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Dear fanfic writers,

Why hasn’t anyone written an established McHanzo relationship fic about Hanzo trying to get McCree to stop smoking?

Come’ on guys, let’s think about this. Smoking is a nasty habit and terrible for your lungs. And Hanzo knows this but he also knows McCree is set in his ways so he won’t push him on it until McCree winds up with a flu that turns into a respiratory infection and it’s bad, oh god, he’s in the hospital for a few days, totally out of it. And it kinda sinks in that smoking is gonna kill him. Which is just not acceptable. Jesse McCree is either going to die in a blaze of glory, or of old age surrounded by like three dogs. He will accept no substitutes. 

Now, if this was life and we’re following proper intervention measures, Hanzo would sit him down and have a talk about why he wants him to stop and communication and all that shit you should invest in when you’re in a proper relationship. But, let’s be real, Hanzo has seen McCree refuse to quit before. And it’s not like he can be sure that asking him will give the man drive to do it. So he might engage in….stealth tactics. Hiding lighters, “losing” his box of cigars, ect. 

This is a bad plan. Run with it from there.

(In the end, McCree confronts him about it and Hanzo fesses up that “hey, kinda don’t want you to die on me young so we can get old and grey and own like two dogs that Genji will tease me about” and too his surprise, that emotion gives McCree the drive to think it over and at least attempt it (with bumps along the way but eventual success) But shhh) 

Svakome tko se boji, tko je sam ili nesretan, najbolje je izaći, nekamo gdje će biti sasvim sam, sam s nebom, prirodom i Bogom. Tek tada se osjeća da je sve kako bi i trebalo biti, da Bog želi vidjeti ljude sretnima.
Dok god tako nešto postoji, znam da će biti utjehe za svaku brigu.
—  Dnevnik Anne  Frank 

Here’s some valentines cards I made of the apparently kid for u to use 😂

Just finished watching Political Animals, here are a few of my thoughts on it:

- I already said that but still: IT’S SO GOOD

- The characters are amazing and so is the story

- Elaine is a badass

- “Never call a bitch ‘a bitch’, us bitches don’t like that.”


- Like, is that a fun thing for him? All of his characters are sources of pain for me

- TJ Hammond is a cutie who has to be protected at all costs, he had his little heart broken is it’s just so SAAAAAAAD

Me in 2010: My fandom is the best, look at how accepting and nice we are, those who are mean are just haters looking to bully someone.

Me in 2016, three fandoms later: All fandoms are trash. The sooner you understand this, the easier dealing with fandom wank will be. Accept your dumpster life and live with it.