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Let us all take a moment to acknowledge that we are Ashley and Ashley is us. You know, when I was watching this series as a kid, I never thought I’d turn into Ashley, but here I am. This is my life. These are my choices. 

Baby!Jesse Lee Soffer and his backstreet boy hair and terrible 90′s attire. I can’t lmffaooo. 

aghahdgshsgsg first look at a kiss from the wedding ! Not sure if it’s their first one as husbands . ANYONE ELSE NOTICE BUT IT LOOKS LIKE THEY’RE IN THE GARAGE .
Pretty sure they’d kiss at the pub after saying vows , then go and have alone time . Like how happy they are and they can just reflect on the day . Probs have a chat about court and make our hearts break . We all know next week is gonna make us cry whether its scenes at the wedding or talking about court . Then Thursday … my heart will be breaking for Aaron !!
Ooooooooo plus ep all focused on Aaron as a convict . A day in the life of the whole family . How it’s affecting him , chas , Robert and liv .
I feel like this will bring Robert and liv close . Them all just closer as a family . All being their for Aaron .

Anyway I’m talking to much 😂

35 hours to go! 💍💍💍

The biggest question I have for YoI right now:

Why do we know so little of Viktor’s life in Russia? 

We know he spent most, if not all, of his life in St. Petersburg, and never expected to leave the city (from ep 4′s beach scene). We know that before he moved to coach Yuri in Japan he lived in an expensive looking one-bedroom apartment with Makkachin. We know Yakov has been his coach for a long time, though he is not the only coach Viktor has ever had. 

That Yakov is very close to Viktor, being the only one to call him by the nickname Vitya. In fact, Yakov is also the only one who comes to see Viktor off when he leaves Russia, well he is mostly trying to talk Viktor out of leaving but you get what I’m saying. Though we don’t know who Viktor told, or how close to leaving he informed them, no one except his coach comes to see Viktor off as he is leaving the damn country for the foreseeable future with no return date in sight. 

Actually, now that I’m on the subject, Viktor doesn’t seem to have any close friends at all. He has rivals in the skating world that he is friendly with, and he has Yakov, but his life ever since he was a kid has probably been centered around skating, and if he was like any other athlete at the top of their sport it probably  left little time for friends outside of that realm. And everyone around him in that realm reveres him too much to see themselves as equal to the god-like Viktor Nikiforov. Yuri is the best example of this, but Chris, who is only two years younger, also looks up to him and cares more about bringing Viktor back to skating so he can finally beat his rival/idol than he cares about Viktor on a human level. Even Georgi, another Russian skater under Yakov’s tutelage that is the same age as Viktor only sees Viktor as a bar to overcome and not a human being. For a reference to other skaters having friendships: Yuri has Phichit, Yuuko, and Nishigori. Yurio has Mila, and later on Yuuko. Guang-Hong and Leo have each other and Phichit. Mila and Georgi look like they’re close given how she openly she jokes about his programs, and in the earlier episodes they’re featured together around the rink in St. Petersburg. Michele and Sala look like they’re good friends with Emil. Seung-gil doesn’t appear to have any friends, but that seems to be self-inflicted. For the most part, excluding Chris and JJ, all the other skater are shown to have friends around their own age groups that they are close with to different degrees. JJ may be similar to Viktor, in that he is a step above the rest but his narcissism prevents it from effecting him, and Chris is also quite old for a competitor and his friends may no longer be competing or competing at the same level. 

With that comparison in mind, I have to mention that Viktor’s apartment in St. Petersburg, or what we see of it, is noticeably devoid of sentimental items and though it looks lived in, it still has a distinctly empty feel. 

Granted it’s only one limited angle, but we still get a number of other personal touches included by the animators. Even then, there is nothing more superficial than a plant on the far table, what looks like a pile of papers on the ottoman, a few books on the close table, and a coat hanging on the rack. 

For the sake of fairness, his room at Yu-topia Katsuki is also sparsely decorated:

The wall behind Yuri and Viktor is a row of doors, and the only things in his room not furniture are a set of Matryoshka dolls, a picture of himself skating, a lovely piece of art on the wall, a snow-globe, a handful of books. Again, nothing overtly personal. It looks lived in, but again strikingly empty. No photos of friends, or family, or of Viktor on vacation. The only picture is literally a photo of Viktor working (as someone on a different post pointed out it’s the same as one of the posters hanging in Yuri’s room so take from that what you will). Whatever is in all these boxes from earlier in the same episode is open to interpretation (I personally believe it’s mostly clothes and books). Also, I’ll note here that it appears Viktor shipped everything he owned ahead of him when he left, indicating that he has no intentions of going back to Russia anytime soon.

