life as a fangirl is tough


Fangirl Challenge  → [2/10] TV Shows → Sailor Moon 

“The tough experiences in life are what makes us girls prettier.” (insp)

Honestly the REALLY creepy thing about R*ylo that no one talks about is that it’s eerily similar to the dynamic between Korra and Amon (which people also ship, unfortunately).

So you’ve got the creepy badass masked villain who the fangirls like because he’s really mysterious, which some people find hot. Fair enough. But then they meet our tough female main hero who the fangirls strongly identify with. And that’s when it all goes downhill.

They use their abilities to manipulate our hero’s body, clearly causing them physical pain/discomfort.

They both briefly hold our hero against her will, get uncomfortably close to her, get inside her head, and make her fear for her life. They fuck with her mind, and she is visably terrified of this person who could easily kill her at any moment if he didn’t need her alive.

Amon haunts Korra’s nightmares, and considering Kylo kidnapped Rey, murdered his own father in front of her, and almost killed her and her only friend, I’m sure he’s haunting her nightmares too.

So how the hell is any of this remotely romantic again?

The reality of being a fangirl
  • Brother: Wow you fangirl really easily don't you? I mean we JUST saw that movie and ur already obsessed with him? You've seen ONE THING he's in and---
  • Me: when the fandom life calls, I come running. It's a tough life.

Taking care of Dean when he’s sick

Dean thinking you’re the cutest person ever

Showing off your new clothes to Claire

Meeting your brothers (Sam and Dean) for the first time

Telling Sam and Dean about your crush on Cas

Sam, Dean and Bobby visiting you at college

Cuddling with Dean after a tough hunt

Dying for Sam and Dean

Telling Claire why you stole the locket

Gabriel trying to get you to forgive him

Dying in Sam’s arms

Being Deans daughter from the future

A very attractive stranger (Dean) letting you borrow his pen

A long hug with Dean

The Winchesters fangirling because you’re a well known hunter

Being a demon and arguing with Dean a lot

Being the love of Sam’s life

Showering with Sam

Dean taking you to get an anti possession tattoo

TFW telling Claire that you’re dead

Being under a curse only Rowena can cure

Dying so Dean can live

Finding Cas sleeping with a teddy bear

Trying to get Cas to lie for you

Crowley using sex toys on you (NSFW)

Charlie saying ‘can we keep her’ about you

Trying to get Dean to eat healthier

Watching my strange addiction with Dean

Using code words when you get kidnapped

Your brothers reminding you how good at hunting you are

Sam and Dean playing along when your brother holds a nerf gun at them

TFW finding your drawings of them

Dean and Charlie trying to figure out which one of them you winked at

Asking Dean not to go on this hunt

Dean killing your sister because she’s a werewolf

Sam carrying you home when you’re drunk

Castiel taking you to heaven

Getting flustered when Dean pushes his hair back

Sam and Dean helping you with revision

Hunting with Sam and Dean

Drinking a love potion and falling in love with Gabriel

Ice skating with Lucifer

Being a witch and being questioned by the Winchesters

Being like Sherlock and analysing Dean

Being in a Dd/lg relationship with Sam (NSFW)

Mary noticing how much Sam admires you

Dean confessing he wants to marry you some day

Meeting Negan for the first time (The Walking Dead)

Dean, your dad, always asking you about your homework

Dean reminding you of the sex tape you made when you were first together

Banning Dean from your hockey matches

Keeping the necklace Dean bought you years after he left you

Telling Dean he can finally use the grenade launcher

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ramwood for the meme thing --ryanthepowerbottomguy

(y’all requested this like four times you’re great)

falls asleep on the couch:

  • definitely ryan
  • it’ll be the third day in a row he’s gone without sleep, and “i’m fine,” he tells geoff, again and again until geoff finds him snoring lightly, a documentary on ducks playing on the television
  • (“okay, but were you watching the documentary before you fell asleep?” is the only question geoff asks later, and ryan refuses to answer)
  • on the occasion geoff falls asleep on the couch, ryan has to either prod him awake or just carry him to the bed because geoff is An Old Fart and would bitch about his back for a week if ryan left him on the couch

makes friends with the neighbors:

