life and times of shelby


Okay, what happened?

I do.

Finn Shelby x reader

The reader’s parents are setting her up in an arranged marriage

“Please don’t leave me,” Finn was grabbing both sides of your face tears in both of your eyes. You stared at him even looking at him was breaking your heart, you couldn’t hold it in anymore. You started sobbing into his chest. Neither of you could believe this was really happening. Your parents were marrying you off. Finn Shelby wasn’t good enough for an Anderson girl, that’s what everyone would say anyway. Your Grandfather owned almost all of the land in and around Birmingham. Your family was the richest family around. Your father, Robert Anderson, brought you up in some type of mansion, you were sent to private school and treated like what he thought was royalty. Your family had money and a reputation to uphold, but you weren’t interested in the money. You were interested in Finn. It was two days, two days until you would be married to Samuel Williams, a respectable man with a very respectable family. You begged and pleaded your parents not to make you do this for months but you were ignored, the wedding was planned, the house was bought and the invitations were out.

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so after having a minor break down yesterday. (sorry shan) i have definitely decided that i am taking a gap year before grad school. i’m gonna be a lab tech somewhere. and sub some at the high school. decide if i want apply straight to a phd program or do masters first. i might live at home, save some money. just generally get my shit together.