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Wonder Woman Workout | Tough Like The Toonz: EP 26

New Tough like the Toonz for those who happen to give a F*CK. Princess Diana, The beautiful Amazon of themyscira 

But one of the most kickass women of all time. Wonder Woman is Strong, Powerful and an idol to many women and men alike. 

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Why Glossaryck was right to abandon Star (and why I’ll never doubt him again)

I just read this great Glossaryck meta by @starfleet-officer-jaya about the scene with him and Star in the void, where she lashes out at him for “betraying her” and he just says, “I’m sorry you saw it that way.” It’s such a dismissive thing to say, but it tells us (or confirms) so much about him and it’s so interesting. So it got me thinking.

We can safely assume that Glossaryck is simply a character who knows everything. From his first appearance predicting the end of Star’s mewberty down to the exact second, to his actions in “By the Book” that looked like he was angry at Star all so he could be in the right place at the right time in a fight days away, to his foresight in destroying a certain spell just before Ludo stole the book. We have so many examples of that. And the fact that Glossaryck is more or less omniscient is so important for understanding what he does.

Glossaryck (if he is only one being- didn’t the Sanctuary decorated with icons of him kind of imply that there are more of him, even if they share the same personality? For the record, I don’t believe he’s dead) is in charge of maintaining the book of spells, knowing it cover to cover, knowing its history, the history of all its owners, and evidently, playing personal trainer to every queen of Mewni. In “Page Turner” he says this to Moon after she interferes with Star’s training:

“You don’t trust me, and what’s worse, you don’t trust Star. My Queen, your training was different because Star is different. You have to have faith in her to make choices that are best for her. And my job… is to train Star to be a queen.”

So it was clear back then that Glossaryck’s approach to mentoring was pretty hands-off and vague when the best way to teach was through experience. He’s not afraid to look like he isn’t doing his job because nobody else knows what he does. He’s not even afraid to look like a traitor if it’s the best way to turn Star into a strong, self-sufficient and competent queen. Again: “I’m sorry you saw it that way.”

My favorite Glossaryck scene is the one that most perfectly spells out that he always has a plan, and everything he does is for a very good reason: the scene where Star tries to rescue Glossaryck through the portal. While impressed with the magic she’s pulling off (”I’ve never seen that before” is Glossaryck speak for “wow, that’s impressive,” right?), he basically tells her no, he won’t go with her and he won’t be helping her with this one. “But I need you!” she says, because he’s her teacher, and she’s supposed to have him because she’s supposed to need him.

And he says, “Maybe this is what you need.”

Maybe this is what she needs to start taking herself seriously. Maybe this is what she needs to start independently learning magic. Maybe this is what she needs to learn how powerful she is, even in hopeless situations where the odds are stacked against her. Glossaryck knew that Star was powerful, but too averse to discipline to be trained normally. She’s the rebel princess who interprets instruction as oppression. When she hears do this, she goes in every other direction, just because.

So if you abandon her, she starts her own spellbook, learns how to deal with her corrupted wand, and returns to Mewni when it’s clear she’s needed to fight the increasing danger. She risks her own life many times over, and would have died in the blast from destroying her wand if her hunch about Toffee being absorbed into it had been wrong. Toffee corrupts almost all of her magic and then leaves her in that space to die. She chases one last piece of her magic into the depths until she almost drowns. And then, when you tell her the totally non-magical soup is boiling hot and shouldn’t be touched, she plunges her arms into the very bottom. With the last dregs of her old magic, Star rebuilds her wand and her body, replenishes her magic, and unleashes enough power to destroy an immortal monster. By herself.

Maybe this is what you need.

When you think about it, how else would she have learned?

  • Sakura: Sarada, how was school today?
  • Sarada: Terrible. Inojin, that idiot, tried to kiss me. I kicked him between the legs for that.
  • Ino: Oh you shouldn't have sweetie, he's gonna need those parts later.
  • Sarada: Aunt Ino, you are here? (turns and notices her mom slipping a bill under the table) What are you guys doing?
  • Sakura: Just drinking tea and gossiping, we haven't chatted in a while-
  • Sarada: No, I mean, the thing you did under the table... Mama, are you betting on my lovelife again?
  • Sakura: Honey, let me explain...
  • Ino: Don't blame us, sweetie, your mama trained under the greatest gambler after all.
  • Sarada: Urgh, I can't believe you, mama! I'm going to train with papa this evening because at least he doesn't gamble on my life choices.
  • -same time, different location-
  • Naruto: Soo... Boruto said Sarada let him borrow her notes today. Pay up, moron.
  • Sasuke: Tch, that son of a bitch.
  • Naruto: Sasuke, language!
  • Sasuke: Sorry.
  • Naruto: ... (waiting for his money)
  • Sasuke: (whispers) That son of an idiot.
  • Naruto: ... Okay I heard that!

Clexa Week 2017 - Day 1 - Enemies to Lovers

Royalty AU

Lexa grew up with the legends about the times of war, the devastation of the plague and the Sky Kingdom, that was eternally exiled to the high mountains. Nobody knows what is true, not until she becomes the Commander, not until a princess appear on her kingdom bringing death and taking their lands.

But war isn’t the hardest part, Lexa was trained all her life for this. The hardest part is realizing she already met the girl before, it’s pretending nothing happened, it’s hiding the secret that could destroy her own kingdom.

Kingdom Come Pt. 2 [Damian Wayne x Reader] AU

Tags: @batboysimagine @batfamily-imagines @tim-help @memento-scribet @saramdeuli @solis200213 @cait-writes-stuff @aworldwideapart

Pairing: Damian Wayne x Princess!Reader

Warnings: It’s coming….

Word Count: 902

Part 1 | Part 2



A giggle escaped [F/N]’s lips as she ran through the grove. Her hands held her dress up so she could run, but she wasn’t fit and grew tired quickly. Behind her, she could hear rapid footsteps following her.

“Princess!” she heard Damian’s voice echo through the rows of trees and she quickly hid behind one, hoping that she wouldn’t be seen. Soon, it grew quiet and [F/N] wondered if she had finally outsmarted Damian. She took a peek from behind the tree and saw absolutely no one, but when she turned back, she almost screamed when she saw Damian standing in front of her, a smug smirk stuck to his face.

“You’ve lost again, Princess.” he stated, pulling a very unladylike  whine out of [F/N]’s mouth.

“How unfair! You’re a trained knight,” she exclaimed, feigning hurt, “you should allow a lady such as I to win at least a few times.”

“If that was true, why would you insist on me not holding back?” Damian inquired, recognizing the playful glint in her eyes.

[F/N] pouted and walked past him, crossing her arms. “Do you really believe I was serious? You have no experience with women then.” She then giggled at Damian’s baffled face for he really didn’t expect her to say such words.

It was always like this for her, when she could escape her royal duties of course. Ever since Damian had become her personal guard, her life grew brighter. At first, the knight only performed his duties and nothing else, but after many (one-sided) conversations with him, [F/N] finally broke his tough shell. That was six years ago, and how time flies when she was with him.

He was her first friend, perhaps her only true friend. He knew her better than she knew herself, and when she needed saving from royal affairs he would do his best to save her.

Glancing up at the sky, a frown appeared on Damian’s face. “It is going to rain, we should go Princess–”

“I told you, Sir Damian, call me [F/N].” she huffed, but followed her friend back to where he left their stallion.

“I will call you by your name when you call me by my own.” Damian stated, helping her up onto the horse before mounting himself, sitting behind her.

[F/N] tried not to feel too bothered by having his arms around her as he took hold of the rein. She often felt flustered riding with him. When out of the castle alone with him, he never allowed her to ride her own horse, but having him so close to her–his arms beside her and her back pressed against his chest–it felt quite intimate.

“W-Well,” she began, ignoring the redness on her cheeks, “as your princess, I order you to use my name. Do not call me Princess, you know it bothers me…” she cleared her throat, “Damian.”

“See?” Damian smiled, “that wasn’t so hard, now was it… [F/N]?” The princess returned his smile and leaned back against his chest. Although it was faint, she could swear that his heart was beating incredibly fast, though it must be her imagination.

Little did she know, the young knight’s heart was beating rapidly, just like every other time he was so close with the princess.

Damian was a very skilled warrior. He could take down entire armies, maybe even cripple empires, but when it came to romance? He knew little to nothing. He had spent his entire life devoted to his training, to his duties and kingdom. He had no time for friends. Yet when it came time for him to do his duty, he fell hard for the princess the very first time he saw that breathtaking smile of hers.

He tried to keep it professional and just do his duty. He tried not to get attached, but [F/N] was persistent. Eventually, he had to give in. She claimed she had broken his walls then, but the truth was she tore them down the very first time they met.

Never before had he seen someone so caring, so gentle and compassionate. Whenever she went to the town, she always greeted everyone with kindness and gave food to the poor. She wouldn’t harm a fly, and while that may be seen as weak, to Damian, it was amazing. It was rare to find someone who saw the beauty in everything. She may be naive at times, and she had a lot to learn, but she had determination and strength.

“D-Damian…” [F/N]’s voice brought him back into the world. The young knight scolded himself for getting distracted–he wasn’t on high alert, like he should be. A group of bandits or assassins could’ve made their move and he wouldn’t be able to protect the princess.

“What is it?” Damian inquired, growing worried when he saw the fearful look in her eyes.

[F/N]’s eyes were trained on something in the distance. She raised her hand shakily and pointed into the distance. “Why is there smoke?”