For comparison, here is a picture of Yuri’s room, after he takes down all the Viktor memorabilia:

It’s dark, but Yuri’s room is full of personal touches. But must notably, there are trophies, and a picture of his family on the bookshelf in the back. In Viktor’s rooms we see, there are no picture frames of friends or family, nothing that indicates a deeper connection in Viktor’s life than Makkachin, or Yakov. No indication of what he does in his free time aside from possibly reading, or friends he spends his time with when he’s not training. And no indication of any family to miss him when he’s living in Japan.

Now, back to my original point: Viktor has been living in Japan for roughly 8 months by episode 8. That is a long time. And it looks like he just packed up Makkachin and left on a whim within a week or two, not knowing how long he’d be gone or even if he’d return. I pointed out it looked like Viktor brought everything he owned with him, so we can assume he isn’t planning on going back to Russia anytime soon. We don’t know how much time passed between Viktor seeing the video of Yuri skating and arriving in Hatsetsu. But it wasn’t long: the video is posted April 10, and I can’t seem to find any date stamp for the day Viktor arrives but it’s less than three weeks after that. I’d guess probably less than a week. For someone who says he never expected to leave the city he’s always lived in, Viktor doesn’t seem to have anything tying him to St Petersburg, or even Russia, more significant than his skating/training. And once he decides to quit there is nothing keeping him there anymore, and he can leave without having to alert too many parties, or worry about forwarding mail, or consoling his mother that he’ll visit on holidays. Typical shit you’d expect from someone moving halfway across the world. I get it, he’s rich. But still moving, especially moving internationally, takes planning. And Viktor just kind of packs up his whole life and leaves, no questions asked. Which is weird, to me, if he has family in Russia.

So what is my point, here?

Given how central the theme love of all kinds is in this show, it is weird that we know nothing about Viktor’s family, or his past. Of the three main characters we have, Yuri, Yurio, and Viktor, we have at least a basic understanding of Yuri and Yurio’s family, and how it has affected them emotionally/professionally. 

In the latest episode, we learn that Yurio’s grandpa is from Moscow, and since his grandfather used to pick him up from practice that Yurio is probably originally from Moscow as well, and now lives/trains in St Petersburg (he now lives with his ballet instructor and coach full time, according to Ep 4 and the rink Yavkov’s skaters train in is in St. Petersburg). We can infer from this that his family supports him enough to either let their fifteen-old-son live on his own in St. Petersburg, or his parents uprooted their lives and moved to St Petersburg so he could train with Yakov. Also, given several things we can probably infer his family isn’t wealthy. His grandpa picks him up in a beaten up, old, soviet-era car. He looks like he’s part of the blue-collar, working middle class. I assume Yuri’s parents benefit from his success but his family doesn’t come from any kind of wealth so any support they gave him growing up was likely financially straining. We also know that his grandfather loves him, and is still in his life and even arranges to pick his grandson up from the airport despite the fact that Yurio is staying at the hotel with the other skaters, which we know because we see him there later that day and he leaves his luggage under Mila’s care before running off to do this:

Later that day:

Yurio’s family had an impact on his life, and it’s part of his story. His grandfather is the epitome of unconditional love, for him, and even though he has the apparent support of his family, his grandfather doesn’t come to watch Yurio skate in the competition. We’ll likely get more development on this, and Yurio will probably have a lot of growth in the next few episodes. But family love and the effect it has is clearly important to Yurio’s story, and character development 

We have a deeper insight to Yuri’s family dynamic. They have clearly provided him with love and support over the years in their own way, though the quality of that love and support, and how much it helped or hurt Yuri, is up for debate. It clearly never got through to him though, and in his own words was more “abstract”, but still the love was there. It took Viktor coming to be his coach, and showing him a new type of love for Yuri to really grasp the concept of unconditional love despite having it surrounding him the whole time. Yuri’s journey has been a blend of learning how to love someone else in a way that is more than familial love, and learning to love himself. But after a lot of character development, and some time, he has realized that he loves Viktor, as a friend, a coach, probably as a lover as well, and that love is all around him in all kinds of forms. Familial love, in Yuri’s case, was something to be worked from. It was a bedrock that Viktor’s presence built off, and bolstered. It was key for Yuri’s character development, even though the primary focus has been on his relationship with Viktor.

