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Day 23 of 100 days of productivity

Today was a weird day, I had a really upset profesor, a really nice walk home, a missed call for one job I want to apply, I read a really good book that made me cry, worked out, stretched the hell out of my legs in the hopes that I can finally walk like a normal person again and not complain while I climb stairs, worked on my blog, did a little bit of homework and cleaned my house (including doing laundry), now I only want a good diner and I’m all set. *note to self: push yourself into doing what you think you can’t*

Week 3 of 2017 spread, and @emmastudies yearly overview. ☺︎

Let’s start again with the 100 days of productivity: here we are at Day 1.
Planning always gets me so relaxed, I feel like I have control on my life and this is so powerful it helps me get through any trouble. 😌 

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Heyyy~~ There’s no time left until school starts, so I decided to share with you some of the basic things that really help me personally be an A+ student. Hope it helps 1. Prepare
•get a nice stationery.
And “nice” doesn’t necessarily mean “expensive”! Just buy something you really like, what gonna motivate you to take notes ( you can also DIY it if you into that!).
• whenever/ wherever you study-wear comfy clothes.
The truth is - school isn’t a runway, you can not focus on studying if you only thinking about when you’ll take off your heels.
2. Never (!) skip classes.
I hope you don’t but I know many people who do that. Even if you’re tired, school day doesn’t last forever,righ? So stay strong and determined.
3. Take notes.
Very obvious but so important. Write down everything your teacher writes on board and also what he says and you didn’t know. And don’t forget to review your notes time to time: I like rewriting it and using color coding- find what works for you and stick to it.
4. Homework.
No no NO excuses here!! I have never gone to school without my homework done. It is very important and helpful to get all the material.
5. Ask for help.
If you don’t get something- don’t just “let it be”. Go to you teacher, parents, friends- and ask to explain you, It’s absolutely fine! Or you can also do your own research using Internet or books.
6. You should get a planner ( if your school doesn’t offer you one) to write down your schedule/ homework/ helpful information. Bullet journey works nice as well.
7. Have fun! Just go easy with that. Take breaks and don’t forget to do what you enjoy, or you will end up depressed and with no motivation for work.

Xoxo, Angie <3

anonymous asked:

What are some good careers involved in English/literature/journaling?

Basically you can find potential work in any outlet that requires strong writing skills.

Here are some options:

  • Editorial assistant
  • Editor
  • Advertising copywriter
  • Public relations specialist
  • Curriculum developer
  • Content marketer
  • Social media manager
  • Technical writer
  • Grant writer
  • Content manager
  • Columnist
  • Consultant
  • Corporate communications
  • Press secretary
  • Proofreader
  • Freelance writer
  • Speech writer
  • Publishing assistant
  • Author
  • Educator

… and the list goes on!

Day 25/100 of productivity

I made an analysis of the book and completed three unfinished ones. So now I have finished 4/20 books for my finals in Czech literature. I must work more! Also I made a page for another week ahead in my bujo, because I have lost my school diary and I have nowhere else to write my other tasks and events. I am going to study philosophy for the rest of the evening. 

As my spring holidays are over and tomorrow I am going to school I want to sum up whole week:

  • I spent about 16 hours on my part-time job (home office) 
  • completely cleaned my room twice
  • went to get new amazing glasses
  • also finally had time to go to the doctor’s
  • studied philosophy for next Tuesday’s exam
  • completed two topics for finals in Spanish
  • completed 4 analyses of some books for finals as well
  • remade 6 Biology presentations into one document
  • read another part of my favourite book
  • and made some cute doodles in bujo

I feel proud of myself even though I finished only smaller half of my study plan. However, I am going to try to complete it during next week or two so there’s no need to be sad. 

Also I know I did much better than majority of my classmates who just relaxed and had great time. Yeah, my social life during this week was like zero Kelvin and I didn’t get relaxed much, but I feel fine and satisfied with myself. And that’s the most important thing about it.