Damian’s head snapped towards the direction she was pointing in and there was indeed thick, black smoke in the sky, blending in with the darkening sky. At first he was shocked and perplexed by where such amounts of smoke could have originated from, but it didn’t take him long to realize the answer.

“The castle…”

–Leia, A Princess of Alderaan


It is the most melodramatic thing Ahsoka has ever seen in her young life, the actors are completely over the top, every single line is said with sweeps of arms and tossing of horns–one time a lek actually whacked the other actor in the face and Ahsoka had to bite her lip hard not to laugh, because Anakin shushes her if she makes any kind of negative commentary–and Ahsoka rolls her eyes literally every five minutes, but Anakin is glued to the screen because Shili holovids are the best, even better than the ones from Corelia and Duros!

Skeletons in Your Closet

           Zelda let out a soft groan as she arose from the freshly tilled soil.  Despite her aching back and burned neck, she couldn’t help but feel a swell of satisfaction at the work of her own two hands stretched before her.  Manual labor was a thing she had been quite unfamiliar with in her previous life as a princess, and she was finding an appreciation for it. It certainly provided more immediate results than years of training for an indistinct power.

           She gently closed her hand and looked over the dirt-covered skin.  Weeks had passed since her struggle with Ganon had come to an end, and her mysterious power had not made reappearance.  She supposed this was due to the fact that there was no longer a need for it.  A century ago she would have despaired at the loss, but she had grown in her time of trial. She had done her duty, as Link had done his.

           Link… he who had done so much for Hyrule, for her… it was his house they had taken residence in.  For weeks they had argued over why the other should have the bed (he eventually convinced her to take it after promising to build his own, a promise he had yet to keep) and awkwardly stumbled around each other.  Despite how much time they had spent together before the Calamity, living together was an entirely new experience.  The initial awkwardness had faded somewhat thanks to Link being an everlasting gentleman, however Zelda had been slower to adapt to the new living situation, coming from a life of royalty.

           With that thought in her head, she finished adjusting the topsoil and turned to go back inside.  Zelda leaned the hoe beside the door and pushed it open, walking past the stairs into where the washroom waited.  Only during times like these when Link was gone did she feel comfortable showering, and she took advantage of his absence to have a long, cold soak to cool her off.  When she was satisfied all the dirt was washed from her skin, she stepped out from under the spray and wrapped a towel around herself.  Aware that her solidarity would not last forever, she quickly scaled the stairs and pulled open the wardrobe, searching for some of the simple clothes she had purchased from the village.  After a few seconds rifling through the fabric, she started to think she was in Link’s things by mistake when suddenly a bright piece of silk caught her eye.

           She hesitated briefly at the invasion of privacy, but the garish color was so outside Link’s wardrobe, curiosity trumped manners.  She pulled the colorful cloth out and held it up to discover some sort of handkerchief… no, she knew this.  This was a traditional Gerudo veil… why did Link have this?  Perhaps he had a fling with a Gerudo woman during his travels… Zelda felt a sudden revulsion in her throat and dove back into the shelf, pulling out the rest of the outfit and laying it out before her.  As she angrily pulled the clothing out her logic cooled her head… Link was not the type to have “flings”, he was much too dedicated to his mission after all.  And why had she reacted so strongly?  Just as quickly as the thought entered her head she pushed it back out, firmly telling herself the warmth in her cheeks was cause of the wind blowing through the window.  

           Ok, so not a fling… who did they belong to?  As she leaned closer she quickly pulled away… they smelled awful.  With another flash of warmth across her face, she realized she -recognized the smell… it was the same stench that had offended her nostrils when Link had caught her after the battle with Ganon.  It was… his stench.  So did that mean this was his?  The thought immediately brought a hand to her mouth to stifle a giggle.  The thought of Link wearing something like this was too preposterous to be real, but it was very entertaining nonetheless.

           The sound of the door opening and closing shook her out of her head- she still wasn’t dressed! “Don’t come up here!” she screeched as he started to say hello and she dove towards the dresser, hurriedly pulling out clean undergarments and a simple dress, throwing it on as quickly as she could. “…ok… you can come up.”  

           Link’s head poked up from the stairwell with a wary expression “Is everything ok?”

           “Y-yes, I just wasn’t dressed.” Zelda brushed a stray lock of hair behind her ear and smiled awkwardly.  “Was your hunt… er… successful?”  She hated how quickly her royal demeanor abandoned her now, but Link seemed put more at ease by it.  He talked more than ever now.

           “Oh, of course.” His cheeks reddened a bit but he recovered much quickly than her.  “It was actually, we’ll have quite a meal tonight.”  He smiled and turned to walk back down the stairs when he noticed the bright pastel clothing laid out on the floor.  “Where did you find that?”

           “Oh I was just looking through the dresser for my clothes…” her voice trailed off when she noticed his smile had disappeared and was replaced with an expression somewhere between embarrassment and panic. “Are… you ok Link?”

           “What?”  He replied, his voice a bit higher pitched than usual.  “O-oh yes, of course…”

           Zelda looked between him and the Gerudo clothing curiously.  “Link… who does this belong to?”

           The hero stood mutely, averting his gaze and twisting his fingers behind his back.  The laugh bubbled up to Zelda’s lips once again in spite of herself.  “Oh goddess… it’s yours isn’t it!”

           He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck while staring at some spot above her head.  “It’s… complicated…”

           Zelda was no longer listening however, as she shrieked in laughter loud enough to be heard by the residents of the nearby village. “My, my, I can’t believe you got this bored during your quest, Link.”  She snickered slyly, rubbing away a tear from her eye.

           “I didn’t do it for fun!”  Link protested furiously, crossing his arms and pouting like a toddler.  “I had to get inside Gerudo Town and they wouldn’t let me in unless…”

           “Unless you appeared as a vai.”  Zelda taunted further, imitating the Gerudo inflection flawlessly.  “Revali did mention mistaking you for a Hylian female once…  Oh Link come back!”  Zelda reached forward and toppled off the bed in mirth.  “Link it was just a joke, don’t storm off!”

Garden | Prince!Tom AU

Requested: Yes!! Hope you like it!
Rating: PG
Summary: Tom and you are both royalty, but when you get the opportunity to become friends without the pretense of being royal, you find that the two of you just might be perfect for each other.


The day the two of you met, it was on a train back to Tom’s home town, he had been assigned a seat across from yours, and the two of you agreed to put your feet up next to the other on the seats for comfort, it was a long ride from your home town to his.

During one of the longest train rides of your life, Tom managed to make it feel short, the two of you discussed sports and music and art and literature, your families, your dreams and your pets.

During this time, you managed not to reveal to Tom that your full name began with the title “princess” and little did you know, he spent the entire ride praying that his own team of royal body guards wouldn’t interrupt your conversation.

The two of you had swapped addresses by the end, hoping to be able to send letters or visit each other if you were lucky. You had failed to mention that you were going to a royal ball later in the week, and that the entire time you were supposed to seduce some prince. You couldn’t help but hate the concept, it was just synthetic romance to attempt to bring your kingdom and another together to increase revenue, power and influence.

When you got to your hotel there was a short letter waiting for you at the front desk in the lobby, it was given to you by a very star-struck looking counter-person and you opened it the moment you got into your room.

“YN”, it read.
“I hope you know that you left quite the impression today, (the very best possible, of course) and that I would hate to not see you again while were staying in the same city. Maybe you’d like to meet me tonight? I’ll wait in the hotel gardens tonight for you at midnight, if you can come I’d love to see you,
The hand writing showed clear signs of an impressive amount of training, but it was more personal than traditional cursive lettering and you traced over the letters with your finger, heart racing. After spending so many hours in the cramped space of the train with Tom, you could barely try and convince yourself that you weren’t developing a crush.

This wasn’t right, you were supposed to go to the ball in two nights and fall head over heels for some snobby, disgusting prince and convince him to marry you as a political tactic. The two of you would have a large, very public wedding, and have children- more specifically a son, to carry on the family name and that was it, that was your entire future.
You loathed it. The entire plan felt slimy and repulsive to you.

And yet you hadn’t found the right way to resist it, you found yourself swept along in everyone’s plans for your life with no realistic way out. You decided to spend your time now focusing on the new boy in your life, rather than worrying about things that felt out of your control.

That night, you creeped past the excessive security measures placed in and around your room after pulling on a dress you figured was appropriate for the occasion, it was simple, but it flattered you while still having a flowing quality about it.

You ran down the stairs of the hotel, not wanting to be seen by the elevator attendant. You ran down the stairs and to the back door of the hotel you knew led to the gardens, trying to avoid any potential roadblocks in your plan.

You pushed the wooden door open slightly, trying to catch your breath before you began to look for the boy you’d met on the train. You looked at the tall clock tower in the center of the garden and knew you had made it exactly on time.
Tom stood up, hearing the door close, and made his way out from behind a large fountain, a bench circling it all the way around.

“YN?” He called quietly, unsure of his own voice in the night, the only sources of light were the moon and the small lamps that outlined the brick pathway that curved throughout the garden.

“Tom?” You replied back, more sure of yourself than ever after hearing his voice calling your name. You closed the door behind you and looked up to see his smiling face looking at your own.

“You look beautiful,” he complimented, you tried to act more confident in yourself than you felt. “You look pretty damn good yourself,” you replied, and Tom offered his arm to you, you accepted and the two of you walked slowly throughout the garden, talking about the plants you liked and your preferences between the moon and the sun.