The point is, for two of the main character’s their families are pivotal in their character development. We know they are supported, and loved. We know Yurio’s family either moved to St Petersburg for his career, or let their teenage son move alone. We know that Yuri’s family watches all his competitions:

Last Year’s Grand Prix Final:

This year’s Cup of China:

Yuri always has someone cheering him on. Whether it’s Minako in the stands in China, Yuuko and Nishegori at the Regional Qualifiers, or his family at home. Someone, somewhere, is watching Yuri and cheering him on.

But what about Viktor? The mystery of Viktor’s origins and the lack of any showing of familial love kind of stands out.  Despite what we know of him, Viktor is still the biggest enigma in the show. We know almost nothing about his background, we know nothing about his family, or his past struggles. Did his family watch all his competitions? Did they support him? Did they offer him love, and make sacrifices for his success? Were they even involved in his life? Does anyone miss him since he left for Japan? Does his mother call him asking how his day went? Was there any talk of Viktor going home on his trip to Russia to see his family, like Yurio saw his grandfather? He’s been gone for nearly a year, it wouldn’t be that out of the question. But given what we know, and what we’ve been shown, I think not.

Viktor was clearly missing something when he chose to fly to Japan to coach Yuri on a whim. And yeah, he says he came to Japan because Yuri’s skating and music and all that poetry that inspired him. And yeah, that’s probably part of it. But I think it’s something more than that.

Because I don’t think Viktor has had any kind of deep, emotional connection in a long time. Because I’ve got three possibilities for Viktor’s life and family back in Russia:

1. They’re all dead, and Viktor had been alone with just his skating and Makkachin for company for a long time. 

2. They are all estranged - either they did not support Viktor’s skating or the fact that he is gay/bi/whatever - and Viktor has been alone with just his skating and Makkachin for company for a long time.


3. They really just aren’t important, or are just a normal, loving, supportive family and bringing them up isn’t relative to the plot. Which, at least to me, seems unlikely given the themes of this show.

The whole point of this is that Viktor’s life was missing something. And I think that Viktor, too, was lacking love. He doesn’t seem to have any friends, or family. His closest confidant seems to be his 70 year old coach. He has no one his age that is close to him: not other Russian skaters, not other top skaters, no one outside the skating world. He was isolated. And that was probably fine, for a while. He seems like a work-aholic that loved his job, and for a long time wasn’t bothered by the fact he had no one to go home to, or no one to spend his down time with. But when skating stopped being fun, when he stopped being able to surprise people, and everyone around him (Yakov excluded) turned into either rivals, or idol-worshiping yes-men, it probably started feeling empty.

When he first arrives in Japan, in episode 2, he is very pushy about learning things about Yuri under the auspice of needing to know everything about Yuri to coach him. But the things he asks about are pretty personal, not things one would expect a coach to need to know. Things like: what is your favorite food, what kind of rink do you skate in, what is in this city, is there someone you like, do you have feelings for Minako, do you have a lover, do you have any ex-lovers? Some of which are appropriate for a new coach to ask his new student. But most of those questions are more like things that someone might ask if they haven’t ever had a close friend, and are trying to get close to someone. This is only enhanced by the fact that when Yuri refuses to answer any questions, Viktor switches gears and starts talking about his ex-lovers instead. Which doesn’t make sense if Viktor, like he said, is trying to learn everything about Yuri and just sees their relationship as coach-student. It makes more sense if you look at it as Viktor trying to get close to Yuri as something more: as a friend.  

I think that finding someone to be close to is definitely part of Viktor’s motivations on leaving Russia and flying halfway around the world to coach a flubbed foreign skater. And Yuri was probably already on Viktor’s radar before he even saw the video of Yuri skating his program. He’d probably been on Viktor’s radar since December and the GP Final, four months prior (GPF in December, Yuri disappoints at Nationals in Jan/Feb and probably graduates from college somewhere in here, fails to qualify for 4 Continents in February, and fails to qualify for Worlds in March. Returns home in March, at the same time Viktor is winning Worlds. The video is posted, and Viktor arrives in Japan in April). Where Yuri was staring at Viktor, which is probably a common occurrence given how Viktor reacts by assuming Yuri just wants a commemorative photo like any other fan, and Yuri just walks away in shock as his heart shatters because his idol just assumes he wants a stupid commemorative photo when he really just wants Viktor to acknowledge him. Look at Viktor’s reaction to Yuri walking away without a word:

That is not a happy face. That is genuine emotion, and not something he puts on for the cameras, or his fans, or basically everyone else around him. But it’s not an angry face, either. Viktor just looks kind of, I don’t know, lost. Probably because he’s never had a reaction like that to an offer for a photo-op, because who is going to pass up a chance at a photo-op with THE Viktor Nikiforov? 

