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A request from a Anon~ ❤❤

Sorry if i dun draw some of you guys 🙇

(I look like CC!palette in the first pic O -o! ) ╮(╯▽╰)╭


A new pope elected and I just happen to be dressed as a priest for a Fr Ted quiz tonight.

Aye, maybe it’s a sign.

But nah.
I won 1st prize in the County West Meath priest of the year competition and I guess it went to my head…

I was genuinely excited to see the white smoke and bells ringing on the tv in the bar.

I’m fucked out of my head but I duno, it was nice, a wee feeling of solidarity with a few million across the world.
It was historic, and as an historian I respected that.

But as a lapsed Catholic, Cardinal Jorge Mario Berligoglio gives me no hope of the reformed and liberal Catholic Church I, and many others in my generation, long for.
Guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the Catholic Church to enter the 21st Century.

Oh Good God in heaven above.
I had to tell one of my History tutors (Who’s American) about the old situation last week (obviously not in detail) but just the general counselling aspect, and now she’s sending me all these weird ‘inspiring messages’ to “put one foot in front of the other and know that next week can be better.”

Fuck my life.
Can she not grasp the traditionally Irish way of handling things?
Repress it, never talk about it and head to the bar!

Handed in my History essay three days late, easily the worst essay i’ve ever written but YAY at least it’s done.
First essay i’ve ever handed in past the deadline. But ah well.

In more exciting news I’m off to Mid-Ulster tomorrow to help out in the Westminster By-Election!
I can’t express how excited I am.

The result won’t be great and it’s easily predicted but still, it’s the effort and alternative presented to the public that matters.
That and elections are fecking great craic.
Crazy thinking it’s been nearly 4 years I’ve been involved now.

Time flies and flies buzz.