  • both of them, but for different reasons, and for a given value of ‘friend’
  • ryan starts talking to the fresh-out-of-college girl at the end of the hall because ryan inexplicably does not trust her, and this baffles geoff, she’s like 5’2 and wears sundresses on a regular basis and—
  • oh. oh, she’s a kingpin. and you stopped her from becoming an enemy because you both bonded over dogs. okay. great. fuck geoff’s actual life, shit like this didn’t start happening until you came around, ryan.
  • geoff makes friends with the lady next door, and this baffles ryan, because the lady appears to be from the paleolithic era and is constantly banging on the wall and shouting at them to shut up (“she can’t even hear,” ryan says, “how does she know we’re even home???
  • but apparently the lady is tough as nails and she and geoff bond over tattoos (“i think she used to be in a gang,” geoff says wonderingly, maybe fangirling a little about it)
  • and she covers their asses when shit gets hot with the police, so ryan’s not gonna complain about it

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I’m having a Hurts day today and listening to all they’ve done so far. Surrender instrumentals feel especially good. During Policewoman I had truly a mystical experience because at one point it felt like the sound gently touched my soul like a hand and I shivered and gasped, I swear I felt a metaphysical touch near my heart. That’s twice as surprising because I’ve always had a tough relationship with Policewoman.

To Post or Not to Post.

I just finished writing the Chuck x Reader.

I’m done with part 1 and part 2 of Rob Benedict x Reader “Surprise.”

Next on the list is Rob/Rich/Reader, and I’m currently working on that as we speak.

And apparently all I post is smut. What is happening to me.

I’m having a tough time deciding what to post:

1.) God!Chuck x Reader

2.) Suprise Part 1 - Rob Benedict x Reader

I only want to post one today! If I can get up to 400 followers, I will post it tonight!! :D

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Internal Med sub-specialty personalities Part 2

Alright, time for some of my faves (if only because I want to do one of these forever): Rheum, ID, Palliative, Hem/Onc

Disclaimer: This is not meant to be a professional recommendation or commentary on any of the IM sub-specialties. These are for fun and based only on my limited experience. That said, I would LOVE to hear from others what they’ve seen!

Rheumatology: If only because there is so much that is still unknown about rheumatology, they are patient, good listeners, and most are masters of the physical exam. Most likely to tell you “there is NEVER a good reason to run in the hospital!” When they ask you something, they genuinely want to hear your answer. Have hobbies like collecting classic vinyl or having a night in with a bottle of wine, good friends, good conversations. Everyone is neatly dressed, but not flashy. You’ll find nearly all of them in clinics, not the hospital. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one mad. I don’t really want to. I hear it’s scary.

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Infectious Diseases: They have been described for decades as the Sherlock Holmes’ of the medical world. Gregory House, one of the most famous fictional ID docs, is an exaggeration of many ID doc personality traits. Initially may come off aloof, acerbic, overly-intellectual, mysterious. Sass through the roof. Get to know them and they’re big dorks (each ID person has at least one topic which turns them into the lamest, most adorable fanboy/fangirl), skilled raconteurs. There are two types: adventurous folks who revel in travel and getting dirty or extremely fastidious individuals who use their knowledge to avoid dirt and disease to the max. The former collect travel trinkets they place on their cluttered desks and keep ‘nooks’ ‘studies’ or ‘nests’, the latter keep tissues or wipes and a pristine white coat at all times. 

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Palliative: I don’t know who screens these sub-specialists, but THEY ALL HAVE THE NICEST VOICES. They also have the most flexible personalities, going from soft and gentle, consoling patient families during end-of-life takes to steadfast and tough when educating patients with intractable pain or addiction to opioids. You will never see them break a sweat. Wise, ask the tough but important questions. Everyone of them I know speaks at least two languages, has a hobby in the arts, and owns at least one pet.

Originally posted by arikaftermath

Heme/Onc: If you want to know what an oncologist is like, Wilson in House was the ultimate. Nice to a fault, always looking to provide hope and options. ALL THE GUYS FAVOR BLUE COLLARED SHIRTS. Specialty most likely to sport bow-ties, especially those who favor hematology. The mature ones have developed amazing interviewing skills and rapport with their patients. Also most likely to get Christmas gifts from patients, because they see them for years. The less mature docs can be overly aggressive, a little haughty, and would literally offer a cadaver chemotherapy if they could. They have amazing memories. Know their way around a microscope; many love wet bench lab work and research! 

