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New Studyblr! 

Hey there! I’m Elin, and I just decided to make a studyblr on my summer break (?!??!). Why you ask? 

So, I’m about to become an engineering student in two months. I haven’t studied for 3 years, thus I’m about to refresh my mind with a couple of summer courses in math and programming this summer.

I’m doing 600 pages of math in 50 days over the summer break, while working and having a life. I hope having a studyblr will help me stay productive! 

I really like following all the studyblr and I’m looking forward to be apart of the community! Hope you’d like to follow me during my upcoming 5 years of studies. I hope you have a great day! :) 

Hi Tumblr people, how are you?!

I’m still aliveeee, even if I haven’t been posting here since ages - and I’m SO sorry. I finished my exams on Monday and right now I’m enjoying the last days of freedom before second semester starts (on Monday, 27th). 

[ For those of you who didn’t know, I’m actually more active on Instagram @ stephiestudies - follow me there if you wanna see more of my bujo, and study routine too. 

Here’s a shot I took some days ago, when I reached 1k on IG. I’m still not sure how this happened but it made my day! I’m so blessed and thankful to each one of you. 

Here you can find videos with advice on different categories related to college and studying! Just click on whatever topic you’d like to learn about :)

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Tumblr didn’t let me post yesterday so here’s what I was up to. Really wanted to do some reading in the park but the amount of those lil white polen things was insane so I chose my bed instead lol 😎👌


26/6 - my first bujo spread… sort of. studyblr makes bujos look so easy yet i feel so inferior compared to other bujo spreads, but hey, there’s a first to everything.

today’s productivity consisted of finishing a box of strawberry pocky and cleaning my study table  



So, I was really confused about what I was going to post on my Tumblr after I did this “cleaning session” to my account. I really want to post my drawings here but I’m really busy lately and I don’t get the mood to do so. Yet.

And nowadays, I’m really interested with this planning, studying, and journaling things that those become my aesthetics. And since I’m really messed up by so many collage assignments, I think I need to get myself together, be organized, and start to manage my time.

Thus, here it is! My first planner! It is still really simple and “empty” (I think) but I believe I can make this better in the future :))

Day 23 of 100 days of productivity

Today was a weird day, I had a really upset profesor, a really nice walk home, a missed call for one job I want to apply, I read a really good book that made me cry, worked out, stretched the hell out of my legs in the hopes that I can finally walk like a normal person again and not complain while I climb stairs, worked on my blog, did a little bit of homework and cleaned my house (including doing laundry), now I only want a good diner and I’m all set. *note to self: push yourself into doing what you think you can’t*