By this point he’s so used to people fawning over him and kissing his ass he doesn’t know how to react when he’s met with disappointment. He’s confused, and baffled by Yuri’s reaction. And the first time I watched this scene, I thought Viktor just assumed Yuri was just a fan or something and that is why Yuri is upset. But it’s not like he wouldn’t know who Yuri is. He just competed against him, and all the skaters seem to know each other in the past few episodes. There is no reason to assume Viktor and Yuri have never interacted before, in fact Yuri even says they have spoken before though not often because Yuri puts Viktor up on a pedestal. It’s not like Viktor thought Yuri was some random member of the public here. He is just assuming that a fellow skater, one of the fellow top 6 in the world, only wanted a photo-op and nothing more. And that is why Yuri is upset. And when Yuri defied his expectations of a rabid fan jumping at the chance of even being photographed with him, and just seemed disappointed with the superficial offer, it threw him off. And Viktor probably remembered this moment when he was watching that video of Yuri, I doubt it was something he easily forgot. The animators showing us Viktor’s reaction was no accident, or a way to eat up scree-time. It’s meaningful. He’s thinking about Yuri, and what made Yuri react like that.

So four months later, what Viktor sees when he watches Yuri skate in that video, and when he remembers Yuri’s reaction in that moment, he sees someone he wants to connect with, and someone who he knows wanted to connect with him too. He sees someone that he wants to be close with, and get to know deeply for what I expect to be the first time in a long time, if not the first time ever. And what he found in Yuri probably exceeded all his expectations. In the words of Chris, he found someone to protect. He found someone, for the first time, who meets him where he is, someone who sees him as something more than a rival to be defeated, or an idol to be worshiped. Someone who jokes with him, and is intimate with him, and is a companion in every sense of the word. Someone who sees him as a human being, with flaws, and weaknesses, and accepts those flaws and weaknesses as part of him and loves him still.

And that is fucking beautiful.

You know how post ep-3 people were like “Victor is evil!” and post ep-4 it was “Victor is dying!”? Post ep-5, can we just go all the way and do “Victor is communist!”?

I need to do something with all my socialist memes.

Communist Victor is all we really need.

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love Yuri on Ice episode 7, we know, you love victuri so much, they’re the light of your life, you love them so much, you just love victuri, we KNOW , you love Yuri on Ice you fucking love victuri ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE VICTURI. WE GET IT.
A string under my left ribs

Did anyone else notice how Silver referred to himself and Flint as a “we”, when talking about Billy? “Why are we not angry about this?”

Earlier in the season, Flint tells Billy that Silver would make it sound more palatable but that his will will govern. As in, me and Silver would be of a single mind, regardless, but he’s the one with the sweet words. 

“There is no we,” they said. 

And now they are we. As in, one

To whatever extent their feelings for each other go, romantic, sexual, platonic, whatever you wish to call it or see it as (Flint you need so much therapy for that emotional constipation, I cant even. That’s one thing Silver doesn’t suffer from - he’s ravenous for everything. Eager. Hungry. Will drink from whatever well he sets his sights on until he’s bloated with it. You get what I’m hinting at here?) I think they see themselves as one now. Sides of the same coin. 

Different but irrevocably tied to each other. In each other. 



The love of each other’s life.

In communion. 


“I have a strange feeling with regard to you. As if I had a string somewhere under my left ribs, tightly knotted to a similar string in you. And if you were to leave I’m afraid that cord of communion would snap. And I have a notion that I’d take to bleeding inwardly.” Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë 

The danger lies when that “we” reverts back to “there is no we”. When that cord of communion is forced to snap. 

let’s talk about this for a sec

So we haven’t fully unlocked Yurio’s tragic backstory yet, but from what we’ve gotten, his grandpa is the only person from his family who is actively involved in his life. 

So that’s why this screen cap is so important to me. Because these three aren’t a family, and things must be really weird between Yakov and Lilia, because they’re divorced. But they’re willing to put that aside to make Yurio feel happy and loved. Becasue even though he’s a world-class athlete, he’s still a kid.

We also know that Yakov really cares for his skaters, even though he’s really crass. Ep. 10 has implied that Yakov didn’t support Victor leaving skating, because it seemed like Victor was leaving to pursue his Japanese crush. But as soon as Yakov saw Yuuri send Victor away in episode 9, he realized that Yuuri returned Victor’s feelings, and took care of Yuuri when Victor was gone.