Agree? Disagree? What other IM subspecialties have I not yet profiled that you want to see? Let me know!  

Thank You

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Internet friends are just as important as real life friends, if not more. Because you love each other even without ever talking in person. Never take people for granted. They can be taken away so easily. We are all people behind our urls. Please don’t be shy to get to know each other because after this show is over, we won’t ever forget the wonderful conversations we’ve had with each other, whether it be fangirling or sharing personal stories. You’ll always remember the people who make your day without them even knowing what you look like. You’ll always remember the people who help you through the tough times when no one else understands. So make friends and tell them how much they mean to you.

Why I’m Happy About Turning 30

Today I turn 30 years old. While in the past few months I have experienced some mixed emotions about it, I generally feel quite positive about entering my 30s.

There are several reasons I wanted to seize this moment to write about reaching a new decade, but aside from wanting to capture my experience of the moment for my own memories, I wanted to write this for the people of my generation who, as they approach 30 themselves, find their lives looking very different than they imagined 30 would look when they were 20, or how their parents’ lives looked at this age.

I turn 30 with no husband, no baby, no house of my own, and no full-time, living-wage career. Twenty-year-old me would be so disappointed. Then again, twenty-year-old me had an idea of post-college life that, to put it mildly, did not go according to plan.

I graduated from college in 2008 at the height of the Great Recession (if that’s what we’ve decided to call it). I had a temp job that summer, but spent the next 15 months out of work, applying to well over 100 or 200 jobs to no avail. For someone who had spent my life until that point succeeding in a school environment fairly easily, it was a big blow to my self-esteem to suddenly be constantly, in my mind, failing.

Eventually I was hired at a job that paid slightly above the minimum wage. The $18 in my bank account was grateful. I stayed there for about a year and a half. Near the end, any enjoyment I had gotten out of the job was gone. One day, at the slightest provocation, I burst into tears. The next day I gave my two-week notice.

A few months later, I was diagnosed with depression. I was 25.

I began seeing a therapist weekly. While I was lucky enough to find someone I liked and trusted, I had constant problems with what turned out to be several health insurance companies. It was hell, on top of an already bad situation. But eventually, eventually, I began not to feel so terrible. It got a little easier to do the things I enjoyed doing before, but I still struggled to motivate myself to attempt the things I was so afraid of failing at.

My biggest hurdle was getting another job, but as much as I needed it financially, I could barely ever bring myself to fill out applications. It was really, really, really tough. But eventually, eventually, I was able to do it. I still see my therapist, but now we only need to meet every three or four weeks. When I think about the progress I’ve made…sometimes I feel like a whole new person, sometimes I feel I’ve gotten back who I was before, and sometimes I feel like the person I am now was forged through the fire of that struggle and came out the other side as someone I’m becoming prouder to be.

So reason number one I’m happy to be turning 30 is that after all the pain, fear, and self-judgment I went through in my 20s, my 30s almost have to be better! My 20s were so much harder than I ever thought they’d be, but here I am, 30 years old, feeling more free, more capable, and more me than I have in a really long time. And I feel so good about that!

The other reason I feel excited about finally being in my 30s is that I’m feeling more and more that other people’s opinions or judgments about what I like don’t really effect my enjoyment of those things much anymore. For example, I’m having a fandom-themed birthday party tonight and we’re all dressing up as our favorite characters! I’m going to be Luna Lovegood. Is it weird for a 30-year-old to want a dress-up party for her birthday? Guess what, I don’t care! I think it will be tons of fun for me and my guests so I’m doing it! I spent most of my day yesterday binge-watching Fuller House on Netflix and enjoying every minute of it. Some of the gifts I asked for for my birthday were comic books and graphic novels. Are those “for kids?” I don’t care! I enjoy them!

I’ve been a fangirl since I was 12 and I have no intention of “growing out of it.” Loving fandom things has brought me so much joy and just because I’m 30 doesn’t mean that I just suddenly stop loving awesome things. So I’m having a fandom-themed birthday party and it’s going to be fantastic!

