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Into My Arms - Sonny Carisi x Reader

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I couldn’t help myself, Sonny Carisi must be protected. Also I’ve been listening to Nick Cave’s The Boatman’s Call the whole afternoon.
Set right after 19x02. 

I knew @ohbelieveyoume wanted a Sonny fic. Also @booyahfordhamlaw

Part I - Part II

Word Count: 1,011
Warnings: Angst. SVU 19x02 spoilers.

Loud thunder, and the patter of the rain against the window, set a calm mood through the apartment. The smell of the simmering beef stew made her hungrier, reminding her how late it was already.  

But she would not eat, at least not until he came home. No matter how late he was, they were to always have dinner together.  


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One and Only

Featuring: Lay/Reader

Sunday mornings are for laying in bed and sweet nothings. 

Written by: Admin M

It’s morning.

The light is soft and warm, filtering through the curtains. The air is still and cool. Yixing is just waking up, his eyes slow to open under the mist of sleep.

He’s just about to turn to wake you when he realizes that you are curled around him, familiar and comfortable, the way a cat might curl around a ray of sunlight.

Your arms around his waist, his body wrapped within your smaller frame, you are warm, safe, and happy. Upon feeling him shift, you unconsciously snuggled closer, your need to be near him present even through the veil of sleep.

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anonymous asked:

are you still in hyderabad?

Hi Anonymous! No, I am not in Hyderabad any longer. I was in Hyderabad from July to late November of 2012. Thus, the photos I post are from that period. The recently posted travel entries are written about that time from memory. Now I am in the US. I do update this blog still, mostly when my heart is hurting because I miss Hyderabad and India a lot.

While studying abroad in India, I gained so many new experiences, good and bad. Some examples: being sexual harassed really sucked, but Ganesh Chaturthi was awesome. No matter what, I remember my time there fondly and I long to one day return. (Until that day, I can at least continue to reminisce on this blog…) I feel fortunate to have studied in India cause a) studying abroad is awesome b) for various reasons not everyone is able to study abroad and c) South Asia was not really related to my Sociology major or Japanese minor yet I managed to fit the experience into my undergraduate studies and learn a lot about this area of the world.
Many people have asked why I studied in a country I knew very little about. To me, that was my goal: avoiding the familiar to embrace the unknown. And while India isn’t in part of my itinerary in the near future, it is very likely I’ll soon be heading to another country that I don’t know too much about… and so my adventure will continue. :)

Sorry Anonymous for blabbing on about other things unrelated to your question. I haven’t had a proper wrap-up post about studying abroad, which perhaps explains why you asked this question in the first place. Maybe this long-winded response is an attempt to do that. But really, I don’t think its possible summarize in a straight-forward manner how 5 months in Hyderabad have impacted me.

Day 1! 

So hi people, I’m Amanda. I’ve been overweight and not-fit most of my life, but I decided after coming back from studying abroad that I was tired of feeling let down by my body. I broke my ankle and leg a few years ago and even with surgery my prognosis was never that stellar. I was told I was never going to have more than about 60% functionality and that I would never jump, skip, or even jog again, let alone run. Well today I’m actually at about 80-85% functionality. I still can’t jump and I still can’t skip, but I can jog and maybe even run. So welcome to my experiment in running! Well, training to run anyways. 

I don’t care too much about weight loss, even though it would be an added bonus. I just want to feel stronger, and feel like my body can do things, and not feel like a limping old lady at 27. 

But yeah, this is me. This is just the start of what is hopefully a new start. I don’t really know how this whole fitblr thing works but here’s to trying! 

Height: 5′3 Current Weight: 258 

So this is a cover of a magazine that will be printed and released sometime next month. 

I don’t know if you noticed, but under the heading “Cuppa Tea and a Sit Down” is my name. Because I wrote that story. 

I have a story featured in a real life magazine. 

And I made the cover. 

I’ll share the story in a bit, I need to catch my breath first.