Finally, the two of you found yourselves sat serenely on the bench that circled the large fountain. You knew it’d been a while since you had snuck out of your room, but the last thing you wanted to do was leave Tom’s side, the two of you leaning on each other.

“I wish we could stay here forever,” you admitted. “Me too,” he replied simply.

“I feel like my life is smothering me,” you confessed and Tom turned to look at you. “Am I allowed to say ‘me too’ again?” The two of you shared a slight laugh and mostly enjoyed the quiet of the evening, the noise of crickets and flowing water acting as music.

The two of you talked about your lives without managing to get too specific, the clock struck 3 and you began to struggle more and more to keep your eyes open.

“Let me walk you up to your room,” Tom offered, looking just as tired as you.

You nodded, not feeling like resisting, you were too tired. Tom grabbed your hand gently, your fingers intertwining easier than you expected. The two of you quietly ran to your room up the stairs and when you finally motioned to a familiar door and said “this is mine,” you couldn’t help but feel disappointed that you wouldn’t see Tom again all night. He leaned in slowly, trying to gauge your reaction before kissing you on the cheek. “Goodnight, love,” he smiled, beginning to turn away when you reached out for his arm, your fingers brushing the sleeve of his pale blue button down shirt. “Tomorrow night, same time, same place?” You inquired bravely. Tom turned back to view you, his face glowing with joy at your offer. “I would be honored,” he said, and you couldn’t help but watch him quickly descend back down the stairs the way you had come, absolutely charmed by him.

The twoxof you met at the same time in the garden, feeling even more close to eachother than ever.

“My parents expect me to get married soon,” you said after Tom leaned in to kiss you. The two of you had been talking for several hours now and although you wanted nothing more than to kiss the beautiful boy, you felt weighted down by obligation to your parents and your kingdom.

“So do mine,” he said, and at this, the two of you leaned in at the same time and sharing a soft kiss.

Both of you broke away with smiles that reached your eyes and made your cheeks hurt from holding the position for so long.

Once again, Tom walked you back to your room, this time, the two of you shared another kiss outside your door and you looked at him carefully after pulling away. “I’m leaving tomorrow,” you said, “meeting m’ parents,” Tom nodded slowly, absorbing your message. “So ’m I,” he replied ruefully.

“I’m glad we met, I want to see you again,” you found yourself wrapping your arms around Tom before you’d even processed that you wished to do so. His arms circled your waist tightly and both of you were reluctant to leave each other.

When you entered your room, you felt like crying at the thought of being with anyone besides Tom, even if it didn’t bring your kingdom prosperity and influence. You knew that you had been born for that very purpose, but you couldn’t help but want to take your life into your own hands.

You didn’t.
Tom had gone downstairs to the very next floor and paced in his room for much longer than he should have, trying to think of a way to run away with you.

He would rather marry you, some smart, funny, beautiful girl he’d only known for two days, than some stuck up, spoiled, heartless princess that he met at the ball his parents were throwing for the sole purpose of finding him a wife.

He had tried to tell them, the King and Queen of the kingdom, that the idea was of the past, that this was the 19th century, after all, but they would hear none of it. As usual they only wished to hear him agree with their plans and then stay silent.

He felt trapped in his own life and he hated it, he had just convinced himself to go up to your room and call out softly to you, but by the time he had gone to open his door, he heard the loud rapping he knew was from one of his royal body guards. The sun had come up and he hadn’t even noticed.

The entire day he hardly ate or talked to anyone, not even his best friend, who drove him around in posh carriages everywhere he wanted to go, Harrison. His friend had tried to ask him what was wrong on the way back to his home in the castle, but Tom would barely speak at all, so eventually Harrison was forced to give up and focus solely on driving.

“He’s grumpy today, ain’t he?” He asked the horses that pulled the carriage teasingly, knowing Tom could hear him perfectly well, “maybe he needs a snack, or maybe he woke up on the wrong side of the bed-”

“I think I love somebody, Haz, god, okay? That’s why I can’t focus on anything, I don’t want to eat or sleep because I know I probably won’t see her again, and it definitely won’t be at one of these God-awful, demeaning balls my parents have forced me to attend!”

Tom exploded, the words flowed out of him like an initial burst of lava that he had tried to keep in.

Harrison was quiet for a moment before he spoke again. “Good lord, mate, who-”

“Some girl from the train I took here from that damn conference meeting, she sat across from me and we talked and I gave her my hotel address to write to and my home address and turned out she stayed at the same hotel and we snuck out to talk to each other with no guards and when she kissed me? God, Haz, that’s the only thing I want to do anymore,” he said, slouching back into his seat after ranting, face covering his hands.

“So you’ve known a girl for two days-”

“Shut up, Haz, I already know she’s better than any of these princesses my parents will have invited for me to pick for marriage tonight,” Harrison just nodded, and before anything more could be said, Tom was whisked away by his security detail, now they were clad in the colors of the kingdom. Harrison subtly nodded goodbye as Tom looked back at his friend miserably, walking quickly towards the castle.


You woke up that morning in your hotel bed that seemed too large for just you. You’d had a dream about running away with him and you couldn’t shake the feeling you had in your dream of complete liberation.

You ate a quick breakfast brought to you by a room service attendant, and joined your body guards within your private car.

You completed the drive that lasted several hours to a large castle where your parents were already staying, hoping to befriend the royals of the castle where the ball would be held that night.

Stepping out of the car, you were pulled away by your hand maids to be bathed, styled, brushed, and pruned for the ball, your hair wound up too tightly to be comfortable and your face feeling cemented down by all the layers of powder pressed onto your skin.

You pleaded with your helpers not too make your dress too tight, but you found the corset being tied much tighter than you wished for anyway.

By the time you were in line at the main entrance of the ballroom with your parents, all you wanted to do was be near Tom again. Of course, he was your little secret, you couldn’t tell anyone in your life that you weren’t thrilled about the path you were set on for the future.

You were so involved in your thoughts that you barely remembered to look up and smile politely while bowing alongside your parents on the other side of the ballroom from where the prince sat between the two people you assumed were his parents.

You could barely stand to look at the prince, the entire object of tonight was to throw yourself harder at him than any of the other girls and you hated it.

You didn’t even notice, when the prince looked at you, his posture straightened, his head left the stabilizing hand that he’d rested on the side of his throne to better look at you from an upright angle.

He mumbled your name and couldn’t barely force himself to sit through the rest of the announcements.

Every other royal family from other parts of the globe standing at the top of a staircase on the opposite side of the room as him and his parents would bow as their names would call and carefully descend to the main area of the ballroom to politely clap for all of the next families. He kept his eyes on you, he was so glad he had recognized you beneath the facade you’d been put under, he was so shocked to see you here that he barely noticed that he was intensely staring at you, trying to wrap his mind around the possibility that you might be a princess.

“Her- there between her parents in that gold dress, who is she?” He whispered to his father, who looked around before noticing you and your family. “Oh, I’m not sure, son, that’s why we have announcements,” he teased.

Tom rolled his eyes slightly. He knew his parents were only in such a good mood because so far everything was going according to plan, their plan, that is.

He then turned to his mother to ask the same question, “oh, that’s the family from…” everything his mother said until your name fell from your lips. “And that’s their daughter, princess YN…” Tom wondered for a fraction of a second how a name that had come to mean so much to him could mean nearly nothing to his parents.

“A princess?” He asked slowly. “Yes, why do you ask?” He tried to think of an answer to his mothers question that wouldn’t make her start planning a wedding right here and right now.

Thankfully, he didn’t have to, as the announcer called for everyone to dance, and music began to loudly play. This was his cue, he’d had to practice it a billion times.

He stood up, bowed straight forward and smiled, scanning the room with his eyes as he descended the short stair case from where his throne sat. He tried to find you, but couldn’t, and he tried to ignore the sinking feeling of despair at the thought of having to participate in one of these events again without you.

He began to dance with far too many girls than he’d have liked too, they were lovely, sure, but they weren’t you. They were too ridged, with no finesse, without your smile and your hair and your skin and without the lips he wanted to kiss so badly that only you could possibly posses.


Your mother had grasped your hand slightly to get your attention as you stood to the side of the thrones.

“He’s watching you, YN, he’s had his eyes on you since the moment you walked in, prince Thomas is very clearly taken with you-” the name had made your eyes turn to the line of thrones, your vision allowing you to take in the sight of the boy you’d met three days ago.

You held in a gasp in surprise, you’d had no idea that you’d already fallen for the prince that you were supposed to throw yourself at like a product. The thought of him participating in this made you feel uneasy, and when the dancing started you excused yourself to get some fresh air on the balcony.

All night Tom scanned around the room for you, and finally caught sight of your gorgeous dress outside on the balcony. He excused himself as quickly as possible and tried not to run to you.

“YN, or should I say, princess?” He addressed you with mixed emotions of joy and surprise.

Your rational side has tried to convince you that this was another example of what Tom had said made him feel trapped in his life, but a small, nagging voice in you felt troubled that you had to find out that he was a prince here and now, and that he was the object of everyone’s attention tonight.

“YN?” He questioned when you barely responded, still lost in your thoughts, his hand gently grazed your shoulder.

You nodded, turning to look at the boy, his hair slicked back and a look of concern on his face.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You inquired quietly.
“I could ask you the same, didn’t you just want a few hours where nobody expected you to be perfect?” Tom inquired back.