It’s just so important that Yakov and Lilia are indulging Yurio’s interests, because it’s so important for him to feel like he’s loved. Even though Grandpa is Yurio’s inspiration for agape, he’s certainly gotten some unconditional love from his coaches. 

(also look at how cute the proud little bean is. I mean, how can you not love his happy little face!?)

dear girl meets world,

thank you. thank you for showing us real life. thank you for going places we never thought a disney show would/ 

thank you for giving us riley, forever bright and optimistic. her love for her friends and family is inspiring.

thank you for giving us maya, and showing that being broken and damaged doesn’t make you unlovable. i hope to have her strength.

thank you for giving us lucas, the stereotypical jock who turned out to be so much more.

thank you for giving us farkle, who showed us that being quirky and smart shouldn’t make you an outcast if you find the right people. 

thank you for giving us zay, funny and happy and the type of friend and person we all hope to be. 

thank you for giving us smackle, who showed us that no disease or disorder can limit us from being outstanding. 

thank you for giving us their friendships, which showed us how important it is to surround yourself with the right people. 

thank you for bringing back cory and topanga, who meant so much to so many people, and giving us these new characters, who will always have an impact on us. 

thank you. 


i…. i don’t know what to feel after episode 11…. definitely not in the mood for an instagram post (saving a good post for the last episode haha)

i wanted to do like…. a victor before yuri vs a victor after yuri b/c clearly his life has changed for the better after meeting him and thAT WE SHOULD NOT BE WORRIED AT ALL ABOUT THE LAST LINE OF EP 11 AND THAT THESE TWO WILL OVERCOME ANYTHING 



Labels sell you a narrative, a story of the artist. If they have to change all their story of life, they will do it and the artist can’t do anything about it if there are under a contract.

We all know 5h media narrative: 5h a group form in the x factor with a similar story than 1D. 5 multicultural girls with raw talents and amazing personalities took over the world with their girl power and catchy singles lead by camila cabello. A girl who caught the spotlight with her celebrity friendships and solo works making clear, several times, that the group has an expiration date. After an EP, 2 album, 2 hits and several awards, Cabello made the not unexpected but rush exit from the group, in a she said/they said fight, to follow her solo career leaving the bad future on hold.

This is basically what someone who read a magazine or watch a tv show can tell you about the group if they don’t really follow them but you guys who follow your group knows there’s a lot more, isn’t it?

The media has photos and sources so why not to believe them right? But then, everything you saw in all these years were lies? Those moments didn’t happen? Oh, everything happened, but all this big gossip you hear 24/7 eclipse every moment/ interview that could make you questions everything. So let me remain you some important and curious things that were never really in the media (sorry if you think I focus only in lauren and camila but they are the key pieces of this puzzle)

Lauren was the leader for the show/EP but for the album was Camila (why? Lauren stated being emotional broken during these years, so im guessing she couldn’t handle it) DON’T LET THEM FOOL YOU, LAUREN HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE FIRST CHOICE, THEY JUST HAVE TO GET HER READY.

Takeovers ended when Camila solo behavior it was going to start, weird right? But Camila’s 18 birthday was something amazing with that Taylor party but how about the party the girls/crew made for her in the worth it video set? We just got a vaguely photo but where are the rest? These social media queens didn’t post one photo! The only one out is from a crew member.

It shocks me than no one has made big noise with Camila’s and even ally’s declarations of mental issue during 2015. Really guys? They all became legal that year, the image started to change. And while you were criticizing camila’s mother being with her 24/7, I hope you realized she didn’t do that while she was under age (she was with her some weeks and then returned home) but the moment she turned 18 she stayed with her. An once again, where in the media is camila’s declaration of “songwriting saved my life” or the disturbing image she posted with the caption “I could finally breathe”

During 2015 interviews lauren and camila shade their own album. (TB to that interview where the girls give Dinah a bad look for saying body rock was her favorite) I truly believe Lauren and camila had given the label/MGMT some work with damage control with some declarations and behaviors. And let’s state that this could lead to punishments.

Or what about all these rumors of the girls hating camila but we have all this fan/the girls/ crew videos of the girls being chill with each other (specially in other countries) And let’s not forget how camila stopped posting 5h photos on her accounts and talking about them but some days before her exit, she posted a photo of the girls (AMA’S) she liked all this WFH comments and made some deep interviews (z100 NY).

