gather up the chess pieces and stowing them back on the board.
“I´m very tired now, see you tomorrow Sam”, you said and left without even looking at him again.

When you reached your room you shut the door and put both of your hands over your face. What had just happened?
He had just been making a joke, as he always did.
Still in trance, you got into your nightgown and crawled under the blanket.
Deep down you knew that the only reason his words had caught you so off guard, was that this was not the first time you had thought about your close relationship with Sam.
It was only the first time that he had expressed what you had thought about for months now: You were so comfortable around each other, that it wasn´t normal.
Sure, you were extremely good friends with both of the boys and there wasn´t much you would have embarrassed of in front of them, but with Sam it was different.
And then you realized that you really, really wanted to kiss him.
Deciding that you were never ever going to act on this stupid friendship-destroying emotion, you closed your eyes, refusing to continue to think about this.
But somehow while you fell asleep, you figure that Sam surely didn´t want to murder you, so probably he wanted to kiss you a little bit too.#

After the “chess-incident”, as you you had started calling the embarrassing moment between you and Sam in your mind, almost three weeks passed with none of you saying anything about it and you almost thought that things were going to go back to normal, even though you thought about Sam a little bit more often than you used to and certainly in different ways than you used to.
Right now you were on a hunt, clearing out some vamp´s nest in Illinois.
“Okay, I think we´ve got all of them. I´ll check the attic, just for sure, you two could check out the basement”, Dean ordered and you wiped your blade at a curtain and nodded.

Sam led the way through the old building and you followed him, making sure no bloodsucker was hiding in any of the empty rooms and when you reached the trapdoor that led into the basement, you were pretty sure the house was empty.
Cautiously you opened the metal-door and tried to get a glimpse at what lied down the ladder.
“I´m going down first”, Sam announced, obviously trying to protect you from any harm as always.
You rolled your eyes but stepped aside so he could climb down, following seconds after him.
Once you were down, you tried to adjust your eyes to the darkness, the only source of light being a dirty window that seemed to be barred.
“I don´t think anything is down here”, you stated, turning around once more, seeing that there were no other doors, just this tiny little room.

Right when you were about to get up the ladder again, the trapdoor slammed shut and you let out a muffled scream.
“Shit”, Sam said and ran towards the hole and pressed against the door.
After a minute or so he stated: “It´s blocked somehow, I bet some leftover Vamp did that, I hope Dean is okay.”
You rolled your eyes again: “Dean´s basically the Terminator, he can deal with one hiding, little vamp. I´ll guess we just have to wait, I left my bag with my phone upstairs.”
Sam run a hand through his hair and then nodded: “I guess so.”
For five minutes there was absolute silence inside the cellar until Sam came over to you and mumbled: “Do you want my jacket? I think it´s pretty chilly down here.”
Even though you wanted to say that you were fine, you couldn´t resist the urge to take his jacket and when you put it around your shoulders, you could smell him on it and it was amazing.
“Thank you”, you whispered and looked at him, even though it was difficult to make out his face in the dark.
You just stood there, looking at each other, you so small in his giant jacket, he so tall that he barely could stand upright in this place.
A smile was on his lips and you couldn´t quite shake the feeling that it was especially for you.
Suddenly he said: “You know, I don´t want to murder you.”
A little confused you frowned: “Well, thanks, I guess…?”, you said, but then you realized what he meant and made: “Oh…”
For a while you debated on your next move, and then decided to just go for it:
“I don´t want to murder you either.”
It must have been the strangest conversation two people had ever had, but to you it made perfect sense, and when he said: “May I?, you knew exactly what he meant and you nodded.
He leaned down and pressed the smallest, cutest kiss on your lips, careful and tender, as he always behaved around you.

You got up on the tip of your toes to reach him better and he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you towards him.

When you pulled back you smiled and drew little circles on his shoulder with your fingers: “I thought about this a lot lately, you know?”, you said, not knowing why you were admitting this, just sure it was the right thing to do.
Suddenly you heard a scratching noise above you and light flooded into the basement, making you involuntarily hide your face on Sam´s chest, only to hear Dean say:
“I can´t believe. I am fighting with vampires and you are making out in the basement.”
His tone was mocking and you knew it, yet you blushed a deep shade of red when you looked at him: “We weren´t making out.”
Sam grinned: “Yes we were.”
You shook your head but smiled and quickly climbed out of the cellar before Sam.
When you three were heading back to the Impala, Sam sneaked up on you and whispered into your ear: “I like it when you blush like this because of me”, which made you do exactly that once again but face the future with the knowledge that it was going to be as wonderful as it has always been.