life and video games are full of bugs

My quest for creating a Warden continues. By now I’ve decided that I want to be a Healer since it’s a role I haven’t tried yet. I’ve also managed to narrow my choices down to three potential character concepts, but I just can’t make up my mind. These include:

1. A green Argonian fellow, some sort of Hist mage druid. A quite literal tree lizard, if you will. Flowers blossom from his footsteps, and he attracts small woodland creatures like some kind of scaly Disney princess.

2. An Altmer guy, most likely Zaraste’s brother. Looks like a forest hobo (to his sister’s constant dismay). No bug or beast or walking maw too vicious that he doesn’t consider it absolutely delightful. Would pet a Cliff-Strider.

3. An all black Argonian lady with a full head of plumes. Probably some kind of swamp goth Ebony Dark’ness Shady Scales. Looks like she could hex you, but is actually a very dedicated healer/herbalist. If only I had a raven pet or something to go with this my life would be complete.

Pls cast your vote and help me decide

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Name: Ren
Age: 18
Location: NYC
Little Age Range: ?? unsure tbh! 
Role: Sub
Preferred Little Titles: prince, baby boy, little one, puppy

About Yourself
Big Life: I am in high school for an extra year due to personal reasons, I plan on going to school for marine biology when I graduate. I am poly, and currently in a relationship with two lovely people who will remain anonymous until we are close. I have their full consent and knowledge in seeking out a cgl partner
Little Life: I am sleepy and clingy, I like to be treated like a pet and a prince. 
Big Interests: Dungeons and Dragons, League of Legends, video games in general, marine biology, J-fashion, musicals, being gay, bugs
Little Interests: Stuffies, biting people, sleeping, coloring, snuggling

♡ Favorite Big / Little Item?: My comfort items for both being big and being little is my rainbow jumping spider stuffie and my soft pillow
♡ Big / Little Activities?: My favorite big activities are video games, and my favorite little activity is biting.
♡ Favorite Shows / Movies?: I love Pokemon, Arrested Development, Disjointed, American Horror Story, and a bunch of different anime.
♡ Stuffies?: Heck yes.

Preferred Partner Age: 18-23
Preferred Partner Type: Any
Preferred Partner Role: Master/Daddy
What are you looking for in a Partner: Friendship first, then dating if we both feel we are compatible with eachother

I like when my Daddy does…: Petting, snuggles, gives me petnames
Things that I Dislike: Yelling, aggressiveness
Deal Breakers: If you think you can be my daddy with one message, if you dislike chubby boys, if you dislike feminine boys

Relationship Type: TBD

Best way to contact me: Tumblr (goodfoxy), discord (ask for it)