Let’s be clear in something. 5h promo has always being really bad and all of the girls sucked at promoting too but THAT’S NOT THEIR JOB (I get you guys saw camila promoting her singles like crazy but not 5h, well maybe it’s because it’s her own music, her own words – just like lauren has said this days while she promotes her single like camila did twice)

 Now, once again, this is not my topic so im giving an opinion here. Why epic don’t invest in 5h? (promo/tours/budget) Well, girl bands are expensive and keeping the girls low budget has made the label not lose money (unfortunately, 5h last album is not doing as well as they thought). A third album it was the moment to make it big (with songs/ wardrobe/ tour) so why you let your “lead singer” go? Camila IS STILL in Epic, they could make her stay.

So this fuel that they just want Camila solo and they are gonna drop the group. But this is when it gets interesting, Simon always has wanted the group and LA REID has made of 5h a bootcamp to prepare solo girls! ALL OF THEM! That’s why they have let them do solo work (but they decide the time and the project of course) Lauren solo is on the go, giving her more camera all this year, making camila aside in the 5h image.

This is when I get wild and drop the bomb. (THIS WAS MEANT TO HAPPEN ONE WAY OR THE OTHER AND THE 5 OF THEM DON’T HAVE A SAY IN THIS CAUSE, ONCE AGAIN, THEY ARE UNDER CONTRACT, WITH THIS CAMILA HAS TO FIGHT ON HER OWN) They have known this plans all along (THIS IS NOT THE GIRLS VS CAMILA IS GIRLS VS THE LABEL), and that’s why they girls got a new lawyer! A lawsuit against Epic wouldn’t be weird cause they have been neglecting the girls for years with the lack of support (I don’t get SYCO in this cause they are their label overseas and they have done their job) Now, Syco wants them so they could make the move to offer them a record deal with RCA and everyone could be happy except LA REID losing her solo projects. (Also, Republic records has been on the picture with the girls for a while)

Now, we could say camila is okay with her deal, she’s out 5h and has her solo project but Roger Gold appearing makes me doubt Camila’s desire to stay in Epic. The guy has an AMAZING resume. Attorney/CEO/consultant and a major supporter on independent labels, and guess what? HE HAS AN INDEPENDENT LABEL. If you analyze Camila’s way of expressing about him, he’s family, she feels protected. Im putting all my coins that he’s taking her out of this shitty deal to put her in his label/with the option of an association with another label.

i know this is hard and i understand being angry and heartbroken because this is taking the game too far. but i also love the real life meta levels of this, that they’re such ACD fanboys they want to relive their favourite author’s life and then punch the world with the Real Ending.

if this is true, if we are right about the fourth ep, then this is a mind blowing rug pull on literally everyone around the world. they’re making casuals beg for something better, they’ve played the game so well even casuals can see john and sherlock belong together. isn’t that incredible? isn’t this exactly what we all wanted too?

yes, they underestimated their fans, and yes, they hurt us terribly, and yes, we should be angry. send complaints to the bbc, to hartswood films, sign the petition, etc, let them know what this did to us. but some crazy part of me thinks that maybe they also counted on us, clever so clever tjlc, to figure it out. and, once again, we have, haven’t we?

i’ve been through every stage of grief after tfp, and now i’m back to my roots, where i feel most comfortable - a conspiracy nutter. but i’m only a nutter if i’m wrong.

  • Griffin: How do Taako, Merle, and Magnus feel? Because like, we're having a lot of fun here with our Groundhog's Day shenanigans, but now they've died three times and it probably hasn't been great.
  • Travis: You know, Griffin, I'm glad you asked. I think for Magnus it's a matter of like, this is how he would live his life anyways?
  • Griffin: Yeah.
  • Travis: So I would say he feels emboldened by being able to rush in, fuck up, and then rush in again.
  • Griffin: Okay. Yeah, that's fair.
  • Clint: Mmkay, Merle's not a fan.
  • Griffin: *laughing* Okay, yeah, I figured as much.
  • Clint: Not a fan! Little chaffed and a little gassy.
  • Travis: How's Taako feel? I very much want to know.
  • Justin: Uhhhh, just another day at the office, baby!

1. I loved that Victor was narrating it. It showed us a teenie bit of depth in his character. “20 years without life and love”. Interesting. Very interesting. 

2. Okay, obviously, THE RINGS. OMG. LIKE. HELLO. WHAT. OMG. OMG. And they way everyone just accepts it like “yeah whatevs these two just being romantic again.”