You sighed quietly and nodded, playing wit your fingers in your lap. “You look gorgeous, YN, I’ve been looking for you all night,”

“You have?” You’d figured he’d forgotten all about you when he began dancing with the other girls. You voiced this to him and he couldn’t hold back a laugh. “No, YN, I was just trying to be polite, my parents were watching,” he explained. “Trust me, I would much rather dance with you, and talk with you and,” he leaned in closer to your ear to ensure nobody would hear him but you. “I’m damn sure that you’re the only one here I want to kiss,”

You were smiling, now, and Tom sat down next to you on the bench, you smoothed down your skirt to make more room for him to sit close to you.

“YN, I can’t stop thinking about you,” he admitted. “I was up all night trying to figure out how we could both get out of this lifestyle, I can eat or think or rest, I can only sit around, miserable, because you’re not around,” he admitted and you found yourself back in the same exact position you’d been in at the park where you met the night before. His shoulder pressed to yours.

“I don’t have it any better, I dreamed about you,” you admitted sheepishly and Tom and you shared a laugh. “YN, do you think we could at least try to spend tonight together? I know it won’t be the same with everyone here but, I can’t just let you slip away through my fingers. You looked into his face and noted his sincerity.

"Of course we can,” and with that, he offered you his arm just as he had in the garden that night, and the two of you re-entered the warm, well-lit ball room. “I am so, so glad that you’re here,” you spoke softly to him as you danced the two of you had become the center of attention and neither of you had even noticed.

“Usually these things are completely awful, but with you here it’s almost, maybe a bit fun,” you said with a small laugh, and Tom grinned, “usually I’d be sitting back up there with my parents as they get more and more upset with me for not dancing with every girl here with money or power, this is a million times more enjoyable, believe me,” the two of you talked just as you had in the garden.

By the end of the night, the two of you had danced, and eaten so much that the only thing either of you felt like doing was resting. You retired to your bench and you found yourself with your head resting on his shoulder. Carriages had began to pull up, and royal families exited the castle in a slow moving procession. Your parents, as well as Tom’s had seen the two of you duck out and had figured that finally their children had hit it off with someone. They had all decided mutually to let the two of you spend the evening together, and had retired to the Royal sitting room. You and Tom talked the night away, falling asleep on the balcony floor watching the stars while holding each other closely.

When you woke up, there might be a million engagement rumors to deal with, but neither of you cared, all that mattered was that now, you had both found a chance to fall in love with somebody you had chosen, that would still benefit your kingdoms. Neither of you voiced your thoughts, but you both knew you were thinking it:

This was perfect.

Kingdom Come Pt. 4 [Damian Wayne x Reader] AU

Pairing: Damian Wayne x Princess!Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1072

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It was a good four hours before Damian decided to stop, determining it was far enough from the castle. The princess had not uttered a single word the entire trip and just sat silently, her body so still it was almost frightening.

“Princess.” He offered a hand to help her but she didn’t respond to him. She wasn’t responding to anything–the rain, the cold, the darkening sky or the fact that they stopped. “Princess.” When she still didn’t move so much as a muscle, he sighed and carried her off the horse himself.

Taking out some bread and water, he handed it to [F/N]. “You have to eat, it’ll be a long day tomorrow.” She only stared at the items in front of her but didn’t take it. Damian frowned and lowered himself down in front of her, looking into her eyes with his own.

“[F/N], you have to eat.” he informed, pleading her to do something. Still, she refused to respond.

Looking into her eyes, he was taken aback by how lifeless it seemed. It was as if the life had been sucked out of her completely. The light that adorned her eyes was gone, dying with her father. Never before had he seen her like this and it tore him apart. His princess was in pain and he had no power to do anything about it.

Against his training, Damian took both [F/N]’s hands and brought them up to his lips, kissing it gently. “[F/N], I know it’s hard, but I cannot help you unless you allow me to.”

Seeing that she wasn’t going to respond any time soon, Damian stood up and said, “I’m going to scout the area. Don’t move.”

As he made his way away from her, he heard a small voice say, “why?” This small but unmistakable voice made him stop and turn around.

“Why what?”

“Why did you take me away?” [F/N] demanded, keeping her head low, “Why did you stop me? W-Why didn’t you do anything?”

Damian shifted his gaze down to his feet and kept it there. He refused to meet her eyes. “I did what I had to do.”

“What you had to do?!” [F/N] repeated, turning to him with a fiery glare, “My father was killed you did absolutely nothing! Didn’t you swear to protect your king?!”

“No, I swore to protect you,” he corrected, “That is my duty.”

“So you just let them kill my father?” she uttered, her voice cracking and tears spilling from her eyes. “They killed him, Damian. How could you just walk away from that?!” She began to sob uncontrollably.

Damian gritted his teeth, shame filling his body. It had been difficult to walk away too, but he had to protect her. He had to protect [F/N]. “We would’ve died.”

“I saw you beat a dozen men without faltering a step, you could’ve–”

“And they would’ve gone after you!” Damian snapped, cutting [F/N], “They would’ve hurt you and I wouldn’t be able to protect you!” He marched up to her and finally looked into her eyes, his own showing a vulnerability he hadn’t allowed himself to show. “You think it was easy to not do anything?! I wanted to go up there and save him as much as you did, but I had to keep you alive! I had to protect you because that was what he told me to do, and I would never forgive myself if anything happened to you.”

Damian fell down to his knees as the weight of what had occurred, of everything that had been lost, fell upon him. He cared as much as [F/N] did. He lived in the castle and everyone had been nothing but kind to him. Even when he pushed himself away they gave him food, shelter, love and greeted him with a smile. He was so far from home yet they offered him another family. All of them slaughtered and he hadn’t been there to protect them, to fight alongside them.

“If only, if I had been there…” he murmured, his jaw tense, “If I had been there, I might’ve been able to save them. I know that I do not deserve my title anymore, I do not deserve my sword, but I will carry that shame… just… just so you can live, [F/N].”


“I can’t lose you too, not you too.”

[F/N] stared at Damian in shock, for she had never seen Damian so… fragile. Her strong, courageous, fearless Damian was on his knees, defeated. The sight brought tears to her eyes. All the burden he carried, for her, for the kingdom, for his family and for himself finally brought him down.

She realized it then, how much trouble she was being. Damian was hurting too, just as much as she was. She should’ve realized it. She selfishly blamed him when it wasn’t his fault, it was never his fault. He had tried his best but even he couldn’t save everyone, so he chose, and he chose her.

Her life was his priority.

“Okay,” she whispered, “I won’t go anywhere.” Damian look up at her and she smiled at him. It wasn’t necessarily happy but it was strangely reassuring and it held so much kindness, the kindness only the princess had the heart to possess. “I’ll eat, and drink, and listen to you. I’ll do all that and survive.”

The memory of his first time meeting [F/N] flashed through Damian’s mind. He was down on his knees once more, she had a smile on her face again. It wasn’t timid or nervous like before though, it was familiar.

“Thank you, princess,” he said gently, returning her smile.

[F/N] ignored the rapid beating of her heart and instead responded, “I am no princess, not anymore. My kingdom has fallen, so I shall be known as [F/N] from now on. Just [F/N].”

“In my eyes, you will always be a princess,” Damian retorted, “Even if they burn your kingdom to ashes, you will still be my princess.”

His words made the young princess smile even wider and she couldn’t help but think that even under the worst circumstances, she could always rely on Damian to bring a smile to her face.

She didn’t deserve him yet he was still by her side, always and forever. Just like he promised.

In the Next Life

“I’ll meet you again in the next life.” Words that have carried through time and ones that Cassian knows well. He offers words of a similar manner to Nesta when he thinks the end has arrived - for he will always find her.

Words: 1.3k | Tags: Angst, Nessian

Brutality ran through his veins. That was who Enalius was. An Illyrian warrior, the first of his kind, and leader to those he commanded.

For the past few months he had been negotiating with the Night Court’s High Lord for territory in the northern mountains for Illyrian training camps. He was supposed to maintain focus on that one goal alone, but that was before he met her.

Anessia was a fae princess from lands far East. She came into Enalius’s life as if she were a storm. And the Illyrian commander was swept off his feet by sheer beauty and ferocity that she possessed.

They had become increasingly intimate in the time they shared. Drawn together by something neither could comprehend. Slowly their relationship grew into something that Enalius became fearful of. He shouldn’t be consumed by the need that gripped him tight. Desire he understood. He had bedded females before, but Anessia…Nes…she was more than that. He couldn’t resist her and those rare smiles he would give him. Or the brief touches when they were out in public.

Enalius was not supposed to be at the mercy of a female who held his heart in her delicate hands.

Hands that were currently resting on his bare chest in the early morning light in his bedroom at the Night Court.

Enalius cursed the dawn. For it meant that there time together was ending. He knew what he had to do. Knew that to protect her he would need to do the unthinkable.

He glanced down at Anessia. She slept peacefully against his scarred body. Her shoulder and the top of her breasts peeked out from underneath the sheets that Enalius covered her with when they were both exhausted from a night of love making.

Silently the Illyrian found the strength to leave the bed and search for his clothes that were scattered on the floor.

“Why do you always feel the need to get up so early?” Anessia mumbled against the pillow and cracked her eyes open to watch Enalius pick up his pants. It was a pleasant sight to wake up to in the morning and Anessia smiled as she started rise up from the bed.

“You’re people will be leaving today,” Enalius said without turning. “You need to prepare for the journey.” Anessia and traveling group were only meant to pass through the Night Court to reach other lands to seek alliances. One of those potentially being that Anessia, heir to the throne, would be married to a high-born fae. Someone with a better standing than a bastard Illyrian warrior could offer.

Quietness settled over the room.