I’m so excited about my 30s. Life is finally looking up and I feel more confident in what I want, what I like, and what I do. Getting to this point was tough going, but I’m here and I’m ready to have fun!

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i am having no feels for the new sj song and feel like im losing my love for them even tho they provided me with so much hope and meaning during a shitty period of my life. pls help me remind myself why i love them.

i’ll tell you why I love them:

They don’t give up on their dreams. For the past 10 years, SJ have been doing nothing but their best. So many years of hardships, sweat and tears. They got a lot of hate since their debut, and until this day, they still do. How can a band of so many members stay standing up and so strong when all they heard was hate and criticism? Not every band can reach 10 years if they weren’t so strong. They thought of giving up so many times, but here they are celebrating their 10th anniversary.

Great Sunbaes. Whenever rookies are asked who are the sunbaes that took care of them the most, they would answer with Super Junior. Taking care of rookies and giving them advices because they’re the most ones that know that being an idol isn’t all fun and games, but full of hardships, especially the first few years. Unlike other bands that are stuck-up now because of fame, they give time to rookies to take care of them. Most of the rookies also look up to them.

Remember when SJ won on Music Bank for MAMACITA? Usually when a band wins, they’re the only ones that stay on stage for the encore (and any other band in the same company). BUT. Super Junior kept everyone else on stage and held their hands, formed a circle and started celebrating with the other bands.

Super Junior is ONE. SJ have a lot of subunits and solo artists, but they consider a subunit as ‘Super Junior’. They involve the other members in their own activities, like these moments are their moment to SHINE, yet they still involve the other members. 

  • D&E performing with Henry in 143 on Inkigayo
  • Oppa, Oppa performance ended with all of the members on MuBank christmas special
  • Siwon feat. in Motorcycle MV
  • ShinMin feat. in Oppa, Oppa Jap. MV
  • KRY going on stage with D&E in their concert
  • SiHyuk going on stage to celebrate Yesung’s birthday during KRY concert, and much much more.
  • Singing Can You Feel It? in SS6 like it’s a Super Junior song, not only D&E’s.
  • and much much more…

ELF. “ELF this, ELF that” “Kids, what are you doing?” “ELF, don’t forget to eat your meals today!” - Super Junior.

They treasure us so much. It’s unbelievable how much they adore ELF. Like how adorable is that? They feel so apologetic towards us for doing so much for them, when ELF do everything for them as  a gratitude. It’s a relationship where both parties are always thanking each other. <3

They never forget to thank us ELF, they wrote many songs that are dedicated to us, example From U, and have always got our back. They’re constantly thanking us for everything and yet they still think that’s not enough.

They congratulate us on our anniversary just like how we do in theirs. They got so happy when we got an award also in Teen Choice Awards! We’re a family ;_;

Relationship. Super Junior’s relationship.. no words can describe it. They would protect their brotherhood no matter what. Because they went through these hard years together, they understand each other so much. Tears, sweat, and countless fist fights led to this strong bond. They even vowed that a girl will never come between them. You can see in their eyes how much they mean to each other, and are always ending their ‘thank you’s in the albums thanking the members.

They go visit the each other when they’re working hard filming an MV, watching each other’s musicals, going to their filming set to give some support. Promoting a member’s new album or even drama.

They built up so many memories together that it’s saddening for them to leave the dorm on by one. Just few weeks ago, Ryeowook started crying on Sukira.

Hangeng left years ago, but he hasn’t forgotten his bond with sj at all. In 2012, he had both versions of Sexy, Free & Single in his dumpling restaurant <3

They still consider Hangeng and Kibum as part of SJ even though they both chose their own path, and what’s more important, they do consider Zhou Mi and Henry as Super Junior.

The love and support between the members makes me respect them so much. they’re always supporting each other and got each other’s back no matter what.

Family. Since they have such a good brotherhood, they consider themselves family. For heaven’s sake, Donghae has Eunhyuk’s mother’s picture in his wallet, because all mums are their mothers! <3 They even perform in the members’ sibling’s weddings, like in Heejin’s and Ahra unnies weddings!