4. I thought the scene by the water, with Victor alone with the ring, was very telling of his character. When Yurio shows up and Victor roughly cups his cheek, I honestly got the feeling that it was…slightly threatening. Like, “you little brat, stay in your lane.” Is that just me? It didn’t seem friendly to me at all. Like Victor is subtly showing him who is boss, and what sort of behaviour is acceptable. Victor has been the top skater for years and years, he probably has a low threshold for this sort of arrogance, right? I mean, JJ and Christophe still sort of defer to him, but Yurio? Yurio literally just said, “Victor Nikiforov is dead.” Like??? That’s not the kind of thing you say to people unless you want to piss them off!



7. I know this episode didn’t have any actual skating, but I wouldn’t call this a filler. It gave us a lot of information about the characters and how they are off the rink, and I think that’s great. I love how they’ve made each one such a rounded person. 

8. And this is just me, but I really hope they make Yurio more likeable soon -_- I’ve given him the benefit of doubt so far, but his attitude is starting to grate on my nerves a little. 

9. I feel like Victor narrating the episode changed the tone of the episode a little. He noticed things Yuuri would not have. The entire Christophe scene, for instance. The parts with Phichit. Yuuri was obviously tense and doubting himself (the way he flashbacks to last year’s defeat was so, so realistic for those suffering from anxiety, I was honestly astounded. More on this later.) Anyway, with Victor narrating it, we got an insight into how he thinks. How in parts, it’s pretty funny and cute. In other areas, it’s so tender and vulnerable. (The ring scene???? THE RING SCEENENENENENE?????) And the scene by the water, which I thought was heavy, almost borderline antsy. It gives me the feeling that Victor does a lot of his emotional musing and thinking all alone. I don’t think he has ever had too much emotional support. “If I had stayed in Russia as a competitor, Yurio wouldn’t be this motivated to fight, and neither would I…” It really hints that Victor was a bit sick of competitive skating. He needed a change of pace. 

10. Yuuri’s anxiety flashback. This happens to me so often it’s just freaking exhausting. The way it came to Yuuri too, was so realistic. The whole burying his head in the pillow and everything. I’ve always been a little ambivalent about him having an anxiety disorder, but now I’m a lot more inclined to support that theory.

11. Phichit’s mobile picture for Yuuri is a DOG :’D Is it Vicchan? Makkachin? IDK BUT I LOVE IT. 

12x06 - Episode Review and Analysis

I know I am late to the game here, I have no doubt a lot of the below has been covered but here are my thoughts on the episode anyway. Tried out a different structure this time because there was so much going on I didn’t wanna miss anything out. 

Anyway, review and meta under the cut. This got very long.

Keep reading

Viktor's 'Stay close to me' performance theory

So, I’ve always thought Viktor had some kind of interest in Yuuri since I saw episode one and now I know I’m right.
I’ll try to explain my thoughts about Viktor’s performance to ‘Stay close to me’ after seeing the newest episode.

Episode 10 spoilers ahead!

So as we know, Yuuri got really drunk after his failed Grand prix and had many dance-offs with the other skaters including Viktor. After seeing photos we get to a scene where Yuuri asks Viktor to be his coach may Yuuri win the dancing.
Viktor looks absolutely SMITTEN by Yuuri at that moment. Probably because Yuuri wanted him, him to stay by his side and lead him through his career and life. Yet, Yuuri quit skating and forgot about the whole night, about ever interacting with Viktor and that’s why Viktor skated ‘Stay close to me’ the next season.
He felt like Yuuri left him, hurt him and he wanted Yuuri to stay with him as Yuuri asked of Viktor.

After seeing him imitating his performance he decided to be Yuuri’s coach after all, since Yuuri did win the dance-offs but also showed Viktor that he still cared for him.

I know what Mace did at the end of the ep is a self sacrificing and heroic move

But can we talk about the scene where he tackled Shockley?

Mace was the first to react and his instinct wasn’t to duck and hide, he ran right into the line of fire and tackled Shockley in order to protect everyone else - he wasn’t on the serum, he had no powers, no protections, just a normal human, and when faced with a threat to his people, he had no qualms about putting his own life on the line

I know Mace keeps saying he doesn’t feel like a hero or he isn’t a hero or he wants to prove himself to be a hero, but in that moment he just proved that he’s ALREADY A HERO and he didn’t need powers to be one - the powers didn’t make him The Patriot, it’s what’s already in his heart

Shockley was a live grenade and Mace threw himself on it to shield everyone else, just like Steve Rogers did


This theory has probably been already made, and will be written in broken english with some stupid mistakes because it’s 2AM right now, sooo sorry about that.