“And what if I didn’t want to go with them?” Anessia questioned.

“You are the heir to your court. One day you will be a queen,” Enalius responded stiffly. “We both knew from the start that this,” he gestured to the bed. “would never last.”

“I want to stay here,” Anessia stood from the bed. Determination hardening her voice. “I want to stay here with you Enalius.”

“Nonsense,” Enalius gritted out and tossed Anessia her clothes. “You should be marrying a king or someone of higher birth. And I am far from that.”

“I don’t care about your birthright,” Anessia walked forward. Her fingers tenderly touched Enalius’s back. Tracing the tattoos there and slowly brushing up against the base of the dark wings.

“I love you Enalius,” Anessia breathed and kissed the skin between of her lover’s shoulder blades.

A sigh threatened to escape Enalius at the gentle touch of the soft lips on his back.

“Nes,” Enalius breathed. He almost lost all of his willpower right then and there. His hand shook with restraint as he barely resisted the urge to reach for her.

“You also promised to take me flying,” Anessia continued. A hint of desperation sinking into her tone as she realized that Enalius still refused to turn and face her. As if he was seriously considering that they part ways.

“We – I can’t do that,” Enalius stepped away from Anessia. His heart being crushed as he could feel sadness radiating from behind him.

“Are you ashamed of me? Is that why you won’t talk to me in public? Or why you push me aside when your friends are near?” Anessia’s tone became laced with confusion and fury. She hated that their relationship had to be kept secret.

“Of course not,” Enalius found his shirt and tugged it on. “But this would never have lasted.”

“That’s only because you’re afraid to fight for it! To fight for us!” Anessia’s voice cracked as tears welled in her eyes. “Ironic how the greatest Illyrian warrior is to afraid to fight for love.”

Anessia quickly put on her clothes and brushed by Enalius on her way out. Her hand froze on the doorframe and she turned to look back at him one last time.

“I will look for you,” she whispered softly. “In the next life.”

Then she was gone.

Enalius watched her go. Every passing second making it difficult to restrain himself from chasing after her. Begging her to stay.

But this was for the best. She deserved better than a bastard warrior with no other title than the bloodshed that followed in his wake.

He ran her last words over in his head again and again long after Anessia’s departure.

I will look for you in the next life.

It was the farewell he had taught her about. One reserved for your closest companions. To those more precious than anything in the world.

Because it was a promise to meet again after death claimed them.

And Enalius knew that he would never see Anessia in this life again. She was bound to follow her duty to her subjects. And he was bound to live a life filled with war.

Weeks later Enalius felt a tug in his ribs. It felt so familiar to what he and Anessia shared yet he ignored the pull from the invisible string and did not answer the call that thrummed deep in his soul.

The string pulled taut as a wave of fear washed over him that was quickly replaced with a sense of peace so startling that it made Enalius buckle against one of the brick buildings in Velaris. Enalius heaved in gulps of air knowing that something was not right, but he had no understanding of what it could be.

He soon discovered the next day why he felt as though the world had been pulled from under his feet and anguish filled his lungs.

The Summer Court sent word that Anessia’s people had been ambushed.

And Anessia was killed during the attack as she died protecting her little sister.

Ennalius felt nothing but a murderous calm settle over him as the Summer Court messenger explained in detail what happened. Hearing what they did to Anessia – to her people who she cared for more than her own life – it sharpened the blade that twisted in his heart.

The High Lord of the Night Court requested that Ennalius and his group of warriors eliminate the threat that the rogue fae posed. By that point the Illyrian was already grabbing for the blade he always kept at his side.

Ennalius would destroy the beasts even without an official order. These bastards would pay dearly for what they had done.

It didn’t take long for the flying Illyrians to track their targets and kill them. Ennalius cut down his opponents with swiftness followed by a trail of screams and blood. All the while making sure he made them suffer. A quick death was far too merciful.

When it was all over Ennalius still felt empty in the depths of his sould amid that carnage at his feet. Usually battles kept him at ease, because bloodshed was all he knew, but he knew there was a void in his heart that could not be filled.

“I will find you again in the next life,” Ennalius whispered to the chasm of emptiness in his chest. Hoping his voice would reach Anessia – his Nes – wherever she was in the next world.

Braids & War Paint (Part 9)

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Italics is bond talking. 

“Be seen but not heard.” Said Evalin Ashryver, kissing the top of her daughter’s head. Aelin was dressed in various shades of brown for her travels, the track to Ellywe was long and her baby girl was going alone. But if her Fireheart had to leave, if Aelin had a reason for leaving like this, Evalin would support her trek, even if that meant Aelin had to be alone. 

Evalin wasn’t naive, she knew just like the next person what Aelin’s power was like. Evalin knew firsthand how skilled she was with metal and weapons. She could almost feel the presence of the little folk from where they stood. 

“I’ll be back before you know it,” Aelin smiled. Evalin could see so much of Rhoe in her. “Would you like me to bring you anything?” 

“I think my finger is calling for a new embellishment.” Evalin said, her sad, worried smile didn’t reach her eyes as she made the joke. Aelin will highly likely bring her home a ring. 

“I’ll see you soon.” Aelin said before riding off on Kasida. 

Rhoe’s hand rested on Evalin’s shoulder, it was comforting in the time when Evalin needed it. Like now, when the only thought running around Evalin’s head was that she was a bad mother, letting Aelin leave like that without anyone. 

“Lady Marion said she’ll take Fleetfoot back with her and Elide to Perranth.” Rhoe said, neither of them wanted to move until Aelin was out of sight. 

“What of Aedion and Lyansdra? When do they take leave for Illium?” Evalin asked. She hated when the castle was quiet, hated when her family was gone.

“Tonight.” That meant it would just be Evalin, Rhoe and Orlon. Evalin loved the Galathynius brother’s with all her heart, but Evalin lived for her daughter. 

Aelin hated dust and her arse hurt so much she wanted to scream. She had made it to Rifthold by nightfall. She thanked the gods for her animal form, a human was a good disguise, a buzzard was not. 

Dorian had advised her to stay clear of the Glass Castle. So she had done just that and found an inn. She laid on the stiff matress and thought of her buzzard. If she had planned correctly he would’ve received her hawk by now. She had tried not to think about Dorian’s letter, he had wrote her a frantic message about Wendlyn closing their borders, Doranelle closing all intercontinental shipments. 

She wondered if her dreams weren’t dreams at all but visions or memories from a long time ago. She thought of how her grandmother always blesses her at Yulemas, she thought of Brannon and Elena and Gavin. What did Mala Fire-Bringer think of her? What did Mora think of her and Rowan? 

Aelin hoped Aedion would pay his respects in Brannon’s temple while he was in Illium, only the Gods know the answer to all the bodies popping up in Illium and surrounds. All of them drained of blood. 

If Rowan was here she could ask him more about Doranelle’s history. She had heard of Brannon being born a bastard there before he and Mala sailed across to Erilea. She had heard of the First War, when Valg had poured in through portals, many were killed or exiled back to their home dimension using powerful wyrdmarks. Very few of them remained in Erilea but the king remained, Erawan killed and slaughtered many members of the Bane centuries later. What happened next is muddy, some say Elena killed him, some say Elena sent him back to the pit he crawled from and others theorise that he had been suppressed somehow and that he would return again. 

The demons of her dreams would have to be the Valg, there was no other explanation for it. Especially if they were memories or visions. Aelin had experienced visions before because of Brannon’s mark, but they hand never been this dark. 

The Wyrd had been forged with keys, two of which Aelin knew of. She had one, The Amulet of Orynth and Dorian had the other, The Eye of Elena. Aelin was damned if she knew where the third one rested, or even what the third one was.

All of this speculating without fact hurt her brain, the two strings in her chest felt different, one laid loose- as if nothing was connected on the other end and the other felt taught. The latter was the carranam bond. When she was a child Aedion used to tell her bedtime stories of carranam that remade the world, the dreamers bought forth a better world for everyone. 

Aelin sent his name barreling through the bond, deep down she knew it probably wouldn’t do anything. But she was a dreamer. 


Nothing. For the first time Aelin felt alone and it was all Rowan’s fault, how dare he storm into her life all cannons blazing and then leave? She would see him soon enough but just the thought of him made her happy. But the idea of him leaving again made her want to hit him. 

Aelin?  Rowan’s accented voice slammed into her head loud and clear, her whole chest warmed, both strings felt a tug before she answered.

I didn’t expect this to work. Aelin laughed into the cold empty room. 

Are you okay? 

I’m fine as anyone could be in this shitty inn.

Inn? Are you travelling or just sneaking out?

I’m seeing Nehemia, I’ve been having…strange dreams recently.

It was quiet for a long time and Aelin had thought the connection had faded until he spoke up again. 

Dreams? What of? 

Lots of things- evil bastards usually.  Aelin tried to joke about it but the screams still rang in her ears from last time she slept, she prayed Rowan couldn’t hear them. 

We won’t talk about it if you don’t want to.  He said, understanding her seriousness, with his own sense of wary Aelin could feel it from the crown of her head to the tips of her toes that Rowan knew what she spoke of. 

But if we stop talking I’ll have to sleep and I’m not too keen to do that. 

What if I read to you, Fireheart.

Okay. Aelin said as Rowan started to read the gods awfully good romance book she had slipped into his saddle bag. 

That night Aelin fell asleep to Rowan’s voice and across the sea Rowan fell asleep with a romance novel in his lap. 

A curt knock at Rowan’s door caused him to jump, the shitty romance novel he had been reading to Aelin fell out of his lap and slid under his bed. 

