life 1949

Donald O’Connor at home with his first wife Gwen Carter, 1949

Caption text of Universal International

Gwen O’Connor pulls hubby Donald feet first into their swimming pool. Donald will next be seen in U-I’s ‘Yes Sir, That’s My Baby’.”

The original of this edited photo is one the of latest additions to my collection and came from the estate of German actress Christiane Maybach (1932-2006), who was born in Berlin.

I was quite amazed when I found out! Donald fans everywhere …   ❤


Farid El-Atrash sings El-Hayah Helwah (Life Is Sweet) - A song from the film Ahebbak Enta 1949 - Starring Farid El-Atrash, Samia Gamal, Abdel Salam El-Nabulsi, Ismail Yasin and Hasan Fayeq - Lyrics Bayram El-Tunsi - Composer: Farid El-Atrash.

الحياة حلوة - من فيلم أحبك أنت - بطولة فريد الأطرش سامية جمال عبد السلام النابلسى إسماعيل يس حسن فايق - كلمات بيرم التونسى - ألحان فريد الأطرش