Being an idol and in a band is considered as a career, but what about vacation? They travel together. They’re not fellow members, they’re brothers.

They’re parents, especially the mothers, are all good friends, they even traveled to China together few years ago.

In Leeteuk’s father and grandparents’ funeral, who carried the coffin? His brothers did..

They love being around each other so much, that Ryeowook loves filming a 3 day MV, even though it’s tiring, but because they’re together fooling around.

Super Junior as people. I’m not their fan for their looks, success, awards or whatever. I’m their fan because i love them for who they are. Super Junior never fail to apologize sincerely for their mistakes. They donate so much to charity, and there’s a post already about it. And, they usually keep their charity private. They’re the most likable band in the media because of their lively personality. They never fail to act respectful toward their sunbaes, and of course, they’re the nicest and most loved sunbaes to their dongsaengs.

My happiness. They’re the only band that can make me laugh so hard till I’m out of breath. & laughing till my stomach hurts is the best medicine for me. They can make me smile on my worst days, no joke. I’m seriously not exaggerating. I smile like an idiot when I see them, a part of me… how can i say this, feels assured when I see them? I just do. They’re my energy boost.

They make me so happy.

Their happiness is mine, their tears are mine. 

I really believe this can’t be expressed in words, and I’m sure every ELF knows what I mean, because the feelings that i have towards them is indescribable.

I became an ELF during August 2011, and believe me not even once i regretted being their fan. Ever since i became an ELF, i became a happier than i was. I’m having a tough time in uni, but i smile whenever i open my phone seeing their picture as my wallpaper.

They made me so happy the passed years, and staying an ELF and supporting them is my way of thanking them.

I’m just a fan, fangirling in front of her laptop… not really, I’m an ELF. And I love Super Junior and i know that they love me as well because for Super Junior, ELF mean the world.. and for ELF, Super Junior mean the world too… and much more..

Why I mentioned all of this is to show you why you loved Super Junior. You said it yourself, that they helped you in a tough period in your life. They all did.

I think this post in not enough to describe Super Junior. There’s a lot more to say, but most things can’t be explained in words.

I would love it if ELF add more things to this post, because what i wrote isn’t even enough to explain how admirable about Super Junior is.

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I like this one :D “my guitarist quit the night before the gig that could mean the big break for a band that i have put my soul into and supposedly you’re really good but i swear to god if you screw this up for me i will hunt you down and slit your throat” au - I'm getting close to a milestone too and I need to find a little goodie. I like doing the prompts but these seem fun too.

Here’s the fourth installment in my follower milestone fic project. (AU one-shot prompts sent in by my awesome followers). You can read the first three at the link. You can blame that photo of Colin rehearsing with The Enemies for this one. I took a few liberties with the prompt, Liz, but hopefully it’s close enough. (remember to like or reblog if you want more…) 

E: Where are you? You seriously cannot be doing this to me.

She waits, her leather booted heel ramming impatiently into the brick wall at her back as she stares down at her phone, waiting, knowing….he’s not coming. The minutes slip by, only 14 left before her one chance at making something of herself slips between her fingers. She wishes she could be surprised, but she’s not. Everyone always leaves. She’d fooled herself into hoping that he was different, well, not really, but at least she was getting better at pretending.

12 minutes to go. That’s it. It’s over. The publishing deal she was hoping would come out of tonight’s songwriter’s showcase just another dream lost to the ever changing wind that is her life.

E: I never want to see you again.

The back door of the club opens with a screech of metal against metal and she cringes, the sound like a knife to her gut, her bitterness settling in like a wet blanket as her quiet solitude is jarringly interrupted. She sees the guitar case first, worn but cared for, venue stickers placed in a seemingly haphazard fashion along the side. The ringed hand holding the case catches her attention next, the edges of a tattoo visible on the inside of the wrist that when she looks up, belongs to an intensely attractive human being, who by all accounts, has just witnessed her rather overt perusal.

“See something you like, love?”

Of course, life decides to add a too gorgeous for his own good, cocky, accented asshole into the mix to see just how much more she can handle in this moment. Deciding to just not deal with him at all, she pushes herself from the wall, catching the door before it slams so she can sneak back inside.

“Not in the mood.”

Her back now turned to him, she almost misses his response.

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