Rowan quickly got to his feet, fixing his tunic as he opened the door. 

Gavriel smiled at him.

“Let me guess,” Rowan said, his morning voice fleeting as he cleared his throat. “I’m wanted at breakfast.” 

“How did you guess? You must have gotten smarter in Terrasen.” Gavriel said, rolling his eyes. Gavriel was the kindest of them but when he gets sarcastic he takes no prisoners. 

The two of them walked through the light corridors of the Palace of Rivers. A maid quickly darted past them, carrying a vase of geraniums.   

Aelin hated geraniums.   

“Had a big night?” Gavriel quirked, gesturing to Rowan’s messy hair.   

“New book.” Gavriel laughed at him before nudging him in the ribs.   

“Since when do you read for fun?”   

“I don’t.” Rowan grumbled as they passed a group of Wendlyn Nobles.

He was almost relieved to see Lorcan as he strode away from Gavriel’s teasing. Rowan had never been a morning person, neither is Lorcan. 

The table had been set for sixteen, Rowan spied the place cards and calculated: there were seven of them, including Maeve. Three Ashryvers, Rowan’s uncle, Endymion, Sellene, Lady Remmele (Which Rowan couldn’t help but cringe at the sight of), Lord Benson and Lady Essar. 

The breakfast had been going well, Rowan had been placed far away from Remmele and across from Enda, Sellene and His uncle. No one was really talking, quiet chit-chat in between close guests. 

Until Remmele opened her godsdamned mouth. 

“Prince Galan, her Majesty was telling me that you have been in Terrasen of late.” Remmele said, causing the room to fall into a cone of silence, everyone was listening now.

“Yes, Prince Rowan and I sailed over.” Galan said. Rowan was going to stab him in the thigh with his butterknife if he kept talking. He felt a kick under the table and was met with Endymion’s narrowed eyes. 

“Oh really? And how was your…kin across the sea?” Rowan knew that Remmele only meant Aelin. His temper flared. Tales of Aelin’s war against the witches had reached Doranelle before the war was won. How Aelin had no need to dismount her horse, with one look she had burned through legions. 

“One cousin I favoured more than the other Lady Remmele, if you want to know more about the Crown Princess I’m not the one you should be asking.” Galan said staring straight at Rowan, his mouth pressed into a straight line. 

For the first time all morning, Maeve spoke:

“What did you think of my niece, Rowan?” Her voice stern and cold.

“Princess Aelin was everything the rumours suggested, my queen.” It was true. She was a fierce fighter, she was heavily trained, she was an expert with every form of weapon, she had the deepest power Rowan had ever encountered, she was the most beautiful life form to ever walk the earth, she had an inner circle to rival all of the spy rings in Wendlyn. She was too intelligent for her own good, she was reckless and wild. She was his, though that wasn’t a rumour nor was it well known. 

“A threat to me, then?” Maeve said leaning back in her ornate dining chair, her finger with her nail shaped into a sharp point circled the rim of her drinking goblet. Her even voice caused the whole table to stiffen. 

“Terrasen is just as big of a threat as any other, your Majesty.” Rowan said cryptically. He felt Lorcan’s gaze burning him. As well as Sellen’s worried eyes. 

“I did not ask you, Prince Rowan, about Terrasen. I asked you about my niece.” 

Rowan stayed silent.

That was the only answer Maeve needed. 

She stood so quickly glasses and tableware shook. She left the dining hall, a plethora of Queen’s Guardsmen trailing after her, their purple capes fluttering in the ethereal breeze.   

Rowan stabbed a piece of meat when everyone at the table started talking to him at once, save for the Ashryvers who quickly took their leave.   

He couldn’t believe Maeve had the nerve to ask him about the threat of Aelin instead of asking him if Aelin would help them in a potential war against the Valg.

Darkness was the best time for it to crawl through.   

It was made of smoke and was cut from the cloth of blackness that will cleave the world apart.   

It jumped from room to room in the castle.   

Until it could taste their breaths.   

It held her in it’s claw, her blonde hair hung off her limply when she was in this rag doll state. With it’s sharpest claw on the opposite hand it cut her throat as it drank the scarlet life blood from her golden body.   

It moved on to the other sleeping body, it was a male. Their blood never tasted as sweet. When his head hit the pillow seperate from it’s body It moved onto the next one.

It was an older looking version of the last one it fed from. There was only one body in this bed. 

It was a crimson lake when the darkness left. It crawled back to his master.
Royal Blood was always better, especially in the name of revenge.

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Mixing it up - Troublemaker! Min Yoongi X Reader - Part 1

Hey hey heyyyy! I’m back with a new series and I’m going to be honest with you guys, it’s similar to 7 Years in the sense that Yoongi is a ‘'Bad Boy’ but of course I won’t make anything the same, that wouldn’t be fun to read.

So would you believe this part has been sitting in my fics drafts since the beginning of this tumblr?

I hope you guys enjoy this story as much as enjoyed writing the first part and I’m sorry that I posted the preview so early because I know loads of you have been waiting for it to start. 💖 (This part turned out shorter than usual but don’t worry because it’s just the beginning!)

 Let’s get on with it! 

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Most people would believe that by going to an all girls school, you would be a stuck-up bitchy individual who only cared about herself and although that described quite a few girls in your school, you were not included. You couldn’t be included in this group with your status. You were Y/F/N, the most envied girl in the school. It wasn’t due to your wealth because you weren’t among the students who were able to call their family first class citizens. It definitely wasn’t due to fame. It was merely because no matter how much one may try, it was nearly impossible to dislike you. You were often described as a simple natural beauty with a heartwarming smile and beautiful personality so many found it hard to find a reason to dislike you. These reasons led you to gaining the title of the purest student. Of course no one called you that straight to your face. That would be awkward.

“Suhyun, are we still going to the library later today?” You addressed the brunette girl who sat beside you in class. Geum Suhyun was your closest friend and you considered her family as you had been friends for years. She was always there to help you when you were feeling down or were going through a dilemma. She turned towards you and smiled, her dimples showing.

“Yep! Then later the sleepover at my house.” You nodded your head, returning her smile with one of your own.

“Ah! You’re so cute Y/N!” She proceeded to squeeze your cheeks and you slapped her hands away, sighing.

“I’m not an innocent child. Treat me normally please.” Suhyun just laughed and tilted her head at you. “Oh, I know you’re not as innocent as you look. You have a really bad temper so it’s scary when you’re angry.”

What Suhyun had said was true. Despite what people thought of you, they also knew about the rumours of your bad temper. Some chose to dismiss it whilst others kept their distance and you were glad as it avoided any trouble. Rumours ranged from having heated arguments with people to having full blown fights. You couldn’t say none of them were true because, contrary to popular belief, some of them were.

Your class’s teacher dismissed you and it was then you realised how much time you had spent lost in your thoughts. Standing up and gathering your things, you followed Suhyun out of class.

Making your way down the familiar streets of the city, you shared a light conversation with Suhyun. It was when the library was in sight that the cheerful atmosphere dispersed. A boys voice called out to both of you and you internally groaned.

“Hey there, baby.” Your sarcastic side surfaced and you placed a hand on your head, pretending to search for someone in the distance. After a few seconds, you turned towards the group of boys the voice had emerged from and shrugged your shoulders.

“Sorry, I couldn’t see your baby anywhere.” You were mentally patting your back at your quick thinking when Suhyun tugged on your arm and whispered to you.

“Y/N, what are you doing? Just ignore him, can’t you see that that’s Min Yoongi’s gang?” The name Min Yoongi rang a bell and it wasn’t until you actually took in his appearance that you realised who he was. Min Yoongi was a notorious school boy, kind of like you in a sense except it was for the wrong reasons. He was known to be all kinds of a trouble maker that swept girls off their feet, with his bad boy charm. He attended a mixed high school only 15 minutes from your own which allowed the students to terrorise the girls from your school on a weekly basis. Snapping out of your thoughts you glared at the smirking boy, obviously taking your staring as a compliment. Quite frankly, you couldn’t take him seriously, not with his mint coloured hair, multiple ear piercings and baby face.

In other words, you didn’t classify him or his friends as a threat.

“Wow. Didn’t think you had it in you princess.” The one who had addressed you chuckled to himself, taking a step forward. “My name is Kim Taehyung, but you can call me V.” You merely stared at him before you grabbed Suhyun’s hand, turned on your heel and walked towards the library.

“She’s cute.” That was the last thing said by Taehyung and you scrunched your nose in agitation. If you had bothered to give them a second glance, you would have noticed the intense stare coming from Yoongi.


Waking up at Suhyun’s house on Saturday morning, you discovered you were alone in her room. Trudging downstairs you spotted Suhyun sitting down eating breakfast, watching the news intently. When she had noticed your presence, she ushered you over and pointed at the television screen.

“That school Min Yoongi goes to was on fire yesterday after school. They’re investigating the cause.” You scoffed at the last sentence.

“If anything it was probably him. He’s practically out of control.” Suhyun nodded her head in agreement, taking another bite out of her cereal. “Yeah, but I feel sorry for them. I hope they find somewhere to study…”

You were not a heartless person so of course you felt the same. This time you nodded in agreement with Suhyun.



You take back what you said.

Walking back into school on Monday, you received news you wish no one would ever have to receive. It effectively killed the positive mood you were in when you first entered the classroom.

“Wait, so half of their school is merging with ours? How does that even work?” Suhyun was deep in contemplation whilst you just glared at nothing in particular.