Ok so in the Abominable Bride, the bride fakes her death with the two guns, blablabla you’ve seen this ep so, you know it, not gonna resume everything. She shot herself with the gun, but not really etc.

So, at the end of the ep, we saw Moriarty wearing the bride’s dress. Basically, Moriarty = The Bride.  But this ep is “made” by Sherlock’s imagination, and he’s basically taking things from real life to create this dream / hallucination.

So maybe Sherlock was solving the case. Maybe during this hallucination he figured out how Moriarty could still be alive. Of course there is the fact that we didn’t see Moriarty with two guns when he killed himself, and right now I’m tired (and a bit lazy) to keep looking for facts : if someone has already done this theory with a lot of details and everything, can you share it with me ? I would love to read it ! 

thank you sotus (part 2 of my feelings for ep 15)

what. a. great. actor.

fuck my life. i’ve never seen someone so GENUINELY happy on tv. like, he’s a combination of happiness, getting twitterpated, shy, proud, in love all at the same time. im literally crying just looking at him. AMAZING

what an amazing boyfriend. i love u i want someone like u in my life



the world is burning but i swear to god i am okay






an actual photo of me after watching. crazy crying. i’m dead inside, i’ve ascended to the heavens and will only come back to life when the bloopers are shown.

i just want to take this opportunity to thank the author, the staff and crew, krist and singto, the cast, Delightful the subber, and everyone in the fandom. what an amazing series. thank you for representation. thank you for showing how normal it is to love. thank you for such a light-hearted story. thank you for SOTUS.

I seriously can't rn

Okay so I know everyone and their freaking cat is exploding about the recent episode, and yeah I’m one of them

Hence this “vent” post

First of all I want to say this was a great episode, it gave us more info of the Renmant and obviously the plot. And we got to see some good character development with Blake and her father. But what really got me was Qrow, which is what everyone is spazzing about anyways, so I’ll try to keep it short. This is more of a character study then anything (which also means I’m going to be re opening up some wounds from the ep and making everyone feel even more terrible)

Because holy shit, that poor man.

His semblance of all things is misfortune. That means Qrow has pretty much lived everyday of his life in most likely a sea of guilt. Because he knows what affect he has on those he loves, which is probably why he can be a little (or a lot) crass sometimes. Because he’s not an open person. Not just because of the shit he’s seen, but the shit he has likely caused. All because of a power he cannot control. He never meant it to happen, obviously, but he has to live with the fact that his very presence is a danger. And that is such a terrible thing to think about when you know how much guy cares about family. His nieces especially. Ruby, especially.

Like gosh, I’ve been destroying myself by thinking about this sweet little girl, Summer’s daughter, adored Qrow so much to base her look and her fighting style after him. How much she loves him, looks up to him and Qrow wanting to be there for her, but knowing, fearing, something that could happen because of his very existence in her life. Just, ugh.

Sorry am I bumming you out to much yet?

But on top of this, the fight with Tyrian makes more sense of why Qrow told everyone to stand back, and got mad at Ruby for interfering.

And it might be a reason to why Qrow wanted to be a huntsman in the first place. Trying, in any way, to use his misfortune for good. And why he also goes on solo missions.

But regardless, this just shines so much light on Qrow’s character, which I love. But damn, did you see how much it pained him to talk about this? Having to be ashamed of his semblance, when most people take pride of it, because he blames himself and his semblance for the bad things that happen. That’s hard for me to watch and could be because he’s my current favourite.

And I’m sorry for all you Jaune lovers out there, I totally sympathize with the kid. He’s taking Phyrra’s death the hardest, definitely, and for good reason too. And he also has every right to be upset. But the one angry sarcastic quip he made at Qrow is out of line. Like I know I love Qrow more than Jaune, and will obviously side with the drunkle birb cause I’m a little biased, buT DAMN. Like the dude just fucking opened up and explained to you why, with great pain I might add, he does what he does. And hates himself for it. And again, I know Jaune is upset, that’s cool, but tone it down for poor old drunkle birb here.

Anyways that was my totally not short at all (sorry) rant, because that episode was a lot, since it featured my favourite character, anD THE ENDING.

But I’m holding on to the theories as much as I can to why Qrow can’t or won’t die. But y'know, I’m still dying on the inside knowing that I got wait a whole week (maybe more depending if there’s another WOR smh) to see how this plays out

It was still a great episode though, props to RT

Now excuse me while I go scream in a corner.