life ain't that easy

“It’s not a very sane thing to try to be great all the time. You want to make something magical, you want to make something wonderful, you want to give to everybody, you want to heal people, you want to still be inspired. That’s not easy.”

Lykke Li.

Things Vergil Probably Said
  • "Dante, what did I say about Yamato being used as a toy?"
  • "We don't want a repeat of what happened last 4th of July, right?"
  • "Dante, Mom, and Dad are missing and fireworks are going off. This is not coincidental."
  • "Anyone in favor of Dante being kept at home this Mardi Gras?"
  • "Every time I leave my brother alone, SOMETHING goes up in flames."
  • "Dad, you hit you mid-life crisis centuries ago. It's going overboard."
  • "Mom, how do you deal with this crap?"
  • "Dante, you're too old for trick or treating. Stop trying to prank the neighbors."
  • "After what happened in college with Dante, I'm gonna make a therapist really rich."
  • "St. Paddy's Day always goes wrong when Dante is at the bar."
  • "That's the LAST time I let Dante pick out vacation destinations."

Ohmagad it’s been a while since I posted my Christmas draw!!XD

Let’s say that thing aren’t so easy right know my draw, my life, my diabetes! Yeah what do you want life ain’t always like a fairy tail in Disney and I even now diabetes don’t give me good time! Still it doesn’t border me that much since I learn to live with it…..

Plus I got school, commissions to finish and request,…     but I have to thanks god for given me an awesome family and friends including the one on tumblr and deviantart (and sorry if I dint reply to your message the internet isint very stable at home!!^^;)

So sorry for those who are still waiting I’ll try to finish as fast as possible!

So I’ve made this sonamy pic because it make me happy every time I see them together with a surface app call paint! ( not the Microsoft one:D)Jfiauwveaifihdufhadlèkrnsdufjire my bad!!!>//w//< hehehe!

Hope you like it!!!^3^<3

Amy’s and Sonic’s design done by me!

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“Kazuya, you are not leaving me with only those words. I know something is going on.” Eijun frowned at Miyuki, the sadness in his eyes clearly showing the worry for the older male. “Please tell me what’s wrong. You rarely leave just like that. I’m very worried.” He frowned as he tugged the bag that Miyuki pulled onto his shoulder.

“What if I want to go with you?”