“Does that even matter? The real question is why us?” You knew the answer was obvious but you refused to accept the current situation. “Maybe because they are literally down the street from us?” You dropped your head onto the table and let out a hiss of pain at the harsh contact it made.

“Ah! Y/N be careful.” Suhyun bent her head to assess the damage you had done as you sighed. You couldn’t believe what kind of luck you had. This had to be Karma. What in gods name did you do in your last life to deserve this?

By the time lunch had rolled around it was the topic of everyone’s conversations. There were mixed opinions on the matter but the majority were, surprisingly, excited for this change. This is what happens when one attends an all girls school. They began to get desperate and if it was not for the fact that you had self respect, you were pretty sure you’d be too.

When your last lesson had finally came Suhyun had all but skipped to your desk.

“Let’s go out for bubble tea after school!” Suhyun’s energetic side had come to light as she bounced up and down, eyes gleaming. She knew bubble tea was your weakness. You cracked a small, innocent smile at her.

“You’re paying.”

She immediately stopped jumping and the gleam in her eyes disappeared. You had successfully killed her mood. You knew she would give in, bubble tea was her favourite too, after all.

“Fine… you’re paying next time though.” You shook hands to seal the deal just as your teacher began the final lesson of the day.

As soon as school had finished, you found yourself being dragged down the street by none other than Suhyun. She knew very well how busy the bubble tea café got after school and she refused to wait in line for more than 10 minutes.

When you had arrived, you quickly bought your drinks and sat on the stools by the window table. Making conversation for the whole time was what you had intended to do until you heard someone tap on the window. Looking out the window, you found none other than Min Yoongi staring back, a smirk plastered on his face.

You scowled at him and glanced at Suhyun who had confusion written in her face. Out of the corner of your eye you saw him leave and you let out a light sigh of relief. Your happiness was short lived, however, as a tap on your shoulder had you turning around, only to come face to face with Yoongi.

“Hey. It’s rude to ignore a friend.” A scoff escaped your lips. “Since when are we friends? I don’t ever recall having a conversation with you.” He rolled back on the balls of his feet and stuffed his hand into his pockets.

“Taehyung considers you his friend and any friend of his is a friend of mine.” You rolled your eyes in disbelief.

“Again, I don’t remember becoming friends with Taehyung.” He opened his mouth to reply but was interrupted by his phone ringing. His eyebrows furrowed as he pulled it out of his pocket and glanced at the Caller id. He returned his attention to you and began walking backwards, not breaking eye contact.

“See you in school tomorrow, ‘princess’.” He shot you a wink and left the café. You could only stare after him in irritation.

“Who does he think he’s calling princess? And 'See me in school tomorrow?’” Suhyun’s giggle broke your train of thought and you whipped your head in her direction.

“What’s so funny?” She placed her head in the palm of her hand and studied you, slowly sipping her drink. “For a second, you two looked like a cute couple.” Needless to say, you ended up hitting your head off a table again except this time groaning In dread. That was something you definitely did not want to hear.

Your life was becoming interesting and you couldn’t tell if this was a good or bad thing.

Tomorrow you would be sharing a school with probably the worst teenagers in the city. You just prayed he wasn’t among them.

Once Upon a Time AU- Bartholomew “Barry” Allen: The ‘Evil’ King

He didn’t intend to let the darkness consume him. All it took was one revealed secret, though, from his best friend, and his life was ripped out from under him. Even after he was taken in by her father, King Joseph, Barry knew that he could never forgive Princess Iris or her family for taking his family away from him. 

So, he trained with Eobard, the Dark One. He let his magic and thirst for revenge grow, until he trapped the king in his magic mirror and sought out to destroy Iris’ happiness. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go his way. He was overthrown, banished, and sent away with his loyal Huntsman to stew in his defeat.

But Barry had other plans. He conjured a curse–a curse that would send everyone from the Enchanted Forest into a world without magic and happy endings. A world where he could finally have his happiness.

At first, it was perfect. Then, Barry realized that, without someone to share his life with, there was no happiness. So, he adopted a beautiful baby girl named Lisa, and that was that. He finally had someone he loved that loved him unconditionally.

He didn’t expect, twelve years later, to have her run away and bring her birth father back with her. 

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Langst Post?? But like, one day allura just snaps at him to stop flirting and start training and he just goes on and listens but then she says something that makes him absolutely bREAK? I'm a nice person I swear


Sorry this took so long to write, I was thinking of ways to write it so Allura wasn’t being abusive towards Lance. 

I sorta wrote it based off how Allura was acting in the second episode in season 1 (Some Assembly Required) 

It had been a hard day for everyone, for some reason nobody was on top of their games and Allura wasn’t letting anyone forget it. 

Every time someone wanted a break Allura would tell them “One more go! Then a break.” 

Yet no matter how hard they worked or completed a task to the best of their ability, it was never enough for Allura. 

She was always watching them and would scold them if they took a break, no matter how small of a break it was. 

“Man this is just like when we attempted to form Voltron for the first time.” Hunk rolled his shoulders and slumped against the wall in the training deck. 

“The princess is just stressed, after all we don’t know when the Galra will strike again.” Shiro started to pass out water pouches to his team. 

“I understand she’s stressed but how well does she expect us to fight if we’re exhausted from all this training?” Pidge questioned as they gratefully accepted the water from their leader. 

“Who knows.” Keith sat down next to Lance who was chugging water like his life depended on it. 

Everyone sighed and sat down. They were all exhausted and sore, they had been training since early in the morning. They stopped briefly to grab lunch but the heard Allura’s heavy stomps and quickly returned to the training room. 

They were only sitting for a minute or two before Allura walked into the deck. 

“What are you all doing? Do you expect to take down the Galra sitting around? You need to train.” She quickly approached the sitting paladins and crossed her arms. 

Shiro pulled himself up and stood in front of the Princess. “Princess, with all do respect, we’ve been training all day. We need to rest or else we won’t get better. We can’t rush these skills or improvements. Look we understand that you are stressed, we all are, but please understand we can only do so much before we break.” 

Allura was silent for almost a minute and everyone thought that she was going to let them rest for the day but that wasn’t the case. 

“Paladins, this isn’t the time. Everyone on this team needs to change something about themselves and that change needs to happen now! Keith, you need to work on welding your blade. It is very important that you master that as soon as you can.” Allura stared at Keith as she spoke, her voice slicing right through him. She then turned her attention to the yellow paladin, who was still slumped against the wall. 

“Hunk, you need to work on your ‘attachment’ that you have for certain things. I understand that you may want to complete one mission at a time but you can’t focus on one thing and rush the others.” 

Hunk nodded as he thought back to the mission with the Balmera and how he rushed the team when they stopped to help out Rolo and his team because he wanted to get to Shay. 

Allura seemed to take Hunk’s nod as an answer and move her attention towards  Pidge. “Pidge, you need to take care of yourself better. I know you want to find your family but you need to sleep more and eat proper meals. You’ll start to drag the team down if you don’t.” 

Pidge reluctantly nodded and mumbled “Yes princess”, they couldn’t find anything to say against her. It was true after all. 

Allura turned towards Shiro and seemed to search for the words that she needed to say. “Shiro, you know better than all of us what the Galra can do if someone gets captured. I know that you want to make sure that no one has to go through that.” 

Shiro gave Allura a stiff nod and glared at the floor. He knew it was true but he couldn’t bring himself to say anything back. 

“Lance, you have to focus a bit more. I understand that this is all new to you but when you are on a mission to a new planet you need to focus on the mission. You can’t be focusing on flirting with the natives or taking ‘selfies’ as you call them.” 

Lance swallowed and nodded from where he was sitting. He didn’t feel that bad since Allura had just dragged all of the but still he felt off. 

Allura looked at all of her paladins and sighed, they all seemed gloomy and she immediately felt guilt form in her stomach. “I’m sorry paladins, I know that you are all tired, but I don’t want your planet to face the same fate mine faced.” 

Lance frozen as soon as those words left her mouth and felt panic form deep in his chest. He listened to Allura talk to Shiro about a strategy but he soon found her voice muffled. He couldn’t hear her and his thoughts started to become louder than usual. 

I’m never going to see my family again? Or hug my mom again? What if I never see Earth again? What if Earth is already gone? What if we were too late? What if it’s just because I spent time flirting instead of training? 

Lance didn’t even realize when his breath started to pick up or that people were calling his name asking if he was okay. Lance only snapped out of it when Pidge shook his shoulder. 

“Lance! Are you alright?” Lance stared at Pidge wide eyed and immediately started to cry. 

“Whoa Lance? Are you hurt?? What’s wrong?” Hunk was immediately kneeling by Lance pulling his hands away from his eyes. 

“What if Earth is already gone? What if we are too late? What if I never see my family again? Or any of our families?” Lance buried his head into Hunk’s shoulder and Hunk held his friend tight. 

The entire team stared at Lance and let what he said sink in. The didn’t know if Earth was even still there, they had been to focus on other solar systems. 

The entire room was silent except for the small noises that Lance was producing. 

After a few long moments Allura cleared her throat and kneeled down next to Lance, placing her hand on Lance’s back. “Lance, listen to me, Earth is still there. The Galra haven’t even come near to your solar system. Coran and I have  been monitoring them, Earth is still there and we will stop Zarkon before he even thinks about going to Earth. Please don’t cry.” 

Lance slowly pulled himself away from Hunk and looked at the princess. He wiped his eyes “Are you positive that Earth is still there?” 

Allura nodded and smiled at the Blue paladin. 

Lance smiled and looked around at his team. “Sorry about that, I think the stress is getting to me.” He wiped his eyes again.

Everyone in the room looked at their friend and all kneeled down next to him joining him in a group hug. Allura hugged all of the paladins, “Training is done for the day, I think we all need to relax.” 

I hope you like it!!! 

Langst wasn’t that strong in this one but that’s okay! 

I really hope I wrote Allura okay! I focus on the characters “flaws” I guess. 

Thank you!!!!!

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Zelda ask Link about first kiss he has had one shes never had one shes troubled


It happened while they crossed Castle Town on their way to Hyrule Field. In the midst of her people bowing and greeting her, something caught her eye — a couple, around the same age as Link and herself. The bashful smiles they wore spoke volumes of their adoration and love for each other. Zelda was entranced, and didn’t stop watching even when the boy leaned down to kiss the girl fully on her mouth. Zelda’s pleasant expression faltered as she saw, wonder rising up in its place. Link noticed, as always.

“Princess.” He urged with no real force.

“Y-yes, sorry. Let’s be off, then.” She turned to give a smile to her knight, but before she walked away she took one last glance to the couple, eyes shining with curiosity.

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Lotor had a lisp

Due to his fangs in an Altean-structured mouth, Lotor had a difficult speech impediment as a child.  It was a source of embarrassment and grief for him as neither of his parents had any patience for any “imperfections” in the scion of the Galra Empire.

The first person that didn’t cruelly mock him or slap him for it was the child Allura, who only found it cute.   When their fathers had business together, they would spend time playing out of sight from Lotor’s usual handlers.  That was not only one of the few sources of joy in Lotor’s early life, but also the first time he received any positive help to overcome his impediment.

The young princess whose refined diction and clear voice left him in awe and envy took the time to train him properly, even getting some rare laughter out of the Galran prince when she stuck two baby carrot-analogues in her mouth to get an idea of what she needed to teach him.

10,000 years later, Lotor’s confident voice and refined manner are two of the things he’s known for.  And he didn’t get it from his parents.

inspired by  arcticdye’s adorable Lotor portrait here

Trans Lance Fic Part 8

Lance takes a steadying breath as he walks down the hall that leads to the training room. His hands are sweaty as he thinks about what he is about to do. Coming out to the team is not something he had pictured himself doing ever. He had just never thought that it would be something he would be comfortable sharing with them. But now that he thinks about it, he doesn’t know why he was hesitant to tell them. He should no better than to let other people’s opinions dictate how he lives his life.

He stops at the door of the training room to wipe his sweaty palms on his pants. He shakes his arms out a little and bounces for a second on the balls of his feet in hopes of getting rid of the jitters he is feeling. He rests his hand on the door ready to push it open but pauses for a second. He knows in a few moments his life in space will me changed and he is hoping it will be for the better.

Lance pushes the door open and the team looks over at him. Allura frowns when she sees that Lance is not wearing his armor. “Lance how many times do have to tell you to come to training already in your armor?” She asks. Keith in the other hand frowns when he sees that Lance has put his binder back on.

Lance looks at Allura and smiles apologetically. “I’m sorry princess but I have to tell you and the team something before we train.” He says and takes a shaky breath when the rest of the team stops what they are doing to look over at Lance and take a few steps closer so they can listen to what he has to say.

Lance can feel himself starting to get nervous again so he looks over at Keith who is giving him a reassuring smile. Lance turns back to face the rest of the team. “I’m trans. I was born a girl but I was never comfortable in my body and I’m still really not. I’m a boy I really am. I’m just trapped in the wrong body and it makes me really anxious a lot of the time and that’s why I flirt so much and talk to loudly. I know you might not think the same of me now but I really just needed to…” he rambles nervously and Keith actually has to press his hand over Lance’s mouth to get him to stop.

Lance blushes softly and looks up at Keith sheepishly. “Give then the chance to react.” Keith says then removes his hand from Lance’s mouth. The Cuban looks up at the team. Everyone except Coran and Keith seem to be very surprised.

“Well my boy, I knew. I’m the one who had to change you into the suit for when you went into the healing pod. ” Coran says and twirls his mustache. Lance flushes with embarrassment at the statement knowing that Coran has seen more of him then any of the team has. (Keith will see more ;) )

Hunk snaps out of his slightly shocked state and looks like he finally understands something. “So that’s why you always changed in the bathroom at the Garrison! I thought you were afraid of me or something.” Hunk says. “Aw buddy I wasn’t scared of you.” Lance says and hugs the Samoan boy.

Shiro lays a hand on Lance’s shoulder after he pulls away from Hunk. “I’m proud of you Lance. It was really brace if you to come out to the team. We don’t think any different of you then we did before. You’re still our blue paladin and our sharp shooter. ” he says and gives the younger boy’s shoulder a reassuring pat.

Pidge practically launches herself at Lance and hugs him. “I know what you just did is really scary, I did it myself. I also know that it’s different for you because you still have to deal with being trapped in the wrong body. Just so you know, I’m going to do all the research I am to see if we can get you the procedures you need to be comfortable with yourself. Aliens are so technically advanced that I’m sure one of these planets will know how to do it.” Pidge says and smiles at the taller boy. “Thank you Pidge. That means a lot to me.” Lance says and hugs the smaller paladin tightly.

Allura watches the other Paladins bonding then clears her throat to grab Lance’s attention. “Like Shiro said, none of us think differently of you now. You are still a very important part of our team. I’m very glad that you decided to share that with the team and I. Is there anything that we need to change about the way you train or will that not be necessary?” She asks.

Lance opens his mouth to answer but is cut off by Keith. “As a matter of fact there is. Lance here is gonna wear sports bras from now on when we train because he’s been damaging his ribs by binding while training up until now. So don’t be shocked when Lance comes back in with visible breasts.” Keith says and pushes Lance towards the door. “Go change.” He tells Lance firmly, leaving no room for argument.

Lance pouts but follows Keith’s instructions, heading back to his room to change. The other Paladins draw their bayards and get back to training. Coran and Allura share a knowing look as they think about how protective Keith seems to be of his fellow paladin.

(I hope you guys enjoyed this. Sorry for any mistakes, I really hate reading over my work because it makes me hesitant to post it. To check out more of my Trans Lance works click here: Trans Lance Master List  )

Valentine’s day is coming up

So I drew this for an article I plan on writing about shipping for my equestria Amino

To be updated later maybe

Here is the article: Since people have asked I am going to explain why I love this ship so much, keep in mind it’s vastly for personal reasons and you may or may not agree with me but I thought this would be a fun little blog to write to show off the picture I drew just for this ;3 In the world of entertainment there are these things called “tropes” not to be confused with “cliches” which means something that’s been over used to death. A trope is an idea that may be old but it’s still good or even beloved in stories and media This trope I will be covering is called “the jock and the nerd” a trope where an athletic character who is otherwise shown as a bit of a muscle head falls in love with a Brainy nerdy character which is usually very quiet and shy and may have anxiety but they are very smart and light up when they talk about things they love These two fit for this perfectly as rainbow dash is an athlete that prides herself in her strength and speed while Twilight is definitely an anxious nerd just doing her best in her world There are many scenarios that are fun to play with story wise that can bring them together in a rom-com setting that is just something very sweet to enjoy in a rainy day To a more serious slice of life story that can have a slow burn sort of development to explore a more healthy and realistic relationship with a base attraction of two opposites completing something the other may not usually consider In my story Twilight is the Princess of Friendship and Rainbow is the captain of the wonderbolts which is similar to the blue angels where they do shows in their off time but are really a military style group that is trained to protect equestria on the front lines incase of some sort of threat They are all considerably older and have very busy lives and rainbow and twilight are probably the busiest and when they are together at first they just don’t have time for each other but after rainbow dates around and twilight thinks on it for a few years they realize they where pretty much perfect for each other the only problem was they needed to make time When things calm down from the first initial years of their new titles they get back together and I try my best to make it as dynamic and realistic as possible their love may not be perfect all the time but they do in fact love each other and that will always shine through in the end And just as twilight showed rainbow that she will love reading she teaches her about all kinds of literature and helps her with her paperwork and any sort of organization she needs for her team While rainbow helps twilight with planning shows, safety, and always keeps everything interesting and is full of romantic surprises I love that shit that’s some good shit Hope you all enjoyed this lengthy article c:
Train Escapades || Diana & Steve

Pairing: Diana Prince x Steve Trevor

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1545

A/N: There wasn’t enough time to show Diana & Steve’s train ride to the front in the film so I was inspired to write what I would like to have happened. Idk what time it was so I just made it the afternoon for fanfic’s sake. I’d really appreciate some feedback! (:

The sound of chugging trains and chattering people filled the afternoon air as a certain, Amazonian princess munched the last of her newly-found love, an ice cream cone.

“That went fast,” said Steve Trevor, grinning ear to ear. He didn’t know if he’d ever smile again, until she stepped in his life.

“I’ve never tasted anything more delightful,” Diana replied gleefully. “How do they make it?”

“With milk, and a ridiculous amount of sugar.”

“We should try some day.”

“We will,” he spoke assuringly, although his smile faded, for he was actually unsure if that day would ever come.

Steve ushered her through the crowd until they finally reached their train. He opened the door and like a gentlemen, he held up her hand as she stepped through before him. His action was puzzling but she forgot it as soon as she caught sight of the car’s interior.

“There’s two beds!”

“What about it?” He set their bags down.

“Now we don’t have to be married to sleep,” she teased, nudging his arm.

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